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  1. Thanks for the support man! Still have YET to receive a reply from TRU, Im sure it'll just be some lame crap if I get something at all. I did go over to the mall today and TRU is right next door, so despite my vow not to go, I went there anyway. I didn't have my bag with me today since I didn't plan on buying anything anyhow, but I saw the had two figures I wanted. I picked em up, got close to the front, and thought, screw this, I'm good on giving them my money, I need to hear back from them first. So I left empty handed, and that is a rare thing if there is actually something worth getting. Too bad, they missed out on another easy $30 I didnt even plan to spend!
  2. And DC fans are SOOO different Apparently, SuperPowers thinks this is a thread about Hulk vs Superman and Green Lantern... even so, Hulk STILL for the win! Go find another, crusty old comic from the 70's I dare ya pal!
  3. But didn't Doomsday also kill him? Hulk for the win! He came back Don't they all?
  4. Sometimes I think I stick with mainstream games too often. Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, etc, and there are so many game out there, that are coming from all kinds of studios that offer all these different experiences, why don't I play one? Why don't I just grab a random game and play it? Then I remember how many of these games actually suck and are usually in the bargain bin or are on sale a few months after the release... There are too many games from too many companies for me to roll the dice on a $60 game.
  5. how about Punisher vs Red Hood? or Deadshot vs Crossbones I just went with those two because of the movies we have to give us a template for the characters. Ironman vs Green Lantern could work too
  6. I think this sums up the "Do vampires turn to zombies" question:
  7. They made one, but its a model kit, but it is articulated and is AWESOME! its sold out at BBTS but im sure you can find it somewhere. http://www.bigbadtoy...602&mode=retail I remember seeing this when it first came out and thought about getting it till I heard it was a model. If its articulated, Id be cool with getting one. The E can is a nice touch!
  8. But didn't Doomsday also kill him? Hulk for the win!
  9. Arrgg! This old hat again? I stand by my guns, it's Hulk all the way for the win baby! Cool video's, I'd love to see some more match-ups. Maybe Batman vs Cap? Nobody show this thread to SuperPowers...
  10. Yeah, its a bag I got just for riding, I dont like the look of saddle bags on my bike, so its the bag! Sometime I buy too many groceries and I have to figure out a way to cram it all in. When I bought the Thundertank, it was too wide, so I put it in as much as I could, I took off my belt to help strap it to the bag itself and ended up looking crazy trying to get it all together out in the parking lot. Totally worth it though!
  11. Ok, they are having a baby shower right now down the hall from my cubical, and since 95% of the people in the building are women, the cooing and "awww!!"'s are getting outta hand... The rest of us guys keep our heads down or scurry around in the computer department BTW, second baby shower this month, still one to go next week...
