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  1. I saw the trailer for the new movie and it looks good. I fell off the RE movie wagon after the second one, but I've got a hunger for zombies so I am looking forward to it this time around. Looks more faithful to the games. I don't know the RE universe in and out, but I've played the last two or three games all the way through. Should be a fun movie!

  2. and yet there are some people that think pot should be legalised


    Lol, seriously? Common now, CaptSgWiseman put it best, its just made the dumb even dumber. I'm not going to go on a rant here about why weed should be legal, but you can't really point to this one story and say "yep, it should be illegal" unless we start looking at every drunk driving story and say "yep, they never should have re-legalized booze" Weed is for sure the whipping boy when it comes to these kind of circumstances. I'll admit I love to smoke weed, I do it all the time, not a weekend thing, not a before I go to bed thing, but everyday, all day. I also work a very professional job, shirt and tie dealing with finances, infact I got a promotion a few months back, and I go to work high all the time. When I first get there I am high, when I go home for lunch, I am high. Point is, everybody reacts differently and it's about knowing your own limitations.


    I am sure this is just part of the story. Run a tox-screen on this #@$#@ and I can promise you that you will find other drugs in her system that attributed to this. Isn't she just 19 too? Damn, I can tell you that at 19, weed wasn't my only drug of choice, and there are some real nasty pills out there that will knock you on your ass harder then any blunt ever could. Yep, a tox screen showing a stomach full of xanax wouldn't surprise me at all.


    I just gotta ask spystreak, have you ever smoked weed in your life? If so you would know what it's like, that it does nothing to you really except make you more relaxed and agreeable. This world would be a much more relaxing place if everyone smoked and it was accepted as easily as drinking is. I am more pissed at the fact that there are people out there that struggle to have children. People that see all their friends and family have kids, and just want the same but can't for whatever reason. People more qualified and better suited to raised children, yet this little idiot has no problems poppin a kid out and then acts this irresponsible. Scum of the earth IMO, not because she smokes weed, but because she acted this way. Even if it was just weed in here system, she should know her own limitations (no 19 year old does) and not have had a child with her if she wanted to be irresponsible. As drunk and high as I have been in my life, I could still tell the difference between right and wrong, and if someone tells you they can't, then they are either liars, or need to completely abstain since they can't handle it.


    Damn, that woke me up better then coffee, time to smoke a bowl...

  3. Its time for Sierra to bring back King's Quest... The 3DS would be the perfect system for the series...

    Yes! That would be fun! One of the first games we got for our first family PC, Ive got good memories of dieing over and over trying to figure it all out.

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  4. My wife likes MLP, but Im not much of a fan. They look cool I guess, well some of them do. We watched an episode too since it's on netflix. Maybe if I had a daughter I could watch it with her, but from what I saw it wasn't anything special.

  5. Ive been watching Voyager at night as something to fall asleep too, but recently my wife started watching them too. Now we watch about an episode or two a day and she is into it. She did make a comment about why is Seven wearing an outfit like that, and I can't give her a real answer without it sounding like BS lol. Been cool watching it with her though, forgot about some good episodes they had!

  6. Does anyone here know what, if anything, special they are going to do for May the 4th on SWTOR? I googled it but all the pages that lead anywhere to something about it are blocked for me to access. Nothing critical, thought maybe they are going to do double xp or something

  7. Yeah it all comes down to preference really. I like the fact that I don't have to pay for my PS3 to go online, yeah I may not get the same social gaming aspect, but I've used my browser to watch a lot of youtube videos on my big screen through the PS (it stuns me that 360 does not have an internet browser) I'm also not a huge fan of how the 360 does business, like the fact that the controllers don't come rechargeable, or that you would have to buy a hard drive if you didn't already have one, it feels very much like a "batteries sold separately" kind of situation. Also, and this may just be me, but I feel like there is a lag between when I press the button and how quickly the screen responds. I could be wrong, but I believe the blutooth tech used for PS3 is quicker then the wireless tech used for the 360. Just feel too much like I am being nickle and dimed.


    One final thought, personally I believe Sony delivers the best tech for the right price. I've always been a fan of Sony, my TV in my room is Sony, the sound system receiver is Sony, the speakers and subwolfer, all Sony. Sony is engineered to give the optimal performance when used with other Sony products, so that is where I stand. This is all just my personal opinion! A lot of my friends and family all use 360's, and I'm not about bashing one system (well, maybe the dreamcast) so as long as we all can play the same games, I am happy!


    Competition is great for consumers!

  8. Yeah Im not here to jump on the 360 bashing band wagon, but I got mine a few years ago, didn't play it much, but I still played it and watched DVD's on it. Within that first year, that trey and door to input games had broken. I press the open button, I can hear the mechanisms inside trying to open it, but it wouldn't open. I had to take the faceplate off and pry it open. Now if there is already a disc in there, it opens no problem. My brother went through about 3 or 4 360's to finally get the one he has now (he kept getting the red rings). Talk about customer loyalty! I wouldn't put up with that many bad systems.


    So I bought a PS3 the next year and have never had a problem. I use my ps3 for EVERYTHING! I run hulu and netflix off of there, and if I am not watching either of those, then I am using the blu ray player. I can't say enough good things about the PS3!

  9. Setup my Legacy over the weekend for SWTOR. I don't have any ALT's, but I went ahead and created one, a female sith inquisitor. I know it's lame, but I named her Tima (my wifes name, short for Fatima, surprised it wasnt taken) and went ahead and made our characters married. Lame I know, but like I told her, I couldnt think of anyone else Id wanna be married to.


