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  1. I miss a soda from when I was a kid in the 80's early 90's that was called Walkabout soda. They had a kiwi fruit flavor that was just amazing! Back in the early 2000's there was a drink in Chicago called Cool Mountain Soda and it was kind of like Jones soda where they had many unique flavors like Blue Razz and Mango or pineapple. This was soda not juice. Those flavors and lime were great at parties for the ladies. We would add some Malibu to them and they chicks would drink them like water and get all messed up.
  2. If you need help, I am more than willing to help. I go to a few sites, but this one is my favorite and I really enjoy (as I call yo all here) the cast of characters.

  3. Some of the stuff I find I keep some of it sell on EBay. Again, I don't do this to make money but more to get the stuff out there to the fellow collectors who want it and to cover my costs. Doesn't matter if it's new in the stores or an old G.I. joe figure.

  4. Seriously, if you have a piece you are looking for, please feel free to help. I have never collected for wealth as I believe if you do you take the fun out of the Hobby. I am a former show seller, but again I did it for fun and to trade or get rid of things I no longer have any interest in. I love to go to estate sales, garage/yard/tag sales and buy up stuff to restore.

  5. Just here to make friends and get info from those who love the same hobby(s) that I do. I am a smart A$$ and I have been known to be an A$$ Hole but I always hear people out and the funny thing is I never look to hurt anyone. Always willing to help a fellow collector if I can, all you need do is ask. I have a wide variety of knowledge on most 80's type boys toys to the current mainstream toys.

  6. Storetrooper I don't have a problem with atheists or agnostics either.. But I also have a problem with people who speak down to or belittle people believe in God. I agree with what you said starting out! (Only that this nation was established as a Christian nation and not just a "Western God" one.) And I do understand how you feel about God and Jesus. I also don't believe in an "old man in the sky" and "dead people with wings." hahaha The God I believe in is beyond our understanding and reasoning as we are "limited beings." We are limited to the laws of this universe, this existence. The Creator, as well as His Son and His Holy Spirit, the Trinity, are not limited and are outside the laws of all this - and as such are beyond our understanding. (Just like higher mathematics and science - our minds cannot comprehend them b/c our minds can only understand three dimensions and time but the equations prove their truth nonetheless..) See I just don't believe in a "first mover" theory where this creator being started things going but then simply left. I believe that God would allow His word, His message, to be known to us mortals. And I do not believe he would allow His word to be completely changed over the thousands of years of our history b/c of our fallibility either. He would make sure that His basic message would remain unchanged for the most part. Given the many mistranslations and books taken away or added to His word I think we basically have the same access to the truth as someone did in the days of the Old and New Testaments. As to all the different religions in the world the Bible says our conscience, our heart, would tell us which one is true and correct - that b/c of free will it was up to us to believe what we will go with. (The people who have heard and have knowledge of all religions of course) It also says we should preach the "Good News" of Christianity but not force it upon others. If no one wants to hear what you are saying then kick the dust off the heels of your feet and move on! The message only needs to be spoken and heard - nothing else. Now as to slavery, we spoke on this subject in another topic in this forum... The Bible says those slave owning "Christians" colonists and later, our countrymen when the United States was created, were not actually being Christians. They did not follow what the Bible said according to slavery - that slaves were to be treated as what we would now call "indentured servants" and that slaves were not to be a lower class in society. (Something else our nation did to blacks and others...) Now as to the violence of our nation we have done our share that's for sure. But no worse or better than any other country, society, of civilization before us. The Indian peoples here before us were just as violent to each other. See, many see the commandment of "Thall shall not kill" in our modern English translations of the Bible to mean just that - no killing ever. But the actual translation was "Thou shall not comment murder" in ancient Hebrew - big difference. The Bible, as you probably know, had no problem in killing to protect others in fact the Bible has much killing and