  12. It's funny you say that, because I live right near a Texico gas station, go there everyday for the past 7 years, I pass like 4 other gas stations on my way to work, but I always give them my business, even if it's not the cheapest. A while back one of the owners, someone I have dealt with many times asked me for my ID. No big deal, figured I must never buy anything like that when she was there, and went on my way. The next day, she asked for it again, and again, I shrugged it off. Then I saw her AGAIN a few days later and she asked me for it again. This time I showed her and asked why she didn't remember me. She got defensive and said she had never seen me before. I asked my wife, who goes there just as often, if she had ever been IDed by her and she said no, infact that woman always asks if my wife could get her daughter a job (and trust me, my wife is in her early 20's and could totally pass for highschool age) She still kept randomly asking me for it, until she saw me with my wife one day and asked if I knew that lady, when I said, yeah it's my wife, her attitude completely changed! I totally agree, the store wants me to leave my bag with someone they don't even trust themselves? Really? The number one kinda of theft, is employee theft! Often when I go out and I think I am going to a store where I may have to check my bag, I make sure that I don't have anything that is important in there. No "meds" (yeah, I'll call them meds here) no laptop, not even a checkbook. I would probably not have a problem, if the other 99% of the time I went there I was treated the same. To me, it feels like if I am going in business attire, no problem, but if it's regular clothes, suddenly I am suspicious. Same guy, different shirt, crazy! I'd have a security camera or two set it ... people are pros & if they want to they can sneak it by you! all it takes is you helping one person up front, a couple other people checking out other stuff & the guy stealing stuff on the other side. Face facts now no matter what you have set up at some point something will get stolen from you :S. I also hope you are getting some parts put on your windows & door so people can't sneak through them my lcs has had at least 3 things stolen out from under him & one B&E since the bars no B&E Your words speak true synch! No matter what kind of security they have, someone can steal something, it's a fact. If I wanted to steal things for their store, trust me, I wouldn't walk in with a big bag on my back and I wouldn't be going back there atleast twice a month. Plus it's like JJ said, all the high end, costly stuff is either locked up behind them, like games, or sold right at the register, like batteries and 20 oz sodas at a $1.99 (whose the real thief?) BTW, my wife carry's a huge purse, she always has, and it would be too easy for her to go crazy and steal everything in site if she wanted to, we just aren't those kinds of people though. She's never been asked to check it anywhere or told she couldn't take it. Talk about sexist!
  13. Perhaps, and thanks for the perspective, as someone opening a comic shop, I am sure you have feelings towards this topic. I don't fly, but I imagine I wouldn't be comfortable with the TSA check points, and I probably would make other arrangements if it bothered me enough. If I don't like it, I don't play ball, simple. Like I said, I have been to places here with my bag that had the sign when I walked in, and usually they say it before I make it passed the door, so I really don't have a problem with it. But I go to this TRU often, twice a month atleast, and, for the longest stretch, nobody said anything to me. The first few times I started to come back, I expected it, but it didn't happen. So, to spend $200 bucks on extra stuff, not food or anything I need, in like two weeks at a store, then have that same store tell me I cant have my bag, is a little insulting. I was half way to the action figures this last time, I made it past the customer serivice desk then I walked back around to the figures when the girl came whizzing up to tell me. I dunno, just kinda lame to spend a lot of extra money with a company, and then have the company call you out in front of people, like I was trying to sneak something by or get away with something. Take care of your larger clients JJ, it will keep them coming back. I know when I was a kid, my parents didn't spend $200 at a toy store unless it was christmas, so I think my spending habits there are a little higher then most of their customers. Guess I expected more, silly me hu?
  14. Yeah, but you cant treat customers that way, you can suspect it all you want, hell keep an extra eye on me then! And if it was a bomb, they would be stupid for wanting to grab it and place it right beside their feet. It could still totally go off.
  15. Hey as long as you have customers, you'll have thieves, that's a fact. I remember working for this dive hole in the wall comic shop when I was 15 (the dude ALWAYS tried to pay me in comics, like I can put that in the gas tank) and I remember him telling me to watch these two kids closely. They were black, and I could tell right away how differently he treated them. Really he should have been happy ANYONE was there to buy comics, instead of staring these kids down and having his crotchety old dad chase them out of the store. Just seems like rule number one should be making the customer feel welcome, infact I got this reply as soon as I sent me letter: Dear Valued Guest, Thank you for contacting Toys "R" Us. We have received your e-mail message and appreciate your feedback, as it helps us to continually improve our service. Our number one priority is to provide a fun and convenient shopping experience for all of our guests. One of our guest service representatives will reply to your inquiry shortly. If you need to speak directly with our Guest Service Department, please call 1-800-ToysRUs. Again, thank you for your comments. We look forward to serving you in the future! Sincerely, "R" Us Corporate Guest Services Team " Our number one priority is to provide a fun and convenient shopping experience for all of our guests" this part rings out to me. This is pretty much the problem, I don't feel welcome or I feel singled out if I am there with my bag. The only reason I didn't vocalize how pissed I really was is because I don't want to be "that guy" And yes Bigbot, if they threw up a sign, sent me an email saying "hey, our bad, we posted a sign so you arent caught off guard, thanks for shopping" I'll be cool with it.
