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  1. although I love my classic figures, I do enjoy a new and improved figure and would like to see all the originals redone before moving on to the ones that have already been done much like Star Wars has flooded themselves. I also don't want to see it only because to me it's just another excuse for them to increase the price $2-$3 more.
  2. I still remember seeing The Rise of Cobra trailer and knowing it was going to be a bomb. If ROC didn't kill future prospects from going to see this one. I hope the movie helps bring back the toy line to full strength and that the figures look as nice as the costumes in the movie. I get more of a mix of Renegades and Pursuit of Cobra than anything else, but as a hardcore fan, I really am excited about this!
  3. That is so funny because that is the exact same thing that happened to me. The wife was all about watching Dexter, so now we have the one DVD at a time plan along with the streaming.
  4. Love the Sand Viper and the idea for the whole anniversary line!
  5. Thank you for that post. Although some of you didn't like or get along with him, please don't trash the guy now that he's not here, lacks taste if you ask me. How would you feel if you left for a while and then there was a "Where's so-and-so" thread and then people just started jumping on you and trashing you??? Most of the guys here that have said something negative about him, I've noticed have gotten into some heated arguments with some here in one way or another, and could see someone saying something negative about you if you were gone.. would you like that? How would it make you feel and if you came back, would you even want to post here? See? Serioulsy, I feel like I just lectured my 1st grader, lol.. come on guys, you can be better than that. Well Said! I don't post that much anymore, but I still surf daily.
  6. looks pretty good, does anyone know if it will be Live like ROTF or WFC?
  7. By far one of the greatest Batman playsets of all time!! I loved this toy and sold it at a Garage Sale for $20 when I moved out of my old house because I had no room for it. I wish I still had it!!! Here is a new link as the old one is now not working: http://www.amazon.com/BATCAVE-crimefighting-headquarters-transformation-elevator/dp/B004HWL452
  8. James Bond Jr., Gargoyles, Buck O Hare, Double Dragon (those stupid head dresses) and yes I will say it even though I am a huge collector of the line, Exo Squad. The Mech's were awesome but the action figures were very loose and although they had ball sockets and could be easily customized they were very loose and awkward looking. Some of the lines mentioned were just awful and some of them were great for the time. The Kenner Dark Knight collection IMO was a very good line with great gadgets and great likeness. It overproduced way to many Batman's but it had some great sculpts. Does anyone remember the Batman Forever Batcave, the line of figures was good and bad but the playset was huge and could be packed into it's self for storage. I'm not talking about Wayne Manor but the Batcave. http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showtopic=1952905 http://www.amazon.com/BATCAVE-crimefighting-headquarters-transformation-elevator/dp/B004HWL452 Biker Mice from Mars and Bucky O'Hare were trying to run on the popularity of TMNT but could have been done so much better but as toys just fell flat. Robin Hood was a good line I thought as well, even if most of the playsets and vehicles are old Ewoks molds.
  9. I have so many great memories of playing with my toys as a kid. I played with Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, He-man and many other scattered figures mixed in. A-Team, Sky Commandos, Lone Ranger, COPS, Secret Wars, Rambo, DC Super Powers, The little gold colored die cast army guys, if they made it I had at least one figure from every toy line it seemed like. I was a really lucky kid who was very spoiled. I'll start with this memory I have of when we were taking a trip from Chicago, where I was raised, to Florida for a family trip. I had all the main characters of the Thundercats and was so into them. I wanted to bring them with me on the trip and my parents left me bring all of them but no vehicles. I was on my way to the airport when I started thinking about how they might not let me take them on in my carry on bag because I was worried they would make the metal detectors go off and that the airline security would take them away from me. Hey, I was a kid. I ended up crying to my mom for the whole ride about it as my Dad tried saying that they weren't going to take them. I of course wouldn't listen and when we got to the airport and my dad had to sit in the drop off lane moving all of my Thundercats into his suitcase. They all made it to Florida with me and the whole plane ride I wished they had been in my carry on with me so I could play with them on the flight. We spent a lot of time on the beach and I must have made 100 different Cat's lair sand castles and my figures got a lot of sand in there joints but it was one of my favorite trips to Florida and the family never even went near anywhere in Orlando. I have a lot of memories and this is a great topic. I will post more if It keeps going strong and anyone cares to read about my childhood memories. I have great memories and I also have my destructive ones as well. I had my pyro and firework years and then my eventual nostalgia years to collector years. I can even remember seeing a movie called The Boy Who Could Fly and I think it was a young Fred Savage who plays the main girls younger brother. He plays with GI Joes in the movie and has tons of the toys. He use to bury the fallen soldiers and I remember coming home from the movie and having a huge G.I. Joe battle and then buried the dead in the backyard. I tried unearthing them at a later time and could only find half of them. Did anyone else see this and if so did you do something similar?
  10. I always liked vehicles that were capable of carrying or interacting with a lot of figures. I also liked ones that were used in the show often or were somewhat like real military vehicles. GI Joe 1. Killer Whale 2. Mobat 3. Tomahawk 4. Skystriker 5. Vamp/Vamp 2 6. Desert Fox 7. Rolling Thunder 8. Warthog 9. Crusader Space Shuttle 10. Raider Cobra 1. Night Raven 2. Hiss 2 3. Moray 4. Thundermachine 5. Night Landing 6. Hammerhead 7. BUGG 8. Firebat 9. Rattler 10. Stinger
  11. Way to put it out there and be who you are. Here's to hoping she sticks around and never makes you sell stuff to get married.
  12. Awesome Post, very cool to see all that have and have not. T-Rat, that picture is awesome, but it's missing Timber, Freedom and Polly who are all considered just as much of the team as Junkyard order and all the other animals.
  13. do whatever makes you happy. How much money do you really think your going to get for them. Some sure you'll fetch a few bucks for down the line but really how many people are still sitting on 1995 Power of the Force figures? Any one want a monkey face Leia or a Steroid Lando?
  14. I love all of the above figures, some others are kinda blah, but I do like some of the new concepts. The Hazard viper is a cool looking repaint!
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