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  1. Hey, I just wanted to share what I'd seen. That's all. Jeez. This site it sooo sensitive. I also mentioned in the first post that I had no idea about credibility other than Wizard posted it. They have better sources than any website, so I'll take that as partial cred. Anyway, I also heard rumors from people with NYCC floorplans that Hasbro isn't on the plan. I personally don't believe it, but you never know. If Hasbro doesn't show anything at NYCC, I think that would be a bad sign. Anyway this lack of news is killin me.
  2. Superarticulated has posted an article, that can be linked to through wizard universe, revealing the fate of the Marvel Icons line. http://superarticulated.com/2008/04/10/mar...celed/#more-296 In brief, it says that the wave is canceled w/retailers, and that Marvel Legends in general are quite literally the bottom of the totem pole as far as production concerns go. The movie figures can't share space with Marvel Legends, so they're gonna get bumped. I don't really know the source, and I'll wait til NYCC for official word, but this is the trend many of us have been feeling, and this minor confirmantion could end up being big.
  3. Found all the new set (cble, deadpool, punisher, ect) at TRU in the Chicago burbs, so they're out there now.
  4. I WILL own this, oh Yes, It WILL be mine!
  5. I cleared out the store I was at, and two more. Before you go there, no I'm not a scalper, just a crazy fan who can't believe they were only 9.99 each!! That's crazier than I am, and I love it!! But you know what's crazier? Imagine if these get clearanced down! 4.98 Hiss Tanks anyone?
  6. Of coarse it's canned, but I was just trying to pass along information. Hey, It's good to have some info. Better than nothing right! Did anyone else write Hasbro?
  7. ....and the news is a definate positive. So the day this tread started I wrote hasbro this Hello, I just wanted to attempt to confirm the cancellation of the Marvel Legends action figure line # 4(HML#4). There are a number of internet retailers who have cancelled thier orders for these figures, of which I had an order placed. These sites have not offered an acceptable answer, and I thought Hasbro might issue some kind of statement one way or another. It would greatly help the negative press your toy line is earning currently. Seriously there has been no news for most of this year, and fan speculation has begun to believe the line is done. Simple question then. Is this true? Thank you A very committed fan In response I recieved this.... Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. We are pleased to be able to respond. Please be assured that the Marvel Legends line has not been discontinued from our product line. We want to assure you that we are dedicated to maintaining quality products and service. We hope you and your family will continue to enjoy our products for many years to come. Again, thank you for contacting us. Is it a canned response, YES! But it is a response, just the same. Of coarse they could mean anything with the use of the "Marvel Legends line" phrase. But I'm gonna take this as a positive. @loll@
  8. Yeah, they don't know anything at retail levels about this. Now If someone got confirmation from Hasbro or someone official, that would help me relax or give final closure. I am so sick of them making us speculate all this crap. So much for customer satisfaction, or hell even customer communication.
  9. ARGH! Now would definately be a good time for a Q&A Guys! We've been asking for it, through all the negative talk, and gotten nothing. Like I thought there is no desire to save this line just drive it into the dirt. Now I'll say it. HASBRO BASTARDS, YOU KILLED MY TOY LINE!!!
  10. I think a boxed set would be a great idea, and it would be even better if they added head swaps. I really like the Blackbolt/skrull design. That plus 2 major "players" from the skrull arc and one or two of the new super-skrulls. One with an optic blast, the other with a plastic "BAMF" cloud. That would be awesome! I always wished that marvel legends would be more like the DC Direct figures in terms of character decision and timeliness of the story. The fact that their waves are more in line with thier comics makes me envious. I would have loved a Civil war line, a Zombie line, a WWHulk, a Messiah Complex, Annhiliation, Avengers Dissasembled, a good House of M set (you know with the important characters from the story), New Avengers, Illuminati, ...... I mean these are all new sculpts, are bigger, and cost 14.99. SAME AS HULK FIGURES!!!! I just think if Hasbro is just gonna jack the price they should see how DC Direct manages to produce with a smaller production run.
