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  1. that would be cool if they used the design from the game for a hulkbuster toy, heck id even take a resculpted and repainted iron monger
  2. it really doesnt seem like that hard of a custom fig to pull off, but cool pic man, pretty well done,what program did u use?
  3. isnt this the only line that will be $15 bucks because most of the figs are face-off sized hulks, and they build for a 20 inch Fing Fang Foom, i dont think this price will stick for long, it'll only be for this line, so i dont see why everyone is complaining, they'll go back to $10.99 after this. ^^^ and the whole increase of 25% just sounds like made up BS
  4. ya i hope the supposed new toy line is based off of some of these, i wonder if you fight the hulk in the game? that would be sweet, but that sucks the silver centurion suit is exclusive to the xbox 360, i have the ps3 but id rather have the silver centurion over the ultimate suit, plus the SC is his most powerful out of that line up i think you might be able to fight the hulk though, at least maybe you can fight ironman in the hulk game cause i found this:
  5. i dont care, i just want me a new "back in black" spidey (GREAT idea though with the scarlet spider), but as far as variants go it'll probably variants of Union Jack, Adam Warlock, and US agent, simple because they'd be the easiest to do
  6. i was sizing them up last night and different characters and different versions of each character are different sizes, for example the HML FF line Silver Surfer is a 6 inch scale fig, and it would fit perfectly under the Iron Man Movie Mark 3 toy, the SS seemed like he would fit perfectly under it, i also put a Iron Man Movie Mark 3 next to the biggest/tallest 5 inch fig i have (SM3 Venom) and he would be way to small to fit under the armor, so i think its safe to call the new iron man toys 6 inch, and the SS toy scaled at a height of 6'4, and 225 pounds could easily be put under the armor(the IM toy is about 1/4 of an inch over him), heck even the Namor and Human torch were slightly smaller than the Mark 3 true but the ones that are closest in scale and proportion towards each other are:the modular/face off Iron Man, Modern Iron Man (hes a bit too tall), Hulkbuster & Thorbuster(as i said before the modular armor would fit under perfectly as in the comic books), and the movie line isnt far off for being in proportion to the Modular armor (its almost perfect there just not as big in the hands, and biceps), the really off and odd ones are the ones from Toybiz Series 1, Silver centurion from series 7, the War machine from the Galactus series, and the one from the mojo series. there just a bit to bulky in the chest and the arms are to long and wide, they are actually a bit bigger than the others, they even look kinda simian like with the big arms, but if they were a bit smaller almost all the ironman figs would be close to a consistent proportion.
  7. check out cool new clip, shows mark 2 in flight and the HUD inside the helmet: Apple Exclusive Iron Man Clip: Some Times You Have To Run Before You Walk
  8. same problem here, im hoping to get the black torso one, more comic accurate
  9. didnt they already release some episode on single dvds, not season wise but like different story arcs, cause my friend has the green goblin arc. oooooo wait i think i just found something, i think the first season is already out, i googled it and found this: i found it here
  10. these ones are from the first movie so id believe they are in the 6 inch scale
  11. Cat, where did you get these guys? I didn't even know they actually existed, I thought they were just rumors. Wow, your collection is top notch. these guys can be found in the clearance section of toy r us, their notorious for having them (well actually ive only ever seen the Thing with spider, Doombot, and the Mr. Fantastic) but there hard to find because ever once in a great while toys r us will get a box and instantly put them on clearance so collectors get them at a low price, plus whats cool it that there 6 inch scale since there from the first movie, best thing i would say it to ask a worker at your local toys r us to check for any more boxes from the clearance first movie fantastic four line, sometimes if a line goes on clearance the store will hold all the other boxes until the clearance ones are gone then they just refill pegs. good luck hunting
  12. You could say that for ML series 8 Modern Iron man in regards to proportion. Since these are toys people can display them any way they choose whether you agree with them or not. Deal with it. Who's telling you how to display your figs??? Personally, I could not care less if you put them on your shelves next to your Smurf collection. "Deal with it"??? Seems like you're the one who needs to be "dealing" with the right of others to express a contrary position. #US1# IMST hate to burst yer bubble there, but most of the ML iron men are also way too thin. modern armor, anyone based off the classic armor, etc. are way too thin. hell, tho only ones that arent are hulkbuster and thorbuster, and hes too tall. and agian, its probably designed to be more streamlined. So you agree? PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!! #US1# IMST well actually there(Hulkbuster and thorbuster) pretty much it perfect synch with the Modular Armor/Face-off Ironman because the Modular Armor has to fit under the HulkBuster and ThorBuster armor, so really the HulkBuster and ThorBuster armors are just attachments over the Modular armor, so it has to be smaller than those ones. for the ML series 1 and the repaints of it (silver centurion & war machine), they're the ones out of proportional there just to big, and the arms hang down kinda ape like, Modern Armor and Ultimate armor are not perfect but not to far off, the movie toys are in the same boat, there a tiny bit smaller but still obviously 6 inch scale, plus we cant judge how big the guy inside would be because we dont know the density or thickness of the armor. now if you compare the 6 inch scale movie suit to say a 5 inch scale SM3 movie spiderman, the suit would be too big for him. the only movie toy that really out of proportion is the Iron Monger (hes too small), cause from the previews we can see that (lets say a 6 foot tall man) an averaged sized man is supposed to fit in the entire chest area with about a foot worth of his arms and legs into the appendages of the suit (i.e. his hands would be in the shoulders and his feet would be in the balls of the legs).
  13. Take off the armor, he's a 5"-figure. The armor's too small. #US1# IMST ya but if you look at the iron man guys from the face-off two packs their smaller than these new guys so they still fit in, plus there barely smaller than the ML ones
  14. Take off the armor, he's a 5"-figure. The armor's too small. #US1# IMST ya but if you look at the iron man guys from the face-off two packs their smaller than these new guys so they still fit in, plus there barely smaller than the ML ones
  15. wow man i really love your guys site, the pics are high resolution, it shows great detail, and you guys have like every figure
  16. i found one of my favorite Marvel Legends sites (Marvel Legends)has a cool update. really cool custom, one could only wish for a wide release like this one^^^ see his full gallery here:Iron Man Movie Toys
  17. ya its basically the version on the back of the box, so it technically unpainted:
  18. oh those are pretty cool looking, but im going to pass since there still 5 inch scale
  19. ya i just found both Premium Opitmus Prime and Megatron last night, i didnt have the forty bucks to get the OP so i stashed him and im hoping to go back tomorrow and pick him up
  20. wow, man here in southern california, they got rid of the sm3 figs at the beginning of march, now all we have is the spiderman h+v lines, and im being truthfully honest, i went to wal-mart yesterday and they were already new peg warmers, they were way over stocked with the hero line, but they were stocked well with the venom, doc oct, and new goblin figs. but i already picked up the venom and new gob figs from the spiderman trilogy marvel legends line
  21. i think the one with the blue repulser and blue eyes is a running change, i guessing they changed it to be more movie accurate, i still like the red one thought, it looks more sinister, but i might pick up the blue one since its movie accurate
  22. actually we only have one black spidey sculpt (spidey classics is the only one that comes to mind), plus this one is supposed to be sculped after his "Back in Black" costume, which has minor variation between the spider symbol, but it would be cool to get a new sculpt heres the story i originally read about it last november: Hasbro Marvel Legends series 5 it gives a slight explanation of what era/costumes the figs are based on
  23. i remember it having some kinda of smash action though, i dont really like figures like that cause most of the time it messes with the articulation, but i thought this one looked pretty good.
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