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  1. Dude, thank you have made my day, I can't wait for this figures. Now to guess which character will take the fourth spot in the wave. I'm hoping for a corps member(don't care which color) to balance this mostly latern black wave.
  2. What I meant was that my local comic book shop got them in short quantities, the shipment arrived one bag short. This was MY local comic book. Sorry for the confusion I caused.
  3. I had the same dilemma a couple of months back but then decided to wait for the blackest night one since it's basically the same sculpt and that one will most likely come with a ring and for me it was also cheaper to get the whole BN wave 3 than pay eBay prices and international shipping for just one figure. My advice is wait but feel free to do what you feel best.
  4. My local comic book shop is selling them to anyone who will buy them at 75 cents, I'm only missing blue(which apparently arrived in short quantities) but they said the'll hold one for me if they get them again.
  5. You're so right, I mean The Dark Knight was such a piece of trash film. Take the Joker for example. Instead of being true to the Batman mythology and having him be a failed comedian that fell in a vat of acid that made his skin white and hair green, he's just a crazy guy with a semi-Glascow smile who rubs makeup on his face. I can't believe that film made any money whatsoever. Oh, and uh, I don't know if you've ever seen Chris Hemsworth before but he doesn't look like a Norse God either. You're completely missing the point, it's not about being completely accurate I mean I don't expect that when there's a casting for the Thor movie a man with a big beard, a viking outfit, the exact same height as Heimdall who also happens to be a great actor to walk in the set and get the part. My point is I don't expect the casting or the movie to be 100% accurate but the race of the character in this case it's important because if it does turn out that Idris is playing Heimdall not in human form or providing voice but full god Heimdall; it's gonna look pretty strange to put a black man in a nordic god pantheon. As for the Dark Knight I'm not an expert on the Joker but I don't ever remember the Joker being black. Now Lucius Fox is black in the comics and he was perfectly cast and portrayed by one the best actors in our generation who also happens to be black. Same with Commissioner Gordon now does any of these guys look in the movies exactly like they do in the comic books, not but that's all right because like I said there's always gonna be changes. But what me and everyone is trying to voice here is an opinion that when the Thor movie comes out and you have a bunch of bearded white guys running around in viking outfits there's gonna this one black dude among them looking kind of out place. That doesn't mean the might not do well God willing it will be a blockbuster but that one particular aspect is gonna look wrong in the movie or it might not who knows??
  6. Both Hugh Jackman and Wolverine are white.
  7. Nothing against Idris Elba I'm sure he's a great actor but he doesn't look like a Viking, period! Now if they decided to replace Chistian Bale with Jamie Foxx in the next Batman movie or cast Channing Tatoum as Luke Cage or Jada Pinket Smith as Wonder Woman then I would hear some serious whining from the people around here. Well guess what? it's the same thing just because it's a small character doesn't mean they should f#*k it up. I agree with Clam I thought this movie was going well but if they can't get one simple fact right they're losing points fast.
  8. Series 3 on march 3 2010 and series 4 April 14 so far......
  9. I agree with you, I had such low expectations from this movie that I actually enjoyed it especially when I compared it with TF2. At first when I saw it I thought "these aren't the Joes I grew up with" but as the movie progressed I started to like it. Both Scarlett and Baroness was cool(although the ending with the Baroness was blah she was cool for most of the movie). Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow rocked!!!! I don't care what anyone says their fights were the highlight of the movie for me at least the adult versions; No matrix effects or wire work just 2 sword wielding ninjas fighting each other took me back to the 80s ninja movies I loved. Yes, they changed elements of the story but we're talking about something that has like 5 animated movies and cartoons and not to mention comics that's too much story to adapt without pissing someone. For me it mostly captured the spirit of G.I. Joe: special vehicles and weapons and big fights which was what the series was mostly about.
  10. Well, the black hand has a new headsculpt and a black ring sculpted in his hand so you could say he's semi different. So far they only announced 4 waves but hopefully we'll get more there's so many characters left to do and this story keeps getting better with every issue.
  11. So.... what happens when you want to buy an army builder type of figure??? do you limit to only one stormtrooper,clone trooper or cobra soldier,etc. per person????
  12. I got wave 2, Indigo stands pretty well, for a display piece she looks really nice especially the paint. Kryb on the other hand is difficult to stand even with the stand plus she's friggin' big!!! and she has a removable cage in her back to store the babies or you can fit them in her hand.
  13. I heard from a fellow collector once about a toys'r us employee who bent the cards of action figures when he was unloading the cases just to spite collectors. I usually don't mind since I'm a loose collector but I can see how this would frustrate a moc collector.
