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  1. No way I could do Army, just not my thing, but I thank you sir for all your hard work and service! And yep, you guess it, back at work again. Then tonight I work the night job again, so I am sure I will be haunting these boards as usual since there is NOTHING to do at the night job. FYI, if anyone out there ever wants an incredibly easy night job, try being a night auditor at a hotel. I probably do about an hours worth of work in an 8 hour shift, they rest of the time you try not to fall asleep!
  2. It did have a lot of story, just not a good story. The original Superman movies were all story driven, which is the direction the character needs to go in. They actually haven't we're assuming/worried that since it's Nolan writing and Snyder directing that this might happen the same way we're worried that the movie will be plagued by slo-mo sequence that were cool at first but wore out their welcome quickly it's more of a concern than a complaint actually. Back to the costume is it me or it looks to be made of the same material as Spider-Mans in the Raimi movies? belmont pretty much sums it up. They want to take the Batman formula and put it to Superman, and I just don't know how it will all turn out. Based on the picture (maybe we are wrong) but the colors are more muted... more, dare I say, gritty? And yes, I think the costume looks like the same material from Rami's Spiderman (I could have an entire thread about how terrible Rami was for Spiderman) Atleast The Man of Steel's costumer looks better then Amazing Spider-Man's
  3. Inception was over-hyped, I thought it was ok, but forgettable to me. Gritty isn't a good fit for the character, but maybe it will work. The movie needs to be story driven though, not action driven.
  4. Maybe it's on her list too... And you have officially become my new best friend with that comment. A man can hope. He can hope. @loll@ Hey man, they like to get down too, it just takes a little alcohol sometimes
  5. Back at work as well... ignoring paperwork instead of doing it. I am so tired of internal politics...
  6. I'm sure "Toy Story" could be a weekly CGI show with knock off voices for Woody and Buzz, there are tons of stories that can be had here. They can keep making them as long as they want, as long as it doesn't come off as trying too hard and they saturate the market (see Shrek)
  7. I guess what I don't like is that someone other then Park is Spiderman. Why does this new guy need to depend on someone else's name and rep to be a Super-Hero? I dunno, why can't he be his own character, like, I dunno, The Black Spider, or Shadow Crawler (and no, not because he's half black, that's what color his costume is) Also, did I read the Aunt May was still going to be a supporting character? WTF? It's like at the end of that 70's show, when Eric had left the series, but for some reason they still hung out in his basement with his parents... just doesn't make sense to me. One of the problems with comics in general is that you really can't just pick up a title at any time and be able to enjoy a one shot story that isn't full of background information. Sometimes there are issues like that, but usually it's some 6 issue story arc that I don't want to just jump into, so as a casual reader, it would turn me off to it. Comics are a double edge sword, the fans want thick content, but that turns the casual people off.
  8. Yeah... They werent as good as advertised... I guess no movie for MK... I didn't make it passed episode one. I dont care if it does have Seven of Nine...
  9. Not really a clear "Superman" pose shot, but I think it looks good. Can't wait to see all the SLO-MO action on screen (eat it featofstrength!) The only memorable shot from Returns is the shot where those criminals are firing the bullets from that machine gunner and it slows down and hits superman in the eye, so I am not opposed to em. 300 had to be slowed down to show all the fighting (and to stretch a 10 minute movie) Nolan did do a good job with Batman, a gritty character, whereas Superman is kind of the opposite to me. Very bright color pallet, Metropolis always looks like either the sun is setting on it or rising. I think they are trying to do the gritty, action thing here, not sure how well that will play for a superman movie, but I am interested.
  10. I heard there is a scene in the movie where Russell Crowe fights a baby Superman and wins... FIGHTIN ROUND THE WORLD
  11. I dunno, I thought this thread was kind of poppin' till someone who hasn't contributed anything to the thread, or much to any TNI board for that matter, chimed in with the little sister-spirited "I'm telling mom" Oh well, I am still exicted for Cowboy Curtis!
