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  1. That is really cool, what scale is it? I like that the gun holster is in the leg just like the movie
  2. Ok Ive been playing Spiderman SD, and it's pretty much been a breeze, I've been playing on the hard setting but I got stuck for a few days on one part. It is an Amazing Spiderman level, you have to save the construction workers so they can stop the fire for you but there are TONS of bad guys. On top of that, when you save one, helicopters come in and replenish all the bad guys you just killed. The furthest I got was saving two of them and clearing out the second batch of bad guys choppered in. I finally just gave up and grab them all real quick without killing them. I know I could have done that at any point, but its just more fun to grind my way through it. Anyone else get stuck here or have any issues? Do I just suck? Well yes, but do I really suck THAT bad?
  3. Does LBP have co-op play?... Yeah, its fun with more people really. I don't play it that often and it's not exactily my type of game, but my wife loves it, so we usually just play that if she wants to. Still a very fun game, and when you play online there are a lot of really fun level's people have created. More crappy ones then good ones, but just follow the rating system to find the popular ones and you'll be fine!
  4. Ill need to download infamous and dead nation, I've already got LBP (awesome game) so I'll take those!
  5. wait what? how do we redeem it? is there a list somewhere?
  6. I want to get some MK time in this week, but Spiderman has still got my attention! My two week free membership ends today or tomorrow so I need to get it done!
  7. Really? I feel the exact opposite. I mean, you don't really think that the scientists and researchers are actually the ones taking time out of their schedule to personally write that do you? If you pay attention, it's about preparedness in general, the zombie aspect is just kind of funny and gets people to read it that normally wouldn't. It talks about having supplies ready and having a safe place to meet incase of disaster. All valid information you need in emergency situations like hurricanes, tornado's, or even fire. If you'll notice also, there is nothing about "make sure you have ammo" or "machete's don't need to reload", nothing about killing and that sort of thing. It's just a fun, outside the box way of presenting important information, and for that I applaud the CDC. Kind of reminds me of those far and few in between teachers that actually made the lesson's fun and relevant to the students.
  8. I dont want to be one of those guys that has a laundry list of things they don't like about them, but I do have a list in my head. We will see, maybe they will look better in hand.
  9. Looks like we've finally got some pics: http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=238&itemid=17252 thoughts? Honestly, I am a little underwhelmed... these just dont look right to me
  10. Mortal Kombat has had a rest at my house as Im about half way through Spiderman SD. It's been a fun game so far, a few glitches here and there, but still a lot of fun to play as the wall crawler. Sometimes I think the graphics are a little short sided, but I guess it's supposed to look like a comic book. Still trying to decide if I am going to keep the blockbuster membership going or not...
  11. So Flinstones is the original animated sitcom about a family (even though it's really an animated "Honey Mooners"), then Simpsons becomes the modern animated family, then family guy becomes the post modern animated family (Im not going to get into American Dad and Cleveland) so now Seth is redoing the original? Basically, it's like Seth is re-writting history... I don't care for that at all. God I hope nobody tries to "reinvent" the Simpsons 40 years down the road... FOX has offically hit rock bottom... again
  12. When my dad told me Beetlejuice and Batman were the same person I didn't believe him, since BJ was a little to scary for me and Batman was a good guy through and through
  13. Mr. Mom, Gung Ho, Dream Team, Working Stiffs, Johnny Dangerously; I was a die-hard Keaton fan before I ever heard they were doing a batmovie. I probably would've liked it anyway, but to find out he was in it, just sealed the deal. Batman was my first Keaton movie, and he has been typecast in my brain ever since... Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I heard that at some point before TDK came out, Christian Bale was eating at some restaurant and he found out that Michael Keaton was eating there at the same time too, so Bale sent him over a bottle of champaign and a note that said something like "To the original Batman"... anyone ever hear that?
  14. My guess is Batman was panhandling and harrassing people for money and the guy was probably telling him to screw off and it turned into that fight... just a guess but people think if you are dressed up when panhandling, then it is ok (which I cant stand)
  15. DS9 had an ending that answered some questions, and gave some conclusions, but ultimately was too abrupt. By far my favorite trek, but itw as a little weak there. Never saw Voyager's ending either. Tng's ending was great it really felt to be part of the heart of Trek, going back to the nature of human kind and adventure, it was better than all but first contact of the trek movies. You didn't miss much with Voyager's finale, there's alternate future's and time travel and it felt kind of convoluted and rushed. I don't know, I was just hoping for better since I was a big fan of the show. Janeway makes it home... we all saw it coming! I really liked TNG finale, it was really well done and for all those reasons you mentioned!
  16. No Ordinary Family's only problem was no ordinary audience...
  17. From what I can see, it looks like Bat's is the one who started the physical fight
  18. I really loved it as a kid, I remember my parents going to see it and I cried and whined and pouted because I wasn't allowed to go, it's one of my earliest memories so I was probably about 4 or so. But when it finally came out on video I got it that Christmas and man, I thought it was the greatest movie ever made. Joker scared the heck out of me and Batman was the greatest hero ever! Truely an amazing experience as a kid. Keaton can play any role he wants to, but when I see him, I still see Batman!
  19. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4693084/batman-takes-a-beating-in-vegas-fight I am sure in his mind's eye, he looked very bad ass... There really isn't a dignified way to walk away after you got beat up dressed as Batman
  20. That is awesome! I need to go ahead and preorder these, I hate hunting for them at the ONE toys r us in my area. Yes! These are the reason I started to collect minimates in the first place! Great news! I may have to pick one or two of those up, some decents finds in there
  21. Im a super hero junkie, I'll admit it, but I wouldn't want to watch a Wonder Woman show... no big loss as far as I am concerned. Besides, I don't think the actress looks the part either
  22. Nice! I would want to get these for my kid whenever I have one. Also you can probably get it cheaper here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/stickers/a6d0/
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