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  1. Also, I am a little amazed at how a request for Ultimate X-men figures turned into a blog about gay comic book figures... amazing.
  2. well in the ultimate universe colossus is. in the normal marvel universe there's Wiccan and Hulkling from the young avengers. Karolina (Lucy in the Sky) and Xavin from runaways. granted both are questionable since a member of each couple is a skrull and can change gender. granted in the new runaways story arc xavin is identify itself more as a female when she lost control of her emotions and reverted to female form. Northstar is in both 616 and ultimate. Flatman from the GLA is. you forgot about the hinted at relationship tween Rictor and Shatterstar, or the very real but doomed relationship tween Quasar and Moondragon. Also, If Spidey is gay, and that third movie is to blame more than Quesada btw, I am hoping his first time is either with Flash Thompson, or a very awkward and painfull romp with Doc Ock...
  3. Well the plan always was for him to do 24 (or 25) issues in the first place. So there is still one more to go before the new writer (Warren Ellis, I believe) takes over. Wheedon's last ish is supposed to be double sized. Just can't seem to get it out. My question is, do we even care how it ends at this point? Kitty's gone. We found that out in a book OTHER than the one she stared in No matter how or why, there will always be the chance that we'll see her again. So so what? The issues are so few and far between I don't even remember most of what happened before (something about Colossus destroying an alien world? We all know HE comes out all right). Just cancel AXM. We're fine without it. This comes from a hard core X Men fan. i still think they should keep the book around, as long as it comes out more than once every 4-6 months. It's is Whedon's fault. All of his books take forever to come out. And based on Ellis's run on Thunderbolts, I really don't think that the delays are ever going to change.
  4. My theory is Samson. He is intellectually smart enough to plot and use weapons as the new Hulk is. And his attack on She-Hulk and Iron Man show a level of guile that the green hulk never had. Sampson would have the psychological knowledge to be able to take control of the beast. Notice the change in hairdo. When the hulk attacked the Helicarrier, did anyone see where Sampson was, after he was seperated from Ross? My thought on how... excess gamma radiation given off at the end of WWH, or could it be that Banner gave blood to save his dying friend... hence the problem with Rick, and proving to be the villain of it all, Sampson stole some, used it on himself giving himself elevated gamma reading, hence the fact that he is even giving off radiation.
  5. that would have been really cool. My mole man is very lonely....
  6. I was grading the shitty movies, to me, of the modern marvel movies (shitty don't compare if you have seen Roger Cormen's Fantastic Four) Spiderman 3 is the Worst. FF 2and Hulk were dissapointing, but not like Spidey 3. after the first two, to go to that... the only reason Sam Rami should not be dragged into the streets and shot is cause I give him a pass for giving us the Evil Dead trilogy. And don't get me started with the way X3 killed off Cyclops... to me the only real reason that was done, casue Wolverine is the cash cow, and everyone knows that if Scott was allowed to live, it would have been a movie about Scott and Jean and Wolvie would not have been allowed to be the hero at the end.
  7. As you should be upset. if I came off as bashing, I am not. I just think that if your only exposure to the wonderfull world of marvel, has only been the movies (which have been wonderfull with the exception of Spiderman 3, if you liked it, good for you, I almost walked out when they had him acting a fool at the night club), the video games (again, love the games, have plaid them all and loved them all, cannot wait till Ultimate Marvel Alliance 2), and the cartoons (I have watched them and the closest we have gotten to a comic accurate cartoon was the Spiderman one from the 90's and that got off topic near the end). But in truth, I am and always be a comic guy. I started reading them at three and have continued doing so for the last 26 years of my life. My point was, and if id did not come across as such, I am sorry, that the comics are so much more richer and have much more to offer in the way of history and characters. I used Storm as an example because her presentation in the cartoon was horrible. The movie was not much better. This is the woman who fought and earned the right to lead the X-men when she had no powers. She should not be second fiddle to anyone. She is a match for Cyclops and in the cartoon and in the movie, she was not even 2nd rate character until the 3rd movie and that was well cause they killed off Scott and the Prof, and Jean was the bad guy. I appreciate the passion that everyone feels for these characters, but I was just trying to say that there is more to the world of heroes than what was shown in the games, movies, or cartoons.
