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  1. Oh please, wave 5 isn't real! It's a myth, like Santa, Big Foot, and Lochness, I've seen the blurry pictures, but I'm not convinced.
  2. I've been tracking mine and should be getting it either tomorrow or the next day. Also ordered the Firestorm today along with a board game, we'll see how long that takes. I don't care if my Aquaman has long or short hair, I just want the figure.
  3. They don't need to try hard, we'll buy em anyways, so why should they go the extra mile if they know they'll get our money either way?
  4. A quick note, a few days ago I saw that Harley Quinn was listed on Walmarts website along with Black Manta, both being out of stock. Now it looks like both are removed from the search. I only saved the link for Quinn since I have Manta. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=9885701 It would seem that more stores should be carrying these in the near future. Hopefully I will finally be able to grab a Firestorm (had to pass on the first two I saw in stores because of the paint)
  5. Modern Aquaman, Classic, I don't care. It's better than no Aquaman at all. It's been slim pickins for DCUC around here so I will take whatever I can get my hands on.
  6. Just ordered both. Now all I need is Firestorm and Grodd will (finally) be done. This is the longest it's ever taken me to complete a BAF. Just wondering varient1, how did you come across it? I know their search engine sucks, but I can't find them at all. Also, thanks for the link man, it totally made my day!
  7. I haven't posted here much, and I really don't know much about indy figures, but I was aware that this was supposely coming out at some point, and I don't really care for most of these figures, however I was VERY interested in the Tick. Now, after reading this post and about all the history Shocker has had, I'm not even going to bother looking. The fact that a toy company, like this, whose bread and butter is the collector community and not kids (kids won't want a figure of someone they haven't heard of) is so willing and easy to insult the people who give them money is just stupid. It seems everyone here has an axe to grind with shocker, and rightfully so. They should not be so easily offened by us 'nerds' for asking general questions about a product. Any collector worth their salt would know that message boards and forums are full of assholes (not that any of you are) and you need to have a thick skin, ESPECIALLY if you are a smaller company who depends on 'nerds' for sales (nerds, what is this third grade?) I've never really heard of shocker toys till they did Dethklok toys (which look like crap) and I was more than willing to buy series two, just to get the BAF Tick. Now, after reading all this and the different posts you guys linked, I will be passing on this. Not because I am switching to 3 3/4 scale (definately not switching) but because of the general poor attitude of the company. Maybe, if these ever came out, I might buy the Tick BAF on ebay, but I doubt these will come out, and I am pretty much not interested anymore.
  8. Already working of custom Barbie's of those!
  9. here is the problem with mattel they don't care about dc collectors or he-man collectors they just use us as another source or income for the company the problem is mattel mainly pushes barbie so don't count on mattel taking care of you unless you want to start buying barbie dolls. So we can expect DC Hero Barbie now? NOOOOOOO!!! Too late... Tell them you want to buy this also. Maybe they will take it more seriously...
  10. I've got the Batgirl two pack, Artemis, Wonder Woman, (all from tru.com) and Harley Quinn on walmart.com all saved in my favorites and I just keep on checking.
  11. They need to remove them from the website. Orion/Lightray are sold out and you can't order the Green Lantern set. Either way these end of year exclusives are proving to be a horrible thing. The only one where I see figures readily stocked it K&B. Mattel screwed us and so has Walmart and TRU. TRU has a horrible website in which one search yields various results, also called 4 local TRU's and NO 2 packs coming anytime soon....thanks Mattel and thanks TRU I hate exclusives, I simply hate them! I'd rather if they kept them on the website and just sold them that way. Trying to happen upon a store to get them is just a pain in the ass this time of year. Not to mention that in Firefox when you reload the page, the item status goes from 'in stock' to 'out of stock' just as fast. That's one hell of a weird glitch. I have the same problem with going from 'in stock' to 'out of stock' and I am running IE. Frustrating, very frustrating.
