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  1. It seems like everywhere I go, the special editions of games hardly ever sell. I remember buying Halo 3 with the Spartan helmet for 49.99. And I see those other special editions collecting dust until they get reduced. I'm pretty sure I could walk in to most any store around here and get that Hardened Edition.


    That is funny because I wanted to buy the hardened edition at my Best Buy and they sold out (as well as the carepackage) No big deal or anything, but it would have been cool.

  2. I dunno, I guess I just love the franchise. Everytime I play, its a different game, I have different options and situations. Yeah its the same kind of situation, but I love the game. I can pick up a controller, play for 10 min, and be done and satisfied. Especially since it's made by different companies, the different incarnations feel different, to me anyway. Now I do get burned out on the games, but it takes a long while. It's fun to play and talk #$##, some people get really mad, some just laugh along. Half the fun sometimes is just pissing people off, they get really mad and talk about beating me up in real life, just kind of fun to hear people get serious about it.


    I was going to compare it to a new Madden coming out every year, but honestly I think Madden is worse, since its the same company every year making them. Madden is the worst offender for bringing, pretty much, the same game every year except for updated rosters, and some stupid "feature" that probably wont make it to the next game (I stopped playing Madden regularly after QB vision)


    Like I said, I do get burned out, but there is something really satisfying about shooting the tops of the heads of zombies, and I think COD has one of the easiest and intuitive controller setups, so for me, in the FPS genre, COD is THE game to play. (BTW, I love FPS)


    Speaking of which, FPSRussia anyone? Glad to see him on the Black Ops commerical with IronMan, I mean, Robert Downey Jr.

  3. Dead Island is a pretty sweet Zombie FPS with alot of fun focus on melee. Its a pretty amazing game if you are a fan of zombie games. I dont really mind the zombies mode in COD but out of all the other zombie games and modes out there, its not as good. I think playing with friends that are like minded and have a well thought out plan of attack is key. Playing solo is rough and playing with people that just want to do their own thing is just as bad. If you have people guarding each quadrant it makes for an effective way to get through it. You do actually beat the levels though. They do have an end. The early ones I dont believe did but once they included it in the second game they had ends to it and alot of easter eggs as well. I actually have black ops zombies on my iphone as well but i have yet to really play it.


    You know this is the first time in a while im actually tempted to buy a halo or call of duty game. Ive never been that big into halo altho i had alot of fun back when 1 and 2 came out before it got far too hyped. Ever since then the halo games have really been lackluster to me. This new one intrigues me but im still hesitant. With COD they have just pumped out way too many and flood the market however after last year when i decided to go with BF3 instead i was horribly disappointed and found myself missing cod. I played MW3 and found i wasnt missing much. HOWEVER, this BO2 actually looks to be pretty awesome and COD has been the only game me and my older brother mutually play together. Hes gotten out of games for a while but COD was the only game he actually likes and still plays. Leaning more towards BO2 this time just because of that alone. There are potential big life changes for me coming up so we ll see how that goes before i can make up my mind.. (also lets see if black friday and cyber monday deals bring the them to a nice delightful price)


    Let me know what system you get it for. I know Spystreak is getting it on 360, and we have played a few games together, not a bad player. I know I am getting it on ps3, and I am tempted to buy it on 360 as well so I can play with my brothers too. I kind of want to play Halo, but the controls are too different from CoD on an FPS for me to be able to adjust and play correctly. I am pumped to play though!

  4. hahah that suuuuuuccks... i was expecting you to say you went and won the game from all that buildup... ha. If you want to play good zombies, play dead island! ha. Im sure their new iteration of zombies mode is good tho. I heard it was some what free roaming. I never liked the cod zombies mode that much. mostly because you have to open up other areas while blocking others but most of the time you cant block them off if you expand the area and eventually die. It also might be that ive only really played with a maximum of 2-3 players usually just me and another person half the time. Ive never actually beaten any zombies mode levels before sadly.


