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  1. Hmmm, I may pick a ghost rider up, that blue flame is pretty cool
  2. I stopped by TRU today, and they still had all those 4" MK Klassic ninjas. I didn't look too hard, but it seemed like they hadn't sold any in two weeks. I did notice the pricetag, though, which explains it: $14.99 each. FIFTEEN DOLLARS FOR A 4" ACTION FIGURE WITH NO ACCESSORIES. I've always given Jazwares the benefit of the doubt, but they must be smoking something crazy if they think that's a good MSRP. Yeah it's pretty crazy for figures that seem to be "average" at best. Really Jazwares hasnt shown me anything worth getting, which is a shame, because I would love some decent MK figures. Guess Ill have to wait a few years for another company to pick it up.
  3. Finally bought an HDTV, cannot wait for it to arrive!

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    2. featofstrength


      Cool, what did you get? ive been shopping around for one myself. Mostly want it for the gaming. HD tv and movies i could care less about.

    3. RockthePlank


      I got a 46" sony bravia, it should be here sometime tuesday... the wait is killing me. Gaming is what Ive got most in mind too

    4. RockthePlank


      I got a 46" sony bravia, it should be here sometime tuesday... the wait is killing me. Gaming is what Ive got most in mind too

  4. Poor guy, though honestly, as cool as this would be, it's kinda sad. Seriously, this guy must NEVER want to get laid, try bringing a girl home from the club to the star ship voyager... see if it gets her all excited! I seriously doubt it. Couldn't it have been something cooler? I mean, why not a Batcave? I really like Star Trek, but Ive got no desire to live on a replica of any of the ships
  5. Yeah that is probably the one nice thing I can say about this line is the 3 3/4" looked better then the 6". Kinda sad really
  6. I am actually excited about this. I've yet to go see a 3D movie, and neither has my wife, but we both think it would be a lot of fun to go and see all the Star Wars in 3D as they come out, so count us in! I know it's not the best, but it is Star Wars, and the pod race was pretty cool...
  7. I remember seeing a ton of these when they first came out, I thought "no way I want a toad, who would?" fast forward to 15 waves later and I am scowering ebay for a decent deal on it... oh well! Figures come and go, and I can't get caught up on these. When it comes to being able to "call" what will be valuable... I totally suck!
  8. Yep, it's my fault that RTBY Peter Venkman, a 100% recycled parts figure, costs us 2 bucks more and has the wrong tie color. Thanks, Matty! And if you choose not to spend your money on him, they have a name for you: "Cherry Picker". Aren't we all cherry pickers for Ghostbusters? I mean, it's not like there is or was some sort of subscription service for them. I feel like anyone who doesn't have a sub, is a cherry picker in Matty's eyes. To be honest though, you will only get the sweetest cherries if you pick them yourself. I wonder how long Peter will dangle before they pull him from the site. I was all about this line before, I just love GB that much, but now, I am done with it. I am done with this line that has minimal change for maximum dollar. I am more done with Mattel constantly treating us like they do. That article really sums it up! I have a hard time explaining to my wife the elitist attitude these companies have. She sees it all as "nerds", and that is all it really is. We should all be on the same side, instead of Mattel treating us like they do. Im finally ready to put my money where my mouth is. I will be buying the Rookie and Dana and that will probably do it for me! I've got a few more cherries to pick with MOTUC and I'll be done there as well. Thank God Mattel didn't get the ThunderCats line...
  9. I think they dont look completely horrible (or maybe i just want them to be good since there hasnt been any really good mk figs out ever) and that pack is probably the best theyve brought out(not saying much) and i still couldnt buy them because of their worried looks like please dont hurt me facial expressions. WTF... altho i dont know why i didnt come to just expect this when i knew jazwares were doing them. And they are doing street fighter figs like this too... they look like ass as well IMO. heres a question tho, why didnt you use that 9 bucks to go towards a game or something? whenever i have tru bucks and theres no figs there of interest i always rely on the games area as a secondary area. I read on the fine print it said it couldn't be used towards any games or game accessories. There was a bunch of other stuff I couldnt use it towards, mostly baby stuff, but that is why. Plus Ive got enough games to last me a while so I don't want to add any to the pile. I got 18 reward dollars to spend and they send me $9 good from like jan 1-13 and then $9 more for 14-30. Kinda lame, but whatever, Yeah they for sure have that "dollar store knock-off" look to them. I wish there were some cool MK figures too, and I am sure, with time, someone will get them right, but for now, these figures aren;t doing anything for me.
  10. I really dont see this lasting much beyond the 6 episodes, could be wrong, but even I am not sure If I want to watch it
  11. Sweet! I can't wait for the second part of the season to start in a month! This is such a good show
  12. I had 9 bucks worth of jeffery bucks or whatever with my rewards card there and they didn't really have anything that I HAD to have (theres a first time for everything!) and it was set to expire today, so I had to get something. They had all the mortal kombat stuff there, the 6", the 4", the ninja packs, everything. Not one of them peaked my interest in the least bit. Underwhelmed doesnt really describe how I felt by them. The ninja pack of like 4 figures was especially piss poor. It looks like something that stepped out of 1992 with the lack of detail painting and the subpar sculpt. Seriously, these weren't even appealling with the thought of them being free, or atleast with 9 bucks off. Really piss poor job on these! This:
  13. I'll admit it's hard, and it doesn't take much to get your butt kicked in the fights, but once you get into the beat of it, it flows like water. Definately a lot of jumping around like you've got no sense!
  14. I think I am going to have to agree with about half the thread that AC was THE game on 2011. Now having said that, I would say I probably spent more hours playing COD Black Ops then anything else in 2011 (even though that game came out in 2010) I love Batman, it's such a fun and challenging game. When you pick the hard setting, it means it! I love the feel of the game too, if you've ever wanted to BE Batman, then this is the game for you!
  15. I got it for Christmas (today actually) so I haven't had a chance to play it. I don't have the motion plus either so I will need to get that first. My brother has it as says its amazint and addicting. I've always had great love for the series so I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into it probably next week sometime. Meanwhile my wife and I have been playing the crap out of MW3, we are about lvl 71 and we have been getting alot of MT Dew for the double XP, glad its over tomorrow!
  16. Today is my last day before vacation here from my day job... god this cannot end soon enough

