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  1. I love this thread, I really do. Im down with this new suit, I don't mind that things had to be changed, like stated earlier, noncomic fans find his outfit to be a little silly. Batman looks cool no matter what era (maybe not so much Adam West era) but Superman... eh. I know I'll get blasted for that, but I am so fine with muted colors and no underwear. Infact, did anyone even bat en eye when Batman stopped wearing his? As long as the spirit of the character is captured and you can look at the screen and say "hey it's Superman" then I am happy. I don't need my X-Men, Batman, Thor, or Captain America to have 100% comic accurate costumes, why should I hold such a high standard for Superman? If anything, I am cutting Superman extra slack since I feel like there is a lot of negativity going into it from fans. I'll admit I am not the biggest Superman fan, but I was a kid that had the pajamas and yes, I did wear my own underoos on the outside, so I am a fan from a young age. I want to see an awesome Superman movie as much as anyone else, so I am still going to reserve final judgement till I see the actual film or atleast some footage and not still shots taken out of context.
  2. I dunno man, Mask of the Phatasm was just as good as either Batman movie, if not a little better then Batman Begins
  3. Hey spystreak, is your tag line pic from Goldeneye? If so, bravo sir!
  4. Is there anything that can be said about Batman The Animated Series that has not been said? That is THE Batman cartoon and Kevin Conroy IS Batman (with Mark Hammil being the definitive Joker) Everything about the show was great! Visually it was incredibly enticing, with a good mix of modern advances while still keeping that 1930's feel that Gotham should have. The opening credit sequence to the show set the mood perfectly, not one word is spoken, nothing but an incredible score and fast paced action. I cannot think of any other Batman, or DC cartoon for that matter, that could hold a candle to this show. Best. Batman. Ever.
  5. Ray is sweet, havent seen any BTTF minimates though, I would like a Marty and Doc. I assume they can be found at TRU?
  6. Those look awesome! I'd love to get a People Busters box set!
  7. "I'm not even supposed to be here today"
  8. Alright guys, I know I was gone for a bit, but now I am back. I downloaded the newest map-pack for Call of Duty, so I am now offically up to date with the game on PS3. While I was away I got a chance to play the newest zombies pack, and man, they are fun! I also picked up my headset for the PS3 too, I havent gotten a chance to use it yet since it's been a busy week so far, but I think I'll be able to play a little bit tonight and tomorrow. I've played some MK over the weekend too, but I hate playing against my younger brother because he beats me. I am ready to play some games guys, bring it on!
  9. He looks awesome, but too much for me, especially since I would rather have the basic megaman from the original games instead...
  10. I'm a fan of Voyager, it kinda feels like my star trek to me, if that makes sense. I watched TNG with my dad as a kid, I didn't really "get" it all, but I loved to watch it. Then when Voyager came I was a little older and again, my dad watched it so I watched it. I remember we had moved somewhere that didn't have cable, so we had to use the rabbit ears to pick up UPN, my tv was the only one in the house to get it clear enough to watch, so sometimes we'd watch it in my room... Anyways, I really like the series. Yeah, I know the writing isn't perfect, and things shifted and changed, but I enjoyed the series as a whole. The doctor was a great idea for the show, he was like Data, but with more "human" personality characteristics. A lot of my favorite early episodes revolve around the good Doc. The episode you guys are talking about, "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" is a great one! There was another episode too where he programs himself a family and it's too perfect, and then the episode where they are in orbit around that planet where time goes by very fast and the doctor is sent down to investigate since he isn't organic. Too many to think of, but Voyager holds a special place in my heart (and Seven holds a special place in my... you know what, I've said too much)
  11. I remember that one, he was so smug!
  12. Im good on a GB movie at this point anyhow. Im a huge ghosthead, but I dont want a lackluster movie. As far as I am concerned, GB The Game was movie 3, and it rocked!
  13. "I ain't afraid of no ghost!" Well except for the ghost of a successful franchise... I really don't want GB sans Peter
  14. Ghostbusters without Peter hu?.... I just don't know. The whole idea is kind of strange. I just don't want to think that Peter quit on the rest of the busters at some point, or that he died and that is that. Maybe this is a ploy to draw out Murray, but a GB movie without Peter would be like the Avengers movie without Captain America We'll see if Sony feels the same way next spring, Im sure by then production will begin that summer instead.
  15. Yeah Im usually on netflix since my wife can only take so long of watching me play games. She's working till late tonight so I will be playing for a bit, need to practice on those COD level's, I keep getting murdered by kids and it's driving me nuts!
  16. ***BLEHHHH*** Oh man, I just threw up a little in my mouth from seeing this. As if the original wasn't stupid enough.
  17. I should be playing some black ops tonight if anyone wants to join in. ToySniper? Care to redeem yourself?
  18. Damn, you pullin an 11 hour shift? I've been working 12 to 16 hours a day for the last couple months...work has been very busy! Dang! Well I hope you are not on salary and are banking on some OT I'm on salary.... Ouch, sorry to hear it. We've get to bend over for our bosses one way or another
  19. Yeah its one of the few games Ive played online with the PS3 and i got to say it annoys the hell out of me and the online for ps3 in general sucks ass. Its a reason I enjoy my xbox online gaming more than ps3. Honestly I've had fewer connectivity problems with my PS3 then I have just casually playing at my brothers with the 360, maybe it's his internet connection, but it's pretty bad as far as dropped games and overall lag. I didn't even want to play COD online since I just kept dieing.
  20. Alright guys, I finally broke down and ordered a headset from best buy for the ps3, I had it delivered to the store so it won't get there till the end of the month. Then you'll be able to hear me cry after losing at MK
  21. Back to the grind stone on Monday! Ready for the week baby!
  22. Jeez! No wonder people talk such smack about Shocker! How am I supposed to buy these if you don't make them?
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