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  1. Yeah, 50 figures. But did they say how many of those 50 figures would be Spidey's, Iron Man's, Torch's, Hulk's & Wolverines? What scares me is what appears to be Hasbro's fear of producing female figures. So far we have 2 & 1 variant. (2 Ms. Marvels & Firestar) With the exception of Star Wars, I think Hasbro making some poor decisions with thier lines. I mean the secret wars packs are cool but for each cool new figure there's a Spidey, Wolvie, and Torch. I mean really right out of the gate and there's 3 torch's. C'mon!
  2. Mine didn't have it either. I'm ticked I bought the damn set, they are all very cheap repaints.
  3. A lot of people keep saying this, but I feel the need to ask them: Are you willing to pay $20 per figure (closer to $30 after shipping and handling), for a kitbashed/repainted figure that maybe has a new headsculpt and accessories, and likely no Build-a-figure piece? Nevermind how many times Hasbro has flat-out-said that they don't do "internet only" lines anymore. They got burned big time with G.I. Joe, and from their perspective the "internet only" lines don't meet their production goals/business models. That's why they didn't offer up the Temple of Doom or Raiders of the Lost Ark wave 2 from Indiana Jones as an exclusive despite the fans begging and pleading for it. That's why Marvel Legends won't become an "E-tailer only" exclusive either. Hasbro just doesn't do business that way. Hasbro is not Mattel. (And let's not forget, those MotUC figures are basically the same three or four body molds recycled with new heads and accessories, too...for $25-$30 apiece or so after shipping...Ghostbusters will likely be the same way). Once Hasbro moves a line to "internet only" they're all but completely cutting out the kids' and casual buyer market. Once the price goes up to $20 per figure, they're cutting out more of the adult market (those that aren't willing to pay that much for something that isn't entirely new-sculpt). That's two strikes against an "internet only" Marvel Legends line to begin with. From Hasbro's perspective it isn't worth the cost/risk. Because they're NOT going to sell "internet only" Marvel Legends for $10 a pop. No way, no how. I bet if you were to do the GI Joe thing now, a couple years later, there would be more internet sales. This is a growing market, that may not have had enough steam a couple years back. As costs of travel and scarcity of product in stores grow the internet sales are driven up. Also, absence makes the heart grow fonder. A year off of Legends may offer more interest, especially if quality improves. Also, Hasbro usually has a coupon code that lowers the price, basically eliminating tax or shipping which could help keep prices down. Fact is Hasbro sees what's working at Matty right now, and has to realize there is oppritunity there if done well.
  4. I never posted my collection on this page before so here's the link to my Photobucket page. There's tons of pictures of many differant brands. http://s403.photobucket.com/albums/pp111/o...rob/Toy%20Room/ Let me know what you guys think.
  5. I have a friend that travels to Shanghai and he brought them back, he knows a few people there.
  6. OK, let's start off by saying I'm a serious ML collector, and frequent the Marvelous news board. I have all the 3 3/4 figs, and they aren't bad per se, but they seem "cheaper" that 25th Joes. Generally speaking thier joints are much looser, but thier paint apps appear to be better than Hasbro ML's. They actually have washes on them. A good example would be the Johnny Storm, the washes on the body of the figure are something I wish Hasbro would do for legends. A definate improvement there. What I can't stand about them is the hip joints. I would much rather see the rotating ball & socket that was used in many ML's. But apparently this may be coming cause it would seem that the Wolverine figs are upgraded with these joints. Also, and I never thought I would say this, I wish that the "has-bows" were more consistent. Don't get me wrong, I hate Has-bows, but they are better than the basic DCIH type elbows that many of these characters have. Though, to thier credit all the figures with the "basic elbows" have swivel biceps, so that's OK, but I'd still much rather see swivel biceps with double elbows like an older TB ML, but that's the ML collector in me talking. One of the major things that drives me nuts about this line is the size of some of the weapons. Punisher comes with a gun that would look big on a 5 incher, and there is no way he can hold it, and even if he could his joints are to loose to hold it up. The sai on the upcomming Deadpool looks like one of the ML elektra sais, rediculiously huge. Overall the pack-ins are hit or miss. I like the M-16's that are packed with bullseye and Logan, they fit well in thier hands and look good, and I love that Logan comes with the Muramasa blade. The other "action" pack-ins just plain suck and don't look good attached to the figures. Iron Man's blast is cheap and limp. One thing that is driving me crazy is we've seen 3 waves + the Wolverine figures and already thier are 2 Hulks, 2 Spideys, 3 Iron Men, 2 Punishers, and 6 Wolverines, but I'll give Wolvie a pass since he has the movie coming, and ONLY 3 villains and that's counting the wolverine line. Seriously, that blows. If they're trying to hook kids, they'll need to make some bad guys quick. Where's Doom, Mag's, or even an army builder Skrull. I'm sure we'll see these at Toy Fair, but really, how long will it be till we actually get them, wave 4? Who knows the line could be dead in the water by