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  1. you're forgetting that even though Wolverine is short, ugly and hairy he has bedded over 75% of the women in the Marvel Universe that right there is a sign of confusing writing. Wolverine as a character has become a joke, to the point that he's in a book just because he's popular and he sells, that's it. As for Emma the only who one wrote her character well was Joss Whedon in his astonishing book, which IMO was the only X-book with any good writing in the last 5 years. He wrote her as an intriguing and interesting character more than a sex symbol when he departed the other writers started using Emma because of her popularity in astonishing but since they couldn't write her properly, they reverted to the half naked sex symbol Emma.
  2. I gotta go with the Big Dawg on this one, now children will be safe, less rich without settlement money but safe nonetheless.
  3. What baffles me is they're selling the sets or an inidividual like it was a sure thing and they already had the figures, what happens when they get to SDCC, make the line and the figure gets sold out midline. Maybe it's like Clam says and there's some sort of hook up going on here.
  4. That's from the upcoming Green Lantern #43 which is gonna serve as a prologue to Blackest Night.
  5. Is it me or this has gotten out of hand?!??!??! There's no right or wrong way to display a collection to say otherwise or even discuss it is stupid. Telling someone how they should display their collections is preposterous, you display however the heck you want and that's it. What are we now the Martha Stweart of collecting???? What is fun is seeing how people diversely display their figures and that is what the show your collections thread is for. Every person is different and their choices in this case collection display are unique and we should keep it like that.
  6. LOL that or a gladiator that got lost on the way to the colosseum.
  7. Well, Earth-2 Superman and Martian Manhunter were already revealed as Black Lanterns in the DC Direct line of Blackest Night action figures and I saw a teaser image of Arthur Curry but it wasn't fully revealed it was more like a shadow. So the question is who will they reveal next?
  8. wasnt that paralax? yes it was. So if we follow his line of thought Joker's figures are Garbage.
  9. Let's look at it by movies: X-men trilogy- first of all it shouldn't have been called X-men it should've been called Wolverine and a couple of badly cast people running around in bad costumes. Now some of you are gonna say wolvie is the most popular and it made sense for him to be the star but come on give some of the other characters the spotlight once in a while. Spider-Man- I agree with clam on this one. Spidey's costume was ok to use but the Goblin's too silly WTF?? At the end it look like a fan made video of toys fighting. I won't even comment on the 3rd one there was plenty wrong in that one. Fantastic Four- Besides the poor casting and the bad CGI on the Thing, it was a friggin' comedy, they went overboard with the humor IMO. Daredevil- I actually liked this one, a lot. Cool fight sequences , great soundtrack and after an explanation from the director I semi agreed on the choice for Michael Clarke Duncan. I'm a big fan of Daredevil so my view on this one is somewhat biased but I admit it could've been better. Superman Returns- this one was enjoyable, I applaud the fact that they went with an unknown instead of a big name just to sell tickets. I admit I was a bit put off by the son angle and the lack of action. The Dark Knight- to be completely honest this one bored me, way too long. I don't like the fact Batman is portrayed as a complete moron in these movies I thought he was THE DETECTIVE. Gotham City looked like a cross between NY and L.A. where are the dark alleys, the gloomy city? Heath Ledger(may God rest his soul) was great, he gave an awesome performance but I hated the fact that Joker was portrayed a little too invisible it was like nobody could touch him. I know this is viewed as the holy grail of comic book movies and I know I just criticized the sacred cow and can expect some major attacks on my way but that's my opinion. Some of you have a very good point; when it comes to movies there's a lot of factors involved that we don't know about like duration of the film and a mainstream audience to deal with. Producers and directors have a say in the matter and even actors have a opinion on what happens in a movie and that's how changes happen. I can understand that but sometimes the changes and the reasons they give are stupid. They get away with some stuff but not with others?????? I find that hard to believe. In fantastic four they have a guy with rock for a skin, another one who sets himself on fire but doesn't get burned, then comes an alien with silver skin who rides a surfboard but a giant alien is too silly and wouldn't have worked righttttttttttttttttttttt.
  10. They did a modern Hal Jordan shortly after the Green Lantern: Rebirth mini. I know, but it was ugly this one is looks better, they nailed his look with this one.
