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  1. I really want to play that game CLAM, infact it was the motivating reason I bought the PS3, but like you, I didn't care for the sub fee so I never got into it. The fact that you couldnt buy it used made me want the game even less, from a principle stand point. If I can find a decent deal on it this holiday season, I will pick it up to give it a whirl.
  2. Im too caught up in Batman right now, maybe Ill ask for it for Christmas, but Id be fine without getting MW3 for a bit.
  3. Thanks for sharing the pain brother! It doesnt happen often, but when it does it is heart breaking!
  4. So I spent a good chunk of the weekend playing Batman, I think I was at like 20 something percent, and I was talking to my wife and smoking and I started to get excited about something and I was trying to back out of the game and in all my button mashing, accidentally deleted my game! This pretty much sums it up: So I was up half the night redoing it. Im at about 8%...
  5. Ha! That is pretty cool! If I was a bigger fan of the original series, I would probably get that, but the $35 with shipping is a bit much. Pretty cool though, I am sure there are some collectors that would love this piece.
  6. While Olivia Munn is hott, she really brings nothing new to the table. I don't really care for the "hot girl likes nerds" image they try to cash in on, trying to carve their little niche. I think my wife is hotter then Olivia by far, and she never was like "Im a nerd" or "I like nerds" infact, she honestly told me she never thought she'd be with a guy like me. She gets down and watches some nerdy stuff with me, like she loves MST3K, and she loves to play Mario and watches all the Marvel and DC crap I watch, but that is the extent of her "nerding out". I dunno, just seems like it's a "selling point", and I think we are a smart audience then that.
  7. Saw this story on Yahoo, thought I would share http://autos.yahoo.com/news/even-batman-gets-flat-tires-in-his-lamborghini-sometimes.html I keep thinking "Damn, being Batman must pay well" either that, or this is, infact , the real life Bruce Wayne and the Batmobile was in the shop.
  8. Yeah I normally pass on all movie lines. I always hated it when there would be some really cool toy in the toy isle for a movie, then I'd see the movie and it didn't have that really cool thing I saw and I was always let down. The Jurrassic Park stuff is what really comes to mind...
  9. When you first start to play it's like sensory overload at first but once becomes clear what your main objectives are you'll feel right at home. The secret with playing with Catwoman is you have to think like you're a cat. Play with her strengths opposed to Batman. She's faster and use the whip alot with the combos and her ledge or stealth take down when possible. Catwoman is faster than Batman so remember that when you are fighting...she can give quick hits and run away where as Batman you have to constantly counter...they made Bats slower in this game but stronger! Nightwing has a great combination of Bats strength with Catwomans speed...i havent played as Robin yet but i will in a few weeks when he is released on XBL Yeah I can feel the difference in the two characters, and the whole thing is a little sensory overload, but I think I am used to it by now, and I am seeing more and more critical strikes. I played a bit a Robin in the challenge mode, I got a perfect all 4 or 5 rounds, so I dunno, he's ok, but didn't have the power of Batman. Game has been really good, the cut scenes are done well and it's always great to hear the REAL Batman and Joker going back and forth with each other.
  10. I think Im the only one here who did buy Thundercats, both the 8" and 4", but not the 6, which I will probably get now that the classics will be in 6" form. I quit DCUC this year and haven't regretted it. The price point for what we get isn't worth it, especially since there are only a handful of DC characters I really like. Passed on the ML and all MU figures too. Only MOTUC figure I got was Man-E-Faces and I doubt I will get any of the others this year either. I guess the only lines I bought into were Thundercats and Ghostbusters, with a handful of minimates here and there. Oh and completely passed on Walking Dead figure too, I love the comics, the TV show, but the figures are a bit too much. A 5" figure shouldn't cost nearly $20!
  11. Yeah Im not really digging playing as Catwoman...
  12. I love Bob's Burgers. I was sad when Home Movies went off the air a few years ago, then when Metalocalypse came I was pumped to be getting more of that same humor. Now that we have Bob's Burgers, I can see how Metalocalypse is missing that quiet, awkward charm that I loved about Home Movies. I really love Bob's Burgers, I hope it does really well. The jokes aren't as loud and obvious as the other shows on the line-up, (Im looking at your Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show) but there is a soft, underspoken humor that I love about it. I hope they can make as many episodes as they want!
  13. I got Batman over the weekend, I had a hard time finding it at Best Buy, silly me didn't think to look in the XBOX section for the free-standing-stand full of 360 and PS3 versions. Oh well, found it and downloaded my Robin and Catwoman stuff. The game is pretty good so far, but I really need some time to sink my teeth into it. I started to play it drunk on Sat after I got it, but it was too much for me to handle!
  14. To continue from my recent status update on the forum main page... Hey Tebow is an alright player, and given enough time, he could be great. Yeah he is a nice guy, when he played for the Gators, the team stays in the hotel I moonlight at the weekend of home games. Some of the players are so full of their own crap it's laughable, but Tim was always super nice and would sign autographs when they walked through the lobby in uniform before they got on the buses to go play. The problem is that the game is a team effort, and I swear they substituted "Tim Tebow" for "The Broncos" whenever the announcers spoke "And Tim Tebow turns it around" "Tim Tebow for another 4 yards" and I know I heard someone say "And Tim Tebow wins it!" It's just annoying! It's about the team, mentioning him a few times is fine, he's a nice guy and a lot of people want to see him succeed in the NFL, but don't cram it down my throat (that's what she said) Yeah it was a good turn around, but let's give all the players credit and let's use the team name, not team Tebow.
  15. Dont feel bad, I don't have it either... too broke
  16. Woot! Hopefullly we will see them in the prison soon!
  17. is tired of hearing about Tim Tebow. Incase the NFL missed it, it's the Bronco's, not the Tebow's. THEY won the game, Tim just played in it.

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    2. RockthePlank


      Yeah, Im in Gainesville FL, so it's probably just as bad here. I feel for ya man...

    3. CLAM


      I like Tebow. He is my favorite NFL person right now. Not my favorite player. And I am not saying he is the best. But he is a great person and I am a huge fan

    4. RockthePlank


      There is too much to write here, I posted a reply in the football thread...

  18. is tired of hearing about Tim Tebow. Incase the NFL missed it, it's the Bronco's, not the Tebow's. THEY wont the game, Tim just played in it.

  19. Saw the second episode, still loving it! Otis was looking pretty fat, but thats no big deal. I really like how the show has strayed away from the books, but it's still the same stuff. Glad this show is on, can't wait for next weeks!
  20. I love the whole modern zombie genre. Last night we watched the newer Dawn of the Dead (I feel this is where the modern zombie concept began to pick up speed) Walking Dead has been great! I've got the first 6 trade paper backs, they are so well written. My wife actually read all of them and asked for more, and she never reads that kind of stuff! No zombie nightmares here (watch MST3K Zombie Nightmare) but Ive got more movies of the undead to see before Halloween!
  21. Those are pretty cool! I don't get into lego's much anymore, but when I have kids they will be all over them! I would have loved a lego batcave
  22. Yeah the point where Shane would have died would have probably been last season, but once I read that Shane was going to be back, I figured they'd work him in somehow. Kinda dissappointed we didn't get to see them in that gated community, but I am glad they are moving forward on the Hershals farm story arch, so far it's been a healthy blend of whats in the book and new material. (Shouldn't that black guy have bled out in like, 10 seconds? I thought for sure he was a goner!) I really can't say enough good things about this show. If you're a fan on this genre, then this show is a home run!
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