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  1. lol @loll@ yup you know those comments are coming, but in all seriousness these looks pretty good, not a fan of the characters but great sculpts specially Shanna's hasbro has come a long way in the female figure department.
  2. HOW DARE YOU SPREAD SUCH ODIOUS LIES ABOUT MY PERSON! I do know what you mean, as you can see. And my collection is closing on 300 figures, with only a dozen or so being 'duplicates' of the same character. Four of my shelves aren't even in this picture! If I were to start tossing every 'unique' version of a character up on those shelves to complete all these teams... well, then I'd have to add more shelves. But again, that's me. If you have the room and the desire, awesome. Is that a Dreadknight custom I see in the top left shelf? If it is cool man, show us a picture. That's a figure I really want made.
  3. It's the figure, mine's exactly the same I just display it in one those Face Off stands so she looks like she's flying. Just be careful moving it so it doesn't break like DathJoe's, my heart goes out to you man, broken figures are frustrating.
  4. One thing I learned from Hasbro is that they eventually repackage,repaint or resculpt figures that were too hard to get, or are very expensive on ebay. They also get much requested made eventually too but like the others are saying patience, it will come.
  5. I'll say this once and I'll say it again action features are the worst thing to happen to a figure. I can understand that little kids like them but it's not kids that buy them, they're too busy with frigging Naruto or playing video games, no sir it's us who support the line line so how about giving us some decent non action features figures. Hasbro if your gonna repack Spider Man figures repack figures that make sense you know like the Spidey villains from the box sets and Spider Man classics line those were good figures that a lot people miss out on, and please for the love of God can it with the movie figures it's a waste of plastic.
  6. Firstly, holy run on sentences Batman! Secondly, you've been here since this February and have a total of 28 posts. Now call me wild, but I'm going to venture a guess. I don't think you remember much of anything dealing with this board, let alone a time when the board was mostly positive. Believe me, it's been quite some time since talk of Marvel Legends mostly consisted of praise. So, either you're an especially long time reader…or straight full of it. Plus, for what it's worth, I've been here since July of 2005 and I recall a time when the board was always like this, simply the products were better, hence the negativity was down. The essence of an action figure forum is critiquing the products, otherwise…what are you even going to talk about? And this board is a shell of what it once was. This forum used to be the most active on this entire site. Marvel Legends was the top line, and this place was crowded. Toyfair would come and people would be going mad. It would be so busy that your computer would run like a Mac. Hah! Cheap shot, sorry! Now interest is less then half of what it once was, and I'm one of the few remaining members from the Toybiz era's heyday. Do you have any clue how many people we lost? So your logic is flawed, don't speak of a time you know nothing about. Do you think that Toybiz didn't receive criticism for it's poorly executed figures? I love when Scarlet Witch, Ultron, and Toad are brought up by Hasbro drones. It's like they truly believe they've pulled one over us. Of course they were bashed back in the day, and heavily too. The hypocrisy of the contemporary Legends fan is in full display. They're all for pummeling another companies legends, but they treat the Hasbro haters like Nazi's for even the slightest bit of critiquing. I don't negatively evaluate Hasbro, I speak up when garbage is made, in my eye, whomever the maker. It just so happens that from my point of view, as well as the obvious majorities, Hasbro has made more clunkers then hits. Toybiz was just the opposite. When the product gets better, the praise will start. Until then, it's only natural you'll see complaining. Wow struck a nerve did I? No seriously dude, it's okay I just wanted a thread other than Hasbro sucks. And yeah you're right I haven't been here as long as you mr. Elder of the forum but I've been reading for about a year now and the quality of the forums has deteriotated cause you know this site has a feature to look back on the topics and previous threads that has been posted. No, I don't have stock in hasbro nor I'm their layer in fact I criticize them and I think they messed up a lot of ml like the Hydra Soldier and I also don't have nothing against Toybiz God bless them they made some great figures like 75 to 80% of their products were near perfect, I merely wanted to point out that not all their products were great either so no I don't think hasbro haters are nazis just repetitive but you're entitled to your opinion. In the end this wasn't to criticize any particular person just to try and mediate the arguments so we could move on beyond toybiz vs. hasbro dispute that has been plaguing these threads for months, but obviusly you took some sort offense in that but hey stuff happens.
