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  1. Come on guys! You TOTALLY aren't seeing it the right way! They are actually doing us a favor by offering something so lame at such a high price! Man Mattel really cares about us fans, don't they? Yeah prices on everything are getting super high, and, let's face it, this is a luxury hobby, but Mattel is all like "hey guys, want this crappy JLU figure so bad? Pay me $50 so you can throw away the other figures and really just buy one" I swear, if we didn't have Mattel watching our backs, who knows what kind of chaos would ensue! Thank you Mattel! You are totally that friend who does nothing but ask favors and hits us up for some extra cash. I swear Matty, you ever fall on hard times, you've totally got a couch at my place braj! .... so I can smother you with a pillow
  2. is enjoying the office Christmas party... one of the few times where its ok to be on the clock and doing nothing.

  3. Yeah there are only a handful of games I have bought at retail price, and mostly I resell my games to help offset what I spent on them. $20 is more the right price, but honestly it the most fun you can have with $20 these days...
  4. Another weekend has passed, and that means my PS3 has gotten a work out, unlike my actual body. Friday was a work night, so lets just glaze over that. Saturday I got home from work at about 730am, and since my wife had the day off, I figured I would only get a few hours sleep before she or something woke me up, and sure enough, her sister called at noon to ask if we wanted to play her and her brothers in some COD. We say sure and log in and wait and wait and wait, finally we call and they say their internet is down. So we just played COD for a while, went to my brothers and drank and played COD MW3 and went to best buy. Yeah, so shopping at best buy drunk I ended up buying a few dvd's, some CD's, Resident Evil 5, Midnight Club something, and Super Street Fighter. We had lots of fun playing Midnight Club and SSF, all game were her choice too so I didn't feel SO guilty about getting them. I have already beaten RE5, but she really wants to play that one. Some day I will actually buy NEW games versus old games that are new to me!
  5. Amen brother! For me it's the easiest way to justify spending $60 if we can both enjoy it versus me spending it all on myself
  6. Played more Batman and Black Ops over the weekend. Batman is still the same joy ride I've been enjoying this whole time, I was finally able to get the 50X combo trophy, then I got another 50X combo a few minutes later, such is life! Same story with Black Ops, murkin' bitches left and right, it's so much fun! My wife is getting better too, though sometimes I like to take the controller while she is playing free for all and I'll let her talk while I play (like shes the one workin' em over) I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but we agreed to get a new HDTV and MW3 with our income tax return. I figure it will be best to buy it right around SuperBowl time since I am sure most store will be ready to get rid of their leftover Christmas stock. I'm thinking we will both call in sick the first day we get it...
  7. I've been getting back into black ops as well, but I am having the opposite happen to me. First game I played since getting Batman I was 40 and 8, giving me a 5 ratio, then the next game I was 20 and 2, giving me a 10. Im an ok player, but I dont get scores like that. I figure a lot of people moved on to MW3, so honestly Ive feel like there are a lot less experienced people on Black Ops now, but that is just my opinion. Actually I came home from work the other day and my wife was playing online in a match with her brother (he just got a ps3) and I was really surprised since she never wants to play with me! Then last night that is all we did from the time I got home till about 2am, even then I was the person saying I was tired and she kept saying "one more game, one more game!" Her best match she was 5 and 8, I was so proud! Oh, and I am pretty sure I have been able to talk her into the big screen, I just kept saying "imagine how cool this would be on a bigger, sharper screen!"
  8. Yeah man, I am guilty as charged for still having an SDTV! Honestly now that I think about it, I am the only person I know that doesn't have one already! It's kinda funny, I have a kick ass sound system setup in our bedroom, dolby 5.1 surround with a nice sub. The sounds from the game are great, when I play COD, the room is nothing up gun fire and being able to hear what direction it comes from sure does help at times too! Maybe I will get one with my income tax refund next year...
  9. Yeah my cousin is lvling like crazy and he is really enjoying the game. Again, because of the SD TV, it cuts off the corners of the screens, like I can read part of the chats, but half of it is missing. I really need to upgrade my TV is the root of the problem! I will admit I had a lot of fun beating up Bizarro! It's a fun game, but I think the problems are on my end. Yeah for sure! I bet you can pick up Arkham Asylum for pretty cheap, it's pretty much the same game (but City is for sure the winner!) My cousin played the new one while vising not too long ago, he's a huge batman fan and I was surprised he had never played either game. After playing up here for a half hour or so, he went back home and bought Aslyum and is hooked!
  10. I think that is good news, it was nice to have that stretch we had last time, so I don't see it as a bad thing now. Rather then try and force a story and movie, it may be time for the cape to be hung up for a few years. I like this idea.
  11. man you guys love the arkham series I couldn't figure the first one out and ended up getting extremely frustrated Honestly man, I think you missed out if you gave up. Both games were overwhelming at first, but it's such a fun game! It's as close to being Batman as you can get. All the gadgets and riddles makes you feel like a lot has been thrown at you, but once you get into the game and understand how the game mechanics flow, it all weaves together. I'm not saying it's the greatest game ever, but it's for sure the best adventure super hero based game out there.
  12. Sounds like people took advantage of the BF deals, good for you guys! As for me, well there really weren't any games I wanted too badly. I'm a one game at a time kind of guy, but I was able to pick up God of War 3 new from game stop for 10 bucks with my trade in and the sale, so that is a plus! I figure that will give me till Christmas to beat Batman (almost done) and then beat God of War 2 (never finished it). Still playing DCU, but there are times when it feels very repetitive so I can only play for an hour or so before I am bored again. I can't really read everything that is displayed on the screen either since I have an SDTV, so that may play into it as well. It's funny, I used to play non-stop COD Black Ops, but since Batman I haven't touched it at all.