  11. i know i though i havent said anything in a while, well i will know not to bother in future, i wish i actually met some of you i real life so i could kick some of you in the nuts, some of you guys attck without thinking of what affects it has on other people, but the others who are here to find out about action figures and collecting just get attacked from all angles, no fair, at all, i only wanted to know when i would see, nemesis, sandman, and ironman, but o no, some of you are set to attack mode, calm down, im annoying so what so are you with you quick abusive answers, some of you are just perthetic. Sorry Stormie, people can be cruel. And yes, sorry to say these questions have been beat to death recently. Due to the caddy attitudes here, I always check recent threads before I post, cause I'm afraid of MY simple queries getting ripped apart also. This is what I was talking about in my "mean thread". Where are the moderators? These attacks are killing these boards. AND AGAIN, how about instead of ripping our fellow collectors new ones, we question Hasbro why these repeated question are never getting answered! Now I'll actaully try to answer what this thread was ABOUT!!!! 1. Nemisis wave: I heard a new date of April 15th. Happy tax day!! 2. 2-packs?: No clue. I bet they sneak up on us. 3. 2nd wave of spidey? don't know, but probably pretty quickly, I guess May. 4. I've heard of wave 2 in Hong Kong, so probably before the movie. 5. Sunfire?: summer 6. Storm, sorry there are many other characters that deserve plastic before yet another storm. But my hopes are on a Storm/ Panther wedding two-pack! 7. X-Men wave: Next year with wolvie & the x-men, and Wolverine. Hope I could help. Help, discussion, acceptance... Isn't that why we're all here??
  12. See, here's where some mistakes get made. Toybiz and Marvel Toys have no production lines. They sub-contract out all that work. The Toybiz/Marvel Toys offices basically function as a "editorial suite" and "idea shop". All the creative/production work they handle is outsourced. They have no production "space" at all and never have. IIRC, the Toybiz offices were actually in the same building where Marvel Comics are published--it was just considered a different division. Those ARE facts--they have been stated by folks like Falcon and others involved in Toybiz/Marvel Toys. True, but not the whole truth. There are two Marvel Toys. Toy Biz Inc, and Toy Biz Worldwide, there is also a production contract with Grand Toys Inc, which does production for said "offices" in NY and Jersey. One company plans, the other produces internationally. Jesse and the boys are in NYC in the offices you've mentioned. Who do you think actually produced Toy Biz merch, LCBH, and whatever wrestling it is they produce? (TNA? I don't watch any wrestling.) The outsourcing you refer to is Grand Toys, which Toy Biz worldwide used to produce under, which owns production facilities in China (under many different names) and the US. So while technically this may be considered outsourcing, it is within "the company's umbrella". So i suppose what I'm trying to say is that they have production lines available, where Hasbro due to ramped up production may not. We've been hearing about all kinds of Hasbro production delays, and having to switch Star Wars production for Indy, having to make room for the Marvel that They allready produce, which was already streching production lines. All of these are factors, why Hasbro SHOULD do some outsourcing. Send the Legends to Grand Toys, and use those production facilities to play catch up, as well as give the job to someone who knows how to properly manufacture the "customer approved" Product. This would be an ammicable solution to Hasbro fans and Old school fans alike. Hasbro would probably still make money, and be in control, but have to deal with alot less scheduling hassle. It's like paramount pictures shooting a movie on Universal lot, it happens and everyone walks away happy and with money in thier pocket.