  16. See but I ride a motorcycle myself, my wife uses the car for what she needs to do, so I don't have anyway of taking anything home, short of opening up a bunch of toys right outside the store and stuffing them in my pockets. I've got no beef with being watched like a hawk, go for it, Ive got nothing to hide, but it's not a busy store, the employee to customer ratio is looking even by the time I can get there at 7 pm or at 1pm during a lunch break. Ok I can understand that but if they hold your bag its not all that bad.They possibly have been hit with theft since there are hardly any employees around Why don't I just let them hold my balls too? Sorry, it just seemed so appropriate to say there. Really I understand how you feel about it, and this is why I wanted to get others opinions. The ratio, it seems, is usually an employee for every customer, and that isn't including all the employees that scurry around in the rafters and unload the trucks on the docks. That's pretty good, have someone stare at me intently through the camera's, I am always extra sure not to put my hands in my pockets or to look like I am trying to conceal something. Oh well, we will see what corporate has to say.
  17. Like I said, I've got no problem doing that at a different store that has this rule posted. If I came into your comic shop and you had a sign posted, I'd hand it over with a smile. The sign outside of TRU says what is not allowed in the store, it says no food, no drinks, and no smoking (which I thought was kind of odd) Nowhere is it posted that I can't have my bag. There needs to be something posted, otherwise it's kind of a random policy that applies sometimes, to certain people. See but I ride a motorcycle myself, my wife uses the car for what she needs to do, so I don't have anyway of taking anything home, short of opening up a bunch of toys right outside the store and stuffing them in my pockets. I've got no beef with being watched like a hawk, go for it, Ive got nothing to hide, but it's not a busy store, the employee to customer ratio is looking even by the time I can get there at 7 pm or at 1pm during a lunch break.
  18. Yes, I suppose this is likely. WB isn't exactly a small company and not having Supes would be a huge loose. Just a matter of how much they'll be paying. I'm sure they will pay out the @$$ to keep and use him... let's face it, he really is the grandfather of ALL superheros
  19. Thanks for the replies guys! I have sent it off to be read, pretty much exactily what was written, though I did add that there was about $300 worth of merch coming out this month that I won't be buying from them. featofstrength - I worked at that same TRU that I am complaining about (I worked for a day and quit when I first moved here 7 years ago, didnt think it was worth mentioning) and I know about the insane about of cameras they have and that there is always someone watching. BTW, if I was stealing stuff in my bag, then I wouldn't have room for the stuff I purchased in the first place... just a little food for thought.
  20. It was one of those deals where I was just stewing on it, so I had to actually write something out to get it out of my system. I plan on still sending it, but I wanted to know what yall thought.