    Lol, I kind of wanted to do the tournament, I dont think I would have won, but it would have been fun. I could tell my wife wasnt down for it so I didn't press. Havent played Dead Island, but Ive heard good things. There isn't an end or way to beat the zombies, its about endurance. My wife isn't into the whole zombies either, but she loves the multiplayer mode. Funny though, when I play zombies on black ops, I pref not to play with other people. They always have their own ideas and agendas, I always do much better playing solo.


    Ok, only 6 hours to go before I can leave...

  5. So originally I wasn't going to go at midnite to get Black Ops 2, my wife usually has to be at work at 7am, so I figured that it wasn't a big deal and I could wait till today to snag it. Well when she came home, she said she traded shifts and wouldnt have to be at work till 10 because she wanted to go and get the game. So we went to bestbuy to buy a preorder so we get the stupid whatever for preordering, and the guy mentions that they are opening back up at 930 for a mini Black Ops contest, winner gets the game. We didn't intend to go, but for some reason my wife thought we could just go and buy the game at 930, so Im just sitting around in some ratty house clothes, no big deal, and she comes out all dressed and makeup applied at 930 saying she is ready to go an get it. I had to explain to her that no, you wouldn't be able to buy it till midnight. So to wrap it all up, she falls asleep at like 10 and I didn't bother getting the game. I am so ready to grab one after work. I need to play me some zombies!

  6. Hmmm, not sure if I will get a Wii U. I hardly play the wii as it is, I can't really imagine anything, short of another Zelda game, to sway me to get one. Infact I haven't even thought about it till you posed the question, so unless it was super cheap, its a pass for me until I see something to change my mind.


    Haven't played Halo 4 yet, I don't even think I touch Halo 3, so I'll wait for it on redbox.


    BUT NEXT WEEK IS BLACK OPS 2! OHHHHHH YEEEEEEAHHHHHH!!!!! I had originally taken the day off of work so I could play it all day, but I had to switch days since my wife just had surgery and I needed to be there for that. Still, I am pumped and excited for it! Zombies! Oh yeah!


    Anyone else here getting Black Ops 2? If so what system?

  7. I had downloaded and was using SNEX, but I was having trouble with the widescreen, it just wasn't popping for me. I changed to ZSNES and I like it a lot more. I also had GENS but it wouldn't save my joystick setting correctly, so I changed over to Fusion and I like it a lot more. Fusion also has support for all the sega consoles up till Dreamcast. Pretty sweet bonus!


    I do have one minor issue with Project64, it lags, just a tiny bit, about every 15 seconds. I don't think it is a video issue, because nothing happens to the character for the second or so lag, I am thinking the issue is somewhere in the program it self, maybe I'll try tweaking some of the settings to get it to stop. I was able to run


    I bought this last week from ebay




    Can't wait till it gets here and I can play n64 the correct way! I'll let yall know how it works out.

  8. Cox cable sucks hard! I called those guys 4 times to get them to come to my house to turn my cable and HD service on. On one of the calls, the woman whom I spoke with, before we even start to address my issue, starts telling me to sign up for their phone service. I told her not to waste her words because they couldn't even come to my house to give me their basic service. BTW, I don't live out in the woods or anything, I live right in the middle of town, neighbors all around, about 10 miles away from their main building.


    Anyhow, finally "guy" made it to the house the fourth time I asked for it. So I am not there, just my poor wife who couldn't even plug in the modem into the electrical socket (yeah... not good with tech) So the cable guy told my wife our house was too old for cable. Lol, too old for cable? She told him we had it two years ago, no problem, infact we even had the DVR service and currently still had their internet service. He gave my wife some excuse about the HD not being an option and that regular cable "probably" wouldn't work either. She asked the guy if he could leave a note or some kind of explanation for me and he told her no. Really? He told her we would need to recable the house. See COX cuts corners and they have independent contractors come out and do this, so they REALLY don't care if we get COX or not, they get paid the same.


