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    Starting MU

    Ok I've decided to atleast give it a try, next MU Hulk I see, it's mine. Anyone got any recommendations of some good Hulks? I don't really know much about this line at all.
  2. Yeah my issue I was having at first with Killzone 2 was the controls, I was so used to COD controls, I found myself getting shot in the face all the time because I couldn't figure out how to crouch down or stab someone properly. Fortunately they have a controller setting that's pretty close to COD with a few minor, manageable differences. The AI is pretty good, much better then Gears of War (don't know about 3 yet) and those guys are hard to kill, glad the enemy has red glowing eyes, I wouldn't be able to see them at all otherwise. I do feel its a little sluggish sometimes, not just controller response time, but I remember I was at a loading screen for what seemed like forever, I was starting to think it had frozen up. Overall, it was a good buy. Yeah I set mine to the hardest it will let you at first, and to be honest there hasn't been any real difficulty to it. I find my self passing over a lot of health boxes because I don't have much damaged. A good hack and slash game with a few minor puzzles. Should be interesting to see how God of War has stepped it up in the second and third ones. I really need to get back on some MK. I don't have any of the DLC yet, but I am planning on it. My wife wants
  3. RockthePlank

    Starting MU

    Man, I was looking HARD at that set online. How much was it?
  4. Glad to hear it! I love their work, but gluing figure back together shouldn't be the first thing I do with the figures out of the box. SDCC is taking all my money, but I will order one once the dust settles from that.
  5. I really want one, I haven't gotten much from them, but I do have some 7th Kingdom figures and one of those little time goblins or whatever they are, and I am mostly happy, although they are incredibly brittle. I if these have more durability then those, I'll order one.
  6. I was never crazy about Tobey McGuire playing Peter Parker, Im interested to see how it does. Sam Raimi is just such a bizzare choice, when I watch any of the Evil Dead, I don't think "hey, this guy should direct Spiderman." So I am thankful for this reboot and I hope it does well. Though part of me wishes it would fail so, somehow, someway, the licenses can go back to Marvel.
  7. I feel like it was this way last year too. Nobody is saying or releasing any kind of anything. Can't wait for SDCC to get here, I want some toy news! I wonder how much of a hit my wallet will take this year... LOL Dude I know what you mean, I am looking at around 150, and that is too much to spend, I'll need to trim it down. Two must have's: Lion-O and Stay Puft
  8. I feel like it was this way last year too. Nobody is saying or releasing any kind of anything. Can't wait for SDCC to get here, I want some toy news!
  9. Yeah I watched all of them when they originally aired and Kes always felt like a weak character. Neelix was good enough but Kes was so dull. It really is a good example of one character change that actually benefits the show instead of hurting it. I was much younger then, but I really like Seven but didn't understand quite why till I was a little older. It's kinda funny how blatant it really is "let's replace this boring, average looking character with a top heavy borg chick in a skin tight outfit" I do believe she saved the show. Another thing that would get old was them constantly running into themselves in the first few seasons. Like when the ship was duplicated by those aliens, or when it was split in two, or whatever else there was. It seemed like a thin plot device. Another episode that made me cringe was the one with those borg kids. It kinda felt like "Borg Babies" in the vein of Muppet Babies. I didn't care much for the Tom Paris episodes either, I felt like his character was supposed to be more of a rebel then he turned out to be. Some of the highlights though include that two part story of the Nazi's and WWII with the ship being turned into a giant holodeck. I think at the time it was the most expensive episode of Star Trek ever made. Tuvok stories were good, and the doctor was interesting to me, but Seven always took the cake. Interesting character + easy on the eyes = Ratings.
  10. God of War has been a lot of fun. It's got a real Ninja Gaiden feel to it, something I very much enjoy. Plan on sinking my teeth into Killzone 2 this weekend, the guy at BestBuy was all over it, so I've got high hopes.
  11. Oh I know it's a cake job, but I am the only employee at a hotel with 200 hundred guests on a busy night. There's no real work per se so while it isn't allowed, there also isn't anyone else there but me. I can go 5 hours without seeing another person so if I don't keep myself occupied, I go stir crazy.
  12. While I agree that the notion of watching TV on your phone may be idiotic if there is a perfectly good tv right in front of you, however there are times when it is useful. I work a boring night job, where 90% of the time I do nothing because I am there just incase someone needs me, so a majority of my time is spent online and just killing time in general. I usually resort to watching youtube videos on my phone because the computers are ancient and there are no speakers. If I had an iphone, I would be more then happy to have netflix to watch to help break up the monotony of a boring job.
  13. RockthePlank