  8. I can see the Cap lines right now as a matter of fact... Wave 1 1) Captain America (Steve Rogers) 2) Winter Soldier 3) Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) 4) Red Skull -- business suit, interchangable heads, Lukin and Skull 5) Crossbones 6) Dr. Faustus 7) Sin 8) Raid Army Builder BAF -- Armin Zola Wave 2 1) Modern Captain America (James Buchanan Barnes) 2) USAgent (John Walker) 3) Spitfire 4) Modern Black Widow (designed from current run on Captain America) 5) Baron Blood 6) Master Man 7) Baron Zemo (Modern Version) 8) AIM Army Builder BAF -- AIM Mandroid Gee, I would buy these... and hmm, plenty of Cap villains and supporting cast. Enough you could say for a third wave... Wave 3 1) Nomad 2) Punisher Captain America 3) Flag Smasher 4) Mother Night 5) King Cobra 6) Batroc 7) Hate-Monger 8) Ultimatum Army Builder
  9. ok, 8 figs and a baf... and you can only have one wolverine... ok, here we go 1) "Here Comes Tomorrow" Wolverine -- Grant Morrison's Final bow as writer. Figure comes complete with his cowboy hat. 2) Wild Child 3) Civillain Sabretooth 4) "Here Comes Tomorrow" Beak -- Barnell is in the movie, although a changed version of him... sides Tito was visually awesome looking 5) Messiah Complex Deathstrike 6) Donald Pierce 7) Jubilee -- classic Jim Lee Style 8) Maverick BAF -- Cyber 2 Packs 1) Brown Costume Wolverine and Classic Shadowcat 2) Silver Samarai and Mariko 3) Samarai Logan and Ogun
  10. power owned (i have been wanting to say that foooooorever) and heres to hoping they never make a friggen animated morph action figure again the 5inch one even made me sick THANK YOU. The movies have come and gone. We no doubt will be receiving a lot of X-Men movie Centric figures next year when Wolverine comes out. (Please Deadpool Figure...). And the cartoon had its time and place. If you want Cartoon Figures, there was a whole 5inch figure line dedicated to the show. I really feel that the Marvel Legend line should be for Comic inspired figures Only. If a movie is coming out, fine let it have it's own line, and if Hasbro and Marvel feels the need for more, then on the Dvd release or after the movie figures inevitabley clearance out and stop warming the pegs, do a stand alone Legends line like the FF and Spiderman Sandman BAF. Tarot is correct, comics do hold a lot more. They have a rich history of characters that go back over 60 years. That is sixty years worth of characters that many people have followed, grown up following, and would love to see figures built of. Why do you think so many fans cry out for characters like Firestar, Polaris, and many many more. Neither of these figures have appeared in a movie, granted one was created for a television show, but she at least made her way into the comic world. But I digress. And as for the 90's X-Men cartoon. I watched it, and did I groan everytime they bastardized a character's origin, powers or personality. Hell yes, and I have a feeling I am not alone here. I have heard people refer and quote the show. Even some saying that Jubilee and Longshot were a couple due to that show. What the show should have done, as it was in the heat of X-men fame in the 90's was bring new readers on board. Am I a comic fanboy, who poo poo's on the movie figures and the thought of figures based on Video games and Cartoons. Yes, but I can at least say I learned to read from the works of Chris Claremont, Roy Thomas, and John Byrne. I am also the comic fan who thinks that as great as a first appearance Storm would be, I'd rather have the modern looking costume. And if your only exposure to a character like Storm has been the cartoon (which made her a stuck up goddess #$#@#) or the movies who never gave her role that she deserved on the team, then here are some key stories for you. Pick up any Uncanny X-men comic book from 162 thru 227. If you consider yourself a true storm fan then read the arc from 185-186. This will give you your first look at Forge as well and show the complexities of their relationship. Oh, and if you have always wanted to see Storm woop the ass of Cyclops, pick up 201, which is simply entitled Duel. And for sheer fun, pick up 244.
  11. deprave1

    I Wonder?

    Making a product a store specific exclusive is a money making concept. Think of the iron Man exclusive figures, what does it say on the front of each Figure. Wal-mart Exclusive. Target Exclusive. Trust me, it must take some money from the Stores to pull that off. Also, In order to get a display or a section of shelving, requires the manufacturer to buy it. I worked for Target, still have nightmares from my experience, but that is how it works. I too am kinda dissappointed that they will be exclusives, and am worried I won't get the figures I want, but what can you do about it. It has been decided. and for those of you that think this will be the end of ML, I don't think it will. Remember, the two packs, the Hulk line, they will be available everywhere.
