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  1. i checked mattycollector today and they have NOTHING. thats right kids no stock on a collectors site its a joke, and to top it off the news section of the site has not listed any new products for the site its only for k-mart, tru, and halloween auction exclusives not the stock for the site itself.


    MattyCollector can't carry the regular waves of figures because of agreements Mattel has with its retailers. They had exclusives, but obviously those sold out long ago (except for the JLU Giganta that nobody wants). ToyGuru/Matty said this week that November will see the site updated again with pages dedicated to the lines and new information, though the only thing for sale will be figure stands.



    I know they won't carry the regular waves but they don't have anything and that is stupid for a mattel collector site to not have any mattel products for sale at all. As for the figure stands that is ##$%$#ed oooo a collector site that sells stands and only stands and not the exclusive product they are supposed to carry. They can update the site all they want but if they have nothing of real interest then its a waste of time hasbro has their exclusives on their website but mattel has no online store. They can't even get their product evenly distributed which was supposed to end when they released wave 3. But i still can't find any dcuc in my area (oak forest, il) all i ever see is wave 1. I've only seen wave 2 & 3 at my local comic shop (a&f books & comics) no wal-mart, target, k-mart, or even toys r us has had any new waves. Sure i found them at the comic shop but they only had a couple figs anyway someone already picked through them so i managed to get harley quinn, and green lantern but thats it. You should never have to rely on buying things online if a company wants to push their product then they should make enough to go around and not make 100 cases and call it a day. In case you can't tell i'm bitter about mattel i stopped buying marvel legends cause i wasn't happy with the figures but guess what i can find the new legends not the dcuc.


    I agree Matty should have something for sell even if its not current figures but maybe older figures that they can't seem to get rid of. Or just something we might be interested in. I know it sounds silly to just put up something to sell it but in contrast its about as bad as a website that doesn't have a damn thing for sell either.


    Ya, it is kind of silly. When Matty Collector first opened, I figured within a month or so we would start seeing regular items and stuff for collectors... Guess I was wrong. How can a website, put out by a toy company, for the seemingly sole purpose of selling their toy to collectors, not have anything at all since the initial launch! Atleast let us but that Adam Strange and Starfire two pack! Atleast take preorders! Something! Common!

  2. I finally got my DCUC wave 3! Grundy looks great, a little tall, but still a great figure. Deathstroke is by far the best of the bunch. They all look greatm except my Nightwing, he's got a few black paint streaks on his face, his head feels like it may fall off it is so loose, and it looks like they used two right arms with the correct hands because his arm stripe runs on the inside of his left arm. Whatever, no big deal, but Deathstroke is awesome!

  3. I'm from the Palm Beach area, with plenty of TRU, Targets, and Walmarts. Now I live in Gainesville, with one Target, one TRU, and 3 Walmarts... I feel your pain, I miss having plenty of places to shop, can't wait to move back, for my collections sake! No DC, no recent ML's, it's drving my crazy!

  4. I have 9 Wal-Marts around me that either I or someone I know is covering and none carry them.


    It looks like it is 1 out of evey 100 Wal-Marts that carries them.



    Thats being a little optimistic don't ya think? How about one out of every 150?

  5. See this is one I want! I don't understand why, by wave 7, we will have three Aquamans to choose from (if you count the varient) and yet no Ollie. I mean, Aquaman, by most accounts, is kind of lame (especially that stupid camo in 7)


    Great Green Arrow man! He looks awesome

  6. I say bring on the chase! Give me a chase every wave. Honestly, I am not frustrated enough with this poor distribution, and bad paint apps. I need this to be further complicated so I can just write off collecting these all together. Common Mattel, give me another reason to stop wanted to buy these!

  7. I haven't really seen anything beyond series one, and the ones from series 2 and 3 that I have seen, had such a bad paint app, I passed on them all. I just can't bring myself to order a case when I have a feeling that I will be getting a GL with a blob of white paint one his face or a Deathstroke that looks like it was painted by someone who actually had a stroke. I know this has been said over and over with the paint, but common! I'm not a huge fan of Hasbro or anything, but I can honestly say I haven't seen any ML with paint as bad as I've seen on DCUC. If there was some way to know that they weren't having these sort of problems anymore, or atleast it's not as prevelent, I would consider ordering a case.


