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  1. Yeah, it's a mean trick of the internet.... illusion, I mean ILLUSION! Sometimes you find that a hundred dollar bill.... is nothing more, then a hundred pennies!
  2. You want to go, where people know, troubles are all the same...

  3. Haha I was being sarcastic, I guess I should have said that. LOL, sarcasm is easily lost on the internet... I know this is all in good fun! @smilepunch@
  4. If that's true, then it would be the one thing that he cant "cure"-- since most post-crisis stories and media have him "curing/fixing" just about every problem.... I'm sure that most of the DC suits, along with Bruce Timm-- would gladly debate you on that.... See that's one of the problems with Batman, he's too good at everything. Expert fighter, expert scientist, expert detective, expert pilot, expert strategist. DC likes to tout Batman as a superhero without super powers, yet he's the best at everything? It's all in good fun, and nobody wants to read about a hero who fails at things, but, just like Superman's powers got out of control, so is Batman's expert status. And I am sure DC suits have better things to do then talk about which fictional character can beat which. Also, pretty sure they would be a little bias towards there own company, wouldn't you agree? BTW, Bruce Timm is too busy counting his money to care...
  5. Batman may be the world's greatest detective, but not the world's greatest scientist. If Bruce Banner and Reed Richards can't cure it, I doubt Mr Wayne could. Big ups BigBot! Big ups!
  6. Yeah I think 4 people total watched Brothers Keeper, that would be myself and my two brothers and some other a$hole somewhere lol. How about Teen Angel? Again, I liked it, I think it was cancelled after lik 6 episodes Yeah perfect strangers is that show with the two cousins living together and one if foreign. Fun fact though, Family Matters is a spin off of Perfect Strangers, the mom from FM was the elevator operator on PS and would talk about her cop husband.
  7. Yeah it was, lets see how many TGIF shows I can remember off the top of my head (yup, its that kinda work day) Family Matters Perfect Strangers Step by Step Brother's Keeper Sabrina the Teenage Witch Boy Meets World Hangin' with Mr Cooper (maybe?) Sinbad (maybe?) I guess that is all I can think of right now... if anyone else can think of some, please post! And don't go looking them up, anyone could do that, this is just a fun little game to see what we can remember.
  8. As lame as it sounds, TGIF!!! Seriously, I want to watch TGIF... gimmie some Urkle!
  9. LIES LIES LIES!!! HULK FOR THE WIN! SuperPowers, I don't think you know very much about Superman.... have you ever even read a Superman comic before? Featofstrength, you neither, stick to Ghostbusters and Dr. Who Pal! Only Hulk can win!
  10. OK then, go ahead and say the samething-- to the many stroke victims that have been victims of intense rage and stress.... Anger does have a limit from person to person, because if it didn't, people would not die from heart attacks caused by intense anger or rage... A stroke or heart-attacked caused by rage, is the body's way of saying "OK tough guy, you've hit the limit...and I cant take no more".... Except the Hulk gets more durable the more angry he gets, so he would never reach the point that his body would fail due to rage. Understandable. RTP said "Some of the worst atrocities to ever befall mankind have been at the hands of angry or hate filled men. " So he was also talking about the real world with that line...and that's my answer to him, about real world anger... Also the "more durable" argument is always used for the Hulk's power. Like someone said before, the character is only as powerful as the person writing the Hulk story, makes him.That goes for Superman as well... But it would be boring if we just go by that... We have to pretend as if these characters were, so that we could have a winner haha. Sure I would say some people have suffered strokes and the like, possibly related to angry issues, however there are PLENTY of mean, hateful, spiteful people that have been that way their whole lives who live to a ripe old age. What you are talking about, strokes, heart disease, all that has too many variables to be able to say "anger did him in", you have genetics, diet, living condition, environment, all of these can help contribute to what you are saying. I have never heard of someone dieing SOLEY based on a fit of rage or anger. A heart attack can take place, but odds are if you are going to suffer a heart attack from anger, you were probably at high risk to have one anyway, anger was just a catalist (plenty of people in poor health have even died from sex, so I don't think we are even talking about extreme emotional or physical activites, just a predisposition for stroke or heart attack) You can't be so angry that you go into a coma, or die, or suffer a stroke, that's just not possible. The conditions surrounding these circumstance are the cause. Sorry, I just don't buy there being a limit to how hateful and angry a soul can be, that is like saying there is a limit on how much you can love something, and I will bet you can most couples who have been together for 50 years if they love each other more everyday and see what they say. Love, hate, anger, they are all related and know no limits. Also, one last thing, we have no way of measuring a feeling, no way to say "I am 10 levels mad" or anything, so since there is no clear way to map emotion on this level, I fear that nobody can say for sure what how much we can feel. It's just my personal belief that it is limitless.
