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  1. I may be wrong here, and if so please someone correct me, but I was under the impression that this wave would be on mattycollector.com, anyone hear any different?
  2. that's a shame, you shouldn't be selling stuff on ebay unless you are prepared for it. That sucks man, hope you get it worked out soon.
  3. Got hooked up by PlayitNow with a Manbat! Great figure, thanks a lot man! Still looking for a Joker and Forager. There was some in stock at one here, but I have a feeling a fwoosher cleared them out.
  4. So today is the first time I've had a chance to get my Juggernaut only to find the page given to me on my stupid "VIP" card from gamestop doesnt work. Do I not get my Juggernaut now? If thats the case its pretty crappy. I preordered it for this exclusive reason, otherwise I would have just wait a while before I got it.
  5. I got it Tuesday and I think its a great game. I've only gotten to play for about two hours, but this weekend I plan on soaking a fair amount of that game in. Roster is a little weak, wish we had everyone from the first one too, but oh well.
  6. I think I had the same reaction most of you did, but if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. DC is owned by Warner right? So Marvel being owned by Disney is not unthinkable. From what I have read, it seems like Disney wants to focus on bringing something to the table for young boys. They had success for girls with Hanna Montana and Johnas Brothers, so why not Ironman and Spiderman for boys? I doubt we will see Mickey and the gang stroll up to the Punisher or have Donald Duck duke it out with Hulk. Marvel is making a mint right now and I doubt Disney would want to upset it. Disney is a lot of things, but a poor business it is not. They know how to use their assets and the best way to handle things like this, so I am sure we will keep getting what we have been getting content wise.
  7. Personally I feel it's more comic book inspired than anything else. The only connection to the animated series is the voices which is a nice touch since comic books don't have voices and really why not use what some fans are familiar with? But the voices to me is where the similarity ends. It's far too 'dark' to be cartoonish. Y'know for a guy in tights that is...... Yeah, I may just be a sucker for the voices, to me, Conroy IS Batman, always will be, just like Hamil IS Joker (and who could imagine Harly Quinn with any other voice?) It's what I grew up on and whenever I read the comics, those are the voices I hear. Sorry Adam West.
  8. I don't think thats the case. It is odd that there wasn't a Dark Knight game, but maybe thats because they realized movie games, often suck. If I play a game based on a movie, I am probably going to get some basterized version of the movie with a few new bad guys thrown in for good measure. That doesn't really seem like the case with this one. Honestly, I don't know if it is because of the voice actors or what, but this game really does feel like an extension of Batman the Animated Series more than any of the new movies. Sure they may have taken a few cues from the movie, but that happens with almost all comic properties (Ultimate Spiderman was VERY close to having organic web shooters, so much so there was even a reference about it within the first few books) Bullseye had that Colin Ferrel design on his head for a breif period, so its not that big of a deal. When I was looking at some promo art for the new game, I noticed that the Joker had scars on the sides of his mouth, like in the movie, but once I got into the game, I saw that there were no scars.
  9. true. what's with the scratches on the batarang? I was wondering that myself and the best I can come up with is that the scratches are supposed to make it look used and worn as if it's something you could pick up off the street after you witness Batman battling somebody. Its pretty cool, sucks its short though. Some of these extra coming out with games now are crazy!
  10. Actually I think I lost $100 exactily in the parking lot, mind sending it to me? I can describe it prefectly! J/k, congrats on the Beetle, its a solid figure, but more importantly, congrats on that cash prize.
  11. Same here, Ive been haunting it every morning on my way to work, should be any day now...
  12. Checked two walmarts today. One had a new DCUC area they need to put figs in, and the other didnt have anything.
  13. When I missed out on wave 5, I said I just don't care anymore, so I stopped getting everyone from this line and started cherry picking. Hopefully this wave will be easier to get, because if it isn't, I will be done with this line. I can live without a Riddler, would have really liked one, but I'm cool with it but there is no way I can have a Harley Quinn with no Joker. I know it sounds childish, but really, whats a sidekick with no one to stand by? Manbat looks good, but he seems pretty glossy. Other than that, he looks great. I want Power Girl too, that pose is funny, too bad for MOC collectors they can't enjoy all her assets @bounce@ @bounce@
  14. Interesting, as a kid the only ones I had from these lines were MOTU, TMNT, Thundercats, and Ghostbusters. I can appricate all the other ones. GI Joe always seemed cool to me, but I never got any as a kid, so I have no real connection. I have thought about buying some now, but I already buy too much.
  15. Wow asdix, thats really awesome! I've always wanted to do a dio of that magnitude and scale (for realism reasons) but I don't really have the space for any. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  16. Don't feel bad, the only access to DCUC I have around here, besides the two packs, is a Cyborg that's been haunting my Target for a few months now. I've yet to see a single DCUC figure in any Walmart around here and frankly I don't have high hopes. I still haven't seen a Hawkman anywhere (still need)and I hear about him clogging up pegs all the time. I feel your frustration man.
  17. Ive seen that sort of thing too. I always assumed it was there to tell employees where to put things
  18. True, but the arms are a different color to the rest of the figure which doesn't look that nice.....not a deal breaker, but effeminately a disappointment and worth noting. I see what you mean. I guess a big part of it is the lighting. See I have him here on my desk at work and, except for the glossyness of the paint, I can't tell a color difference. But when I first bought it and was looking at him at home, that was one of the first things I noticed.
  19. I don't mind the arms. It sucks he cant pick anything up or hold anything, but it does look more like clay than the paint. Just my opinion
  20. Yeah I had that same problem with one of the figures a few months back. I was told pretty much the same but fortunately later on that day at some point it gave me the option to cancel so I did. I've checked after every order since just to see what kind of time frame we have for cancellation. Unforuntaley, I haven't had a chance to cancel since that time I got lucky, so it seems to me like we purposely can't get a refund. Too bad to, because sometimes the problem really is on their end.
  21. Yeah I don't have any of these myself, so I for sure need them all
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