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  1. This is me... That's me in my room...getting ready to go out. Don't look at the mess back there... And that's me in a strange pose...don't even remember why i was making that face... And just for fun...that's my bf's chihuahua at the beach. Isn't she a cutie!?
  2. I'm really excited with all these 'special edition" dvds. I didn't have Alice, Aladin, Lion King II, and now i can't wait to have Mulan, which is my favorite movie! I think these special edition dvds are just a strategy for getting more people to buy them. I experienced this with Mulan and Lion King II: I was out and about looking for these on dvd and they tell me "they stopped selling them". Which meant that i had to wait for the "special edition" dvd of both movies. Don't act surprised when you see this huge boxed set with all Disney movies in it. That would be cool for somebody who hasn't bought any of them.
  3. Have to add another one, or maybe recommend it...13 Going on 30 . I actually cried on this one, but it was so funny to watch her get used to her "new life" as a 30 yr old woman. Along Came Polly was hillarious, but i was expecting more from Rodolfo .
  4. It could count but only if it made you go "aaaaawwwwwww" My favorite chick movie (i bought the dvd and the soundtrack) is 10 Things I Hate About You . I'm not a fan of movies like these but this one, for me, it's so different. I love it!!!
  5. ladyliquid


    Saw it on friday and i'm not happy with it. First of all, why did they have to add the funny black dude who doesn't have any idea of how serious the situation is and makes a joke out of everything? Second of all, i didn't understand the ending... Third, wasn't as scary as the first one. The action was good though. Don't know what else to day, just didn't like it... @hmmm@ Oh, and those weren't just nipples....they were huge...everyone in the theater was like "whoa..."
  6. ladyliquid


    I'm also excited abou this one! I'm dragging my bf to go and see it tonight!
  7. It was ok. I also was expecting some lame robot movie but i ended up loving it. The plot, effects, music, the ending... Not a dvd i would buy though. Will makes a really good impression on the beginning of the movie.
  8. Saw New York Minute and Prince & Me at work last night...
  9. Oh, that explains a lot...thanx! And the fact that it's one movie divided in two, doesn't mean the first part can't be better than the second part and vice versa. The same happened with LotR and that was one movie divided into three.
  10. You didn't like it!? Maybe you wanted to see more fighting, right? DON'T READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT!!! I liked it because if they would've fought.... the way the movie was going (the Bride having a good time with her daughter and then having this conversation with Bill about where and when they would fight); I thought it would've been too planned...They did want to fight but i like to think that they both thought that it would've been difficult so she just used the hand movement thingy (forgot it's name). You know something i didn't like at all? The part where Budd shot her and she just....i don't know...healed or something because when she got out of the grave she looked like she wasn't feeling a thing... @hmmm@
  11. I watched it last night after getting out of work at 1 a.m. I was tired, sleepy but the movie kept me on the edge of my seat until 3 a.m. when it finished! I have to say that there are less fight scenes than the first one but the emotional sequences sure compensate for that. Yes, there is a lot more talking but it's completing the story so i didn't mind at all. I was happy to see that the fight scene with Bill didn't go like i was imagining. My favorite fight in this movie was the one with Elle Driver ( i couldn't wait for the Bride to fight that b!tch!). This movie was far more emotional; maybe that's why i liked it more than the first one. You see a bunch of new characters, get to know a lot more stuff about our Bride and there's a lot of backstory so it's pretty interesting. So far, this is all i have to say about it. So go buy this one tomorrow first thing in the morning!!!! Or if you wanna wait for the boxed set then rent it... I give this movie 4 popcorns! ( Too lazy to look them up )
  12. This is what i've found about Kill Bill...it was in some forum (forgot to get the name of it)...but i think that what's coming for Christmas is his entire collection.
  13. Is there another trailer? Because the one they show here is about some anti-aging thing comercial. @hmmm@
  14. Right now i'm losing sleep over the RotK Extended Edition .
  15. Why isn't this in the MOVIE forum?
  16. Yes, you can see them; and personally, i think the costumes were brilliant. The first monster you see looks pretty cool and scary. I wish the monster thing would've been real . That would have made the movie sooooo much better. @hmmm@
  17. Thank God i saw the movie before reading that post... @grumpy@ Now DG what the hell were you thinking when you wrote that!? Would you like it if i told you how some LL movie would have ended!?? I bet you don't... And where the hell were the mods when he posted this!!?? And yes, i hate it spoilers with a passion you don't know! Ahem, ok... I saw the movie last night and i was a bit disappointed. It wasn't as scary as i thought it would be, but the actors were awsome. I love Joaquin Poenix's character, i've never seen him doing a person so quiet and shy, you know. The end of the story was what disappointed me more because it was obvious...and it's sad because most of his movies had this twists that you would never expect. Anyways, the story was pretty good and it kept you wondering what would happen next. I woldn't buy the dvd, but i could rent it to watch it one more time. I'll give it 2 1/2 popcorns. Oh, and an idea about the damn spoilers JayC; you could make spoiler tags, like the ones you use when you quote somebody. I've seen them in another forums and they have worked pretty well.
  18. I laughed pretty much with this movie but in my opinion it doesn't compare with Elf or Dodgeball......now i can't wait for those two to come out on dvd. For me, Anchorman will be a movie only to rent. But it was pretty funny though.
  19. It was a pretty good movie. My bf didn't think it was so funny but he laughed more than i did! At first they talk a bit much, but for me the tournament was the best part. It just looks so funny whenever they get hit by a ball! Not the type of movie i'd buy but it was pretty good!
  20. I loved Signs, so i'm pretty sure i'm also gonna like this one. Gonna watch the trailer now!
  21. Spidey gets my vote too. The other movies are like, so little beside him.
  22. I'm really sad and disappointed with this movie. The story went by sooo fast and it seemed as things happened just because they had to. Like Aunt Marge; she did say very nasty stuff about Harry's parents but they should've waited some more before he got soooo angry that had blow her up; it happened because it had to. It had too many funny dialogues and that took out many of the seriousness of the story. I mean, for those who havent' read the books: did you found out who were Padfoot, Wormtail, Moony and Prongs? Did you know that Sirius, Lupin, Pettigrew and Harry's dad were good friends at school? Did you know why all of them were animagus? Those little details would've added a lot more dramatism to the story. Oh, and why does Snape hates Harry so much? Those were things that didn't hurt at all to add them in the movie and they could've taken out stuff like Harry riding his new broom. I enjoyed the movie after all, just because it's Harry Potter and i love everything related to him, but i was expecting a lot more from Cuaron. Oldman and Thewlis were great though! I, unfortunately, have to give it @popcorn@ @popcorn@ out of four.
  23. First of all, get ready to laugh from beginning to end! The movie is really funny; you see a couple of references to other movies, but not as much as the first part. I'll talk about spoilers when more people see the movie, but i would've liked them to be more funny, like the Matrix scene in the first part. Anyways, the puss in boots is so cute!! I saw the movie in spanish but i plan to see it in english tomorrow; i'm really curious to hearing how Antonio Banderas talks as the puss in boots. You're gonna love every new character and you're gonna see some of the ones from the first movie. The story is a bit more complicated than in the first movie and it's more touching. You're gonna see what Shrek is willing to do and give away for Fiona and, if you've seen the trailer, if Fiona's parents are really against their marriage or not. I give this movie @popcorn@ @popcorn@ @popcorn@ and a half. I didn't give it four because one of the parodies about a movie they made could've been better...you'll see. But everyone should go see this movie!!! Oh, and stay during the end credits for a lil' surprise.
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