  11. Here I am at my old jobsite, but it's been really busy for the past week or so and I haven't had time to post much. Damn work! Making me EARN my money!
  12. haha you have, if youve bought all 4 map packs youve already paid for the game a second time... or rather a second game of it... I like COD but not that much haha. It's the peer pressure! My brothers stay on the zombie packs for their 360's, so when I go over there we play the zombies and I suck cause I'm like "now where do I go" or "where is the juggernog?"
  13. Damn now I gotta throw my two cents in! Superman is THE super hero, infact Superhero probably comes from Superman, and I'm basing this fact on nothing. He's got the heat vision, ice breath, flight, speed, invunerability, pretty much all the basic powers you'd want. However besides magic Superman is incredibly vunerable someplace else, his heart. This could be his potential down fall. While it's true, Marvel did throw the first hit and Thor rocked Supermans well cut chin with his hammer in a sucker punch scenario, I believe Superman did end up knocking out Thor in that series so I may have to give it to Superman in that case. However when you add in the Odinforce and you remember, he is a god afterall, it could be argued that it is a stale mate. Now Hulk vs Superman is a different story. Yes, in the Marvel DC crossover from the 90's Superman did win, but the Hulk was at a very serious disadvantage, being he was "smart Hulk" and because of this, he had to control his anger, or he would revert back to puny Banner form with the mind of the Hulk. However just regular Hulk on a regular day COULD be Superman. Yes, the Hulk can withstand a trip through the sun just as his skin can within stand the vacuum of space and he can hold his breathe for an entitre battle (when fighting Namor) As the old saying goes, the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. I have to dissagree about a person only being able to get so angry. Anger and hate, like love, knows no limits. Some of the worst atrocities to ever befall mankind have been at the hands of angry or hate filled men. Honestly though, Hulk ALWAYS just wants to be left alone, I'm pretty sure his grave will read "Leave Hulk alone". If Superman just flew away and said "screw this", then I guess it could technically count as a cowards win. Hulk can be just as strong as the man of steel., infact stronger since, like I said, angry and hate are endless. Besides, if Banner (not in Hulk form) some how knew he'd be going toe to toe with Superman, I have a feeling it would be in a controlled, area with red heat lamps all around to take away Superman's powers. It's kind of like what they talked about in the movie Angus, Superman is a wimp. If you know nothing can hurt or harm you, and you never face any real danger, then how can you be brave? Banner knows fear and danger all too well, well enough to give him the edge in a made-up character on paper vs another made-up character on paper fight. Hulk wins! Oh and the arguement about Spiderman beating Hulk and he's just a plain mortal, to that I say Batman has trumped Superman in the past, Batman, the plain mortal without even spider powers to assist.
  14. Still rockin' the Black Ops... just enjoyed the 24/7 Nuketown Double XP weekend... so nice! Honestly I'll stay on this game till Batman comes out, with all the expansions I just feel like Ive invested too much!
  15. I'll say it again, I'm still liking what I am seeing. This costume is no worse then... (Singer) X-Men, (Rami) Spiderman, (any) Batman
  16. On COD now if anyone wants to play PS3
  17. Got pulled over for running a red light and speeding. Cop let me go with a warning, Im just glad he didnt noticed I dont have a motorcycle endorsement on my license

  18. OK Im back at the night job. Lately its been a struggle to keep my eyes open, something that doesn't normally happen. Guess Im getting old
  19. I feel the same way. I've never gotten any figures in this size before, but when I saw these I knew I would be getting them, so I've finally broken down the 3 3/4" wall and it's been great. Can't wait for em!