violence in it. The Old Testament is filled with God commanding His people to kill evil to kill for their family and nation. (He even commanded the Hebrews, when returning to their Promised Land leaving Egypt, to kill EVERY Canaanite and whatever people had settled there - something we cannot fathom today nor could the Hebrews then. Of course it is explained why he commanded so but we being fallible could not understand.) Also the New Testament says Jesus will return in the Last Days, at Armageddon, not as a man of peace but as a righteous conqueror who will wipe all evil from the face of the Earth. So, in all I agree with much of what you said Storetrooper. But I disagree with how you feel about Christianity concerning killing. Plus, I'm sure you don't, but I would encourage you not to base your view of Christianity on how the people who profess to be Christian act. Hell, don't base your opinion on it from anyone here who professes to be one because it says we are all sinners and that will indeed sin again - as said before, humans are fallible so go with your conscience. Real Christianity, in its simplest, states that one believe in Jesus as their personal Savior and that they do their best to be as good as they can. But it also states that you must do so before your death and judgment - b/c this existence that we are living now is where we make our decision on whether we want to go with God or not. That was a very educated response to my opinion and I very much appreciate that. I do see your points on murder but just to clarify, I do know the hebrew version as I was born catholic and raised by a Jewish family. Many say this is where I find my conflict, I say whatever it is, it is. I don't believe we are all here to fight and kill over land, wealth or matter of opinion. However one sees or reads the view of one shall not kill (Thou shall not comment murder) is still murder to me. Again I'm just one man of many and my opinion only has to be my view. Much of what you wrote I find very interesting and educated, I will ponder my views with your own and again appreciate the non-threatening response as we all know religion can be a touchy subject and I wish not to upset anyone, but I do wish to discuss my opinion, just not push it.
  7. I for one loved Public Enemies, I'm happy with it as is. I didn't like some of the ending with Toy Man (kid) but it was enjoyable to me. Not to mention the Score was epic! I am really looking forward to this!
  8. Statements like that, Tend to make all Christian's look bad. Good going little miss tolerant. i'm catholic. and i have a problem with tolerating atheists... i'm just that way, make fun of my god and you'll lose some teeth. thats how i am. I can appreciate your love for what you believe in but I don't understand how being a "hot head" justifies going against the teachings of what you believe in. I would never push how I feel on anyone, but I would explain myself as I did, while in a topic of discussion. I'm sorry you don't like me for how I feel. I can give you a list of reasons why I don't believe, but I can give you only one really good reason why I should and that simply is, I'm still alive. Don't confuse what I'm saying, I'll never apologize to anyone for being who I am.
  9. The "have to get it now" thing use to be, but I have found it's more fun to wait to a line loses it steam, wait a few months or years and go back and get what I wanted later. I realized this when G.I. Joe vs Cobra came out. When they first came out I had to have every single one, then they started getting stale and the line died and no one cared anymore (so it seemed to me). I was missing a few pieces I wanted like Sgt. Airborne or a few vehicle drivers, that I wanted but didn't want the vehicle and at first I could not find any of them under $15 and by this time I was starting to focus on Marvel Legends so I waited on those few Joes. Not even six months later I found a ton of figures I was missing at a KB all marked at $2.99, so I picked them up but still no Airborne. So again my focus was on Marvel Legends because now they had the BAF and you had to have every figure to complete your BAF. So while checking out Ebay one day, I see a lot of G.I. Joe figures and it's at $22 for 60+ Joe vs Cobra figures. Yeah there were about 20 figs I already had but there were about 40 that I didn't or were troops so I bid on it. I ended up winning the bid for $26.02 and payed $33 for the whole lot which ended up be 64 figures. So far I have seen this happen with almost everything other than a few Marvel Legends like Deadpool and Juggernaut. Oh well, you get all the rest cheap enough that you can drop $40-$50 on one figure and not feel that bad about it. At least I'm not stuck with X3 Beast or 1st appearance Spider-Man. Oh, and those extra Joes I got from that lot, I gave to my cousins kid and he loves them. Everyone goes through this and eventually finds themselves a happy medium.
