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  1. I hear you, I want the War Machine because it's the closest thing to modern day dark rein War Machine right now. I also want the Mark V because it looks awesome but the Mark VI looks like a repaint with a triangular chest piece. I really wish they did what they're doing with the 4" line and release the classic armors and villains. I can't wait to get the Winter Soldier/Black Widow 2 pack, it's the best toy news I've received all year.
  2. yeah I like him.. not sure how much I like him as Cap... but they are obviously going for somebody younger Mark Valley, that guy has Steve Rogers written all over his face, unfortunately he's older than what they're going for. I remember seeing him a couple of years ago on a rerun of E.R. and at the same I was reading Brubaker's Cap run and thinking to myself this guy is Cap. I still think he would be perfect for modern day Cap but not for origin WW2 Cap which is what the movie is about.
  3. I'm sorry to bother and deviate the topic but I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to tell me which MU Captain America is pictured. See, I'm a ML collector but Cap is also my favorite Marvel superhero and I don't mind owning multiple versions of him. The reason I never got one was because I never liked them but this one looks pretty good. Anyway carry on with the topic and by the way great pictures of Iron Man, makes me reconsider my stand on 4'' marvel figs and get a couple of these.
  4. i have nothing against ML collectors. they just #@$#@ too much. i just accept change of the times. Yeah right like you don't #@3$# either, in almost every thread you make a point to compare and fight between the 2 scales, also you started this topic so if you can't stand it you shouln't have started it. A lot of people here have given very reasonable explanations as to why they prefer 6" but you act like a cultist saying we're wrong just because we don't follow the trend. If you want to collect MU fine no one's stopping you but we don't care for them. Does that make you wrong? no but it doesn't make us wrong either. I understand the scale change, I really do like Arrow wisely mentioned they make sense from a business point of view but that doesn't mean we have to like it or we have to go ahead and buy them.
  5. Hal Jordan Basically because of everything MasterJailer mentioned and he was the lantern I grew up with. My first encounter with DC was a superfriends episode where(if memory serves) aliens attack earth by pulling it out of orbit and the Justice league scramble to defend. Superman(demonstrating how ridiculously powerful he is) pushes the earth into orbit again; but then this guy creates a giant green sword from his ring and starts to destroy alien ships, how cool is that?? That forever was impressed in my mind and to this day Hal Jordan is my favorite Justice league member, my favorite Green Lantern and just about the only thing I like from DC. Kyle is my second favorite, because he's the dreamer, the idealist, the Luke Skywalker, but I admit better things could be done with his character.
  6. I loved that series, never missed an epsiode. I remember really loving the episode where he gets cloned and the clone wears a blue and silver outfit with an angel flying with a lightning bolt in his hand as a symbol.Man that brings back memories.
  7. Well according to Geoff Johns, who visited the set recently, "Mark Strong IS Sinestro and Kilowog,the Guardians and OA all look amazing" that's what he said so apparently they're taking the movie in the right direction.
  8. That's what I'm betting on, they are't going to go without giving him a figure. Unfortunately it will make it something very hard and expensive to get and therefore something I will never own. I hear you, I really wanted a red lantern and blue lantern Hal and well..SDCC exclusives.
  9. I'm a little confused are they gonna be showing them or selling them like SDCC. Hopefully they'll show.....spoilers ahead . . . . . . . . . . . . ( White lantern Sinestro)
  10. wow, nice "what If" list that you have...great choice!! Thank you
  11. Well since we're indulging in what ifs I'll play with my dream waves: Captain America wave: 1.Captain America in black outfit with a U.S. Agent variant. 2. Aleksander Lukin with Red Skull interchangeable head or Nazi Red Skull a la Marvel Universe. 3. Diamondback 4. Sin 5. Any member of the Serpent Society 6. Spitfire Arnim Zola Baf Iron Man wave: 1. Extremis Iron Man 2. Crimson Dynamo 3. Titanium Man 4. Comic accurate Iron Monger(repainting a movie one is not enough) 5. Madame Masque 6. AIM soldier 7. maybe Rescue(Pepper Pots armored suit) BAF Ultimo Daredevil wave 1. Armored Daredevil 2. Typhoid Mary 3. Owl 4. Lady Bullseye 5. Black Tarantula 6. White Tiger BAF Mr. Hyde that's my list of course it's a dream wave since Hasbro wouldn't make any more BAFs or make most of these characters not like Mattel. but it was fun making it nonetheless oh and one last an Inhumans box set.
  12. The MS War Machine and Mark IV I think (the one with the round repulsor) are Borders exclusive the Mark VI( the one with the triangle) will be a regular release. They come with interchangeable hands and opening visors. I'm still debating if I get these or the Hasbro ones but knowing my track record with Wal-Mart exclusives I think I'll find the Borders one first. According to the website they estimate it will be release today but that may change; as for the Hasbro 2 pack all Iron Man 2 toys were supposed to have been released on march 1st but since no one has reported getting them I'm guessing that only applied to the 4''. Hope this helps.