    So no cable for RockthePlank! I could recable a section of the house, not a big deal, but they sound like they don't want my business at all. Piss poor! Satellites are out because I have a lot of HUGE trees around my house and neighborhood, At&t direct isn't available in my area either. I live in Gainesville, home of the gators, not like I live out in no where. Just frustrating!


    BTW, worst name for any company.

  9. Lol, win95? Wow! I thought I was reaching back with planning on using XP. Ive been thinking about it, and I know I would want to do the pinball buttons on the sides, and I've been thinking about how it would be possible to add so sort of light gun or something, like area 51 or something.


    Listen to me, like I am anywhere near ready to do a project of this level. Ive never done anything as complicated as setting up the control panel, but there seems to be cheats and short cuts you can take with those. Im trying to work on a lean budget too, its the only way I can rationalize.

  10. Thank you good sir. Yeah mean and a budy of mine made it all from an idea. This was back '02. It wasnt as big a thing as it is now where all these sites are profiting off of making them for anyone. It was pretty time consuming not going to lie. My friend looked up common specs of the cabinet and we bought some wood and cut them all to spec, painted them and trimmed them and put it together. We originally took out the tube of an S Video tv and attached it to the inside but it was alittle unstable and a bit unorthodox. My friend found out about this arcade manufacturer where we bought a legit tube that was encased and had all the right specs to fit. It looks really awesome in it. The mame im running on it is fairly old but plays all my favorite 2d Fighters and fav arcade games. I think its .86 but i cant remember exactly.


    Well I tip my hat sir! Very nice, cool to hear you got an authentic screen. Ive seen some people use the fancy LCD's and such, but it just doesnt quite look right. I saw some pretty sweet setups, really makes me want to call my dad and ask him to help me since I know he'd have a lot of fun with it. My wife is all for it, but need to finish up some other stuff first. Does it just play mames or do you run other emulators with it too?




  11. cool and thanks for all your input guys! I ended up downloading Project64 and a bunch of titles I used to own. Honestly I don't really have any desire to play anything I didn't already have and play. Like I dont wanna play a random title. Anyhow, I went ahead and bought a USB adapter for the 64, so should have that any day now. My work is throwing out a bunch of windows XP computers I am going to try and snag.


    Evilhayato, lets see some pics of that arcade cabinet! I really want to build one myself, but I have other household projects I am already commited too already (I just finished the living room now I am redoing the bathrooms).

  12. Na, I don't really hide it from her. At first I did, more for not wanting to be judged about how much I spend on figures, but that was years ago. Now she asks who he is and what is he from. There were times when my numbers were a LITTLE off, but that was back in the old Marvel Legends days. If anything she wants to know how much I spent so she won't feel bad telling me how much she spent (Forever 21)

  13. Thanks for the input guys! I really do want to go the refurbished originals in the long run, but I think that will have to be a slow, and long going trail. I really want to originals for the whole throw back feel. I want to be able to just turn the Nintendo on and play it.


    I will probably end up doing both. Short term plan with the CPU in the living room, and long term systems. Space will probably be an issue, but if I get that thing Hamsterboy posted, I would probably be ok without having the offical systems (well, I will get a regular NES at some point, I just have to)


    Hamsterboy, that is pretty awesome! Ive never seen one that does Genesis games too, I think I will probably snag one to see how it works.


    Eric thanks for letting me know about those emulators, as soon as I scrap back together my old PC I will have to download those.


    BTW for the whole PC thing I will probably end up getting these




  14. Alright, so Ive been doing some home renovations, completely redid my living, torn out the carpet, put down wood flooring, repainted everything, replaced the outlets, the whole nine yards. So I am now putting my surround sound system and big screen TV to the new living room, and setting all the equipment up (my favorite part! seriously I love doing that stuff) So Ive been wanting to have the ability to play N64 games, NES, SNES, Genesis, all those on my TV out there since I am leaving my wii in the guest room. Problem is I don't have any of those systems anymore! So instead of going that route, I thought it would be simpler to use an old junk PC, set it up in the living room with the tv as the monitor and go and download a ton of roms and an emulator.