  12. Umm I care about Ultimate Peter Parker. I don't care what dimension it is, Peter Parker should always be Spiderman.
  13. Ill post it here, my wife's Pony came today. It's actually a pretty nice piece, though I will be the first to admit, I am a sucker for clear plastic
  14. Didn't mean to offend friend, but he DID play superman and he WAS in a wheel chair. Most considered him a Superman no matter how you slice it, so nothing was said that wasn't true and I don't believe there was anything offensive out there, but like I said, didn't mean to offend you... but there was nothing mean or bad said. Just because someone is in wheelchair or disabled and they are made part of a joke, DOESN'T mean the joke is on them.
  15. Only if the Asian persuasion is Indian...and he's also openly homosexual, reguardless if that actual advances the plot or not. It's "MOVIE MAGIC!!"
  16. I can't really speak for Sucker Punch, haven't seen it, so I make no call on that. Now 300 I really enjoyed, and no, I haven't read the original material, but I thought the way it was executed was cool. It was a fun movie, good action, and really that is all I wanted out of 300, so I was satisfied. Where there a lot of slo-mo scenes? Absolutely, I wasn't expecting much, as far as plot goes, but I wanted to be visually entertained and I was. I will say though, not to get too off subject, that I really feel that the Dawn of the Dead remake was a big push for modern day zombie pop culture, a genre which I throughly enjoy. Anyhow, back to Laurence, I am interested to see how he plays the character. Definitely not in my top 10, 20, or even 50 picks for the role, but an interesting choice. Oh, and calling it now, how about an Asian Jimmy Olsen?
  17. RockthePlank

    Starting MU

    Damn you Badcat! Stop showing me these figures! MY wallet can't take it!
  18. Ha! I love it when I hear people mention Watchmen and all they can remember is a digital dong on screen! It's not even like it was real, it's just pixels on a screen! I remember sitting in the theater and hearing people giggle and snicker, like it was 4th grade health class or something. One guy in particular kept a nervous laugh the entire time, I thought "dude, you totally just outed yourself" There was nothing sexual about it, no kind of hard-on or even a raging semi, and that is still the only thing people can thing about. I guess it was a shock to people, even though it couldn't be more present in the comics (Snyder actually scaled it down a bit) I guess the idea of the character being so far removed from humanity that he no longer has use for clothes makes people nervous. Snyder stays as close to the source material as he can, and he does not shy away from comic book projects, infact he embraces them. Comic fans are the hardest to please, and he brought an "unfilmable" comic to life that many considered impossible, so yeah, I trust him to put forth a good movie. If Dr Manhattan's junk bothers people that much, blame Alan Moore, the guy who wrote it, not the guy who filmed it.
  19. I love watching Watchmen, my ONLY gripe? It's a bit long, but really, it could have been even longer. I popped it in the dvd a week ago, just to watch the opening scene with the comedian and then the "times they are a changing" montage. Something about it really connects with me, I am not sure what though. Like I said, I haven't seen a Snyder movie I didn't like, sure maybe Lawrence isn't people's first choice, but maybe he gave the best read for it. Maybe he is the right direction the movie is trying to head in. Sure it feels a little cheap, but I've got faith that it will all be worth it! Overall I have been pretty pleased with the casting thus far, (Russell Crowe... fightin round the world!) and I am sure that it will be better then Superman Returns (which I actually own and like)
  20. I got into minimates too late to get any DC, just as well too, help save me some scratch!
  21. Dude you really did an awesome job, he looks so gritty! I wish we got some RGB figures for this line...
  22. Pink slime is a nice touch! I hope Mattel starts giving us pink slime products as well, it's a staple in the second movie!
  23. I really liked the UIt Universe when it first came out back when I was in high school and first getting into comics. But I knew within a few years, it would be clogged with it's own canon and continuity. The Ult titles brought a sense of freshness that was needed, but now it's just as conveluted as the regular Marvel U
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