  13. so if you buy a NOS drink it'll give you a code for a BBY skin? Yup! There was nothing on the can about it, just a code that it said to go and input to their website and it game me a "point" that I could buy a skin with, they gave me a code, and boom, download complete on the ps3! Go buy yourself a can, I think the offer is ending soon. Its ok to drink, but AMP is better
  14. is getting caught up on Workaholics! How could I have missed this show? Pure gold!

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  15. I love these kinds of things! People feel like they are making a difference, and it's kinda funny. I mean really, when a company is banking BIG time with this sort of thing, do people really think they care about an online petition? Hell no! If you don't want people to have to work on Thanksgiving day, DON'T SHOP! If you feel strongly enough, just don't go to the store! Send the message where it really hurts, the wallet. Don't give these stores your money, THEN you can probably email them and let them know about your choice. Yeah it's probably like sand off a beach to them, but "signing" a meaningless online petition is futile. Personally, I do not shop on Christmas. It's the same principle as far as I am concerned. I feel everyone should have that day off (just like Thanksgiving). Yeah people will ALWAYS have to work certain jobs, no matter what day it is, but I am not going to add to it. I never buy anything on Christmas, it's just how my parents raised me.
  16. Another weekend gone, and more of the Joker's henchmen lay on the ground by Batmans feet! You guess it, played more Arkham this weekend, it's such a fun game and I love doing side missions, I find myself roaming the streets sometimes, just looking for some fist fights. I am probably the last person who owns this game to find out, but I bought a can of NOS energy drink and downloaded the Batman Beyond skin. Pretty cool looking and it wasn't a terrible drink, so it was worth it! Also played some DCU and I about doubled my play time. I changed the font size and changed the screen so it would fit on my SD TV, but it is still hard to read txt. Been a great game, though switching between the games, I keep pressing wrong buttons on both sides of fence.
  17. Guess nobody has gotten any minimates in a while, but I'll share what I got. TRU has the second RGB wave, so I snagged a Peter/Winston and StayPuft/Tully. They didn't have the other ghost packs, but Im glad I was about to complete the set of busters and finally get a regular Stay Puft (my other is the explosion one)
  18. Yesterday I went to sign on and the PSN was down, for a few minutes I started to worry that it would be down for a month like last time. So I spent some more time at Arkham City, such a good game. Challenging but not so much so that I want to quit and move on. The boss battles are kinda easy too, but its a good story all together. Didn't get a chance to play and DCU, though I am hoping to switch to the pvp server soon.
  19. That sounds pretty cool. I honestly haven't touched my 360 in over a year, but this and Gears of War 3 make me want to wipe the dust off of it.
  20. It's funny I started to redownload the patch yesterday while I was at home on my lunch break, then when I got home, it had finished and signed me in, I picked up the controller and within 30 seconds of being home I was in. I got my cousin to DL it and play but we must be on two different PvE servers because we were in the same spot but didnt see each other. I think tonight we will try switching to a PvP and hopefully meeting up with each other. I hope there arent tons of patches all the time, that is one thing I do NOT miss about WoW
  21. Yeah I am on the PvE server, Im going to be playing this kinda casually, so a PvE server more suites how often I am gonna play. Im only at lvl 5, last night it said it started downloading a patch, so it was moving along at about 80% my internet stopped working. So I checked this morning and internet was back up, but it made me start the download again! My wife will want to just the PS3, so I'll have to wait till tonight to try it again. Does it need to download patches alot? Feels like Ive spent more time downloading stuff then actually playing.
  22. Thanks for the tip! are you doing PvP? I had to go the other route, PvP is too hardcore for me, I'll admit it! I take it you went the hero route? I am all villian baby! Give me a shout, my character is DarkPolarIce, my PSN name is Polar3000. I think I am only a lvl 4 or something, pretty low lol
  23. This past three day weekend was my brothers wedding, and I was the best man, so I didn't have a ton of time with all of that going on, but I was able to spend a few hours playing games. First up I played some more Batman, this time I didn't delete my game! I almost to where I was last time, though I havent gotten nearly as many side items and missions done as before. It's such a good game, I honestly can't say enough about it. It the best superhero game to date, hands down. Secondly I also played some more DCU, what a great game that has been so far! My only complaint, its made for a widescreen HDTV, which I do not have. Some of the txt has been tough to read, but Ive been doing well with it. Now doing raids and the higher level stuff will be tough, but the solo stuff hasnt been too bad. I really missed playing these types of games, glad I can play one for free!
  24. Ok I downloaded DC Universe on my lunch break, it was actually pretty quick, I would say from looking in the store to being able to start a game after the patch, maybe 30 min? I was worried about the 16 gig thing, but I guess it's only to play it because the game was like 300 MB or something. I will probably play some Batman tonight but will start playing DCU sometime either after the wife falls asleep, or this weekend. BTW, is there some sort of friends list? Just wondering if us TNI guys can create a team or something.
  25. Wow, I didn't know that the game itself was free too! That is a lot of gig's though, maybe I will start downloading it when I go home for my lunch break and hopefully have it up and going this weekend. Thanks for the heads up CLAM!
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