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  1. It's foolproof against sniping. By placing a sky-high bid, I guarantee that I'll win the auction. Once I've done that I can decide if the amount I've won the auction for is worth it or not. If the amount is too high, I just bail. It may not sound like a kosher thing to do, but I've been burnt by snipers one too many times. Another pet peeve of mine are cheapskate bidders who bid up an item fifty cents or a dollar at a time. These skinflints want everything for free. In my opinion, if you're not willing to bid big then you don't really want the item. I don't really sell much on e-bay anymore, but I used to sell a lot. The last straw was an auction where I was selling a bowling shoe. After FOUR days and with fifteen watchers it had been bid up to SIX DOLLARS and THAT WAS WITH FOUR BIDS!!!! Who the Hell bids like that? I was so disgusted, I pulled the listing and sent all the bidders a nasty e-mail telling them all off so even though I was steamed, I still got the last laugh. It's not that simple. The after-market value of collectibles is determined by what a particular item is currently selling for and the price that it can draw. If all of a sudden, a Lex goes for a thousand bucks somewhere, you can be sure every dealer out there will be jacking up the price of their Lex too. Viola! All of a sudden... Lex is worth a grand! I'm pretty confident in the value of my items. Wow, just wow. See it STILL doesn't make any sense. Why bid more on something than you are willing to pay? For that exciting email saying you won? Why waste everyones time and do that to someone? It's pretty simple, write the maximum amount you are willing to pay, and if it gets bid past that, let someone else with the money buy it, plain and simple. I guess you must just love the thrill of it saying you won. By the way, how is it other peoples fault you claim to have been burnt by snipers too many times? Is is the resellers fault that other people are willing to pay more than you? I guess we should just all bid $1000 on toys and not pay it because it is too high... that will show all those snipers! Oh, and you emailing everyone that bid on a used bowling shoe and cussing them out...yeah, thats got class written all over it. How much do you think it is going to sell for? I'd say $6 is accurate. Are you not familiar with how to set reserves on an item? Oh, and its funny you think it works that way. That if one reseller saw it go from a thousand than he will put his up for a thousand, and so will everyone else selling it. Just because that is the asking price doesn't mean thats what people will pay. If tomorrow Walmart saw that K-Mart started charging $100 for Milk, I doubt Walmart would say "Hey, they are selling $100 milk, we should raise our prices!" How do you think they come to these prices at the store? Is it because they have done market research that suggests how much people are willing to pay for items? That should tell you that people have a limit, and if people collectivly think something is too high, then they won't pay it, driving sales down, and thus lowering the price. So your logic is flawed. But I know this is falling on deaf ears, because all you seem to care about it the actual winning part, not the paying part. Just do everyone a favor and learn to use ebay the way it was intended. Stay classy MasterJailer
  2. I still don't believe in wave 5, I've yet to see any hard evidence it existed. We've all seen the grainy photos and heard the rumors some people have them, but to me, its still a myth. Or that Mattel thinks there's no Walmart in Florida. You know, that makes a lot of sense!
  3. I still don't believe in wave 5, I've yet to see any hard evidence it existed. We've all seen the grainy photos and heard the rumors some people have them, but to me, its still a myth.
  4. I'll need to hit up the one reputable Walmart around town, I've got high hopes, but low expectations
  5. Um, not really. It's a foolproof way to keep from getting sniped. The ONLY way it won't work is if a sniper comes along who puts down a bid that's even crazier than mine and if he does that and he's stuck paying 1001.00 for this set, he'll only drive up the value of my set once I get it. Either way, I win... ...and as General Zod said, "I ALWAYS win!" ....and how is that foolproof? You said yourself, if it got up to $1000, that you would not be the one who got "stuck" meaning you just wouldn't pay. So, by that logic, even though you won the actual auction, you lost because someone else was willing to pay more and you are either outbid or you can't afford it so you don't pay, so you DIDN'T win. That's ok though, I remember when I was 15 and didn't have a solid grip on how things work either. Seriously, that is such a stupid thing to say it is laughable! Oh and how is some moron willing to pay $1001 for their set adding value to yours? Something is only worth what someone will pay, so if the one idiot out there with enough money buys his for $1001, how does that help add value to yours? Just because one person pays a stupid price, doesn't mean the entire collecting community will say "OMG! Thats worth $1001! I hope MasterJailer will sell his to us!" then again, as stated perviously, someone who thinks Lex will be worth $200 years later probably doesn't have a lot of financial sense anyhow.