  13. I agree with just about everyone here. How, You say? The haters are right about the lack of quality and Information, the lovers are right that we have to wait and see. That's what sucks the most, and why the arguments progress on these boards. Yes, fact is better than speculation, but I do agree with the theory that Hasbro has had to call in outside help, and that they went right for experiance in (hopefully) Jesse Falcon and Marvel Toys. Personally, I think Marvel Toys will be sub-contracted by Hasbro to put thier dormant production lines into use FOR Hasbro. Marvel Toys has lost LCBH and thier wrestling line, so they have production space, and the experiance to see it thru. This way Hasbro can devote thier already stretched resources to thier own "hot" lines of GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, and probably the movie lines of IM & Hulk, plus the newbie Indiana Jones line. With all these separate line doing really well right now, the possible lack of production space, and the negative speculation from retailers and fans alike, maybe Hasbro might outsouce prodution on Marvel products. Is this all speculation, Hell Yes! Thanks to the "Marvel Toy Blackout of 2008" speculation is all we have. I'll take the speculation, over the negativity any day. Everyone here loves the legends in theory, application is a differant story. And what ever camp you're in, the goal is common. Get quality toys that please fans with a good variety of characters. Of coarse there are variables that make us all individuals, thus we choose to pick our own "battles" on the toy front. Hence, all the arguments on this board. It's really hard to not take something you care about personnally, but to start thrashing fellow collectors weakens the fan base, and thusly the line. I hope beyond hope that Hasbro is reading these threads, cause there are alot of dedicated, dare I say rabid, fans (or is that fanatics) that seem to care more than Hasbro does. Heck, I just got a Hasbro Catalogue, and there wasn't a Legend in it. Definetly not the backing of the line I was looking for. I just hope that the line continues, cause I fear that Hasbro would much rather make the line "thier own", and re-start it. Whether that be 3 3/4 or 8 inch it would be thiers and there would be less comparison to Toy Biz of old, which I'm sure would be a relief to thier production teams. Anyway, I suggest we all find our favorite figure from each manufacturer and hug them. Maybe that love, will dull the hate!
  14. The lack of details and wash makes it look cheap. No way does it stand against any of the others. What sucks is that this is the 7th release of this ship, Hasbro has made thier money on it, so why no paint wash or even decal sheet. It just looks so plain and cheap. Sucks again cause Aayla's one of my favorite jedi's.
  15. So you admittedly try to cause trouble to make yourself feel better? You know chaos theory/butterfly effect happens with the human psyche also. Might I suggest a therapist instead? But true enough, there will always be something to complain about.
  16. Thanks, Nice to be welcomed. I agree with the idea that a bunch of deeply caring fans are simply venting frustration regarding the relative lack of new news. I myself would love a Hasbro Podcast right about now, but that's not a reason to become insulting and crass. No matter what side of the line you're on, I think we all love Marvel, and the Legends that either are or once were. Peace, pa'ce and all that..... Here's to a return of the legends!
  17. I'm pretty new here, and I generally just read the posts cause I like to be kept in the know toywise, but what's with all the hate? I realize this is a public forum, but why are people bashing opinions? Whether in the US, Great Brittain, the EU, or the rest of the free world, free speech is essential to civil culture. And the bashing of friendly collectors who mearly wish to state thier dis-approval with peers across the globe is appaulling. People should be ashamed. Espescially if people are just doing because the internet offers privacy. That doesn't diminish your responsibility to be a decent person, it increases it. You are on an international forum, and whether you realize it or not, you are representing your country in some small way. I've read political and cultural insults here, just because someone is stating thier approval/disapproval of ML product. Just because people are sick of hearing Hasbro Hate, (though there's alot of it) people feel thier allowed to make fun of them, or cop attitude. It's very prevalent through out the boards here. As I've read before, "it's not like you're forced to read it" regarding Hasbro Hate threads, just the same as haters don't have to read Hasbro Lovers threads. But we are all fans, and have personal opinions on "things" we hold dear. That's what has made these forums interesting in the past, but now there's such an attitude here that I myself am afraid to post. This is my first, cause I love coming here to find toy news, but the negativity sickens me. For the record, my heart goes out to anyone who has been bashed here for voicing thier opinions. Marvel collectors and fans have been put through alot through-out the switch over, and the current lack of news, quality issues, and supply issues have made things difficult. I personally think all the hate talk would stop if Hasbro tried to give a few answers. For example we still haven't gotten confirmation on the last wave of ICONS. I guess it does'nt look good, but why string it out? If the lines cancelled, announce it and let the fans deal. But the "limbo" approach is aggravating. Generally, this has been pretty annoying, and I think it's fueling the hate. Face it, we are all here for knowledge about toys, and a peer to discuss it with, but when people are jsut out there to dig in or snipe posters, the whole forum loses it's appeal. Insults and name calling are just as bad as some of the agressive attacks on posters. And to the people in the EU and Brittian, sorry for the ignorance regerding your plight to collect your favorite brands. I'd love to help out if I can. Feel free to drop a message. "Stay classey, San Diego"
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