    Im almost lvl 40 on my main, this game is alot of fun! I have only needed help once, other then that I pretty much solo everything.



    haha that's cool. I have a Legacy too, but I only have the one character still. Made it to level 43 the other day. But leveling is getting sooooo slow.


    I read on the SWTOR website that if you have a level 50 character by the 25th, you get a free month of play time!


    damn really? lol, I should use that as an excuse with my wife to play all weekend. What did you pick for your legacy name? I went with Venkman, so it's Polar Venkman! Oh yeah!

  10. Grabbed the Royal Astromechs (battle pack and single-carded) at Walmart. Saw the Pod Racer packs and passed. Not buying figures I already have just for little flags (Might grab those cheaper on the secondary-market eventually)


    Lucked out at the flea market again: Got a carded Black stormtrooper (with black coin, too!) and a carded Eps. I "Battle Padme" for $4 each. Not too shabby, I'm really stoked about the Padme, though.


    The same lady also had loose General Weir, Darth Talon, and the Bogie Squad duo from the Comic Packs mixed in her loose/bagged bin for $3ea or $5 for 2, and all of these were complete!


    6 great figures for less than $20. Days like this give me hope! :)


    I've got those flags man! I bought that set since I didn't have any of them and I honestly don't want the flags. If you want to I can sell em to ya for cheap, just give me a PM. I'd also be interested in some kind of trade.


    I came really close to accidentally throwing those flags out too!

  11. Setup my Legacy over the weekend for SWTOR. I don't have any ALT's, but I went ahead and created one, a female sith inquisitor. I know it's lame, but I named her Tima (my wifes name, short for Fatima, surprised it wasnt taken) and went ahead and made our characters married. Lame I know, but like I told her, I couldnt think of anyone else Id wanna be married to.


    Im almost lvl 40 on my main, this game is alot of fun! I have only needed help once, other then that I pretty much solo everything.


    Beause of the cheesy storyline (where the citizens are infected by bugs from an alternate dimension, thus giving them superpowers) and the class system DCO feels too generic, imo. Replace the DC Superhero/Supervillain mentors with non-branded Superheroes/Supervillains, and you have yourself a City of Heroes game. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that DCO uses the same engine as City of Heroes. I think if Sony Online made the class system more like SWTOR or WOW, where your character is an actual class in the game's universe, the game would feel less generic. I feel as if the DCO storyline was simply shoehorned into the DC Universe to explain why they are so many unheard Superheroes all of a sudden. It makes me feel like I am participating in one of those interactive rides at Universal or Disneyland.


    I think having more specific classes would be better, but harder to pull off. It would make the introduction cities or planets more fun to play. Imagine being a Green Lantern or a Yellow Lantern being trained on some alien planet or a new Metahuman Justice League member actually being trained (rather than just appearing at Gotham City and being given orders by Batman) by a leaguer. Although some people might be upset that they can't create their own unique superheroes with custom colors, I think it would have a more DC feel to it.


    I remember when it first announced this is what I thought it was going to be like, with a Green Lantern race being pretty much a given. Infact it was the main motivating force behind me getting a PS3 way back when I did. Also,and I may be wrong here, but the controls didn't feel right. It's probably too hard to do a game like that real justice with a controller, it is too limited.


    SWTOR is the first computer game I've really gotten into since my WoW days like 7 years ago. It's good stuff!

  13. I will have to check out this SWTOR...is it an online game or I have to buy something? @hmmm@


    No its an online game like Warcraft, so you have to buy the game and pay the membership fees to play.


    Doomsaber- Yeah I for sure like it alot more then DCU, I mean DCU was fun, but it gets old really quickly. What you were saying about having a hawk race or a latern race may have worked better. I mean its not a bad game, but I played it on my PS3 and it was.. ok for a free game.


    CLAM-What planet are you on? Im on Hoth but I cant wait to leave. I maybe used one or two of the guns I made, but I have made more weapons and stuff for my crew then for myself. I do the same thing with builing like 30 scopes then I take them back apart to get some of the mats back. I am hoping the crew skills will pay off down the road, right now, the stuff that drops is better then what can be made.



    yeah, crew skills is a bummer. I too am hoping that in the end you get to actually make something worth using



    right now I am on Balmorra, which is several levels below my character level. Like I said, I am at 41 and a half, and everything that drops is level 33-34.. and all of the enemies are level 34 or lower. It's almost like I can't die unless I go into a heroic area by myself. But I just got my 3rd companion on the planet, so that's cool. I don't think I have to go to Hoth for a little while either. It's not my next planet. But I have been there just hopping around and seeing what's up. At the time I was like level 33 or something and I was getting killed by Wampas! lol.. so cool

    Man I don't know how you do it! I hate being in lower lvl areas, if anything I always try to do my missions when they are still red/orange, if I havent completed it by the time it turns green, I stop tracking it. Same goes for the Heroic Area's, I dont even go to those, I just untrack as soon as I get them. Hoth is for lvls 37-40 I think, so it should be there! Have you not been doing your class missions? That would explain why you are stuck on a low lvl planet



    of course I have been doing my class missions lol


    I just do EVERYTHING on a planet before I leave. I never turn down a mission. Sometimes I want to, but it's the Jedi way :) I gotta help everyone!

    Oh man that is insane! I wouldnt have the time to do all that, I would get bored too quickly! That is the way of the Empire, do what you want, and forget about everything else!

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