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  1. My wife won't be getting off of work for a few hours after I get home, so I will be playing some infamous. Anyone that is attached get to enjoy that special time where it's just you and the game? I try not to play around my wife, I think it is kind of a dick move because I'll just get so engrossed I'll forget she is even there. Now she doesn't mind if I play, but I think we both have a better time if I am not just fixated on a game. Anyone here get the DLC for Mortal Kombat? Is it any good?
  2. I agree Why not? Doesn't hurt me any if the imaginary guy in the comic likes other imaginary guys or girls. I read comics for entertainment. Reading about a character's innermost sexual feelings towards another character of the same sex, or seeing two superheroes of the same sex romancing and/or kissing each other isn't entertaining for me personally. I can see your point, and I agree with it not being something that is entertaining to see. To be fair though, I don't really care much about the love aspect in comics in general. I read comics because I like the action first, I like the insanely cool things they can do, and I love a good story (though I think a lot of comics being written are kind of "meh" in the writing department) I've got the same expectations in a comic that I do seeing an action movie. I want to be visually stimulated first and worry about a good story second (though it is still important) The love aspect of action movies ALWAYS slow it down. So like in the movies, I don't really want to hear the main character talking about "finding whomever" or anything really about how their hearts feel. I guess it's kind of like this. If it is a team book or something where the whole story isn't entirely focused on one person, I am fine with there being a gay character (written realistically, not heavy handed like Northstar). But if there is a solo series and it was about a gay character, I doubt I would ever read it, I wouldn't care that the book was being printed, maybe there is someone out there that can identify and really does enjoy that book, but it wouldn't be for me, but if it is making money for Marvel and it helps someone out there deal with their own issues, then let it fly. Really it boils down to this. If the character is written realistically and not in a stereotypical fashion, then I've got no problems with it. The only person I want to see "flaming" is Johnny Storm.
  3. I agree Why not? Doesn't hurt me any if the imaginary guy in the comic likes other imaginary guys or girls.
  4. Ive been playing alot of it as well. I went the good path mostly because its usually alot harder to be a good guy than a bad guy. Alot of random missions i end up getting a bad rating somehow even when i wasnt doing much. I think its because i accidentally kill too many innocents which I can never tell about. Sometime after I beat it I may go back and do the evil route. Im wondering how different the missions and such are and how much EASIER it is hehe. Yeah, but there was something so sweet about zapping cops while I was breaking into prison. The game itself is fairly easy, it's just really big. I will probably go the good route when I get around to number two.
  5. Been playing a lot of inFamous lately. It's been a lot of fun, it's really got a super hero meets GTA feel to it. I decided to go the Evil route and try to be as evil as I can. A lot of times, the evil actions are "sit and do nothing", had I had known that, I probably would have gone the more challenging path (maybe its no harder, I dunno) After I am done with this, I will probably get infamous 2.
  6. Awww, can't wait for this movie. Even if it sucks, I just love seeing the characters on screen.
  7. I'm going to have to go with my first love, The Sword of Omens. No weapon sparked my imagination as much as a kid as that did.
  8. The pic doesn't work, guess it has already been removed
  9. I'm going to forward this list to Dwight Schrute, it seems right up his alley
  10. good question and thought, I wasn't bright enough to think to look though
  11. Ok so I have been wondering something. We all know how big Marvel is on easter eggs, and there is a scene in Thor that I was thinking about. It's when Thor was trying to get his hammer the first time and was going through and fighting all those shield agents. Now he is throwing dudes left and right, no problem, then he faces that one solider who he hits, and the dude just takes the punch without falling, and I think Thor says something about it (I cant remember what) but they end up brawling outside. Now, the solider in question, to me, appears to be black but they didn't really focus on his face or anything like that (like they normally do in movies where the star meets his "match" or something) There was no establishing shot for this solider that could go toe to toe with (a less powerful) Thor. Long story short, I think it is Luke Cage... anyone else have any thoughts?
  12. Didn't know it had dropped, I'll need to get it once pay day comes round. Still working on Dead Nation, it's been fun, but frustrating because sometimes I can't see who is attacking me because of the lay out of the screen. We still need to play some MK EvilHayato! I'm not that great, but it's still fun!
  13. Are Marc Weiner, of Weinerville fame, and Anothny Weiner, of... I guess weiner fame, related? Just thought I would throw it out there. They look a lot alike in the face, both from New York, and they are both Jewish. Thoughts? Anyone saying "what the f*ck is Weinerville?"
  14. Well I am not bothered by another opinion, in fact I welcome it with open arms. This is merely an open discussion, open to anyone who is a member and has an opinion. Some like coffee, some don't, some like comic book movies, some don't. May I ask what your favorite comic book movie is? Is it all about accuracy to the comic, or is it justifiable to sacrifice a little in favor of a more relatable (and filmable) story? Personally it is a toss up for me, Watchmen was fantastic, loved it all, even the few parts that got changed (which I do agree with) but I won't ever just sit down and watch it out of the blue. I've seen X2 probably more times then someone should, but I still think it is the best in the franchise. Is it close to the source material? Meh, kind of, but not really, but I still love seeing Wolverine's rage through the mansion. We also need to understand that this is, in fact, a business, and the people with money invested will have their fingers in the pie so to speak. Sometimes I do understand how the major difference between film and what's on the rack can be frustrating (see Fox's Wolverine Origins) however finding a comic book movie that is page for page, beat for beat, just like the comic, is a rare thing indeed. Yeah watching some of these movies doesn't feel the same as opening a comic book and is not as satisfying, but these are just movies, to be taken for what they are. To quote Cyclops (a definite first) "What were you expecting? Yellow spandex?"