  14. Hal Jordan has been both blue and red and he was orange for like 2 seconds. He was able to wield yellow rings due to his connection to Parallax but he didn't wore a yellow uniform; he also had a half blue half green uniform due to wielding both rings at the same time. I got these last week imagine my surprise when the store in which I preordered them told me they also had wave 2. The articulation is lacking but I kind of expected that these being DCD and all but the paint app is awesome especially on John Stewart he looks much better than the upcoming DCUC IMO. I took pics of both waves side by side but unfortunately when I tried to insert the memory disk in the computer it got stuck and haven't been able to get it or the pictures out.
  15. I have nothing against the MU line or the scale I've been collecting SW figures since the kenner days but I also collect MLs and I prefer the 6" scale. I understand Hasbro making the switch to the 4" scale that's what they know best G.I Joe(best toy line ever) and Star Wars. I was upset at first about the change like I said I understand it and if the ML line ends well I'll understand it all things come to an end and it was a good run, what I don't understand is the MU collectors acting like cultists who act like you're wrong just because you're not into what they're into. Don't get me wrong MU has atracted a lot of collectors to this forums and they're perfectly welcome but learn that the fact that just because someone disagrees with you does not make them wrong. Now as I was saying I have nothing against MU and I think(as do a lot of people here)that both Marvel lines can coexist but Hasbro doesn't seem to think so the way the put ML in storage and went all out with MU, perhaps in the future this will change. Personally I don't have the energy, money or space to start a new collection plus I'm not gonna buy all the characters I already own in a new scale. Another thing is the price in my area they're like 9 to 10 dollars before tax which is not pretty considering that I would pay 12.99 for a 6" which IMO is better quality. Like Arrow said I'm not collecting something just because it's a new thing, I've always been a selective collector even with MLs and Star Wars if I collected everything I would have a Darth Vader army numbering the hundreds which brings me to another point it seems that in almost all of the MU waves we're getting a Spider-Man or an Iron Man repaint I would think that if they're gonna atract people to their line they wouldn't use repaints so quickly. Everyone is entitled to collect or not collect what they want so let's see what the future holds for both lines.
  16. I'm thinking Barris Offee, she's in serious need of a redo but since she's a movie character they'll probably get to her soon. It seems fans should use this poll for the EU characters since they're the most unlikely to get released and most of the movie ones are fair game but with hasbro who knows???
  17. Man some people have way too much time on their hands.
  18. A collectibles store I go to has them for 17.99 I preordered the whole set about a month ago and paid them little by little but 24.99 is a big...... steep.
  19. How can someone in good conscience buy 4 cases of a single wave is beyond me, No wonder people can't find these figures.
  20. I'm really hoping they do a 5th, the figures so far look great and they have many characters to choose from.
  21. Has anyone seen these yet? Someone found these and posted pics in the Marvelous news forum so they're out it's just a matter of time till they get to each of our respective toys 'r us.
  22. Between this and Daken they're really pushing it, Marvel needs to get rid of their claw fetish.
  23. Ign.com is running an article where they reveal a new character each day so far they revealed Hecules, Multiple Man, Patriot, Moonstone, Lady Deathstrike among others. Check it out: http://comics.ign.com/articles/101/1018503p1.html As for Songbird she makes total sense since the Thunderbolts were a part of civil war, I do agree however that we need Namor his appearance in the final battle of civil war was for me one of the most exciting moments of the event and I'm not even fan of Namor but I'm really looking forward to playing with him if he gets to be playable. About the code I wouldn't worry about since with the first game it was an universal code something along the lines of: up,down,left,right and every major gaming site had the code so like I said no biggie.
  24. The Stealth variant is supposed to show up later but we don't know how much later. The same with the Dum Dum Dugan/Chaste Ninja 2 pack. Some people are selling these on Ebay but I rather wait. I only got the Hand Ninja/Fury I haven't found the IM/MH yet and I really want that Iron Man; I love the Hand Ninja and Fury but I admit I found the Nick Fury head lacking.
  25. Please, I understand this is a DC forum but there's no way in God's green earth that DCUC Classics surpasses MLs. Marvel Legends at least the Toybiz ones had great articulation, great paint apps and they came with a comic book, they also had the BAF which is the best pack in concept in the history of action figures. With DCUC you get 90% of the figures with the same body even though they don't call for it check out the steroid using beefed up Zan from the wonder twins 2 pack(this guy has been hitting the gym since I last saw him in the cartoon). The paints on the figures makes them look cartoony and kind of cheap and also what's with the New Gods having a figure in almost every wave and don't get me started on the quality control. DCUC works for what it is: a decent representation of DC characters that's available to everyone although personally I prefer DC Direct. MLs are and will always be the authority when it comes to 6" action figures DCUCs can't hold a candle to them. P.S. Even though Hasbro's MLs aren't as great as toybiz's they're still better than DCUCs.
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