  6. Interesting. I skipped the Wonder Twins due to lack of interest, but I would be down for a Plastic Man... just no Elongated Man (serioulsy the WORST name for a hero)
  7. Yeah, go ahead and be a huge #$#$#. It won't be the ebayers fault you bid $1000 (I doubt youd have it anyways since you obiously don't have any sense of money if you think that Lex will be worth $200 down the road) but go ahead and screw his crap up. I am sure there are people out there who actually KNOW how to use ebay, rather than your stupid idea of bidding a crazy amount and then not paying after you win because you think it is too high.. You said something incredibly stupid and now you are trying to save face... No matter if you are joking or not, still an incredibly dumb thing to say.
  8. The price increase will definately make me be more choosey about who gets bought and who I can live without.
  9. I feel your pain man. A few years ago, I bought a ML Pheonix from ebay. It came in the mail, I opened it and had it for about a total of 5 minutes, and then I need to go drop my friend off. So I put the figure down on a table and took my friend home. When I got back, I found that not only had my brothers dog gotten ahold of it, but the figure was now in about thirty pieces spread all over the house. For about a month after that, I would find a chewed piece here or a peice of plastic there, kind of disheartening. My brother felt so bad about it he bought me another, and this time it was the red "dark" pheonix. I hope you can get the replacements you need. It really REALLY sucks to have it happen, especially when it is someone elses dog
  10. Very nice! I really like Ganthlet, what did you make them from?
  11. I love the movie. The opening sequence to Bob Dylan was amazing, I loved the slowed down photographs being taken, and how the minutemen and watchmen have been at many of historys turning points. The death of the original Night Owl was a lot darker than I thought it would be, I loved the flash backs as he was fighting, it was really touching. Also love the Comedian fight scene with "the murderer", very well done. Good musical score as well, a friend of mine who isn't really into the whole super hero thing watched it and loved it. He even asked if they had action figures he could buy! Great movie, good job Zack, from the cast, to the editing, it was very faithful and I doubt we could have gotten a better representation of this amazing story.
  12. I bought the RULK wave and the price dropped three days later, I got the difference from CS, but I still felt stupid. I nothing wrong with DC, but I am a bigger Marvel fan, so it was a little easier to digest the price hike, but if this is going to be a new trend, I'll have to stick with just buying key figures instead of all of them.
  13. Yeah, I am going to have to agree with you on this one. IMO, MJ is a talented muscian, and the music video of Thriller is probably the mest music video ever made, musically, very talented. Nowm setting that aside, he was a child molester. I know some people say it was just parents after money, but if you remember with the last one, the parents came right out, in the begining, and said that they are after no money and all they want is justice and they would not be settling at all. Because of his celebrity status, he was able to get away with it. While we don't have proof, any adult male that invites children to his home AND has special clothes and has the child sleep with them is fucked up (yes, he had "costumes" with different themes for the kids to sleep/play in) Yeah, maybe he did have a rough childhood and he can remember some fucked up things his dad did (like having sex with a whore while the kids slept on the ground in the same room) but that is no excuse. Seek proffesional help, distance yourself from children if you have a weakness for them, don't distance yourself so far from reality that you believe you can do what you want. I'm sorry, like I said, musically, you can't deny the impact he had and the millions, maybe billions, he influenced, but the guy was a scum bag for what he did. To take the innocence of a child, well thats just something that can't be forgiven, that is something that can be given back, no matter how much money you have. I am waaay more sorry to see Farah die than him.
  14. Thanks for all your input guys, I've looked at your suggestions and I am leaning twards this: http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByCat...=24097&PG=1 Anyone here have pics of him or know how tall he is?