    At this rate, I am starting to wonder if the MOTUC will have the same paint app problem.

  8. what the hell is going on?! I did see it on Ebay. Eradicator, Atom, Riddler and Black Lightning. I haven't even had a chance to complete my wave 2. I haven't seen any Wave 3 & 4. And NOW Wave 5?!?!!!?!?!!? I check my Target everyday and so far only Wave 1's and a crappy paint Green Lantern are available.


    And I thought Hasbro sucks with their distribution system!!!


    I am with you man. All I have from wave 2 is Blue Superman, and to be honest Superman was the one I wanted least of all from that wave. Last time I checked my Target, they had just put out a fresh batch of Penguins and Batmans. I passed on the one time I saw wave three there because of the bad paint, and it's that reason that I fear buying them online.

  9. wave 2 is sitting on the shelves of the mid town shopping center's walmart in milwaukee, wi as we speak. they are also at the southgate walmart, and the miller park way target JUST sold their stock. they are 12.88 at walmart and target has them for 10.99. TRU had some 2 weks ago, but they've restocked wave 3 since then, so....i can say yes theyre shipping on my end.(for the most part)



    I wish that was here


    I haven't seen wave 2 since April



    I'm in the same boat, when these first hit shelves a few months back, I saw the Blue Slurpee Superman and the Firestorm, and even though I would have rather gotten the Firestorm, it's paint app was terrible, so I opted to get the Superman, mostly for the BAF part. So now, months later, all I have is one gorilla arm, and I haven't seen any series two since. I just saw series three the other day at target, but, like Firestorm before, the paint apps on both Green Lanterns that I saw were just globby and messy, so I passed again. At this point, I don't care much if I finish series two, I would order it online, but I am afriad of getting one with a bad paint app. Common Mattel, work some of that magic used to make Barbie a billion dollar success with DCUC! Common!

  10. Finally saw some last night at Target... Two Hal Jordans, one had a big brown smudge on his face, the other had a big blod of white paint with someones fingerprint on his chest symbol... this is why I passed on so many series two, all had bad paint apps! I read that they were tryin to fix that.. but still

  11. they put out 2 cases of these at my nearest walmart, one of each "wave," and they haven't sold any of them. They have all just been sitting there for 4 - 5 days now.... thats the first time I have ever seen that happen with Marvel Legends.


    Even the HML stuff used to get picked through a bit, but it seems with each series, they sell less and less...


    maybe Hasbro is killin the collector interest with their shoddy product, or more notably, the 6 + month gap of new product


    Or maybe even more notably the extra $4.00 - $5.00 per item.

    People aren't exactly making more money these days on the average, and paying even more for an action figure is not on most parents priorities.




    Ya, I've seen em around here at TRU, and while I am a huge Hulk fan, and some of these are pretty sweet, I just can't spend the extra cash on em right now

  12. May as well throw in my two cents... while I am more of a Marvel fan, I gotta say that saying things like DC fans are second rate is obviously a cry for attention. Comparing Marvel to DC is like comparing Coke to Pepsi, so I don't really see the value of an opinion based "fact" as you called it.


    So what's the problem with spreading your big players over a few waves? Like I said, I'm more of a Marvel guy, but DC has a rich and colorful history! Sure, I will admit that I don't know alot about the different and less popular charcters comming out, but I am aware of who these people are, and I am just a casual DC fan. If anything, it makes more sense spread out the big guys, so it's not just the hardcore collectors/fans who are buying these by wave 8 (don't forget kids like toys too) I mean doesn't it make sense to have parents/kids buy a few figures over a few months rather than having a "JLA" wave and be done with it? Kind of seems like you would want to put a one or two heavy hitters in each wave, to make both casual customers and hardcore collectors happy. Again, just two more cents being thrown in...

  13. Personally, I can't wait for the Hulk. I know there has been some drama behind the scenes with Norton, but I have faith that Norton is a strong enough actor, and that they learned their lesson from the first film.

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