  17. Well anything you see up in the sky that you can't identify is a UFO, I wonder at one point in the publics eye UFO's meant an alien spacecraft. Probably Roswell I imagine.
  18. It's a marketing ploy by Kmart to get people to do lay-away... that just makes the most sense... Glad to see some people still care this holiday season, especially when you consider the people using layway probably have the hardest time paying for them in the first place.
  19. Thanks for all the updates on this joke of a company Rollo, it's because of your warnings early on that I didn't preorder alot of their stuff. Sometimes I get wrapped up in how crappy Mattel can be, but then I have to realize that it could be like Shocker and I don't hate Mattel as much.
  20. Time for another weekend video game round up! This week we had a new comer to the PS3, but I'll get to it in a second. My youngest brother and I had decided to get each other Workaholics on DVD for Christmas (and I also got him a TMNT Raph RC car) but we told each other to go to Best Buy and pick it up Friday. So I got there and got my gift, turns out it was a fake out and he got me COD MW3! What a punk! Now Workaholics and the Raph car comes out to almost $40 ($25 being my original limit) but he upped it so now I am gonna get him a slamming B-day gift come January. Anyhow, my wife and I loved MW3, I forgot how different (yet the same) the COD titles are. We kept switching to Black Ops though so we could play with her brother since I got him a headset for the PS3 for Christmas. Unfortunately all this COD has got me not playing Batman at all! I can't juggle two games at once, not my style. It's funny, I feel like a lot of the year, I only play a handful of titles, having two games I need to play and beat is kind of a foreign concept. Now this year I'm getting God of War 3, Zelda, and I already got MW3, add on top of that the games I bought a week ago, Street Fighter, Midnight Club, and Resident Evil 5, AND I still need to beat Batman! I go on vacation on Friday and will be out till next year, so I think I will be doing some heavy duty gaming! What about you guys? Who here is getting a game or two this year? Did you pick it out? Are you playing it already?
  21. Man, I've been so busy with holiday stuff and working, I haven't had any time at all to play anything! My brother in law got a PS3 earlier this month, and he has been staying on COD Black Ops ever since. I drew his name for the family gift exchange so I picked him up a PS3 headset. Now I was going to get him the same one I have, but I would have had to wait a week to get it and it would only be arriving right before Christmas, so I just threw in an extra $10 and got him a different one so we could play this weekend.(I got it from best buy so I am doing in store pick-up) When it comes to giving gifts with my brothers, we tell each other what to get, and we exchange it as soon as we both have them, no waiting, no wrapping, that's how brothers handle it, so I told my wife Im giving her brother the choice to play by her familys rules, or if he wants the brother treatment... who could say no to getting early gifts? Needless to say he'll be enjoying his headset right after I get after work.
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