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  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that we'll get a Wave 3 of Age of Ultron toys in late summer/Early fall/DVD Release Window that will probably be: AoU Hawkeye Thor (Repaint of old mold) Ultron Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch Swap (Or possibly Vision/Quicksilver swap) Vision Hulkbuster BAF (Reusing as much of the Iron Monger/Mandroid as possible) For Black Widow, she'll either be released as an exclusive or Hasbro will basically just take the "You got the WInter Soldier version, that's good enough" approach.
  2. I would rather it focus on Luke Skywalker or omit the original characters outright. I could ignore these films altogether if they had set it in the future of the same universe...but that would require some thought from genuine original filmmakers. So basically you never want the Star Wars franchise to move forward at all, and don't want the Sequel Trilogy to have its' own identity? Nothing like being completely stagnant to bring in those viewers! It's like some people don't think movies should be a for-profit business.
  3. Promoting? They only just got a composer. That's like ordering the rings the day before the wedding. I have a sneaking suspicion Fox isn't gonna sink one more cent into this future mainstay of the Walmart "5-Dollar" bin than they absolutely have to. Well, a lot of folks have been sinking money into Josh Trank, despite his dinky imdb listing. Anyone actually see "Chronicle?" Found footage? Ugh. I know a lot of people hate the whole "found footage" subgenre. I'm not a fan of it, either. But I have seen Chronicle, and it is actually pretty damn good as "found foota
  4. I still wonder half the time if half the stuff we've heard about this movie is just the studio trolling us/using deliberate misinformation. Because I sit here and think "Surely no one can look at what Marvel and WB and even YOUR OWN STUDIO with First Class and Days of Future Past are doing and think that making something like this with a nobody cast and vastly different origins is a good idea." (Whatever deficiencies First Class and DoFP have had in regards to continuity are, at least for me, polished out by having some of the best casts in ANY Superhero movie...especially DoFP). It makes
  5. We all want it to be good. For what it's worth, I think the chances are high that the OT purists/prequel haters (not always the same thing) will probably be pleased with the movie. I think it will heavily draw from the Original Trilogy and include just enough Prequel-era stuff to acknowledge that they happened but move right along. But my chief worry is that they're going to lean so heavily on the Original Trilogy imagery and callbacks that the new trilogy will barely even feel like it has any identity of its own, if that makes sense? That by trying so fervently to "win back" the old
  6. Much of what you say is right, but there's nothing subtle about the Star Wars story. Further, folks need to recall that this isn't 1977 anymore. The bulk of moviegoing audiences (which tends to be younger than many old-school Star Wars fans) have different tastes now. If you don't cater somewhat to those tastes, your movie is likely to underperform if not bomb. Now, Star Wars isn't likely to bomb regardless, but that doesn't mean "Do everything exactly like they did it (almost) forty years ago." Nevermind that Star Wars was VERY much about action sequences...just not the kinds of acti
  7. Thoroughly expected result. WB always had way more to lose if it went head-to-head with Captain America 3. After a D-List Marvel team cranked out one of the highest-grossing opening weekends of the year, it's clear the Marvel Brand is a juggernaut right now. While Bvs:DoJ might have ended up making more than CA3 on an opening weekend, the two audiences would've cannibalized each other to the point that both films likely would have underperformed. The difference being that Marvel films tend to hold pretty well, and Marvel can afford to have one film underperform as their brand is already s
  8. Yeah, about half to three-quarters of the time it seems like some people define "forced humor" as any attempt at humor in their "I'm-serious-this-is-seriously-serious" comic book movies, especially if they personally don't find it all that funny. The fact that Marvel movies even have a sense of humor is part of what sets them apart and helps make them excellent entertainment. Yeah, you can still have excellent entertainment and be dour and grim (see: Dark Knight Trilogy), but Marvel isn't trying to make a whole stable of Batman-esque films. They're trying to make movies that are entertai
  9. I'm in at "Commodore" level plus some extra for either a second package of "Urban Ops" or some stretch goals. So now we'll finally see if third-party G.I. Joe figures can enjoy remotely near the same kind of success third party Transformers seem to.
  10. About 9AM EST. She was sold out before 9:30 AM EST. Managed to snag her, Winter Soldier, and Hyperion, Wasp, Grim Reaper, and Hulk from the Marvel Universe rebranding. Used a code for 20% off and free shipping for all of it. May not ship until the end of the month, but a good haul today, nonetheless.
  11. Dynamic would not be the word I would use. It would agree if you said they were the only memorable images from these movies, sure. It's still fluff. Plain and simple. And this fluff of this kind will, Im sure, carry over into the new movies theyre making. A good majority of filmgoers do enjoy bright colors and fast images and nothing else. But they can have meaning behind them and please across the board...if the script is strong enough. The same goes for space battles. Strong foundation, grounded in truth. It's worked/happened before. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVq5QwMlaII
  12. The difference between a legion of knights with broadswords and a legion of Jedi with lightsabers? The Lightsabers look far more visually dynamic on-screen. They give the series an iconic weapon that is now immediately recognizable to most of the civilized world. They help give the setting a flash and style all its' own, and I would gladly argue that without them, the series would be considerably less popular. Sometimes it really is "entertainment" that's key. The fight choreography in ESB and RotJ was fine for its' day. If they'd kept that level of swordplay in the prequels, most aud
  13. The "Who the hell is Star-Lord?" jokes are making light of the fact that this is an extremely obscure character to begin with. Captain America or Iron Man this ain't. The only people that are going to feel the "credibility" of the character is damaged by these jokes are super anal-retentive fanboys. Which is funny, because so many of the people complaining, apparently aren't even familiar enough with the character in the first place to understand that he DOESN'T start as some intergalactic super-badass that everyone's in awe and fear of. And Iron Man 3 is FAR from a "really bad movie."
  14. You realize Disney has nothing whatsoever to do with the new Fantastic Four movie, TMNT, or the upcoming Man of Steel sequel right? Wait, apparently not. Also: Have you actually read the relatively recent Guardians of the Galaxy stuff? I'm...guessing not. I'm not a GOTG expert by any means. But the ONE GOTG trade paperback I own DOES, in fact, portray them as a rag-tag group of misfits (it's even a pre-Bendis book). People scream for comic movies to stick to source material? Well..... They can never be satisfied, because Disney/Marvel Studios had the TEME
  15. ZOMG Comedy in a Marvel movie based on a book that was...pretty damn funny in parts. RAAAAAGE! Clearly everyone needs to growl like they have throat cancer and brood about dead parents and loved ones to have a REAL comic book movie. *ahem* Anyway, looks entertaining, and it's just the first trailer. Relax folks, I'm sure trailer #2 will show plenty of laser blasts and 'splosions and growly yelly ZOMG THIS IS SRS BIZNESS (but funny too) stuff. Also, if you look around a bit online you find out exactly why "Star Lord" acts the way he does.
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