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  1. If they are going to keep making the main characters, I would love to see them in other climate gear. Just because Snow Job & Frostbite are cold weather specialists doesn't mean that Roadblock, Snake Eyes and Quick Kick wouldn't be along for the mission and I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to be stuck without a shirt in the cold like Quick Kick would be (at least in figure form). I was really excited to see the cobra packs come out a few years ago, but I think for the most part they were just done wrong. They should have come out with them in command sets with Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Zartan, etc. in Cold wether gear, maybe like they looked in the movies. Than the other pack be some of the troops like the Tele-Viper, Crimson Guards, Cobra troopers/Officers in snow gear. This is just IMO, I would have liked them better that way, rather than a few troops, one officer and the same old snow troops with assorted weapons. Again just IMO.
  2. It's mainly an insurance that is available to people who lose their health insurance when they lose their jobs. I had it once when I left my job and was waiting on my new insurance to take effect.
  3. Storetrooper

    So NOW what?

    Same Here, I have been buying up troops for the past 3 months
  4. Uhhggg!! I want that Special Mission set! Damn you Hasblow!

  5. LOL, you're not a jerk, I admit I love most of the skits that involve 80's type toys, but many of the Star Wars ones fall a bit short to me. Many of the SW skits seem like the same jokes over and over again. You are right about the humped or dismembered part but it does kind of speak to most of us who watch it.
  6. I was wondering the same thing
  7. keeping my: v.1 Starduster v.1 Storm Shadow Night Raven
  8. It wasn't so much a jab at the convention the way you put it. The previous issue featured Snake-Eyes, already pissed from Scarlett being in a coma and his almost brother-in-law killed, passed the Consulate building in NY in an ambulance (carrying a badly stabbed Storm Shadow to the hospital). Snake-Eyes just snapped, busted into the Consulate, laid waste to the Commander's guards and a bunch of Night Creepers and put a knife to the Commander's throat. Stalker followed and related a message from Snake-Eyes... get out of town - NOW! The Commander's orders to "get rid of them" was meant to be confusing. He meant "let them go, I dont want the Joes gunning for me in a vendetta before I can get out of town." But the Twins heard it as "kill them", and left the SAW-Viper to do just that. He killed 4 Joes outright - Doc, Crank Case, Heavy Metal, and Thunder. Later, his squad blew up the Rage tank the Joes were on, killing Breaker, Quick Kick and Crazy Legs. Personally, I never felt the SAW-Viper was responsible for those 3... There were more SAW Vipers in later issues, notably in Issue #121 where 6 various Viper-types arrive in Trans-Carpathia to hold down the Castle while the Commander and his troops flew in by chopper. I also believe a SAW Viper was involved in the last assault on PIT 3 around #130. I had a feeling trying to talk about it off of the top of my head was going to make me look bad as I have not read all of the joe comics and as I hadn't read that issue in a while. You correcting me on this really makes me want to go buy a bunch of issues and read through them. That or buy the trade backs. When I collected I wasn't as into the Joe books as much because I was more into the cartoon and didn't like the continuity when I was that age. I do remember having to run around trying to find the issue because all of my friends were telling me they actually had killed off Joes in it. Thanks for the info. sorry if I sounded ignorant @smilepunch@
  9. I agree on Roadblock a new head for Tunnel Rat (movie) a new head for Falcon (movie) a better head for Quick Kick (cartoon) a better head for Spirit (cartoon)
  10. I once owned a convenience store in the John Hancock building in Chicago and I have also been in management for over 14 years. I have seen many things and confronted a whole assortment of people but I will admit my favorite line from one of my all time favorite movies is (i'm going to clean it up a bit) "This job would be great if it wasn't for the fracking customers". This pretty much sums up what I'm going say about all this otherwise I could spend the next week writing about 50 pages worth of stories I have of managing a Sunglass Hut, Blockbuster Video, Pool Hall, Target (CSM), many bars and a Cold Stone Creamery. Bottom Line, people treat employees like crap about the most ridiculous crap.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/Rare-pregnant-Scarlett-figure-/170265973217?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27a4a491e1#ht_500wt_928 I've seen this before and it always makes me laugh. If this figure is rare and he is getting $75 a pop, I'm $1200 richer!
  12. Good Question, I wouldn't mind knowing that myself.
  13. This is one of the only original Joe comics I have left and I was so hoping the 25th line was going to release a Comic pack with the SAW-Viper and a shot up Doc with this comic. I know it would never happen but it would be much like the chard remains of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru that so many Star Wars fans want. It would be just to say, damn Hasbro you will make anything into an action figure. Seriously though, it was an awesome issue, I love how the SAW-Viper doesn't hear the orders correctly and than CC is all upset, acting like he's not ever suppose to kill a Joe or they will all come after him. That blew my mind that they made fun of the fact that everyone is always in combat but no one really ever dies. He killed 7-11 Joes that day, or was it he killed 7 of 11, I don't remember, I'll have to look it up. They were the only Joes to die other than BF2000. I see SAW-Viper as a stand alone specialist.
  14. WOW, I Love this Display and the collection to boot!
  15. Sportin' The Payton Jersey! GO BEARS!!
  16. Yeah these guys were all first announced back during Joecon http://i.toynewsi.co...%2FHasbro_Day_2 I thought a new Alpine was coming out as well? There is a of him in the group of pictures from Joe Con. Is this who some are calling Arctic Stalker? comes as a vehicle driver in the 2nd wave of mechs opposite Desert Scorpion ( a very nice classic throw back) That's right, now I remember! Thanks!
  17. I am probably the only one who believes him. Roger Clemens has always had a ridiculous workout for staying in shape. Men do tend to look like that if they are naturally stocky to begin with as they age. My Pops looks like Clemens and trust me, he's not doing any HGH. I hope Clemens gets a fair trial.
  18. Most of the older generation grew op on farms or played stick ball as a kid, which IMO made all of them better players. MAny of the classic hitters grew up in the inner cities and almost all of them tell old stories of playing stick ball. This has been talked about in many documentaries and if you think about it, what kid plays stick ball anymore. To me if you can hit in stickball, you should be able to kill a baseball, just like guys I know who are really good baseball players tend to be even better softball players. I know they are all very similar but also uniquely different. Also many ball players back in the day worked on the farms or on docks with their father's which would really help with your stamina. How many rich kids have you heard of playing in the big leagues back in the day?? These are just my theories based off of documentaries, books and conclusions I come up with in my own head.
  19. Those idiots blew out his arm What was the rush to bring him up to a team going nowhere's? He may never be the same again Well, this is the problem with coddling the hotshot young pitchers and rushing them up to the majors with pitch counts and whatnot. They never really build up the arm stregnth to have a lasting career in the bigs because the teams try to protect their investment in these young kids that they have thrown tons of money at before they even throw a pitch as a professional player. Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Joba Chamberlain, Strasburg, all of them can't miss prospects that can't last a full season and pitch effectively as a starter for more than a year (or less in some cases). Do you think Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, or Nolan Ryan ever had a pitch count coming up through their respective systems? I think they are starting to push them early to blow out there arm so that they get the Tommy John surgery early enough to have them have a normal career. I know it probably sounds like a conspiracy theory but most of these guys have the surgery and then come back just as strong with less arm problems.
  20. Yeah these guys were all first announced back during Joecon http://i.toynewsi.com/g/?mode=album&album=GIJoe%2F2010_Joe_Con%2FHasbro_Day_2 I thought a new Alpine was coming out as well? There is a of him in the group of pictures from Joe Con. Is this who some are calling Arctic Stalker?
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