  12. Yeah but it is gonna be hella cool. And for the record, havea hard time seeing us getting another wolverine when we are getting him in the Target wave. I wouldn't mind if we got Valkrye in one of the 2 packs since we know her mold is available and it does not look like we are going to gether in the hulk wave... how about Wrecker and Thunderball Piledriver and Bulldozer Moloid and Doombot Madrox and Purifier Enchatress and Executioner Starlord and Rocket Raccoon Valkrye and Titania (my defenders display is missing this one, and Creel needs his woman) Crossbones and Sin Red Skull and Winter Soldier -- skull gets a lukin head, wearing a suit, WS gets interchangeable arm (to allow for a red star and then the white star) and a long haired and short haired heads New Cap and Black Widow -- I know this has been mentioned before, but damn Epting draws a GREAT BW. Gamora and Drax Anhilation Soldier and Phalanx Modern Luke Cage and Jewel Hellcat and Son of Satan Havok and Polaris X-Man and Threnody Sebastion Shaw and Emma Frost
  13. Madrox and Helfire Club Agent Sue and Johny classic Blue and dark blue outfits just like the reed in the 2 pack with thing Aurora and Northstar Aim and Raid agent I have to say this, very excited about Marvel Legends in total this year. Going to be a great, but expensive way to end the year. 2 packs look good, both of the series look great, hopefully they will be released enough so I can actually get them.
  14. yeah I got a question, how about the Wrecking Crew, we heard at toyfare they had been put to molds. Can we get any news on that. Also, With Adam Warlock, is he going to have an interchangeable hand so he won't always have the infinity gauntlet?
  15. Now, I am not a a Hotwheels Vulture (I swear, I hated those bastards when I worked at Target), but I think I got an erection. Just excited that we are going to get Union Jack Still. I am stoked. The Hand Ninja is obviously a repainted Ronin, or vice versa, but still looks good to me. Kree and Skrull, Shield Agents, Forge. And I will still will get my Blackbolt and Nova. Any word on who wave 2 of the Fin Fang Foom BAF will be?
  16. Hellfire Club -- Sebastion Shaw, Selene, bad girl Emma Frost, Pierce, Leland, Mastermind Defenders -- Nighthawk, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Moondragon, New Doctor Strange Heroes of Asgard -- New Thor, Valkrye, the Warriors Three Villains of Asgard -- Classic Loki, Ulik, Enchantress, Executioner, Surtur New Warriors - Night Thrasher, Justice, Firestar, Namorita, Speedball Illuminati -- Dr. Strange, Prof X, Namor, Mr. Fantastic, Blackbolt, Iron Man Power Pack New Mutants -- Sunspot, Wolfesbane, Magik, Boomer, Warlock Wrecking Crew Alpha Flight -- Guardian, Vindicator, Puck, Aurora, Northstar, Snowbird Weapon X -- Wolverine, Sabertooth, Wildchild, Maverick, Deadpool, Fantomex
  17. Guys, I know how easy it is to panic on this. I am as nervous and worried as everyone else on the Future of ML. But Jayc is right, wait for Friday. We've already seen some of the 2 packs, the Hulk line. We know that ML is going to continue. Will it be reinvissioned as suggested. Maybe. Now if they change series 4 and say we get a Modern Nova outfit as compared to what we were getting, how many people will complain. I won't. This could be for the best. But if all we do is run around screaming the sky is falling, all you are going to do is freak other people out. And then when we find out everything is ok, it will be for nothing. If Hasbro was going to cancel ML, would we be getting the 2 packs, the Hulk line, Spiderman classics line? Would the movbie figures have all been moved back to the 6 inch scale. Afterall it is lower in cost to have kept the figures at the 5 inch scale as the FF and Spiderman 3 figures. Why move the scale back to 6 inch unless there were plans going further than a year... And I don't know about you guys, but series 3 has just started to reach a saturation level at stores in my area. They are not warming pegs like the LCBH figures are at the local Wally Worlds. They are still selling. Iron Man Movie figures are not yet available in every store or in great supply either. What we will probably see is Hulk movie and Legends Figures this summer. Sug or Sept the first release of 2 packs and or ML 4, and then in Nov/Dec the second set of 2 packs and/or ML5. This way each set has access to the be available to the market, and you don't overflow the market and end up with a lot of product that does not sell. Please see FF, Spiderman 3, and Ghost Rider as example.