  11. Typical, we get a finally get a modern Hal Jordan and it's a SDCC exclusive. I don't suppose DC Direct will get to release these as an internet exclusive or a more available medium.
  12. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and take a wait and see approach. I wasn't disappointed with the first one and I'll probably won't be with this one either.
  13. me too, I'm counting down the days, the trailer looks great.
  14. I call it being screwed, now I don't collect MU figures but I can see this was a very bad move. To the people who do collect this line I feel your pain.
  15. I can't agree more. He just looks ridiculous at 5'9". It's like Superman fighting Spider-Man. You just know he's gonna get creamed. yeah....for get the mind power or the ring its self...physical strenth is what matters!(not) with that logic, they should just get rid of most of the female GLs, that cricket, or any GL that isnt hal's size or better is just worthless. lol I can picture it now "you've been selected for the Green Lantern Corps, no wait; we made a mistake you're not tall enough"
  16. Pre-order the 2 waves of DC Direct Blackest Night figures, buy whatever else you feel like and save the rest for a rainy day.
  17. Man, the exact thing happened to me lol, as for the Nemesis I'm actually starting to get annoyed this wave has been shown for a year and now we're being told they are having problems getting them to the shelves WTF. How much longer do we have to wait.
  18. Because it's fun to indulge in wishful thinking once in a while.
  19. I don't think they would flood the line with Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner figures, but even if they did, they both have a couple of different outfits that could work. For example they were both parallax at some point those are different, Kyle Rayner could be made in his ION costume, Hal Jordan was a Red Lantern that would be a nice repaint and so on and so forth. So yeah if they include Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner in every wave I wouldn't mind as long as they are different enough. I would totally support this line, the fact that would consist of different alien species that makes for colorful figures and 2 potential army builders (manhunter robots and qwardian weaponers) would be a fine thing. Not to mention it could offer some good BAFs, I mean I don't know about you guys but I would be all over a sinestro corps Anti-Monitor BAF.
  20. Man, I'm with you, the GL characters could support a sub line, especially with all the different corps they have now.
  21. John Stewart, Katma Tui, Sinestro Corps Cyborg Supes and Connect and Collect Kilowog, if this turns out to be accurate I'm gonna be a very happy man. :)
  22. I think is Talbot, In the end of the first arc Ross and Samson are standing over Rulk telling him they gave him everything he needed to destroy the Hulk. Also Rulk is always saying how he's gonna make Hulk pay for everything he put them through that suggests they have some history together. Since Emil Blonsky is dead , Ross and Samson have both been in the presence of Rulk and Rick Jones is A-bomb that only leaves Glenn Talbot, but I could be totally wrong. The fact of the matter is this storyline is crap, with only the art being good. At first I thought it was cool to have a new enemy for the Hulk and was looking forward to a major fight between them but the execution has been pretty bad, I got pretty upset when Rulk beat marvel most powerful superheroes like they were rag dolls so at this point I'm not really caring much about the identity if they didn't revealed it in the first arc it's just a stupid way to prolong the story.
  23. Daredevil was ok, but they didn't captured the dark feel and dark setting of the comic books. I liked it specially the director's cut but I'm biased because I'm a huge Daredevil fan, the same way I enjoyed the 90s Captain America movie but that's just me. I agree with a lot of people that marvel has one up over DC because of its own studio. They're releasing the single hero movies before the Avengers so they're already established in their own movies and people know who each hero is when they get to avengers. DC, last I read was planning on releasing a JLA movie without releasing a Wonder Woman and Flash movie, also they had no word if Christian Bale or Brandon Routh were cast so it will be pretty strange to see other actors in those roles. That's my 2 cents. P.S. the reason Mark Steven Johnson casted Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin is because he couldn't find any tall strong white guys who could act. I don't agree with it but I understand it.
  24. We collectors tend to complain about something or another no matter how much a company tries to please us we'll always find something to criticize or complain about, the sooner we accept it the better for all of us. Me, I like this wave I'll admit I would've exchanged Skaar or Hulk the End for Red King(he's at least a villain and the main anagonist in planet hulk)but overall we get a pretty decent wave. Doc Sampson and the King Hulk top my list in this wave followed by Absorbing Man and Wendigo who are classic villains and you can't go wrong with classic villains and maybe just maybe the grey hulk(bring back articulated fingers for crying out loud!). So there you go 5 out 8 ain't bad.
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