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  1. Long time, no post from me, but Im back baby! Anyway, sorry if there is already a thread for this, but I was really looking forward to getting the new Thundercats line that launched today, but I see Lion-O is already gone. Anyone know if they will be releasing more throughout the day like I remember them doing in the early days on MOTUC?
  2. I didn't see the show, but I know Jason Frank is still huge into the PR property. If you like his page on facebook or instagram, youll see he is constantly self promoting, and I say good for him. Embrace it dude, own it! He seems like a very positive guy, very optimistic, a few months back he was randomly calling people who sent him there phone numbers.
  3. While I would rather have other figures like Casey, Shredder, Krang, etc, I will still get the movie turtles. I wanna support this line, I dont want it to go the way of my other two favorite childhood-remake lines, Ghostbusters and ThunderCats. I am also fine with a bunch of variations of the Turtles too, just like the old line. So common Star Trek Turtles! Both are prime for another action figure crossover! Looking forward to seeing the other three movie turtles.
  4. Hey guys, I see amazon is having a flash sale today on some DC New 52 Figures and the SH Figuarts Red and Pink Rangers! Just a heads up!

  5. Thats what I was thinking. The way the email reads, it just sounds like they will be sending out the surveys and you can order whatever then.
  6. Good idea! If you want to get the Minotaur he's only available today, but the duck should be there when they go on sale again.
  7. I wanted to get a few figures ordered, but I found out my bonus I was planning on using for this turned out to be a subscription to a jelly of the month club... or I wont be getting it for a 90 days. Anyway, I did order a Minotaur the Duck! Now if only I could take some of this and fast forward a few months...
  8. Which ones are you getting? I want to back these, but I am not sure which ones I want. I want to get atleast two in one order, so it's a draw between the duck, the vulture, and the screaming eagle. Probably go the duck and eagle route and pick up a vulture down the road.
  9. It went on sale the Wednesday after SDCC and was sold out in minutes... :( People that waited all day online since monday missed out also. They were gone in 6 minutes. My friend got lucky I was at work when it went up. I did not get one but have one coming from a friend from sdcc but I paid more. I was trying to get another one and was on all morning Tuesday and Wednesday. But missed when I was at work. The worse thing is I would of went on my break a few minutes earlier. I might of had a chance. I hear Hasbro is horrible when you want to get these exclusives Its actually worst than Digital River if you can believe that... It is, last year I tried getting my wife Hasbro's Derpy Hooves Pony Exclusive, it would be up, then gone, up, then gone, most frustrating thing exclusive Ive ever tried to get.
  10. I can't think of anything, aside from prop replicas, that would warrant that kind of money. Why would they price something so high? You priced yourself right out of the game for me. Thanks guys! As if that WEAK Dana "figure" wasn't a sad enough end, now they go and do this. Awesome.
  11. You mean you HAVE to connect to the internet to play a game? Say it aint so!
  12. Just HAD to throw it out there that you go to the gym didn't you? Weekends are harder, more stuff going on, when my wife is around I can't dedicate as much time as I want.
  13. I just went ahead and restarted it that day anyway, played till about when I have to throw that baseball or whatever at that couple and havent touched it since. Dead Rising has been a lot of fun so far, Im at the part where I need to get on my bike and I guess fight that other guy? Still a lot of fun. I bet your excited for the new Injustice DLC arent ya? My wife doesnt get off till 9 or so, Im down to play if you want.
  14. Hey guys, been a while since I posted, just haven't bought many figures lately. Been playing a lot of games lately, Assassins Creed 2 was available for dl for free last week on xbox live, so played that a little, it seems like a fun game, still trying to get the controls down though. Also been rotating around on the PS3 between Dead Rising 2, Red Dead Undead Nightmare, and the stand by, Black Ops 2. Still havent touched BioShock Inf, since the incident, not sure if I mentioned it here but I was over half way though the game, my brother in law wanted to try so I let him play, and since this is one of those "check every corner" kind of games, I figured Id just restart the chapter since I wasnt far into it anyway. So when I went to load it up, it saved my progress, but not my weapons, powers, or money. Been mad ever since. What have you guys been playing?
  15. Wow has it already been over a year since this thread was last touched? Well looks like Matty is finally doing an Ecto-1 vehicle! Hurray! With a $225 price point.... really. Common guys, I love the GB, my faves right up there with Thundercats and TMNT, but no way I am going to shell out that much money. Are you kidding me? Im sure some people are all about it and can swing that kind of money on this hobby, but I am not. Yeah I know I can save 20 or 30 a month, but thats not the point, I just dont want to hand Mattel that kind of money and just get an ecto that will sit on a shelf. You can feel Mattel trying to get ever penny out of us for their GB lines, and with good reason, its a great property. I would rather have just had more figures then this. Thanks but no thanks Mattlel, not at that price. I know its supposed to come with all the bells and whistles, but I just dont care for the way Mattel handled this line, and Id still be pretty happy with a vehicle minus all that if it was under $100, even still though its an easy pass. Just like Mr Stay Puft. Speaking of, anyone wanna take a bet on when these will be recalled due to yellowing?
  16. I heard somewhere that they are the original molds and the packaging is slightly different too. I still have my four turtles that the rereleased back in 2000, but I dont have a Shredder or Splinter, so Ill grab those. As much as I want a turtle van, $60 is a bit much for me. Pretty cool though!
  17. I really enjoyed the movie and so did my wife. We both agree its the best Superman movie yet, even better then the original (is it just me, or do people wear rose tinted glasses when it comes to the first one? It's not that great)