  13. Hasbro is always gonna put out an important character in every wave/2-pack because that's what they always do and it works fine for them. The problem most people seem to have are redos, these are a necessary evil, why? they need to keep line going, if someone started collecting the line recently they can acquire a character they missed out on instead of tracking them down and paying high prices. A toyline cannot survive alone on "C listers" or other lesser known characters. Now Tommygoth mentioned we should've gotten Bi-Beast who is a new character instead of a Hulk who's been released before or Ms. Marvel because she's in Dark Avengers, hey I agree I want Bi-beast there's just one problem with this statement there's already a Bi Beast in the Hulk movie collection why don't we get that one and be done with it oh wait that's 5" and it looks bad hence the hasbro redo it's much better looking let's vote for that one and Ms. Marvel we already got one of those but this one is different deco but people still want it Surprise Surprise that's how most of us felt about Black Widow and that's why she won. I voted for Black Widow I don't care we already have her she needed a new deco, I also voted for Constrictor and Lady Bullseye just because I'm a big Daredevil fan and I like her design, does that mean I actually expected her to win in a vote against Wolverine, Hulk, Black Widow, Phoenix, Multiple Man and Deadpool? no but I did it anyway. Does that mean I'm upset about it? no, I understand the moment I saw the poll I knew Deadpool was gonna win because for some reason beyond my level of comprehension he's insanely popular and his previous figure is extremely hard to get. That doesn't mean I'm gonna keep complaining about it I made my decision so did other people now we just have to live with it. Overall I'm okay with the 2 pack news I never expected them to include a new figure much less Winter soldier which I've been wanting for a while; now out of the 6 figures I really want 4 so like I said I'm okay with it so I'm gonna have to get a Deadpool(a character I hate) to get Warpath and Hulk which I already have to get Valkyrie so what? I have tons of Darth Vaders and they were means to an end to get a new figure or a figure I really wanted this is nothing new especially for Hasbro. Besides don't want a figure don't buy it but don't complain if the line crashes for lack of support; there's also this place called e-bay where you can sell unwanted figures, so there's always options. Marvel Legends, unwanted ones or redos it's better than no Marvel Legends.
  14. It's not just your opinion, that figure left a lot to be desired. This one is looking nicely specially with the interchangeable head.
  15. Probably because the whole line is based on a storyline that revolves around him. They could have easily done one Hal per wave! I'm picking this Hal up. The one in the original DCD Green Lantern line was a bit on the short side. I need to get with it, I only have wave 1 of this line so far. Good point, I like this Hal better than the previous one and dare I say more than the SDCC one. Now if we could get an all black version...
  16. I also agree that DC direct tops DCUC, sure DCUC has more articulation but look a that Superman headsculpt, excellent craftmanship. Plus being a collector based market they can do specific storylines figures like this one and Blackest Night.
  17. I completely agree, I've been wanting a Winter Soldier figure since he first started appearing in the comic books; the Cap/shield/star on the arm is a great touch.
  18. I read both the article and the comic since Captain America is my favorite superhero, I've been reading Brubaker's run forever. I honestly think the whole thing is stupid and been blown out of proportion; Captain America doesn't fight the Tea Bag Party like the article claims nor is he there to. He's there because a former enemy(whom he wants to help get better,actually), is there with a group of terrorists called the Watchdogs. He goes to the place to find out information about the group and knows that the group is most probably recruiting members from the town so he poses as a person who shares the ideals but is willing to go to extreme measures to achieve it to get the groups attention. How is this fighting the tea bag party, huh??? The other point in the article racism WTF????? If the situation was reversed and they would encounter a group operating out of Harlem would you see a white guy infiltrating them???? There wasn't anything racist in Falcon's comment he was stating a fact that all of the people in the protest are white and he would stand out like a sore thumb. Like I said I think this has been blown out of proportion I read all of Brubaker's Cap comic books and one of the reasons I like them is how they mix real world politics and problems with the fictional story in the book. It's truly sad when this has to change because someone wanted to make some noise and grab attention. P.S. Yojeobro82 you make a good point I'm saving my copy since now is probably gonna be worth more with all of the attention and free publicity is been getting.lol
  19. They're not new, Mcdonalds has been giving them away for years the only difference is that before you got a burger and fries to go with it. Anyway it's not about the lack of Marvel Legends it's about the quality of the product which in this case it's bad. I can understand the Power of the Force collection looking like chess pieces I own several of them but that was 1995 this is 2010 SW has come a long way and about 90% of the new ones are top notch. So why do I see these great SW figures in the toy aisle and turn around and see something like MU Punisher, Hulk, Thing, Daredevil among others and this comes from the same company???????? Heck even the short-lived Indiana Jones figures looked better. Nothing personal against MU figures heck I even considered getting my 2 favorite characters(Captain America and Daredevil) in MU just to own but the Daredevil is Godawful,worst of all they keep reusing that body and with Cap..... well the only decent one and I used the term loosely was a SDCC exclusive. Like I said have no personal vendetta against MU because I'm not getting Marvel Legends, if they're gone they're gone such is life at least they gave us a good collection well... mostly Toybiz.
  20. Man!!! these look awsome I just finished the game and I really want me some figures of it.
  21. So true Clam, so true; It's like everything Hasbro has learned about making 4" inch figures this past couple of years has been thrown out the window. I could understand them having problems with the Marvel Legends that wasn't really their thing, but 3/34" is their specialty how could they screw them up is beyond me.
  22. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!! More Blackest Night figures thank you GOD!!!! Anyway not sure about the Batman but I'll probably gonna get it since I'm getting them by the wave. Really curious to see how the Hal Jordan it's gonna turn out. This is great news thank you Opticon for posting this. Now I gotta track down that toyfare magazine.
  23. It is strange since most sinestro corps members have the ring in the left hand I guess it symbolizes some sort of left wing kind of thing, With Sinestro being a renegade lantern and all.
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