then like Indiana Jones. Who knows, Dr Doom could be the next Toht? For a line claiming diversity, I think they've failed so far. But who knows, the oppritunity is endless for comic packs, battle packs, and army builders, but as of now scheduling these seems like it could become an issue. This is a great oppritunity to re-release alot of the BAF's and I'll agree, they do look awesome with the smaller figures. Can anyone say Sentinel army buiders? Just as long as they're not in the same cases as Galactus, cause that would eventually clog shelves like nobody's buisiness. As for vehicles, I'm curious to see how this turns out. Sure there is potential for some cool things we've never seen before, but will the unstable market allow them to be made. Let's face it, Hasbro could very well retool a bunch of joe vehicles and call them SHIELD or Hydra or what-have-you. This would be a crying shame, but will the market allow new tooling? And to that end, just how many iconic vehicles are there out there at a $20 price point? Not alot. The Fantasticar? Spider-mobile? SHIELD flying car? Here's a list of major Marvel Vehicles from Wiki, I've estimated what each "should" cost if released based on size if Hasbro were to do them right: <LI class=toclevel-1> 1 Black Knight's Atomic Steed $20 tops and that's with the Black Knight, could be re-released with Hawkeye.<LI class=toclevel-1>2 Blackbird Honestly, if done right it should hold the whole team. At least 6 figures, but to do that it would cost $50 or more, but I'd love to see it done right.<LI class=toclevel-1>3 Fantastic Four's Pogo Plane $20 actually a good fit for this price point.<LI class=toclevel-1>4 Fantasti-Car $20 depending on the version. The bathtub version would have to come with a figure, but one a little bit bigger could come without.<LI class=toclevel-1>5 Freedom's Lady Too Big and too obscure.<LI class=toclevel-1>6 Kang's Time-Ship $20-30 this one could work, but is it popular enough.<LI class=toclevel-1>7 The Leapfrog $30-40, and that's if they even make any Runaways.<LI class=toclevel-1>8 Quinjet $20 for a mini jet, but like the blackBird this one should be done in a larger $50+ scale, and should hold at least 6 figures. Actually the Defiant/Crusader shuttle from GI Joe would be a perfect retool for this vehicle, but that was $40 retail in 1988, how much would it have to be now, and does Hasbro have enough confidence to make it happen. More likely that it could be released when the Avengers movie hits, but I doubt that would be a classic design. Probably would be a new design.<LI class=toclevel-1>9 Hawkeye's Sky-Cycle Same as the Black Knights atomic steed<LI class=toclevel-1>10 Hellcycle $15 deluxe carded with ghost Rider<LI class=toclevel-1>11 Moon Knight's Helicopter or Cresent fighter, $20 It could be done for that price.<LI class=toclevel-1>12 S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Car $20 This seems like a good bet for Fury's ride.<LI class=toclevel-1>13 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier $150 at least. Think how much the USS FLAGG would cost now. Personally I think the Bridge alone would make a better playset, but that's me.<LI class=toclevel-1>14 Shockwave Rider Too obscure 15 Spider-Mobile $20-30 This would have to be done right. I think it would be cool to see an "old Man Logan" or Old Hawkeye with it, but I'm sure it would come with another Spidey. NOT LISTED Punisher War Wagon:$20-30 This could be cool, but it's have to come with alot of weapons. Also keep in mind that Hasbro is great at ruining these items with "kiddie" accessories. I know that is thier focus, but hiding them would be the best option, similar to the GI Joe vehicles from a couple of years ago. (the F-22, the Grizzley Tank, and the attack copter) Those were kid friendly but thier action feature were hidden for the most part, and I think that worked pretty well. Now Playsets....To me, these are what needs to be made, but we all know Hasbro's stance on playsets. Just how exciting are the Avengers Mansion, and The Xavier Institute. There are plenty of other options, but I doubt that we'd ever see more than 3-4 in total. Personally, when I was a kid, GI Joe playsets were awesome, and they created a much better play environment than that of the carpet, but according to Hasbro kids aren't excited about them. That attitude right there could kill any of the awesome possibilities that Marvel Playsets could offer, and that's sad considering, as a ML fan, that's what I'd like to see the most. Personally, I imagine a Helicarrier Bridge playset that would be a couple of levels with cat-walks for some awesome battles or displays. But I'll be suprised if anything like this would happen. All in all, am I ticked to have to buy a new scale, yes. But I can accept it if the line is handled well. I'll be happier if ML is continued along with MU, then I'll be glad to support Hasbro's Marvel License. I'm first and foremost a ML collector- that is my love, but I just had a son born on New Year's Eve and I can accept that this could be the Marvel Line he collects when he's older, and I'll be glad to buy them for him. I hope that both lines are going strong 5 years from now, that way we could both have our own collection. That would be cool. But as of now, I'm worried for both lines. What I've seen of MU leaves much to be desired, mainly because a hero is only as good as it's villian, and so far there ain't many villians to be seen. Let's see what the line will offer us overall. Hopefully it will be handled better that the Indiana Jones and Marvel Legends lines were, and it becomes the next GI Joe, cause the potential is definately there.