  15. Ok, so growing up in the 80's, I was never really into Transformers all that much. I remember watching the show and even having a figure or two, but not much else. After the first movie came out, I saw it and was impressed and, ofcoarse, it got me thinking about the action figures but I never got any. So now that the second movie is coming around, I don't want to miss my chance at getting a good figure. Basically, I am thinking about buying an Optimus Prime to go along with my current collection of figures, but I want to get a good one. I've seen a few different ones out there, but what I really want is a highly detailed OP that would look nice by the MOTUC, ML, and DCUC. Can anyone here recommend an OP for me to get?
  16. Awesome show! I always wondered how Family Guy managed to come back but a hidden gem like Futurama didn't
  17. Jeez man, what a blatant ripp-off! This was the set where I realized I would not be getting every figure in the line like I did with ML. My Walmarts here have never carried DCUC and still don't. I really like the DCUC, but too hard to find. With this line, I stopped trying because it was getting pretty insane. Too bad, I really wanted a Mettallo, Riddler, and Atom, but not $300+ bad.
  18. I just bought some TPB's as a birthday gift to myself and it was either Hulk (favorite Marvel) and Green Lantern (favorite DC). Now I read the first few Red Hulk issues, didn't care much for it, and when I saw that story was STILL going on and thats the latest TPB, I went with Green Lantern. I love Hulk, but honestly I don't care about Red Hulk.
  19. not being a nit pic, but....its punisher war zone, and thomas jane's movie was the 2nd. im just point it out before some clown insults you, and bases an arguement around it. It's okay pal, thank u for the corrected info, sometimes when your time is short to write a few lines in a forum, you oftenly can make mistakes of thinking and typing. Thanks pooda. We're discussing about live-action movies only? or can we make some statements about animated features? i HAVE ALWAYS thought they have always been a HELL of a BETTER movies than many which have been shown at the movies, WDUThink? I love Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. I've fallen asleep watching that DVD many times (and since it auto-restarts, I've woken up many times to the same thing) Great animation, great work.
  20. I agree, the DD movie wasn't much like the comic, but I still did enjoy the movie. I don't care what you say either Pooda, I like Duncan as Kingpin. He has a strong screen presence and carrys himself well.
  21. Kirsten Dunst is not that pretty. She looks average to me and changing her hair color to red does not make her Mary Jane. Her acting always seemed half hearted to me and I wouldn't want to see her on screen again. Personally, I don't care that much for Tobey as Parker. Spidey is a joker, and I have laughed out loud at some of the smart mouth comments he has, but Tobey isn't funny. Spiderman is a character thats bigger than the actor, like Bond. I don't care if they keep the Spiderman films going, but get new actors!
  22. I guess the best way to put it (in no order) would be: Top 3 DC - The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Batman Begins Top 3 Marvel - X2, Ironman, Hulk (fav charcter with fav actor Ed Norton) Worst 3 DC - Catwoman, Superman II, Batman and Robin Worst 3 Marvel - Elektra, Spiderman 3 (had SOOO much potential) Punisher (Dolph didn't even have a skull on his chest, just some crappy knives!) I am just glad they make comic movies, while there are some horrible abortions of film out there, some are actually pretty nice and could invite people not familiar with this genre.
  23. There seems to be a lot more love for the Tom Jane Punisher than I would have thought. To this day, that is the only movie I have ever seen by myself at the movies. I personally didn't care for the movie that much (but I bought it on DVD for some reason) but Tom didn't really sell the punisher to me. He was more of the Abercrombie and Fitch Punisher. Why the hell was he in Tampa Florida anyways? Punisher is part of the gritty underbelly on NY, its important to his character. Also, I am saying it here and now, I like X3! Kelsey Grammer as Beast is the best casting in those movies since Patrick Stewart as Xavier.
  24. I agree, I can't stand Kirsten Dunst and I dont really care for her acting. So wooden and unnatural, I can't really stand any of the spidermans actually. DD Directors cut was much better than the original, but I like the original anyhow.
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