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  1. Damn you guys! Now I'll have to rent it! All the blockbusters here closed. Maybe I will sign up for Gamefly again and get it. I used to have gamefly, but to get anything that was remotely popular you have to wait at least 6 months afterwards.
  2. Wow man, that is just awesome! You do the smoothest work! I'd love to see what you do with a Bowser
  3. I guess something to the effect that Ivan Reitman and Bill were having lunch and Bill says something like "Why do I sound like Garfield?" So they go and get Uncle Joey (who was painfully available) and that is right around the time TMNT took my interest. Bill seems to be more protective of his image then any of the rest, since it took us this long just to get GB figures, and I can't really say I blame him, but what he failed to get was that Venkman was bigger then Murray. The cartoon didn't need to capture the exact likeness or sound spot on, the cartoon captured the spirit of Ghostbusters perfectly, and Lorenzo's voice matched Venkman's tone and personality. That "I dont really care... but deep down I do" attitude you can just hear when he speaks, it was perfect. Two different actors, two different voices, but it was the same character to me! Interesting side note, Ernie Hudson tried out to voice his own character but was declined... that's gotta hurt on a professional level. Also for the record, I have never thought "Carlton, the doorman" when I would hear him speak, it was always "Garfield!" or "Tummi Gummi!" Rhoda was a boring show that came on at night when all the cartoons went to bed on Nickelodeon.
  4. I forgot all about Shattered Dimensions! Should be cheap by now, maybe Ill get that for my birthday instead of Marvel vs Capcom... Sony... get your sh!t together, I need some online Mortal Kombat play
  5. For me, the cliffhanger that came to mind was "Who Shot Mr Burns?" I know it's a rip off of who shot JR, but I was like 10 when this aired. My brothers and I were huge Simpsons fans, infact I even remember that my cousin had moved to California the summer before it aired and wasn't allowed to watch it living with his dad, so I called him as soon as the episode was over to put his mind at ease... (I probably dialed 10-10-321) It's such an awesome cliffhanger, to me, because it is not in the norm of the Simpsons at all. The only two-part episode, Mr Burns being shot brought a sense of realism to the show and the best part of all, there were actually clues for us to try and figure it out! I'll never forget at the end of part one, when they all find Mr Burns body slummed over the sundial, Doctor Hibbert begins to chuckle and says "I can't solve this mystery..." he turns, looks and point directly into the camera, and says "... can you????" Only to have the camera pan back after a second to reveal he was actually looking and talking to Chief Wiggum who says "I guess I'll give it a try, it's my job and all"... wish my work didn't block youtube or else I would post a clip.
  6. Pretty much right, I remember seeing some of those shows on as a kid and being frustrated that I couldn't find what I was looking for. Like everyone else has said, they got it wrong with the RGB though.
  7. Finally beat the MK Story Mode, now it is on to the challenge tower! I am a little past the 100 mark, arent there like 300 total? Im all in for Malina's bandage costume...
  8. Ha! Seems I can't even give this thing away...
  9. Yeah it really makes you think "damn, I wish I wasn't such an honest person"
  10. I would say you should probably cancel your card just to be on the safe side. If you used a VISA, you should be protected in the event that you are hit with fraud, so it won't be the end of the world if you do get hit with fraud, you can charge it back. There are indeed too many scams out there asking people for their personal info. I work with fraud, chargebacks, and issues like this at a financial institution. It always astounds me the number of people whose story goes something like "I got a pop up on my computer saying I had a virus and to enter my credit card number to fix the problem so I did" It's just unreal that people can just give out info like that. Kinda of funny when you think back 30 years ago people used to get their checks with there social security numbers printed on them. Now that would be instant financial death, infact I don't think a bank would even order your checks that way. People are theives to the highest degree, if someone has the opportunity to put one over on you, they will try.
  11. Does anyone want a Titanic Ghost minimate? Ive got an extra and I feel kind of dumb putting it on ebay to sell for a dollar, so does anyone want it?
  12. I've yet to even try the single player mode, is it any good?
  13. Wow, thats just an awesome read. Thanks for the post! Oh PS3, just when I was singing your praises you make me eat my words... thanks. Oh well, nothing I can really do but just sit and wait like everyone else. So my wife and I played for about, I dunno, and hour and a half straight to beat Kahn on the final fight, but it was a no go. Couple of close calls, the teleport and uppercut works pretty well, just gotta be real quick. We'll give it another try tomorrow. Anyone been working it with Kratos? I've given him a try, he seems ok, but I cant get a good rhythm going with him.
  14. Thanks for the link man! Am I the only one finding that between the story mode and looking up what is in the krypt online, the money system is kind of pointless? I've got all the alternate costumes and finishers I can buy, and I've still got 90K left over. Just makes it feel kind of unnecessary.
  15. Dude, that is freaking awesome! You totally nailed it!
  16. I am really loving this game! I had Street Fighter when it came out a while back, and I had fun with it, but this game is MUCH better. Who knew I missed finishers so much?
  17. Those are pretty sweet jj, congrats on the find! I've yet to head out to a Toys R Us to look for these, just dont have the money... but looking at your pics makes me want to find the money for em!
  18. Yeah, I didn't check to see if it was still down this morning, but I assume it still is. Kinda sucks, but you do get what you pay for. I don't want to get into xbox vs ps3, but I've got both (all three including the wii) and PS3 is by far my favorite. I was never a playstation guy, full on xbox all the way until my 360 broke less then a year out, and I didn't even play it that much to begin with. I bought a PS3 and never looked back. Sure its online isn't as great (this is really the first time I've been inconvienced by it since I got it xmas 09) but I just HATE xbox's "pay for play" "batteries sold seperately" mentality. Prime example, PS3 controllers are rechargeable... xbox you need to either keep buying batteries or plop down more cash for recharging capability.. just crappy is all. I am exactly here where I fight Kahn as Kang. I was getting a little annoyed with it and it was getting late, so I quit but now that you mention this technique, I will need to try it again. The first time I got to him on the ladder match, I just used Raiden and kept sending out my lighting bolts over and over again. I almost got a flawless victory. The second time I got to him on the ladder as Raiden, I used this approach the whole time. Again, I almost got a flawless victory. Personally I try not to play like this, it's no fun for the person you are playing against, but since it is a computer I don't feel crappy for using cheap move over and over again. One thing I don't care for is using those moves that block you in a corner or gets you in a trap to use the same thing over and over, that's no fun for anyone. DarthJoe, I assume you are playing on 360?
  19. Wow man, that is an awesome job! Be sure to post some updated pics once you get the blades finished!
  20. Very nice! I am wondering though why your Thor/Destroyer 2 pack has Lady Sif and Volstagg inside of it?
  21. Yeah it always seems to work out that way. A few months ago we turned off our cable and just been streaming netflix, but I finally broke down the other day and signed up for hulu plus. But it wont let me use it now because I cant sign in to the PSN (but I have no problem with netflix) I preordered it from GameStop and got the DLC Scorpion stuff, but I sold it on ebay (like I normally do most preorder stuff) to help offset the cost of the game. I did it because I am fairly confident that there will be a retro DLC for all those players your stated at some point in the future. Toasty!
  22. I agree with all of these! Every one is number one... brilliant!
  23. Very nice work man! The hair sculpt looks great! This seems to be a popular custom for people, yet NOBODY wants to make a Court Room Luis... Again, very nice work, wish I could do something like that.
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