  7. I've got them too, and while some are pretty good, they aren't that great. The ones with Hasbro knees are aweful and don't stand well. (Punisher and Black Panther) The ones that have ball shoulders with bicep pivots hace an old school "infinate heroes" joint, which looks cheap. I never thought I'd wish for Has-bow's, but they would have been better than these cheap joints. At least GI Joes are consistent with thier articulation, MU's not so much. The one thing I will give the MU is that there are paint washes that give some depth to the figures. For a 3 3/4 line these are just average. FYI: the box I got had a DO NOT DISPLAY UNTIL 3/1/09 sticker on it, so good luck finding them before then.
  8. I hear you all about the space issue. Enough is never enough, at least not for long! I too have had many toy rooms through-out my adult years. Thankfully the space alotted to me has only grown the more I move, and even more thankfully my wife supports the craziness that is my collection. Mainly because she has her own collection of Star Wars legos and galactic heroes. Currently I have a 22' x 18' finished "man-cave" in my basement. It is lined with 22 industrial shelving units that are all filled to the brim with figures of all kinds. My main collections are ML, Star Wars & GI Joe, but I have alot of others. I'm posting my Photobucket link, sadly my camera ran out of space before I got to the Joes but I got a couple shots of them there. About 4 ft of the 16ft of space allotted to them. I'll be completeing the photos this weekend. http://s403.photobucket.com/albums/pp111/operarob/
  9. I've seen plenty of these at Walmarts and TRU's in the chicagoland area, and they are all available at HTS and walmart.com. Not too difficult to get if you can order them.
  10. Got the Ultimate Battle Pack at Target yesterday. Pretty sweet, but expensive @ 62.99. Sorry no pics, but it's already all over ebay.
  11. Just so you all know, this is out. I got mine at a target in northern Illinois, and they were all over the area. Retail price $62.99. ouch! But it is way cool!!
  12. ummmm... Didn't Mattel and Hasbro just release profit earnings above expectations? I know two major american toy companies did, and Hasbro was one of them.
  13. I think it looks OK, but what keeps bothering me is the forward extension off of the secondary hull. The elongated area near the deflector dish. In looking at the ship, it keeps bothering me. Not alot but a little. I'm still psyched and my childhood has not been raped, but to me it looks weird. The rest of the ship looks cool. I like the detail and the ballzy nacelles. I'll reserve full judgement until I see all the differant views of it, and by then it'll have grown on me.
  14. The 3 3/4 line will probably end up replacing the ML line, but not for the reasons mentioned. Has anyone noticed the increase in price for the GI Joe figs at Target? 9.89 now. If the 3 3/4 line is going to be anywhere near $10.00 a piece, the ML's have to go so people don't question the value of the 3 3/4 line. Otherwise the ML's will have to be 15-20 bucks a pop. As long as ML's exist there is a price ceiling for the smaller figures. BTW: Has anyone noticed the price increase on the DC Infinities figures? TRU has them at 7.99 now. The exclusive 6-pack is 34.99, and the 8 pack is 49.99. If those crappy figures can be sold for 8 bucks imagine what hasbro is gonna think they can do. No wonder Hasbro and Mattel were able to post profits in this economic crisis!
  15. It's coming back! Here's the link. http://www.lvrj.com/news/breaking_news/31119589.html I also read this news from various news sites and it looks like this is for real. I was at the Experience the week it opened, was married there, and was there the week it closed, and have shed many a tear since it's closing. All I wanted to do was take my son there. Now it looks like I'll get my chance.