    Does anyone know of any good emulators? How about roms? I found www.virtualnes.com, and that is nice since its all java based, but I cant make it full screen, so that would kind of take away from what I am trying to do.


    Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a different idea?

  15. Ok I grabbed BL2 at redbox, so lets give this a whirl


    you may want to play alittle on your own as i have a few characters that are 10+. As long as you are 5 levels behind or above you wont have a problem. i have a level 16 commando and a level 11 siren.


    Im lvl three, Im that big guy with the guns, Im still getting used to the RPG aspect of it, so I will probably hold it for two days before I return it monday night. So far so good!

  16. why you gotta be game stalking me for bro? haha yeah its pretty intense... think call of dutys campaign mode mixed with multiplayers level up aspects with guns and kills and whatnot mixed with diablos(or any good action rpgs) quests and skill trees and you essentially have borderlands 1 and 2 for the most part.


    MM2 is the sheezzee.. my favorite mm aside from the X series games and the first i ever played back on the nes. you need to buy a bigger stick or actual hdd. i think you can actually use an external HDD instead of a thumbdrive as well but dont quote me on that. SA was also a favorite of mine back when i first got my dreamcast... great memories but i remember the control being sh!t. also never been a fan of max payne.. always felt like a generic gimmick shooter to me where it relied too much on the bullet time and not much else was fun.

    I could see getting borderlands 2, I want to rent it first on redbox though before I buy it, $60 is too much for a game I might think sucks. It's not the size of my memory stick that is a problem, it just said specifically if I want to play xbox games I need and xbox 360 harddrive. No big deal, I can buy one pretty cheap online, its just annoying is all. SA has been fun, but I can see where the game hasn't aged as well. Tonight I will be on for sure, maybe we can try and get some MK going...


    just about ranked second in BF3 just by repairing my buddie's helicopter while he takes on tanks and enemy choppers then some ya hoo manages to get over 6000 points while camping so it bumped me down to third and then I get annihilated on Operation metro no matter what I use shotguns,Machine guns,rifles everytime some punk is hiding in a train with a shotgun loaded with frag rounds or they come up behind me with a machine gun while I'm lying prone so my movements atre restricted and just unload the gun into my skull


    I've never played BF3, but I've heard good things. Whenever I play those kinda games, I find myself always wishing it were more like COD. I know, Im lame.

  17. Yeah dude I've seen you've been on that game like crazy, it looks like fun! I recently downloaded a few older games on my systems. I just DL Megaman 2 and StarFox on my Wii, both classics! Also downloaded Max Payne 1 on xbox (turns out you need a hardrive to play that, my memory stick isn't good enough even though it has already been downloaded) so that was a let down, but I did download Sonic Adventures and DigDug, so I've been busy with those.

  18. stoked for some Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tomorrow and then a week later Borderlands 2!


    And Rock, you had to get games i DONT have haha. And sorry for denying some MK this past weekend, i was drunk and re-into Borderlands 1 with a buddy of mine at my house. We ll have to do it up soon tho, still love the hell out of the game and havent played in a bit.


    For sure buddy, and believe it or not, but they told me at GameStop (I still call it EB, anyone else remember when it was Electronics Boutique?) that I couldn't have any games you have, so there ya go! I will probably be turning in portal 2 soon, I think I've almost got it beat, been a great game, better then I thought it would be.


    Yeah I was really drunk that night too, I dunno why I wanted to play all the sudden, I woulda sucked, but now I will eat your soul! I saw a commercial for BL2, looks pretty cool, hopefully they will have it out on redbox and I'll give it a try before I buy.

    it's still called EB games here in Canada


    Aren't all your wheels square there? @smilepunch@ Good to know, now I just need to move to Canada so my wife doesnt look at me crazy when I say I wanna go to EB.

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