  7. Remember when this forum used to be about action figure collecting not about company bashing and country criticizing. Yes, we know a lot of people out there don't like what Hasbro has done you made that pretty clear on SEVERAL occasions. It's true hasbro has done some bad figures and they have been disappointing on ocassions but so did Toybiz, I mean can anyone seriously tell me that Scarlet Witch, Toad, Ultron are really good figures. On the BAF they made some great ones but Mojo??? give me break. character selection they gave us a lot of different figures but they also made like 15 Wolverines I could army build them I swear to God. My point is both companies have their pros and cons. What I'm trying to say stop complaining and stop attacking each other that's not helping things Hasbro certainly won't pay attention to this pointless bickering. People are saying that if we don't agree with these topics we shoul stop reading, well I say to you if you don't like hasbro's products don't buy them no one is making you buy them leave that figure that you don't like for someone who will really appreciate it. I don't like hasbro's Emma what did I do? I didn't buy it and believe me I really want an Emma figure but not a buying a product I don't like is a good way of letting the company know they need to improve and it has worked well in the past with hasbro since I've been collecting star wars for years and Hasbro eventually revisits the character and makes an improvement well... most of the time. Yes we write a lot of I want this figure made topics but it's because we know hasbro reads this threads and it's a good way to let them know what we want instead of attacking them and comparing them to Toybiz How the heck do yo think green trunks Namor got made? It's not that people are not entitled to their opinion it just that when it's the same one time and time again it tends to get old. I think we should all just shut the #%*! up and stop these stupid arguments and make this a fun place to talk about marvel figures again. But I guess this is just my Opinion! We are all Marvel Lelgends collectors here having that in common I see no reason not to get along so let's try it for a change shall we?
  8. For me Black Bolt, love the Inhumans and I want figures from each and everyone of the royal family with BAF Lockjaw. Second, Daredevil regular and variant I'm a big Daredevil fan. All and all I think this is pretty decent wave in terms of character selection.
  9. So all this is really about some stupid ears sheesh, talk about blowing things out of proportion,why don't we all just let it go and wait for the actual movie to come out so we can make a proper argument. Oh yeah uh adding photoshop ears just makes Abomination look like an overgrown gremlin so uh.. not really helping things.
  10. I think the trailer looked good and it did a good job of showing us enough to keep us interested without giving too much of the plot away . I wasn't a big fan of the first one, the whole story with the father w/absorbing man powers was pretty lame, they put too much psychological analysis to what was supposed to be a simple comic story. I like this new plot where Bruce is on the run from the military while searching for a cure that's classic Hulk right there. As for the Hulk himself I think what little was shown looked good he has Hulk muscles and Hulk hair, Abomination well... he looks different but these movies are not known to be comic book accurate when it comes to looks specially the villains, that atrocious Venom last year been one of them, we all expect to have a comic accurate design but deep down we know the truth, in the end creative license will prevail and liberties will be taken with the look. Nevertheless the Abomination looks how he's supposed to: a bigger creepier, uglier and more menacing version of the Hulk. I agree the CG could use a little more work but this is the first footage shown and we're still 3 months away from the expected release which means they still have time to iron out a few details. Is it me or the Abomination kind of looks like the upcoming Hulk the End figure.
  11. Just put together your favorite incarnation of the team and leave out the characters that you either don't have or don't want. Me personally I have the different avengers that weren't in the team at the same time and others I prefer on other displays for example Sandman I like him better as a Spider Man villain and Beast I prefer him as an X-man. Capt. Marvel I display him as a cosmic/space character. Just go with what suits you and have fun with your displays that's what collecting is all about. Me I'm working on a New Avengers vs. Mighty Avengers display and Hasbro if you're reading this I need a Modern Luke Cage,long hair Sentry, Ares and a New Iron Man.
  12. No way Sauron should be a BAF, I agree that if Angel was packaged why can't he? Also he is a pretty lame character there are far bettter X-men villains that coul be made, Exodus anyone? Besides has anyone noticed the overabundance of X-men related BAFs: Blob,Apocalypse, Onslaught, Sentinel, Holocaust, Mojo. I love the X-men as much as the next guy but give us a break, the Marvel universe is full of non X-men characters why don't make them as BAFs. Atlas, Eternity, Dormmamu, Ymir, Surtur, High Evolutionary, Yellowjacket, Living Tribunal among others heck at this point I'll take a Stilt -Man BAF if it gives us a break from the X-men. If it's really gonna be made I vote regular and maybe if it's a good figure I'll buy it.
  13. It's not that 5" scale is bad it's just that the line has been 6" since it began and most collectors here are loose collectors who display their figures in dioramas,etc. Now mixing their 6" figures with 5" wouldn't work so well no matter how articulated they are. In other words they would work well as a separate line but not as ML. I've been collecting Star Wars since the Kenner era and if hasbro would start making 6" star wars I wouldn't collect them. Why? because it wouldn't be the line I love and been collecting for years. If collectors want to buy MARVEL LEGENDS in other scale then go ahead, me I'm sticking to 6" figures, wouldn't want a 5" Hulk next to a 6" Iron Man. P.S. The HALO figures do look awsome they're just very pricey in my area.
  14. Yup, here you go buddy, this is the link to the topic where the figures were first shown: http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showtopic=2039809
  15. From the upcoming Hulk wave they are reporting that out of the 10 figures announced 2 won't make the cut, I'm wondering which ones do we want out? Since we're gonna be the ones doing the buying I fiugred we should at least have a say on the matter. Hopefully Hasbro will get word of this and they'll leave the figures we want. Personally I could do without Skaar his series hasn't even come out yet, and Mcguiness Hulk, I mean do we really need another purple pants Hulk at least WWW Hulk has a different outfit and comes with a sword. So I'm asking you what are your thoughts. They should at least leave Valkyrie.