  16. You are not alone! DS9 has been gaining an almost cult like following. I don't know if it's Ron Moore's Battlestar, or Spike Tv re-running episodes, but I keep hearing more possitive reviews. Many people gave up on the show after the first 2 seasons, which I agree are a little slow, but by season 3 this show was bangin'! To me DS9 had the best characterization of all the ST shows, not just the core crew, but more the characters like Quark, Garak, Gul Dukat, Leeta, and Rom. Even Vic Fontaine entertained me in the more laid back episodes. Also the war was everything a TNG fan always wanted, but blue screening could not provide. To me it was awesome, and I loved every minute of this show. It really felt like this show had a coheasive direction and ended on a great note. Too me this show surpassed ST:TNG, as sacriligious as that may sound. ON TO THE TOYS... I'm happy to see that DS9 gets some figures, but if they don't make some a Quark, Garak or Gul Dukat I'll be pretty ticked. It sucks if they don't make the "Voyager" style uniform figures also but I think they'll make it out eventually. I just hope that they make a DEFIANT in the ship line, cause that is one tough little ship! Or a DS9 that has a bunch of little ships that can dock around it, that would be awesome.
  17. Found the new TRU battle packs. The Crimson gaurd 5 pack, and Firefly vs Green shirts. Oddly the US Flags on the Joe Green shirts are reversed, with the blue section in the upper RIGHT hand corner. OOPS! Yo Joe!
  18. FYI. The movie Hulk figures are at Targets in Illinois. They are pretty small, and scaled to the 3 3/4 size. I saw the basic line with abomination, the hummer & hulk set (no hulkbuster driver for the hummer @grumpy@ ), the smash fists, glow mask, and the Hulk Superhero squad. I picked up the planet hulk/silver savage & the King Hulk/Hulkbuster IronMan only. So far I'm not down with the movie line, but it opens the doors for the 3 3/4 ML's. Brace yourselves and wear a helmet! On a brighter note, Could the Hulk Marvel Legends be far behind???
  19. FYI. The movie Hulk figures are at Targets in Illinois. They are pretty small, and scaled to the 3 3/4 size. I saw the basic line with abomination, the hummer & hulk set (no hulkbuster driver for the hummer), the smash fists, glow mask, and the Hulk Superhero squad. I picked up the planet hulk/silver savage & the King Hulk/Hulkbuster IronMan only. So far I'm not down with the movie line, but it opens the doors for the 3 3/4 ML's. Brace yourselves and wear a helmet!
  20. Could you ask those Hasbro guys.... 1) if they're gonna put peg holes in the feet this year? 2) Are we ever going to see the return of the toe articulation? (I for one feel that this is sorely lacking, it may not be much, but it really ties the figures together, man.) 3) Are there any plans to get those last few ICONS out? Maybe in legends scale?? I'm sorry but that Phoenix needs to be made somehow, and Colossus and N/C were awesome to. 4) How tall is the Bi Beast figure? Thanks.
  21. I've had alot of luck with Superhero Squad recently. I've found the new Cable?cap/Deadpool, ect series, plus the X-men and Avengers Walmart exclusives, and the new Fing Fang Foom finally. So, ahhh, anyway. they're out there in the Chicagoland area.
  22. BiBeast is a villian in the HULK video game, so that might increase his chances. There are some pics out there, but I don't remember where, but they were recent. Like in the last 2 days. Maybe even at TNI.
  23. Nope. There isn't. Hasbro should just make figures of Lemonhead dressed as Dr Doom, with Arrow and the rest the boards dressed as heroes, so we can set up a play battle and the heroes could break the "Dr lemonhead's" head off to reveal a "lemon-bot"! Cause, you know Lemonhead is just that smart as to create a robot of himself so he can argue multiple posts at once and NEVER lose. Now that's a super-villian!!!! @loll@
  24. I'm so glad I came to the site to read about Marvel Legends. @hmmm@ See hasbro. See what we've been reduced to!
  25. Speculation is the opium of the masses. i thought that was religion. but yeah, i'm not getting angry until it is official. why would they announce all these plans for 2packs when they are just going to kill off the line? I can see why they would scrap the icons line since that sold so poorly. It would be nice if they would revitalize the icons line to make oversized characters. like release a sentinel ect. Also for the arguement about getting us to buy movie figures, yeah that is true. i've bought a few of the iron man movie toys. but i've been buying more ML's now on ebay to get my fix. Yeah, I was just shoppin the 'bay looking for some customs, thinking that would give me my fix. There were a couple of nice ones there.
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