    Starting MU

    I've been tempted to buy into MU for a while now, even held one in my hand at TRU with the thought of buying it, but I haven't. Like most here, I had pretty much all the Marvel Legends, it's what got me into collecting figures in the first place. When ML stopped, I was pissed and decided I wouldn't buy any MU at all since I had most of the characters already. Well now that some time has passed, I sold most of my ML to help pay for my wedding, keeping only a handful. I know I will NOT be buying ML when the come again, it's too little, too late for me. The price point for this hobby is getting bad too, I know I sound like an old guy, but I remember when ML first came out I could get one for about 6 bucks. Since I've gotta be more selective about which figures I want, I pass on all MU period. It would be like opening a flood gate and I don't need that now. It's the same reason I don't collect any Star Wars toys at all, once I get one, it will all fall down from there. .... maybe I will just get a Hulk MU, but THAT'S IT!
  14. I'm right here with ya Cap! It's 11-6am for me, then back to the day job at 9 till 6pm, then SLEEP!
  15. Went to best buy after work, I got God of War Collection, Uncharted, and Killzone 2 for $60. Not bad, I think I will go back before the sale is over and buy three copies of infamous 2, and sell two on ebay and keep the third for free, or at the very least paying like 5 or 10 for it.
  16. We just had the streaming for a while, but my wife kept saying she wanted to watch new Dexter's, so I got the disc... three months ago, it still hasn't been watched all the way through. Honestly it's a great service, I feel kind of like a chump for owning all the American Dad's, South Park's, and a bunch of others that are kinda pointless to have on disc. Seems like they are adding shows all the time, that can't be cheap. I am not surprised by this move, honestly I thought it was a steal at 8 bucks. It's like being your own cable company, you decide whats on, how many episodes you want to watch. Sure it's not new primetime stuff, but as the old saying going, if I haven't seen, it's new to me.
  17. I've been on the last leg on infamous for about a week, but since my wife was off all weekend, I didn't get much time to play. I'm sure I'll have it beat in a day or two, I've been thinking about getting another game for PS3, anyone got any suggestions? EDIT: Looks like best buy is having a buy two get one free sale on all their games, I'll be going there later this week
  18. Glad to hear there is a "Son of Devil Bat" around! Yup back here at work again, and tonight I will be at my night job too, so, more TNI! More retrojunk.com! More failblog.org! Seriously, my job should be wasting time online.
  19. I don't keep anything in the box, to me it's like having a Christmas present you are never allowed to open. I do thank the MIB collectors for eventually selling their stuff since I would rather buy something still in the box from ebay. Honestly, I would usually open them in the car if I bought it in store (which hasn't happened in a bit) and if I get it by mail it doesn't last for more then a few seconds after I get home. Unless the packaging is amazing, I have little interest, there's no point in keeping an empty box to me. I say, free all figures from their plastic prisons!
  20. Ha! That's right! I forgot he was even on there! Was he hinted at being from the Outback at some point in the 80's?
  21. No doubt, I kinda forgot about it really, but I will give some of those episodes mako said a shot when I get some spare time at home. Back to the topic, that one shot episode you mentioned SP is a really cool episode. I remember my grandma brought it home from the store (like she did with all the cartoons we liked to watch) and I was surprised when it wasn't the X-Men cartoon I had grown to love with all the kids at school. But after watching it, I really liked it, even though Wolverine had the WORST voice ever (Austrailian? WTF?) it was still very cool and the theme still haunts my dreams "X-MEN, X-MEN!"
  22. Who posts from work? I know I do, I sit in front of a computer all day long here, so when I get home I really don't want to get online, so a majority of it is done here. Often I will write out replies in an email and copy and paste it to the page so I don't have it pulled up incase someone walks by. I couldn't imagine working in the office without the internet keeping me sane.
  23. I know that the original series as well as Voyager and Enterprise are available too. I was very excited about it, my wife, not so much.
  24. Dude post pics! That sounds fantastic!
  25. Ha! I wouldn't go that far. I enjoyed it for what it was, but a show who's number one job is to sell toys can only be so good. You nailed it YoJoe! There was a time when I was about 8 or 9 that I would have agreed with mako, but I've seen far better written television since. Now I haven't seen any of those spin off versions you mentioned mako, there could be some really good stuff in there. If you can recommend an episode, Ill check it out on netflix, since the premise of the show could make for some interesting stories,,, but I gotta see it to believe it. I know it is totally off subject, but THE best written show, for me, is Arrested Development.
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