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  1. I love how you just seemlessly went from how bad Power Rangers was through the eyes of an adult to talking about how great the Avengers cartoon is. See, like BigBot said, the life blood of the MMPR is the toys, through and through. The show tells you to buy the toys, which is what I noticed was over-the-top in terms of the lack of subtlety about it. Now Avengers is seems to run more on the Disney model, which is the show reminds you to see the movies and read the comics, the comics remind you to see the movie and to watch the show, and the movie reminds you to read the comics and watch the show. They all feed off of each other, which is one of the reasons Disney is so successful. Also like BigBot said, there are no toys for Avengers to pimp, so it's not really the same. I don't want to compare the Avengers cartoon to MMPR, simply because it's all apples and oranges (but I will anyway). My major gripe (if you can even call it that since I don't hate the show at all) with the Rangers is how obvious the whole thing is. Completely see through in terms of marketing with no real substance. Yeah I knew it wasn't perfect as a kid, but I still enjoyed it, but as an adult, it barely holds my interest (which it really shouldn't anyhow) I can appreciate the Avengers for a few reasons, but mainly that it is well written. I will admit, Im about 10 episodes deep in Avengers, but I am really liking it. As previously mentioned, the show is really well written, not perfect, but a good take on things. Now the MMPR writing is REALLY bad, most episodes follow the same plot, Rita finds a way to exploit a specific ranger or rangers, creates a monster with that theme, sends him to Angel Grove, "It's Morphin' Time!", then it's "make my monster grow" and then finally "we need Megazord power now!" and Bulk and Skull provide some sort of comic relief. I enjoyed the heck out of it as a kid, but not so much now beyond nostalgia. Avengers can hold my interest and keeps me coming
  2. I am ashamed to say MMPR is in my que also. One day I just watched a ton of them, all the ones I deemed "classic" which happen to all be about Tommy either gaining powers or losing them. It's nice to watch through adult eyes, I mean I knew it was all about the toys when I was a kid, I just didn't realize how bad it was. It seems like every few episodes there is SOMETHING new! A new zord, a new weapon, something to keep us kids saying "I WANT THAT!" Has anyone watched the Avengers cartoon? I am really liking it, but I will admit I don't care for whoever does Ironman, he sounds too much like Jack Black (shutter)
  3. Unfortunately, you can tell they were made on the cheap and Jazzwares is hoping MK fans will over look that
  4. $10 is a steal, I think I may pick it up
  5. Anyone else see they added this to netflix recently? I have seasons 1-3, so Ive been catching up on 4. Also, for anyone who hasnt seen the avengers cartoon, they added that as well, I've been enjoying that as well.
  6. Didn't Andy give them to that little girl? I leaned over to my wife when he was doing that and I told her "yeah... I'll never get rid of my old toys. I want to be buried with my ninja turtles"
  7. Just really turns me off to the game in general. I bought the PS3 with DCU in mind, not only for DCU, but it was a selling point. I don't want to drop $60 without ever playing the game first. It's rare that I buy a game brandnew, I usually have to be dedicated to the franchise. Just lame.
  8. Clearly that Raiden was supposed to be the big, OMG, figure of the line to help make a splash but it falls extremely short. No interest, none at all!
  9. I heard that same voice...
  10. Didn't the last episode of Spiderman have that scene with Stan Lee? If so, that is the BEST way to go out.
  11. I had lost my cat on Saturday, so Ive been spending all my time getting her back. She showed up last night, so I can finally get back to games. Played some infamous today, very fun game. So I went to buy DC Universe on PS3, and ofcoarse I am looking for a deal and I turned to ebay. I placed a bid, thinking $20 was a good deal. So I start reading some reviews and they are all blasting how it comes with a code and once you play it, you can never play that disc on another console. WTF!?!?! I can understand having to pay an extra fee to activate online game play like MK, but to not be able to at all? Seriously? I can't buy it used? Just lame. So unless I see it on sale this Xmas for $20, the game is a pass. Very uncool guys, very uncool. Doesn't the real money from that game come from the subscription fee? No wonder I couldn't rent it with blockbuster online, it wouldn't work! Long story short, I retracted my bid (something I have only done one other time). They did write in the title that the code had been used, but the game is worthless without it, its a little decieving because you would assume you could buy another one. I would never sell something like that on ebay, its underhanded.
  12. I guess what I don't care for about the Spiderman animation was the color pallet. It's all very soft colors, I would have prefered something in a little more tone with XMen. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some Spiderman and I really wish it was available on DVD. I did love all the guest appearences that took place, seemed like more then the Xmen had.
  13. Man, they sure can build bridges and walls
  14. The lone wolf rides alone!

  15. The XMen cartoon is bar far the greatest FoxKids show, hands down. The voice acting was great, to this day my brothers and I still have little quotes from the show we say. Wolverine's voice was PERFECT IMHO. The animation was just awesome too, it was like watching an animated comic book. Don't get me wrong, Batman TAS and Spiderman were always among my favorites, but while Batman's visual style of the city and the background's were perfect, the animation of the people was very cartoony to me, like anyone could draw it, it's almost like the people lacked visual depth. Same can be said for Spiderman (I always hated the CGI city that was shown when he was swinging from building to building) The characters, visually, felt flat (see the episode that featured the Xmen crossover to see what I mean). The XMen cartoon looked like they just walked out of a comic book. These cartoons are what really got me into comics, I mean I knew about Batman and Spiderman before (Xmen were new to me), but I didn't know much about them at all. I am glad to have those three shows (and The Tick) running at such a young, influential time in my life. BTW, for writing, I would say BTAS wins out. Simply put, my dad would watch it with me and it could hold his interested where as he could care less about X-Men.
  16. They look better, but not much better. I dont go for smaller scale figures, so its a pass for me no matter how you slice it. Too bad, MK would have been awesome figures.
  17. My problem is how lackluster these are. They look like cheap McDonalds Happy Meal toys for crying out loud! Mortal Kombat is THE fighting video game to me, these figures look incredibly forgettable. Aren't these prototype figures supposed to have better paint apps too? If what is show in those pictures in the best quality that these can be, then it's a pass for me.
  18. I'll have to show my wife, Im sure she will want one
  19. bummed, been looking for our kitten since Saturday... I feel even worse for my wife

    1. ResidentCriticCollector


      Hope you guys find your kitten.

    2. RockthePlank


      She finally came home last night in the pouring rain, thanks for the support!

  20. Conversations about Orcs are more imaginitive then the new MK offerings. they look like Orcs made them Great, now the Orcs are going to be all pissed off because you said that! Nice going spystreak (if that is your real name)!
  21. Conversations about Orcs are more imaginitive then the new MK offerings.
  22. so ready for the weekend!

  23. Can't wait to see Captain America in action! I would have never have thought while watching Fantastic Four that he could play Cap
  24. Personally, I have always felt that a hard connection works best, too many things can happen. I've got wireless in my house, but to go online with my ps3, I line going from the bedroom to the living room where the router is. Just my personal opinion, my brother has the same internet and he uses his wireless and I always get lag when at play at his house.
  25. Hey OOOHHHHHH! Your whole post was just a build up to that line...admit it! I admit nothing, though I thought of that line two seconds into writing the reply.
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