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  1. Well if you are an entertainer, you need an audience. Just because he may be able to personally find it funny or joke about it, doesn't mean people are ready to hear it. Who hasn't thought a sick joke to themselves and decided it was best not to say it right at that moment? Shock humor folks, nothing more. That's why he doesn't get much work... just not that funny
  2. Wow "floodlights"... really? I'm offended that he thought it was funny. I'm not saying it like "omg, how can be say that" kind of funny, Im saying it's not a quality joke. If you are really going to make a joke at a terrible tradgedy that JUST happened, ATLEAST the joke should be funny, and not "pop-sickle stick" quality. Far too often, comedians like him want to be known as "edgy" so things like this come out. (see Bob Saget) I'm not buying the "it's the way I cope" defense either... you "try" and make a living as a comedian, you should know when there's a time for joking and when there isn't, you can feel the audience. I am not sure who he is playing to, but it's just not funny. Minimal talent at best. Shock humor is right up there with racial humor in that it is incredibly lazy (Howard Stern and Carlos Mencia respectively). Doesn't take a lot of talent to have something terrible happen and you say the opposite of what everyone else is thinking, it's just to get people, like us, saying "can you believe it? wow, he must be high-larious! Let me google him to see if he is coming to my town!" Just lame Gilbert, someone needs to take you to comedy school. He'll be fine financially anyhow, he's still got those big fat Problem Child and Problem Child 2 pay checks.
  3. Im still looking for this. I swear, I've got no luck when it comes to cars. I never did find the Ecto 1, and this is the only other car I have wanted. I will probably have to turn to ebay...
  4. I do love me some PS3, Call of Duty, I love that stuff! But I'll always have a place in my heart of Super Nintendo/NES games. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent just playing all the old mario's, it's just insane! My wife and I play a lot of those games on the wii, we've beaten Mario 3 I dont know how many times. We joke that it's to the point where we really could run it with our eyes closed.
  5. Night of the Living Homeless... for sure. I guess you need to sign up to vote for it... looks like Ill be signing up for another website!
  6. Damn I want that tick figure SOOOO badly. On shocker it still says its a preorder or whatever and I don't see any on ebay yet, so I assume these are JUST NOW making their way into our homes (and our hearts)
  7. Got my 90's Beast and Rogue of Friday. Still have alot more to go on this one, I am just limiting myself to the characters from the show, no doubles.... and Hulk, can never have enough Hulks!
  8. Well I guess I gotta ask, what do you mean by playing? I've got a shelf that runs the entire length of my closet and I have all my figures setup there. It's out of the way so the cats won't mess with it, and it's just my eye level for me to appreciate it. Now alot of times, when my wife and I are just hanging out in our room, I will grab atleast one figure and just have it in hand. Am I playing with it? I guess kind of, I mean I will pose it, and act like hes shooting the cat or something, so I suppose so. But if I wasn't playing with that, I would be playing a video game, or something else to entertain myself. I've wanted to do a huge superhero city type thing myself, but I found that I had far too many figures for them all to be in it. Plus there is always a space issue. If you check out some of the collection threads, you can get some pretty good ideas too. I found that alot of people like to refer to their home made playsets as "diorama's" or just "dios" but we all know its just to play on. Also all those figure lines you mentioned are good as far as playability goes. As long as you aren't mashing your figures together in mid air and throwing them around, I say you can play with em just fine. I've had many DCUC, ML, and MOTUC fall down and they all have held up just fine with minimal problems. Who care if you're 21 and you want to play with em, I'm 26 and I keep atleast one action figure on my desk at work all day long (I work in finance). Now you'll never catch me playing with it, but like I say to anyone who gives me slack (which rarely happens), creative people have more toys... it's a fact!
  9. I would go the 2015, not our 2015, but the 2015 from BTTF... where business men wear double ties and pizza hut is dehydrated king
  10. Some very nice collections here... makes me wish I still had my ML, never got into the 3 3/4 line, looks like a fun line though!
  11. Cyclops, GET DOWN!

  12. That joker looks awesome! Same for the Two-Face, the modern Batman looks ok, not a big fan of that ab crunch though. Freeze looks bad a$$
  13. That's awesome pooda! I haven't been to the DC section in a while, but I've missed your awesome dio's and action shots, you've got a gift my friend...
  14. Looks like money well spent it for you! but saddening you wont be graced with the awesome presence of Mario Galaxy......for now. I am actually considering just giving it to one of my little cousins... They can put it to good use... MVC3 - Jill Valentine and the eye ball creature was just announced... I'll vouch for Mario Galaxy, it really was a fun game. I love Mario games, and both Galaxy games were a lot of fun, well worth the time!
  15. Hmmm, I play pretty much nothing but free for all and I don't really have any of those problems at all. Also I haven't come across people using cheats or glitches either, or atleast that I have noticed. Not to toot my own horn, but Im usually within the top 3 and its never been like a crazy difference a bunch of times in a row, so I feel pretty even matched. I think I had more problems with MW2 on my 360 then I have had with this. Let me know how DA II is, I've been eyeing it lately. As far as preorder goes, yeah that would be awesome if that could happen. If I could get some of the games a day early or have it delivered the day of, I would probably buy straight from them.
  16. Wow, really hope Kirkman was being facetious... Sheen's a douche
  17. Thanks, friend! The Fire Mario is actually a Japanese import. Actually, most of the stuff on my main Mario shelf is Japanese, with only a few of the stuff being what's available in America. I imported these figures in 2006, I think, for a not so decent price. Boy, was I pissed when I saw them in stores only a few months later, haha. Our versions are actually slightly different, though, so I decided to keep the Japanese versions loose, but still buy the ones that came to the States, and keep those boxed. Enough of my pointless rambling, though lol There hasn't been an American version of Fire Mario in stores yet I don't think, but I'm pretty sure I saw it at this year's Toy Fair, so it should be hitting stores soon. Good to hear! I am really digging your whole collection and I would like to find nice, semi articulated figures in about the 4 to 5 inch scale. Fire Mario, here I come!
  18. bored... at work... reaching... critical levels

  19. Wow, that figure looks really cool! I may have to order one now...
  20. not playing this one enough to buy the pack, it's so expensive! I've heard the ps3 version is completly unplayable, any truth to that? Unplayable? The pack or the game itself? I've never had any problems whatsoever. The only time it screws up is when we need to migrate hosts cause someone was getting their butt whipped and quit. My brother has his on 360 (his third one BTW) and I didnt even finish one game. Maybe it was his connection, but it was really choppy and I know hes complained about it freezing or quitting on him, so take that for what it's worth. I've never regretted switching from 360 to PS3, not even once.
  21. Thanks for the post Newton! I've gotta agree with a lot of what was posted about it. I can feel the CGI movie look on this, like with the size of the eyes. Also, they look like they are all wearing a lot of bandages on their arms. I will reserve final judgement after I see more, but not bad so far. I will be extremely disappointed if Mikey does't have his nunchucks. Can I ask what is so scary about nunchucks? Most idiots I have seen them with at Halloween parties or whatever are usually more in danger of hitting themselves in the crotch then actually hurting anyone. I think the Simpsons sums it up best...
  22. Cool collection Cloverdox! I've been eyeing these for a while now... but I am holding out to find a fire mario, then I will probably pick a few up... looking at that collection though does make me want to go out and get one...
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