  10. I respect the fact that our pledge has "One Nation, Under God" even though I am a non-believer. This country was founded by a group of people who believed in God and opened our country to those of all religious, race and creed backgrounds. For that I respect the pledge. Now on the other hand, thou shall not kill and yet we killed off a lot of Native American Indians all in the selfish act of wanting land. Doesn't the Bible say something about not doing that? Yet we celebrate a holiday where we give thanks each year marking the day one tribe teamed up with a group of christian pilgrims to kill off another tribe? Everything we do from killing to having slaves to putting our parents in a nursing home is sin according to the bible. Now here's the funny part, I don't believe in an all mighty figure who lives in the sky with people who have wings, I mean I would hope they all would if they live in the sky. The kicker is...I believe in religion! What ever it is that helps make a person feel good, so be it. What ever helps someone else get through the hard times and makes them a better person, I'm all about that. I have tried my best to understand many points of view but I never do understand how people can believe in God but not the Tooth Fairy, ghosts or aliens? I know some do and some don't bottom line, that's why I love this country, because I can believe in what ever I want. The pledge will always be One Nation, Under God with Liberty and Justice for all. At the end of my time, if there is a God, that being is suppose to be all forgiving and I will say I'm sorry and I'll see what happens. That or it won't matter.
  11. I'm excited for both vehicles I agree with all that has been said by others, to many people to quote. This will be a nice change and although I still hope for more redone original figures, I am all for new characters. IMO characters and vehicles is what the line is all about.
  12. I was really looking forward to this game until I played the demo, now I'm going to wait a little while and get it when it is on sale. I to have been playing through The Force unleashed on hard trying to finish out all the achievements.
  13. Many of these Joes do have good paint though and yo can tell which ones are good and which ones are going to need a good inspection by just flipping the card back. The ones with the stickers all seem to have some sort of sloppy paint but the ones without are good to go. Hope this helps!
  14. So he'll be used for spare parts or customs, meh $3, who cares. The funny thing is that his hose is better than the original that I got when the figure was first released.
  15. Some have reported that some of the figures have sloppy paint. This is very true on a few of the figures. I had to dig through the tripwires to find one with good chin paint, most of them looked like he had a creepy flesh toned beard rather than a helmet strap. Many of the BBQ's also had bad helmet paint and when I was looking for a good one and found it I totally missed how bad his boots were. Now I already have one, but I really liked this figure and bout him for photos and display scenes but I have attached pictures you can see for yourself.
  16. Thanks to this little note from Guitar Devil I went into a Family dollar store, which I have never been in before since usually I find that dollar store only have cheap crap. To some that may still be the case but for me it was a great find. I went last night and found these: and after finding all these and leaving behind a few Bazookas, Tripwires (to whom I only bought 1 of to make a custom that I had seen on here) and a bunch of Cobra Commander Battle Armors I ran out this morning to 3 other semi near family dollar locations and found these along with the rest of the cast + Ripper
  17. This was just posted here and these look amazing!!! Tron Legacy Toys I had no intention of buying these until I saw this. I liked the old toys but like most movie lines I thought this would be another bust, I am glad to say I was wrong!
  18. I never knew Snake Eyes came with that glider pack. Roadblock looks awesome as well! Thanks for the link!
  19. Lady Jaye is a just that...a lady
  20. No, but thanks for the info, I'll be on the look out now! I miss KB as well as I use to visit a KB outlet and a Toy Works outlet in Indiana on a regular basis when I lived in the Chicago area. Man I miss those stores, I would always find great deals.
  21. glad I wore my cup today!
  22. Just way to much money for me to spend on these, I originally started buying DCUC because they were $8 each when they came out. I sold mine a few months ago because it was just to much these days! I originally got into collecting figures because it was affordable and I liked the hunt for new figures and finding old ones at tag/garage sales or estate sales. I don't want to light up the price debate, but the most I would pay for these now more articulated smaller size figures is $5! Goldbugs collection makes me want to buy them but I just can't bring myself to do it!
  23. picked up 7 Neo-Viper Troops for that price today, thanks for the info.! I also got a reactive armor Duke for the body to do a head swap. Not a fan of the troopers much but for that price, who could pass it up!
  24. Jim Lee drawing of him worked best for me, but I'm a 90's style of drawing type of guy. In fact that may be the only thing other than Star Wars toys being relaunched (not that any of them were really that great) that was good about the 90's.
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