  16. "as good as i think the aoa sunfire is storm shud have won, but that aside i think it was fixed because a month or two before the poll began i found a picture of the prototypes and sunfire want one on them, why was that, its a bit convinient that he wasnt on them and he won, but he look great i wont be able to get it but you guys will, he looks like a great figure though, enjoy him when ever he comes out. " First of all the vote wasn't fixed, it may have not been fair in the sense that people could vote from different computers but that's always a risk with these things, as far I know the pictures of the prototypes were there from the start don't go bashing the poll just because your desired figure didn't win. Nothing personal but we get it you want a storm figure; but if you really want it put a picture or a sentence requesting it like the others do, instead of starting 10 topics which are basically the same subject of you requesting different versions of Storm. Second of all, why a Morph figure, really??? He was just a filler for the cartoon and an uninteresting one at that. Now don't get me wrong, everyone has the right to express their opinion or request for a figure but like Tarot said he wasn't in the comics, I just rather that spot filled with an actual character from the comics.
  17. FO Cap, definitely, I just got it a couple of weeks ago and I just love it: the paint aplication, the articulation, it's top notch. It also captures the Steve Epting Cap perfectly, there are so many reasons why this figure is so good.
  18. Stryfe Bastion Sebastian Shaw Mastermind Titanium Man Crimsom Dynamo Iron Monger(comic version) Enchantress Executioner Ulik Kurse Attuma Byrrah Tiger Shark Shocker Hammerhead Enforcers:Fancy Dan, Ox Destroyer(a more accesible one) Razor Fist Wrecking Crew('nuff said) Gladiator Imperial Guard Vulcan Typhoid Mary Gladiator(DD villain) Zzzax Silver Samurai Scarecrow Purple Man Nitro Molecule Man Mr. Fear Mr. Hyde(possible BAf) Hydro Man Chameleon Serpent Society Syn Crossbones Aleksander Lukin/Red Skull Grey Gargoyle Exodus Bushwacker Blackout Swordsman Baron Zemo ll Moonstone Songbird Venom(mac gargan) Radioactive Man Hand Ninjas AIM soldiers Madame Hydra Baron Mordo Ultron Terrax Blaastar The Hood Madame Masque Kang and for some of you a new Loki(I'm perfectly happy with the one I have) BAFs: Atlas Dormmamu Sauron Ymir High Evolutionary Surtur Ultimo We really need more villains at least one per wave so Hasbro get cracking!!!
  19. I really don't think we could do with another Wolverine especially since we'll get bombarded with countless products of him when his movie hits. Now an X-force box set with a new X-23 and Warpath and Wolfsbane that I might go for. Nice work on the photoshop for a second there I thought it was a custom.
  20. It would have to be split in 2 or 3 waves, a la Fing Fan Foon, to be close to a proper scale. It would be interesting but I don't see it happening any time soon.
  21. How about: Jean Grey and Cable(when they go look for the apocalypse possesed Cyke best Cable look IMO) Monet and Syrin Strong Guy and Wolfsbane Nightcrawler and Storm(messiah complex looks) Colossus and Kitty(current looks) Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse Lilandra and Gladiator Magneto and Exodus Warpath and Hepzibah or whatever her name is Corsair and any other Starjammer Polaris and Havok(current looks) I could go on... this is so fun and of course Jim Lee Cyclops(my favorite X-man) and Jim Grey this a no brainer to hasbro since exactly how many people have requested this already? Seriously I lost count.
  22. Modern Costumes or Updates: Ghost Rider(New look and new bike and please pack him with some chains) Falcon(civil war) Nightcrawler Colossus(astonishing) Nova(his figure hasn't been released yet but the annihilation look is much better) Super Skrull(annihilation) Ultron(he just needs a different look, bad!!!!) Sentry(long hair, mighty avengers look) I think I got a little carried away but this is a really good topic
  23. How about a Captain America Wave? 1.New Cap 2.Winter Soldier with interchangeable long hair head 3.Sharon Carter(SHIELD uniform w/white clothes variant) 4.Aleksander Lukin w/interchangeable Red Skull head 5.Crossbones 6.Sin BAF Arnim Zola or Skull bot and if Hasbro wants to go with 8 instead of 6 throw in: 7.modern Falcon 8.Black Widow Or a Daredevil wave with 1.Armored Daredevil 2.Typhoid Mary 3.Hand Ninja 4.Owl 5.Black Widow 6.Echo(white hand painted face) BAF Mr. Hyde (we got Blob and Ronan as BAF why not Mr. Hyde) I know these are highly unlikely since hasbro recently released a Bucky and Cap figures and Daredevil has two on the way. But hey a guy can dream..........
  24. Belmont13

    FO Cap Help

    Hey Guys, Last week I won a bid for the regular and variant FO Cap packaged and sealed for 46.50 which IMO is not bad. You were all I had to do was wait thank you all for your help. You guys rock!!!!!!!!!
  25. I had the same dilemma myself, on one hand the FO Hulk's sculpt speaks volumes and captures his look perfectly but King Hulk has a cool outfit and he comes with sword you can't go wrong with that. I finally decided that I'm gonna get both, simple.
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