  20. Lol, sorry man, I couldn't resist! I am fine with the costume, but like I said before, I am not the biggest Superman fan either, but still a fan. Maybe if I had more love for the character, I'd hate the sour loads in my mouth too Agreed, I've got faith in my man Snyder! He better not make me out to be a punk and take a deuce with this movie. I love his work, didn't see sucker punch so I can't speak for that, but I loved Dawn of the Dead, 300, and Watchmen, can't wait to see what he does with Superman! I didn't say I didn't like the movie, actually I haven't seen it yet, just wasn't as excited. It's Ryan Renoylds that I don't care for, he was only picked for the movie because he's a bankable star... well kinda bankable
  21. The way I see it, he's already up there. One for his crappy magician movie, and one for Inception. Just need July to secure the feet... Man-o-man was inception over-rated! I saw it, it was cool enough to see visually, but there was a point where it's like "common now, lets wrap this up" South Park, as usual, put it best: "I'm going in!"
  22. Yeah, what kind of crap is that? I passed on reading a lot of books in my day. I just knew they'd be crappy. If those books had a picture of Superman on the cover in an unfortunate, ill-conceived and over-thought design with muddy drab coloring, then you probably made a smart choice. You don't really have to eat dog poop before you can safely allow yourself to confidently state that you don't like the taste of dog poop, do you? Oh I must have missed the new pics of pink Superman with bunny ears... wait that ISN'T the case? Well atleast this movie is giving off actual odors... oh wait it's NOT doing that either? Common now, we are not talking about such extreme's. What's wrong with waiting to see more before making call? If you already know in your head it will suck, that is great! You've got sight beyond sight! If you aren't sure of something right off the bat though, you wait till you have more information before forming an opinion. I'm not a follower and I'm not going to jump on the "I hate Snyder, Superman will suck" band wagon, that's not my bag. A well formed opinion is a good thing, be it an opinion you agree with or not. Is there a chance that Man of Steel will be horrible? You bet! Is there a chance that Man of Steel will be great? You bet! It is ignorant to form opinions based solely on the opinions of others. I'm excited for this movie, moreso then I was for Green Lantern (and I like GL as a character moreso then Superman). I DON'T think the costume looks bad at all. And yes, the color pallet of the main character DOES matter to what the director is visually trying to achieve. Muted colors! Muted! Colors! I am interested to see how it plays out against the usually sunny backdrop of Metropolis. It's no secret that they are trying to setup this to be a franchise similar to Batman. There are many people with their fingers in the pie, but the film looks to be headed in the dark and brooding direction. Is this the best choice for a character who embodies good and warmth? Eh, maybe not, but you can't hear two notes of a song and decide if it's good or not, and you can't see two brush strokes on a painting and say that it sucks. Film is art, plain and simple. Ask any artist how they feel about showing incomplete work, most will tell you how much they hate it because of judgement calls based on something that isn't complete.
  23. Ray is sweet, havent seen any BTTF minimates though, I would like a Marty and Doc. I assume they can be found at TRU? I dont think you can find Doc... I only seen the DeLorean set at TOYSRUS... Hmmm, really its one of those buys that I will only get if I see it in store... I'll keep an eye out though!
  24. nah just my go to gun on Modern Warfare 2 I haven't found any Goldeneye onesI could actually use for a signature Damn, I thought the txt looked like Goldeneye and maybe it was from the new one released on wii. Anyone else stoked that Goldeneye is being re-re-released for PS3 and 360? I for one will be sure to pick it up this holiday season!
  25. I never had a chance to watch JLU but I always thought it looked interesting. I have seen an episode here or there, but not enough to make a judement call. I wish netflix would go ahead and release BTAS and JLU on streaming...
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