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  1. Sigh...I've been waiting all week for this, and there's not one figure there I want. And no, I'm not blaming Hasbro for that or anything...I know I'm pretty picky about what characters I like, and they put out a nice variety of characters and most of them look great. I was just hoping there would be one figure I could get excited about...a new Spiderman villain or something. Just a bit dissappointed that there isn't anything there for me. Can't win 'em all, I guess. Ah well, at least they're bringing Red Skull to Superhero squad. I thought we'd never see him there. I wouldn't mind seeing pics of Carnage either, as I don't see any in the gallery. Even if he's just a repaint...he is my favorite Marvel character, so I'll probably get him.
  2. Chameleon. They've made all my favorite villains except him. Please Hasbro, give Dmitri some love!
  3. I was thinking about this today, and even though I don't think the line will be canceled, if it was, I'm thinking I'd probably be okay, as the vast majority of characters I still want are Spiderman-based, and I would assume that they would still be releasing the new Spiderman Classics line...so I would still have a chance to see them. Or do you think they would cancel this line as well? I think there are only 4 non-Spidey characters I want-Crossbones, Gladiator, Erik the Red and Morph from the X-men TV series (yeah, I know.......I don't want to hear it! ). But I could probably live without them (which is probably a good thing since I'm pretty sure the latter two will never see the light of day even if the line continues). I would feel bad for the people who still have long wantlists though.
  4. I think I spent around $60.00 for Red Skull once. I could not find him cheaper anywhere, and I looked and looked. And I really wanted him, so I finally just broke down and coughed up the $$$ Meh, he was worth it. I love him.
  5. Demogoblin It's not that the one we got was horrible or anything, but I don't really like him. He's just a bit too grotesque for my taste. I know he's a demon and all, but he never looked quite that hidious in the comics I read featuring him. I would prefer him released with a slightly more cartoony look. Btw, Xmenstorm1, why don't you like Pyro? I thought he was a terrific figure, and one of my favorites. Just curious
  6. Also, people tend to be annoyed by all caps and four thousand question marks and/or exclamation points in titles of posts...the posts come across as obnoxious and immature. I'm sorry you're getting attacked, and perhaps you have some valid points when you tell others to be nicer, but I see you're perfectly okay with telling others how to act while not seeming to be willing to moderate your own behavior. You seem to be bugging others here as much as they're bugging you. I mean, heck, I've only been posting here for a few weeks (I've been lurking longer, but certainly not nearly as long as most of these others have been posting here), I'm a girl, I'm excitable, and I love Carnage almost as much as you seem to love Storm, and yet... You drive me nuts too. So I can only imgaine how much it must bug some of the more mellow veterans of the site. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean, and I think you have just as much right to be here as anyone else, but maybe you should try and work on your "nettiquette." You can't change how people react to you, but you can change your own behavior if it's causing trouble. Good luck, and again, sorry if I came across as mean. Just trying some brutal honesty.
  7. Ha! You still can't play with them, so Just kidding, glad you were able to get figs you like better.
  8. Heroes or villains? I'd certainly snap up a Maximum Carnage villain box set in a heartbeat.
  9. Personally, I'd rather have new characters than rereleases. I can always buy ones I've missed (quite a few, given that I'm a latecomer to the game) on Ebay. I'd only want rereleases if the first figures were really crappy (Hydroman, I'm looking at you, buddy). But I can live with it if they do a bunch of rereleases too. It would be cool if they'd ease up on the Wolverines for a while though.
  10. Oh my, I hope Gambit's head can turn. That looks painful @loll@
  11. Well, I know there are supposedly a lot of these posts around here, but there hasn't been one since I joined, so this is the first chance I've had to write down my wishlist: -Chameleon (I want him most of all, as he's my favorite Marvel villain after Carnage) -Shriek (my Carnage figure is lonely ) -Doppelganger -Carrion (I'd prefer first appearance, but how he looked during Maximum Carnage is fine too) -The Owl -Tarantula -Crossbones -Kaine -Spidercide -Scarlet Spider (a better one) -Venom's other symbiote offspring (Scream, Riot, Lasher, Phage, Agony. I know those aren't their official names, but I don't know what else to call them) Hybrid as well. They might make a cool boxed set. -Alistair Smythe -A better Hydroman -Erik the Red (Davan Shakari) -Gladiator -The Jury (would be another cool boxed set, although I don't know how much interest there would be. I've always thought they were cool though) -Grey Goblin And now a few that I don't think have a snowball's chance in hell of being made, but would love to see nonetheless: -Protogoblin -She-Venom II (the poor, overlooked symbiote. Yeah, the comic it was from sucked, but still... ) -Morph from the X-men TV series (I don't want to hear it, comic purists! I loved him ) -Guardian and Jack, Spiderman's two obscure, overlooked clones. Yeah, they didn't last too long, but I have hopes of Kaine and Spidercide eventually being made, and it would be cool to have all of Spidey's (named) clones. I remember Jack essentially functioned as Jackal's "Mini Me," so hey...he could be included with a Jackal figure if one is ever made, kinda like Howard the Duck was included with the Silver Surfer. Guardian is tougher to fit in, but he's big and burly like Kaine...maybe a "variant" figure for Kain if he's ever released? Yeah, probably not, but hey, it's a thought. A muddled thought, but a thought nonetheless
  12. What's with all the hate? It's the internet, that's what Seriously, this board seems pretty darn tame compared to some of the boards I've been a member of. ARROW does have some very good points though. The trick will be getting an appreciable number of people to listen to them. Otherwise, just try not to let it bother you. We can't control how others are going to act; we can only control ourselves.
  13. Your ass-chewing is duly noted, so I looked up lead vapors, and yes, they're poisonous. However, they are only created from melting lead, so as long as you're not planning to turn the figures into soup, they should be fine to have around.
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