  12. I just want to order the Batgirl/Azrael two pack, thats all. When the first put up the DC figures, I had an Artemis and Wonder Woman ready to buy but got distracted with my job and when I got a chance to get back to it they weren't available anymore. I've been checking daily since and no sign at all. I just think it is silly that we can't find these in the store and have to order them online. Hopefully, the two-packs should be easier to find in the near future.
  13. I Friday I did some early morning shopping and was able to snag a Batman Beyond and Ares. Three more to go!
  14. Thanks for your opinion (stated as fact). I disagree, I think the ML Balljoint looks like the character's testicles have slipped out on either side of their underwear, and for some reason, their legs are attached to them. I think it's hideous, and a complete eyesore, detracting from an otherwise nice looking figure. Mattel has found a way to get the same articulation, but maintain a semblance of anatomical accuracy. I agree, the hips on DCUC are very well done. At first, I thought they looked kind of funky the way they could bend to the left and right, but now I really think they are better by far. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with the ball joint, but the DCUC hip area looks more flush and the POA are less noticable. So, to me, it's like getting a good sculpt and good range of movement.
  15. If it's true it doesn't surprise me. Still haven't seen any of these in "the wild" since wave 2. Yawn, it gets cancelled because the quality sucks. Seems like Mattel is half assing these. Oh well, I would have liked continuing to buy these, but when I don't see any in store already, and every other wave is recalled due to quality issues, it's hard for me to care at this point.
  16. Man, reading all this makes me not want to order this online, which would suck, because it is the only wave I can ever get them...
  17. I would love a Darkseid of Doomsday. I bought Doomsday a while ago and he is nice and all, but a tad on the small side. Don't have a Darkseid, so I'd be all over that (I can see him beside my Thanos right now...)
  18. I don't care if it is Jason or Ronnie, I will take anything at this point
  19. Na, I agree nonameshmo. It is frustrating finding this line. So far, from wave 2, all I've been able to find in store was a crappy blue slurppy Superman, and that was back in the day when these first came out, nothing since. And it sucks, that if we want to be able to have these, we would have to go to a third party like ebay. Personally, like with wave 3, I just waited till there were enough of the full set on ebay to buy it for pretty much price. I am not going to play the bidding game, not because I don't have the money (you have to have money for this hobby) but because I don't want to give extra hard earned money to some slob who makes a living buying what others don't have/want and reselling it to them at a higher price. There is no real work involved, and there is no real risk, because if it doesn't sell, he can always return it. I am not giving into that and I would rather not have them/risk trying to find them in store, than paying double for what they did. So I know exactily where you are comming from shmo.
  20. Ya, I've seen a couple of the two packs at TRU, (ofcoarse that was after I ordered them from Walmart.com) which was actually suprising seeing as how where I currently live seems to be behind the times when it comes to having up to date figures to buy.
  21. I hang figures all the time is they are flying charcters
  22. AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish I could find any DCUC period. I am starting to think that they aren't even real.
  23. I work in the operations center of a smaller bank, and I would just like to say that not all banks were irresponsable and lent out money to people who shouldn't have it on houses that are worth less than the mortgages on them. True, the banks have been very selfish and it is harder to get a loan now, but over time things will begin to normalize again. It's the Pendulum effect in full force. Also, what the hell Mattel? When are we going to get DCUC on a regular basis?
  24. They don't need a bail out, everything has changed now! Didn't you see South Park? Everything is different and great!
  25. Ever notice how a lot of these DCU threads turn into "Mattel's distribution sucks"? I mean, they do suck, but it feels like not a thread goes by without people saying they can't find any of these in the stores. If mattel really does look at these kind of boards, why the hell aren't they trying to fix it? I've gotten tired of dealing with Mattel in the stores so I've pretty much just been looking on ebay. I was able to get the whole wave 3 set for like $60 plus 7 for shipping, which is pretty good if you figure it is about $12 per figure after tax, and the ebay seller really didn't get much for shipping, so he basically did all my leg work. I'm waiting for wave 5 to become heavier on ebay so that the prices for wave 4 will drop. So, assuming the distribution will still be as awesome as it is now, if these start hitting stores next spring, I should be able to buy it in a year. I will let the scalpers on ebay cannibalize their own market, then I buy from them.
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