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  1. Dude that is awesome! I havent read the comics, but it looks pretty comic accurate from what Ive seen in passing
  2. I was just about to ask if anyone trusts they will receive their orders... has anyone gotten any Ticks? I dont follow shocker much, but it seems like they are always pushing stuff back
  3. Does anyone know how it compares to the ML BAF? I really think he is a cool figure, and if it better, I will "upgrade" to this one
  4. @grumpy@ Friggin small figures... Toy companies are just trying to save money. And here i was hoping id finally get a decent Gouken figure... I'm with you Dilios, I dont care for that scale. I'm a big guy, I've got big hands, I prefer the bigger figures. I don't care about bases and vehicles, I'm all about size
  5. Very nice! I love the backpacks, are those face's are really cool too, great job!
  6. Wow, thats a little... different. Interesting idea, even though it is just cashing in on the zombie craze, but still should be scary good fun!
  7. Too bad, I loved that site, I havent been in a while but it was a real nice showcase for a lot of collections
  8. Two years? Jesus, that seems like forever
  9. I thought that guy dancing in the opening sequence when the guy is falling looked a lot like Andrew Ryan, guess I was just assuming. I hadn't read any of that info, so that is some food for thought. As far as no big daddies goes, then what the heck was that grabbing the woman and that thing that threw him outside the window? Yeah I kind of regret not beating Bio2, but I was hard up for money at the time, so I had to sell it. Maybe I will pick it up again, but I am still working on RedDead, I've been so busy lately I haven't had time for games!
  10. I saw the trailer and thought it looked amazing! I loved the first BioShock, totally caught me off guard and I loved it! The second one though.... it felt like more of the same, same old run down buildings, lighting that is buzzing, I was kind of under whemled really (I ended up selling the game before I beat it, something I rarely do) This game almost looks like a breathe of fresh air, I'm sure a lot of it will be the same, but it still looks cool. I'm ready to learn more about the bioshock world and this prequal looks great. I am very excited about seeing more!
  11. What did you order, Drexl? Dang, and I was thinking about buying a Hunter Rose Grendel. Maybe I'll just wait a few more weeks and see how everything shakes out with Shocker Toys... PharmV See this is why I have been weary about placing an order with then, the figures have a high price point IMO, which is understandable since they aren't made in huge quantities, but I don't want to lose my money. I just feel like if I buy it before they have it, there is a greater chance of maybe my order getting lost with them and not being shipped or I may forget about it, plus there isn't a solid date as to when we will have these, so until I start hearing about people having it in hand, I will need to wait. I'll pass on the mucus Tick, but I really want that Barry!
  12. DCUC presently has a PERFECT level of articulation. 3 hits and pass, sir......you've had too much. Please keep it going to the left..... and bring me DareDevil
  13. I want to pick up a Tick first and go from there, when are these supposed to be out?
  14. I can't wait for it, I've played MK off and on over the years, owned a few of them, I've still got the DC vs MK for the 360 (what a weird match up) and despite it being a little on the weak side, I side like to throw down on that with my fiance' (she loves being Wonder Woman) Can't wait for the new title, it looks like it's bringing an edge back that we've been missing...
  15. I dont follow shocker toys much, but I see that they've got a Barry "Tick" available to buy for a SDCC exclusive and I was wondering who, if anyone, was going to buy this. I am not much of a fan of all their of figures for this independent line, but I love the Tick, and since I don't plan on getting the mail away Arthur, I was thinking Barry would make a good addition. I am a little weary though since what I've heard about Shocker has been less then positive. Anyone else going to gamble and get this figure? Here is a link: http://www.shockertoys.com/res/barrytickex.jpg
  16. This is a really cool figure, there are some more pics somewhere here at TNI, but I've definately given that figure some thought
  17. I am not a G I Joe guy per se, and I definately don't own any 3 3/4 figures, but this is making me consider it. I would probably want to get the van and if the figures look good enough, I will make this my "no 3 3/4 figures" exception. Can't wait for the movie.
  18. I wondered how long it would be around, I liked it alot. I bought comics a few years back, but then the comicbook store in town closed, and I had to resort to picking through the bent up older issues they have in the book stores. So I stopped reading them for a while, but then I got a night job at a hotel, which left me with plenty of time on the internet with nothing to do, so I got to read things I will probably never get to read (like TMNT) It sucks, but I understand the complaint. If this was a paid for service, I would sign up for it, but I doubt all the companies could come together like that and agree on it. It's a shame, because we live in the digital age, and print is becoming less important everyday. This industry needs to keep up, and htmlcomics was doing what the companies couldn't and offering a great way to get product out there. The companies need to copy this sort of idea and just make it subscription based. Just let me pay a flat rate and have access to read as many back issues as your catalog can hold!
  19. Maybe I am a jerk, but I flag that #$## everytime. It's so @##@@ stupid, like I am out there, looking up obama things to buy and I come across an action figure and suddenly its like "Oh man! That must be some kind of Obama figure, good thing it said Obama in the title" I'm gonna flag it, and I think you guys should too, its retarted and annoying (plus it's kind of a crappy figure) Now that I have looked it up, I see in the description it says "OBAMA LOOK ALIKE" really? that is how you are going to play it? Lol, whatever
  20. I really want that Supergirl two pack, I was going to buy the MOTUC Skeletor/Lex two pack just for Lex, but I didn't realize that was out. Good thing too, between the regular Skeletor, Toothless Skeletor, and Keldor, I'll be Skeletored out.
  21. it says I need a password. Congrats on getting married, whens the date? I'm getting married in a few months as well, furtunately she doesn't care if I keep a display.
  22. Great job! I am always a fan of your work, I've never done anything this bold before, but it looks so nice, I think I will have to try it on my own
  23. Most Flash-Superman races ended inconclusively. This is irrelevant. Modern Superman-Flash races can be dismissed because they are terrible stories written by lousy writers who buy into that philosophy where the Flash has one power so he should be the best at it. Aquaman's power is to swim. Is he also faster than Superman when he's swimming? Superman once used his super-speed to create a water-spout that connected the Earth's oceans to an ocean on another planet. This allowed a city full of Atlantean mermen to swim to this other planet that Superman had given to them as a gift. Can the Flash do this? Noooo! The Flash slips and falls down when Captain Cold shoots ice at his feet. Here's some more bad news for the Flash-heads. Not only is the Flash NOT the fastest man in the DC Universe, he isn't even THIRD!!! He's outclassed by Superman (and we can add the whole Superman Family as well as the Bizarros here), Captain Marvel (and the whole Marvel Family) and Green Lantern (And he brings the whole GL Corps with him too!) You gotta play the Troll Toll, if you want into this baby boy's hole, you got to pay the Troll Toll to get in. If you wan't the baby boy's hole, you gotta pay the Troll Toll, you gotta pay the Troll Toll to get in. TROLL TOLL! WHAT'D YOU SAY! TROLL TOLL! HEY HEY HEY! .....it's about you MisterJailer
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