  21. Hey guys, I went to toy r us over this past weekend, and I was asked to leave my backpack behind the counter for security reasons. I was and am still pissed about it, kind of a crappy way to treat a loyal customer of almost 30 years. I was so unhappy about it, I wrote out an email, but have yet to send it. I wanted to ask what you guys thought before I sent it. Like maybe I am just making something out of nothing or maybe I am being out of line. Anyways, here is my email, let me know what you guys think: To Whom it may concern: I want to start by saying "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid!" I can still remember those commercials playing on Nickelodeon, and I remember the rush of excited I'd feel from seeing a Toys R Us bag. I guess what I am getting at is that I am a loyal customer, I have been for many years, pretty much as far back as I can remember, so for almost 30 years. I never outgrew going to your stores, since I am also an avid toy collector and video game player. I have spent thousands of dollars at your various stores and have been given too many Jeffery dollars to count, so I want to be clear I am very much a fan of how I have been treated at your store until recently. A few years back, I went to your store here in Gainesville, Florida, pretty much the only TRU around. I had been to this store many, many times and never had problems. I ride a motorcycle, so, if I want to buy anything from your store, I need a bag to carry it home in. I had been to that store many times with my backpack and never got hassled (usually because I stop by on my way home from work and I dress in a professional manner with shirt and tie) This time I was in normal jeans and t shirt and upon entering your store, was asking to leave my bag at the front desk. I was surprised since I always take my backpack with me to larger stores with pricier merchandise and had never been asked this (Walmarts, Targets, Best Buy, Grocery Stores) I gave it up, but was not happy about it. So a week or two later I went back, same regular attire and again was asked to leave my bag. This time I was very upset by the implication that I would be stealing and asked where it said I wasn't allowed to have my bag. The woman told me there was a sign out front for it, so I stepped out, confirmed there was no sign for this, and told her so. I said I had come there for years and never had that problem, and if I had to leave my bag at the front I doubt I would buy anything. She said she would have SOMEONE ESCORT ME in the store, like I was a criminal. I left, very angry that day and decided to buy mostly online and at other stores from that point on. Slowly over time I started to go back to that store, but didn't take my backpack for fear of practically being called a thief. Well I started to get comfortable enough again to bring my bag along, since like I said I need it in order to buy anything larger then a videogame. So for well over a year now I have been back regularlly, atleast twice a month if not more, to buy games and action figures, which can cost anywhere between $50 and $100 a visit with the high cost of plastics these days. This past Saturday, 9/10/11, I was at your Gainesville location (in my regular shirt and jeans and not the shirt and tie I normally wear) and was told immediately I could not have my bag in your store and I needed to leave it at the front. Honestly, with all the new Thundercats toys that have been hitting your shelves, I have been spent well over $200 in my past two visits alone, so I was pretty insulted with the implication that I would be stealing something. I can overlook the fact that EVERY employee would stare at me with my bag on in the isles, especially since I would take a little longer in some isles since, like I said, I collect, so I am making sure what I am buying is what I want and need for my collection. I can be cool with that, sure, since I will be walking up to the register with everything in hand and have nothing to hide, but after being called out over this bag policy (which there is STILL no mention of on the front door, see attached image) I am done with shopping at this location. I don't ever complain to "corporate" or anything like that, never the squeeky wheel, always understanding of the rules, but this backpack thing is insulting. Are women asked to leave their purses at the front desk? Are mothers with children in strollers told that the stroller is not allowed? What about all those other times I come with a tie on and am never asked to leave my bag? How come I am getting called out if I dress in casual clothes versus business attire? I am very disappointed with this, and it will be inconvenient for me to have to shop at other stores and it will cost me more to buy things online with shipping (I wont buy from tru.com not either), but I will not feel like I am being looked at like a criminal. It's very shoddy to pick and choose when this so-called policy is going to be implemented, especially if it is dependant on my personal attire. I am very insulted by that stores practices and I do hope that something is done or said. I really feel let down by you guys, I know you are a corporation interested in making money and sound financial choices, but this one is a mistake. I have never stolen a dime in my life, I am a grown man, nearly 30 years old, I work hard at two jobs and support myself and a loving wife and god willing, children too. I don't plan on returning to your stores because of this selective policy and I hope your stores either post clearly that backpacks are to be left at the front (which I nevermind doing if it is a posted policy) or decide a better way to pick and choose who looks trust worthy and who doesn't. I can't think of any other store I have visited more
  22. Someone was trying to sell me on getting dead island, thanks for your input on it! Sounds like a bargain bin purchase...
  23. OK, last Arrested Development image... I swear
  24. It's George Oscar Buth Jr (GOB) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Oscar_%22Gob%22_Bluth_II#Gob_Bluth If you haven't seen Arrested Development, you should, ask Super Powers, it'll change your life! Ok maybe that was an oversell, but it's damn fine work!
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