  18. ireally want this.mockingbird was such a cool and short lived character.i hope the one that died was a skrull and the real one came out of the space ship. I too would love a Mockingbird and Hawkeye two pack. But I kinda doubt the Mockingbird in SI is the real deal. Most likely a skrull. Hulk and Caira would be awesome. But Jubilee and Longshot... that is downright laughable. If you did a two pack it could only be Dazzler and Longshot. Quoting one episode of a cartoon that was for the most part decent if not a bastardization of the comic does not make a couple. The only person I could see putting Jubilee with is a 90's Wolvie or if you are pushing it, Skin. How about Night Thrasher and Silhouette Rictor and Shatterstar X-man and Threnody Hellcat and Son of Satan (packaged as Damian Hellstorm since Son of Satan would not fly) Wild Child and Aurora Guardian and Vindicator New Cap and Modern Black Widow Nova and Namorita Mr. Immortal and Dinah Soar (closer getting a GLA figure set) Captain Britain and Megan
  19. Ok, here we go. My first list entry is going to include, something that I think is well to say the least, genius... but I have an ego. Shield 2pack Male and Female Shield Accessory Pack -- to be sold seperately or as a online exclusive, containing different heads of the main characters and that is it. We'd Get Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Contessa, Sharon Carter, GW Bridge, Gabriel Jones, Maria Hill, Tony Stark, and Erick O'Grady heads. Multiple Man -- who am I to complain on this one. Aim -- I have no one to play with Modok... he cries at night Cape Killer -- just what my unregistered figures need... Skrull -- product tie in with the big story this summer maybe Shi'ar -- sole fact this would make it necessary to make a Lilandra and Gladiator 2 pack sometime Kree -- pink or blue I don't care. I just want em! Phalanx -- getting this builder would guarantee a Conquest Ultron Mole men -- again, another lonely figure just waiting for an umpa lumpa to enslave Annhilation Army Ski Masked Thug -- my Kingpin needs some goons to boss around Flashback -- Alpha Flight fans will know who he is Purifiers -- teaching toy buyers the commercialization of unblinded hatred and persecution! Guardsman The Jury The Custom -- Marvel and Hasbro recognizing the tremendous ammount of people making their own favorite characters gives this as a special Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive. Male and female, primed no paint. changable arms, legs and head.
  20. Much better theory than Scarlet Witch. I agree. Wanda returning (and not sure that will ever happen...) will be a huge development, and just have a feeling it isn't her. Typhoid would make sense based on her history of mental illness, latent telepathy and pyrokinesis, plus she would have the fighting skills required. Also fits with the fact most of the characters on Gyrich's special squad are one time villains.
  21. hasbro should swap spiderman for fa storm (material cape) surely swap union jack for polaris swap ironman for sauron and i will buy this wave but who would be the baf i vote mastermold, shadowking, abyss, sentinel (battle armor) you know, I really do love your enthusiasm, and as a life long X-Men fan who learned to read from the comics, I do appreciate your wanting X-men related figures. but the series is called Marvel Legends. not X-Men Legends. Now, while I don't have a problem with one or 2 X-men per wave, and we are already getting Spiral I am more interested in the rumored figures excluding the two I have alreeady named than buying a series with only X-men. The simple answer to all our needs is to have a single wave dedicated to one corner of the marvel U, say X-Men, then another wave the Avengers, another for Cosmic, another for Fantasic Four. And Spidey will have his classic line. Then the final sect can be for anyone who falls outside. Or it could be that each wave contain one figure from different groups. This way everyone gets a chance to get a figure from their favorite team with then a BAf that would be difficult to put in scale as a standard figure. As for the req of a baf Sauron, I think he would be best as a stand alone fig.
  22. I agree, the rumored line up is awesome, with two exceptions, Really do not want the Black suit Spidey or Silver Savage. If you really wanted to make those figures, put them in Spiderman Classic or Hulk Legends. Those figures should be replaced with figures there are a more demand for. Yes this would be a good spot to put a Storm figure in. Also would be a nice place for a New Captain America or even a Winter Soldier figure. Now Union Jack and US Agent. Perfect! bout damn time.
  23. Hopefully the New Thor that is supposed to come out will fit well. Cloak and Dagger do fit well in my display. Plus the others that have already mentioned.
  24. First off, who is to say the 70's style Iron Man is Tony Stark. Rhodey piloted that suit too, and he is my pick in the initiative as the Skrull. Steve Rogers will not make his return in SI, so we know that wasn't the real deal. Wolverine... not a skrull. Marvel know not to mess with X-men continuity and that would be big. Of the 70's characters, I'd say Beast, Emma, Simon Williams, and Luke Cage are the real deal. Sweet Christmas indeed!
  25. Reading some of the interviews for the new series, the writer said trust was going to be an issue following the initial story arch, the these Young X-Men would be questioning the older generation more. I for one just cannot see Cannonball or Dani going Bad. Sam has been more loyal to the dream than ANY of the New Mutants. Berto is a dick, so him going badguy, very believable and Magma has had her mind messed with alot... I agree, it is either a training session or they are being played by Pierce. But how could Blindfold get played... a pretty sucky precog that would make her. Sorry, channelling inner Yoda there. Plus, writer said new members would be joining up. So I'd say that several of the Brotherhood of New Mutants will be joining the YX team.
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