  15. Some people are just so CLAM headed that they can't wrap their heads around things being different in a movie setting. OMG there's no Donald Blake (kinda)! OMG those aren't the REAL first class of XMen! Big deal! I love the XMen, I love the characters, I love the concept. I don't want the same old story told to me again and again, I am for new and different things, so bring it on! Some people get so wrapped up in things that "need" to be 100% true to the source material they miss out on the good things. The whole Heimdal thing was a joke too, the actor did a great job and it took NOTHING for the story. I know it's old, but same can be said of DareDevil. Sure it wasn't a great movie (because of the acting and directing IMO, not because of the difference from the comic) and I remembered when it was announced that Michael Clark Duncan was to play Kingpin, there were plenty who complained and cried fowl, but he was the highlight of the movie for me. Things change and evolve (isn't that the idea behind Xmen in the first place?) and like it or not, the movie's are helping to shape the Marvel universe. I remember reading somewhere around the time Wolverine Origins (the comic) came out, and I read an interview with Joe Quesada and said he decided that Marvel should go ahead and do Wolverines origin before the movies decided for them.
  16. My 80's cartoon buffet doesn't happen so much at night as it does on Saturday mornings. I always have Saturdays off and my wife usually works, so Saturday mornings are usually cartoons, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and video games (the formula hasn't changed since dad brought home the NES back in '90) I usually just pick one show or dvd and run with that. Ghostbusters have been the pick of the week since I got my dvd's back, but X-Men and Batman are always welcomed favorites. Nothing better then waking up, turning on the wii to play some mario 3 and turning on the other TV to play some cartoons. It is magical, by this I swear!
  17. I said the same thing and people blasted me, either with all of that it was a good movie. I agree, I remember watching it thinking "so this all happens in like, a day? Cast out and reborn within 24 hours?" But whatever, it's a movie about a Thundergod that lives in the same world as people who shoot lasers from their eyes and a spider guy swings around the city in pajamas, so yeah, I'll buy it/ignore it.
  18. We really should get some games going, if either of you see me playin MK, I am down to play since I am probably just dicking around. I downloaded infamous last night before I went to bed, so I havent played it yet, but it should be fun (the demo was one of the first things I downloaded on my PS3) Been playing Dead Nation, its a lot of fun, though I do have the feeling it would be tons easier with a second person. It's got a dungeon crawler feel to it, as it's mostly, for me, getting them in smaller groups of a few at a time without agro-ing the rest of em. Im playing the hard setting, and it is for sure hard. I spent almost an hour trying to get to the next check point. I don't want to rush through and run to the end, no fun in that, so I am trying to get every zombie punk right between the eyes!
  19. I havent seen Xmen yet, but I had high hopes for Thor. It was ok, not the greatest movie, felt like there was some pacing problems, got a little slow in the third act, also there could have been more action, but I am not going to pit-pick about the comic book aspect of it. It was a good movie overall, and I am glad I saw it.
  20. Downloaded Dead Nation today for the PS3, its pretty good actually. I am getting used to the controls, that is the hardest part. Anyone else get this title? Not sure what to pick for my other game, is infamous worth it?
  21. That would be awesome but I definitely didnt see that in his twitter and dont see Warner Bros allowing that to happen considering how much money people have made off ebay from their preorder stuff. Again I hope you are right and it will be free because that would be the bees knees and i wouldnt feel ripped but I just dont think thats true. I almost always sell my preorder to help offset the price of the game (yeah I know I am cheap) but I was really tempted to keep the scorpion stuff, but I figured it would be DLC at some point. I doubt they would give this away though, they know people want these. Anything "free" would be a level or something like that IMO
  22. 6.1"? Seems a little random, but I also think it will look a little small. Im all about scale, and I think 7" feels right, he should be much taller then Peter Venkman. Plus that price is pretty, well, pricey, so I'll wait for the NECA figure. BTW watched RoboCop 2 the other night for the first time, it was great!
  23. Im not sure most of us would be playing it on the HARD setting haha. I know I didnt, but then again im not that crazy about doing anything above normal difficulty in games on the first playthrough. If its the Juggernaut level you are referring to(its been a while since i played it) then I had some times with it. Yeah that is the level, it was fun to kind of sit there and grind away, but by day three I've had enough (I can only play for maybe an hour or two a day at most) I am kind of the opposite when it comes to the difficult setting, I always put the game onto the hardest setting first. Since I usually play these kinds of games one time through anyhow, it just makes sense. It's actually not that hard to beat most games, just find the rhythm and groove to it. I still need to add you as a friend on PS3, I've seen toysniper online with MK but I've been caught up with Spidey.
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