  18. When I said a new Mario title, I don't mean the Super Mario Bros games, I mean like Mario Galaxy or something. Ive heard rumblings about a new Zelda, but I would need to see it to believe it. WiiU just feels like its not a big enough step forward. The graphics look like current gen consoles, and they STILL don't play blu rays, can they even play DVD's? I understand some people just don't care about that, but it's annoying that it can't play it on my current Wii. Plus nintendo titles seem to fall flat for me, save for the big inhouse titles, I don't really play Wii. Been playing more and more Gears, it's been a lot of fun, but I dunno, something about it just feels off. Dunno if anyone here watches 10 For The Win, but they did an episode about the new Gears game. Steve goes "Oh man, I LOVE Gears, I can't wait to play as Marcus Pheonix!" and Larsen says "You don't play as Marcus, you play as Baird" and Steve just replies a dissappointed "Oh..." That summed up exactily how I felt. The game is fine, but it seems to be the exact same thing over and over. Level starts with a bunch of guns and ammo and you can choose to do that extra mode to make it harder, then start the game, survive the wave, and onto the next ammo and gun filled check point. Lather, rinse, and repeat. I will rent it for one more night then I am out of redbox free game rentals. Anyone else here getting BioShock? I ordered mine from Bestbuy but it wont be here till Thursday.
  19. EvilHayato is waiting for a fighting game, what a shocker! That's almost as implausible as me waiting on a Call of Duty title! I will admit a new Mario title might be enough for me to get a WiiU also, but I would love a Zelda title much more by far.
  20. Hmm I havent heard anything about it, Im not saying its a bad system or anything, but it would take a new Zelda for me to get one.
  21. Hey guys, havent posted much lately, just havent been much in the mood and been kinda busy. Been playing a ton of games lately, well a ton for me atleast. Work is kind of slow today so I thought I would mention a few games I've been playing recently and what I think of them. Downloaded the newest map pack for Black Ops 2 (yeah I know nobody here plays it except for maybe Spystreak) and I've been playing the crap out of the new Die Rise zombie map. I love playing CoD Zombies, infact I wish it was it's own full, stand alone game. Just make it Treyarch,. Rented Tomb Raider a few weeks ago, really a wonderfully rendered game. I was playing on the 360 in my bedroom on an SDTV and even then I thought it looked amazing. The game play was very solid too, I never really got into the series so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was fun. Got a Windows 8 phone and Im really enjoying it. Mostly because I get achievements from playing games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja added to my gamertag (yep, finally over 1000). Both those games are tons of fun too, but I think games that involve d-pads just dont work on touch screen. I don't know, but playing Earthworm Jim just didn't feel the same. Redboxed the new God of War, really a good game, but feels a lot like the third one. Still a fun game, even if I have to explain to my wife why they have to show women's breasts in the game (my defense is always "I didn't design the game" and "It's just pixels") I noticed early on you can spam the grab and throw over and over and you can get through just about anything. Take that for what its worth, good or bad. The new Gears of War is again, a good game and more of the same. So far a lot of the levels have felt the same, now I am not too deep into it, but it feels like just more and more corpses to grind (and is that really such a bad thing?) Good solid game, definately one to play with your buddies. Played the new Metal Gear game too, a lot of fun and feels a lot like Ninja Gaiden. Not a bad thing at all, infact when I saw my brother playing it at first I mistook it for Ninja Gaiden, and that is a compliment! Definately a game I would be interested in picking up for myself, I'll just wait for the price to drop. Now to round it all out, I preordered the new BioShock Infinite and man, I am excited for this one! I love BioShock, I love the environments in the first two and I look forward to the dramatic change from the underwater to the sky. Should be a blast to play and I am hoping for a compelling story. Final thoughts, I am really looking forward to more and more news about the PS4 and 720. Now I myself won't be getting either when the first come out, but eventually I want to own both. As for the Wii U... I just havent seen anything that makes me want it. Short of a new Zelda title, I don't think I will be getting the Wii U anytime soon.
  22. I've haven't bought any new figures at all since about the beginning of December, I thought I was done collecting for the most part, infact I've sold off a decent size chunk of my figures. This line REALLY looks great and I would for sure get a few of them, not every single one, but I love the Duck, The Phoenix, The Vulture, Rooster, and Griffin, so I'd probably want those to go along with my elephant and cat's I've already got from them. They put out good stuff for sure.
  23. Ya I would file a complaint. I bought something off ebay at the begining of the year and the person sent it to me with $16 postage due (which was insane and the guy was trying to stick it to me for winning with low bids) anyhow, my wife gets home one day and there is an SUV in the drive way and a USPS mail lady waiting. My wife walks up and the woman explains she has a package with $16 due, so my wife asked her to hold on a second while she calls and asks me if she should do it (and the answer was "no") first call was to my cell and I didn't answer, so she hangs up and starts to dial my work number and the postal worker goes "I dont have all day" which is NOT something you should say to my wife. My wife and her got into an argument and the woman left. I called and complained about it that afternoon and they gave me a case number, the next day the womans supervisor called me to ask what happened. I explained and he was very apologetic, saying she would be dealt with (I told them her exact name) I was very surprised they actually followed through and called me to get more facts about it. I was pretty unhappy with the whole thing, but surprised by the post office's quick reaction.
  24. RockthePlank is back from the grave with a vengence! Double XP Weekend on CoD, whose game?

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      cool I'll be on later tonight though I'm terrible at Black ops 2 since I haven't unlocked my master gun yet

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      spystreak is so badass he echoes each post.. :P im in im in im innn..... im innnn..

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  25. Yeah, A&E really pushes the limits sometimes. If you liked the walking dead and enjoy gritty shows, I gotta recommend Breaking Bad. Watch the first few seasons of it, and you will see some grit and grime that will leave you begging for more.
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