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  1. Still havent seen these in my neck of the woods, looks like I will need to start going to unfamiliar walmarts... or atleast hit up Target
  2. Yeah I know I thought Ive seen threads like this before... oh well, looks like there is no interest in it either lol. Just trying to add what I can!
  3. Hey guys, I couldn't find a thread dedicated to TV or TV shows, but just thought I would make one for people to post about a show or whatever. Anyone else here watch Unsupervised? I started watching it recently and love it. I dont have cable, Ive got hulu plus and Netflix and that is it and I stream everything through my PS3. Anyhow, it's a fun show and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it. I noticed that executive producers from the show are the guys from Sunny and also BOTH of the guys that made Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo. I know Archer only has one of the guys, Adam Reed, s
  4. what server are you on? What kind of character? I am playing on something like Master Gnost server or whatever.. on the West Coast. and right now I have a level 29 Jedi Sage. it is a pretty good game.. and even though it is repetitive, it doesn't really feel like it for some reason yet. I just can't stand the controls and trying to have to jump up pipes and crap to find datacrons Sorry, sometimes I forget to check this thread. I think the server is called vornskur or something, right now im just a lvl 15 Bounty Hunter, Im whatever that blue race is called. I'm being as evil
  5. Finally got play some this weekend, and by play I mean I've spent about 27 in game hours since Friday, which is INCREDIBLY high for me. Normally I can only play for a few hours before I am burned out, but I was up playing SWTOR till about 5 am yesterday (I had the day off) and then all my time was spent playing when my wife wasnt there. Good fun so far, I like it better then DCUC, which was too much of the same thing over and over (not that SW is that different, but I didn't feel burned out like I do with DC)
  6. Went to Walmart over the weekend and that didn't even have shelf space for it (not surprised, they still don't have Thundercats) Checked TRU too, and they were completely sold out. I do want this line, I sold off most of my Legends and I'd love to start rebuilding my Marvel empire, but only if I can find these at retail, the price is already high enough without adding on secondary market prices or shipping for that matter. When is wave 2 supposed to be hitting?
  7. Got Beavis and Butthead on BluRay... so glad they have included the music videos this time!

    1. Dick_Grayson


      Sounds good. I'm hoping that Mr. Judge one day finally releases the original series, with the music videos.

  8. Picked up SWTOR, can't wait to sink my teeth into it!
  9. Ill have to remember this when I get home, cant get on facebook here at work...
  10. Yeah, sounds like you and I are about the same age, though I was never into BW, both my younger brothers were. It was pretty cool from what I remember, but they had all the toys and figures. Ive thought about just buying a crap load of whatever toys are popular now to keep them in a box for 20 years to resell them. Seems to happen alot, people get older and try to rebuy their toys from childhood.
  11. Damn guys! You are making me want to get some ML now...
  12. Things are finally slowing down here enough for me to start posting regularly. If I am ever missing from the board for a few days, then I must be busy at work! I rarely come here in my off hours since I try not to get online with the laptop at home.
  13. Yeah everyone that has them say that the SOTA figures are some of their faves, and truth be told, they do look pretty cool! Ive never had anything from SOTA, infact I cant think of any other figures the do besides SF. NECA really does do the one-shot, video games figures, and that is ok with me. I doubt I would have ever gotten a Ryu from Ninja Gaiden if not for NECA, and honestly there isn't anyone from those games I would want besides him anyway, so I guess it's really a mixed bag. I agree about Bioshock should have been stopped after wave 1, because we didnt get any more here in my neck of
  14. welllllll technically SOTA did the SF series pretty damn good and it lasted a good 5 waves along with original variants and alt player colors as well. It seems its not so much video game based figures because we have a crap ton of great figures based on video games such as gears of war, dead space, bioshock, and others... mostly made by NECA but they are damn good. Its more the idea that FIGHTING games dont really get the figures that they should. Id love some Tekken, Soul Calbur and actual GOOD MK figures hell even King of Fighters figures. There so many characters in these series and such a
  15. I don't know what is so hard about this franchise, but we haven't hard any real, proper MK figures, same goes for SF. There just doesn't seem to be much love for figures based on video games, which is a shame, since I love games so much
  16. That video was funny featofstrength! Yeah it's not a perfect movie, and I do love all the star wars movie, but I take it for what it is. Yeah hearing that little kid act makes me cringe, but I will still go and see it. If I had a kid, I would want to take them to see it too. Im taking my wife to see it for Valentines day (Im such a roMANtic) Ideally, I want her to take it the whole story, be it good or bad, and let her decide for herself how she feels. Personally, the entire story, as a whole is good. The journey of a small child to Darth Vader is good overall. Yeah there are plot holes throug
  17. Ha! Are you serious? So it's the Munsters, but it's not called the Munsters, they are horror creatures, but will not appear as horror creatures, and it's a drama... seriously? Wow, why didn't they just make up an entirely new show? Honestly I had little interest before, now its for sure gone! Come on now, even Stevie Wonder could see they are trying for the "true blood" "twightlight" crowd and I hope that even they won't fall for it. Can't wait for this turd to drop!
  18. I guess that's the main thing, the night shift is only cool as long as you're not missing out on something else in the process. And if you get to deal with fewer people at night too, otherwise having to deal with people like you would during the day just ruins the whole point. I guess I stand corrected. Much respect to the night shifters here. I was telling the people who may be taking over my night job over at the hotel how easy it is. Honestly its the easiest money I have ever made in my life. If I didn't work two jobs or I didnt need to sleep, no problem, but say I work Monday at my
  19. Wheeljack, being an "office guy" suits me well. Myself, I work with spreadsheets some, but most I maintain the non-technical side of our main bank processing software. I mostly process daily happenings of the bank and trouble shoot issues our managers have with our products. I didn't go to college really, I have taken three classes and only completed two of them. I just didn't care for it. Honestly I feel like I make decent enough money to get by, as long as Ive got my wife and money for figures, I am fine. What I love most about working here is the time off I get. I work the standard 40 h
  20. HDTV finally came today! So did my Panthor and NECA Predator figures... sweet-ass day today!

  21. Yeah man, I am with you on the Walking Dead being lame... I really want to like them, but the 5" scale kills it, plus the price of 15 is just too much for me. If I can get a 7" Predator figure or a 5" Walking Dead for the same price, I am going with what gives me more for my buck. I would have to be pretty hard up on figures to get any of the walking dead, which is too bad since I love the comics and show...
  22. It's a sad state of affairs my friend! I dont think anyone has touched any of the MK figures at my TRU
  23. Damn dude! Thats impressive! I am starting to worry about my health, not that anything bad has happened, but I really just need to dedicate myself to the day job now. Seriously, here's to all the night hours people! It's tough staying up all night and never sleeping, no matter how long you do it, you never get used to it.
  24. Breathe dammit, breathe! Yes, we've got a pulse, but it's weak... TOPIC REVIVED! OK anyhow, here I am, at the night job, for the last time ever, hopefully. It's been 2 and a half years, which is about 2 years too long. I work night audit for a second job a few nights a week and man, I am really glad to finally have it end. I hate it here, I hate listening to stupid complaints and having to listen to people try and weasel there way into a free night stay. I hate running to people's rooms at 2 am to show them how to change channels on the remote (seriously, it's happened) I hate ex
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