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  1. Wraith (both versions), Blowtorch and the Alpine DVD pack I have yet to see in any of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and i hit 8-10 stores a day due to work. I saw Eels, Trakker and BATS at a lot of Targets when the had the price point of $8.99. As soon as the price went back down they were gone. Lady Jaye with the hat was hard to find around here for a while as well and then she popped up everywhere.
  2. Picked up the VvV style 4 pack "Greatest Battles" DVD set today at Target. Got one in perfect shape and one that had a damaged box for $12.88 which I was all about since I buy one to open anyway and the figures were not damaged in any way just the box. The box has a big cut out on the bottom of both packages, I can only guess is Hasbro trying to save money. The thing of it is, I opened the damaged box and got all the accessories but no file cards. I don't know if these came with them or not and maybe mine fell out when damaged? Does anyone who maybe opened them up know? For those who care,
  3. I remember I got my original one as a kid for $50.00, I wanted the Flagg but my mom said it was to big and let me get the terrordrome instead. I loved that base, I would pay $100 for it now, I would expect that to be the mark up. I have to agree with whom ever said it in the begining, someone at Hasbro will think it's a good idea to put wheels on it. Don't expect Hasbro to include the Firebat, they would probably replace it with a claw and another CC with a new color. Great question! Answer:yes!!!!!!!
  4. You all know you'll buy at least two sets! Then when the Valentines Day pack comes out, you'll buy 2 of those, Then the St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas 5-packs, you'll buy 2 of those. You know you will, don't lie. Everyone needs a Stormshadow with a kiss the cook apron and mini Turkey.
  5. Well now we can't say that Hasbro isn't hearing our beef's. I really don't want to be getting a bunch of figures that I have already bought but I since they are much more accurate I will be buying them. I love me some Hasbro and the 12 versions of SE, Duke and Cobra Commander I get each year. I keep buying so they keep making new ones and because of my plastic addiction.
  6. IMO, this line is the greatest 6 inch scale superhero line ever created! And the scary thing is , it's only entering it's 2nd yr of a 5yr contract! Yes, the biggest strike against it is the inability for some of us seeing these in the stores due to inconsitent distribution, but this isn't the 80's, There are tons of online stores that sell the entire wave & you can pre-order it. So the " I can't find these in stores " excuse, doesn't fly so well. Plus, with the price of gas nowadays, why do you wanna waste $$ on gas driving all over town looking for these when you can order them online
  7. I am so psyched about a Vigilante figure, I'll buy the whole line if I can find them!
  8. I still need a Harley Quinn, never saw one in the Chicago area. NEVER!! and I hit up a lot of stores and have many people collector friends that had to get her off Ebay. Can you find me one?
  9. Same way out here in Chicago area. I feel the same way as you do! I have just been finding the Leatherneck Awe Striker and 2 out of the 3 I have spotted (all in differant stores) have had broken wheels. I have only spotted the sharc and Firebat besides that. Meijer seems to be a good place for finds on a friday night after 11 pm
  10. I have a feeling I'll see all of these with oddball figures in them after people buy them and return them with Knock off Joes in place of the real ones. I saw an old school slip stream in a conquest box at Target yesterday with a rubbed of nose and all.
  11. Not to sound like a jerk, but isn't that the whole fun of it? I know we all have differant reasons for collecting but that is the fun behind it to me. I love variant and even basic hunting. Meanwhile, I hear everyone complain that they can't find variants here and that other variants are to easy to find. (X-23) I dunno I love collecting but I also love finding that new or hard to find figure on the shelves!
  12. I found series 4 BB, WW and Cyborg, but all the rest were gone. I found them at Meijers in Rolling Meadows, IL and they had 3 BB. I was excited to get them and get home to add them to my display. I opened them all up and as soon as I went to turn BB legs, one pops right off, no stress, no hard turn just snap and off it was. I hate this crap!!! First it happens with my Element Man builder and now BB. I though ok, I'll go return him for another so I drive 20 minutes back to get one of the others and within 2 hours all gone. Meijers is a great place to pick up figs on a friday night around m
  13. If you found them today that means I'll find them in about two months here in Chicago. We get them right when they come out but the toy mafia hordes them up before most of the rest of us can get to them. If one hits the shelves on time, you know someones getting wacked!
  14. I found a Lady Jaye on the pegs along with the Cobra Night 5 pack at Toys R Us. I found that a bit odd about Lady Jaye being on the pegs. (it's only important to me because she was the only one I was missing.)
  15. I am a Serpentor guy only because I believe he brought much more conflict in the whole power struggle story aspect. Cobra Commander was always attacking things to just run away when the poop hit the fan whereas when Serpentor came around it would be the Commanders bungling that would cause Cobra to fall short or have some sort of debackle. I say Serpentor, THIS I COMMAND!
  16. First of all thank you for posting the picks! I'm not a fan of these, but I really not a big fan of the Marvel Movie figures. Every once in a while they make one that looks like the movie character and has good articulation like the original Blade, Doc Ock or Spidey from the Spider-Man 2 line (I speak of the lines outside of Marvel Legends) and then they make some that have a good look and articulation but have metallic colors. I'm really hoping that the Iron Man line changes all this because the new Spider-man line (yet again) hasn't really done much for me. As far as collecting goe
  17. Yeah, that's a really good list, I just wish it would see the light of day. I like the original list that was posted, I just know Prof. X would be a peg warmer all over again.
  18. Love the line, hate the leg joints that go sideways! UHHHGGGG!!!
  19. If you make a character like Jubilee, you know she is either going to be short packed or peg warmer. If she ends up being a peg warmer it will cause other female figures like Polaris to take longer to make it to the shelves. I originally started getting these figures because they were suppose to just be Legends. When they came out with characters like X-23, Danger or as was stated before me, or the movie figures. It takes away from it being Marvel Legends. I love the fact that they keep the line going and that figures of Moon Knight, Captain Marvel, Havok, Kitty Pryde, etc. have been made, but
  20. The Review of the figure is a really nice review, but I have to tell you how disapointed I am with this builder. When I went to WizardCon in Chicago I saw these and was really excited. Every figure but Orion I wanted, but I was impressed with the fact that they to would be doing a builder so I said cool, I'll get them all. I'm a big Marvel Legends fan and also liked how they seemed like they would meshin well with the Marvel Legends & Legendary Super Heroes Line. When I first found them about a month ago, they had all but The Penguin, so I only ended up buying Demon & Red Tornado, who
  21. That's awesome that they are for the most part decent figures, I really hope the heads on the twins are not that bad since I was really looking forward to getting them. I am psyched about the Ace and Wild Weasel though as well. Thanks for descriptions, I'm stoked to get my hands on them.
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