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  1. WOW!!! Heyyy what are those doing out so early?!? Where is everyone finding them? And more importantly are they cool or what? Details detaiiiillllssss!!!!! Also yeah, I'm not a huge fan of some of the faces and detail on the figures. Hasbro has proven they can do really great figures, but for some reason they have a tendency not to be consistent with their figures. I.E.--they'll have somewhat less than stellar next to crappy figures....learn their lesson...MAKE cool ones....and then go alllllll the way back to the beginning of making crappy figures. It's weird, it's almost as though the
  2. LoL...yeah I don't wanna ruffle any feathers around here but I just had to ask! I grew up lovin' the cartoon especially the movie! I wanted to ALLLLL the time boy! One of my favourites...plain and simple, that cartoon movie had balls! Straight from the beginning of the movie with that beautiful opening and scene where that cool clawed chick tried to go after Serpentor I knew this cartoon was the cats ass! The entire plot, the action, the pacing, very awesome movie! It's on youtube and there was a link that just had the whole movie from start to finish instead of parts...I'm gonna try an
  3. I absolutely LOVED the animaed feature that came out years ago and I am dyin' for an army of Cobra-La figures to be led by Golobulous....anyone know if any are coming out? ::::::crosses fingers...tightly::::::
  4. Hey Tnswman, I saw some of the guys bustin' your balls on the Marvel Boards about those Hulk figures LoL, forget 'em man! Your lucky to have them Hulk toys! I would KILL to have that steel bending Hulk and Abomination right now! I can think of a few battles I'd be having with them I think they look really cool myself. Also are you positive about the human characters in the Hulk movie toys being exact repaints of the G.I.Joe figures with just different heads? That @##@@ blows man, it certainly looked as though Hasbro had actually built new bodies for the human characters bah...
  5. LOL! Cheeky indeed! Oh and for sure man, there is NO way you're catchin' me being a smart ass in a pit full of venomous cobras with machine gun toting Nazi soldiers above my head! And well said about Karen Allen...she was, how do you put it, 'real' ya know? Very funny, no nonsense kinda broad, I liked that! Very fun to watch the scenes with her and Indiana for sure. Although Willie Scott was extremely funny and the actress had good comedic timing I felt she was reduced to a arm flailing screaching damsel in distress and the next bond girl Dr. Isla I believe was a very good actress but
  6. LOL! Capt. Wiseman haha Or the scene where Indy is trapped down in the Well of Souls there and Belloq says "Who knows...maybe in a few thousand years, maybe even you will be worth something!" or before that when Belloq asks Indiana what he is doing down there, to which Indiana replies "Well why don't you come down here and find out" and Belloq says "No I think we are all very comfortable up here..." haha I dont know what it was, just the way the lines were delivered made me laugh. Although the monkey scene is neck-and-neck with Marion takin' shots of booze with Belloq...where he chok
  7. Wait wait wait some clarification please and thank you! This wave 2 is the wave AFTER that ALL movie Wave that is coming out right? Where it is essentially the Sandman BAF figures being re-released? Can someone please post pics! I am wondering did Hasbro re-sculpt the Movie Spider-Man, and the other Movie Spider-Man and the Black Suited Spider-Man? Please tell me more info about these as I find ALL of the movie Spider-Man figures released by Toy Biz and Hasbro to be really really really...really shitty. They are too articulated, too skinny and not cool...at all. The only cool
  8. Not a bad list, although I did mention Marion in dress didnt specify white though my bad Tohts henchman 3 pack or something would be cool...the dude in the black hat with machine gun and the other bad guys that fought Indy in the bar scene. Hasbro is actually making Indy in Digger Disguise as a Deluxe figure that is coming with the Ark of the Covenant although he doesnt come with Staff of Ra I think which kinda blows Maybe he'll come in a single card at a later date as well as a Grail Knight! Not to worry, at least both of those figures are coming out! British rifleman would be a
  9. So hopefully Hasbro will continue the Indiana Jones movie figures like they do with their Star Wars and G.I. Joe Licenses...there are STILL more figures that can be made from these flicks that we haven't yet heard of being released or seen... The awesome Tnswman had put up photos of the Deluxe Indy figures and I noticed on the backing of the Deluxe Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall that the character 'Satipo' played by Alfred Molina was mentioned....hmmmmm? I am thinkin' he will be comin' out in a future wave perhaps. Which figures would YOU guys like to see? I for one have a
  10. Tnswman you've done it again! Thanks SOOOOO much for posting pics of all those figures, it seriously helps everyone else out you know? I Like to know what I am getting myself into before I buy the.....ahhhh #$## it LoL I'd by Indiana Jones figures either way LoL! But seriously thanks for all the lovely comparison pics (especially the one with all of the Indy figures layed out in their respective scales) I am absolutely LOVING that version of Indiana Jones that comes in the Deluxe line! Honestly? He has the best pose and sculpt in my humble opinion. I love the way his legs are pos
  11. I know, it might seem like I'm an odd bird, but hear me out... ..yes I have always known the Indy figures would be in a 3 3/4 scale, although I don't see why they couldn't have been in a 5 inch scale and STILL released vehicles and playsets..it's more than possible...like you mentioned the upcoming James Bond figures (which I'm SO stoked for!) or the Doctor Who figures based off the tv show. Those Doctor Who figures are soooo friggin' well done and you can actually play around with them because they aren't too dinky and small... ..now go back to when the Star Wars figures were first r
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to show them beside different figures, it was really helpful on a site note...FUCKINGSONOFABITCHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Gahhhhh they are soooo small! :( Would it have absolutely killed Hasbro to make 'em a LITTLE bit bigger....man that sucks...the G.I. Joe figures and Star Wars figures are tiny as is.....man I seriously hate 3-inch figures. I am so disappointed right now. I KNOW that the orginal scale of the Indy figures were this big but I dunno...I just figured they'd be a tad larger. This blows
  13. Awesome tnswman thanks for the open pics of the Indy figures!!! I am wonderin' can you post comparison pics of the NEW Indy figures with some more recent figures? You have any Star Wars figures or Marvel Legends? I just want to see how big they are...I am not sure how they stack up to the old Indy figures as I never had those before. Also are you going to open the deluxe figures anytime soon? That Deluxe Indiana Jones figure looks awesome...I'm going to get the one with the Hovito (sp?) relic at the beginning of the movie...I think its the same figure sculpt as the one you have ther
  14. That scene always kind of disturbed me because it was the monkey that ratted Marion out thus causing her apparent (at that time) death. Indy was petting her killer! Hahahahaha! Good point..if poor Indy only knew!...I do remember thinking he was a little son of a #$#@# for screaming on top of the basket giving away Marions location...however he certainly did get his come-uppance with those poisoned dates he ate.
  15. Remember that scene where Indiana Jones thinks Marion blew up in that cargo truck in Cairo? And then he is seen petting that monkey while taking shots of booze? ...I don't know what it is but I always thought that sound the monkey made to be really cute and always made me laugh. I know this isn't the most USEFUL of threads or topics but I just had to get that off my chest
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