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  1. I don't think anything could have saved X3 the X-men got defeated by a very powerful foe: crappy writing. They handled the Phoenix story badly, Storm fought 2 times with the same repetitive moves and choreography just becuase Halle Berry whined so she would get a bigger part, we got teased with a sentinel just to gets it head the list goes on. The only good thing was Multiple Man and he didn't get that much screen time. The first 2 were ok but the bad casting was there from the beginning, Jean Grey looked too old, Rogue was in Jubilee's role and Magneto was supposed to be old not bedridden. Anyway moving on the costumes don't look that bad, Captain America's could be better(red gloves and boots too difficult??) but I knew they were going with Ultimate route it's what they do now and we might as well face it that cancer isn't going away anytime soon. Thor's costume looks strange, when they showed the first picture I loved it, since they were going with the modern Coipel/Straczynski version, let's face it the Kirby didn't look that Nordic or godly but now it looks weird, like something out of Stargate SG1 maybe with the helmet it would look better.
  2. Luke Cage? Exactly!! If they want to use introduce african american superheroes why not use the ones you got already. There is no reason why a Luke Cage movie wouldn't work if done right, you can introduce a new superhero into the fold to the people that weren't familiar with it and have another Marvel Character movie win-win. For example I'm pretty sure that the average moviegoer wasn't familiar with Iron Man but they got it so right that they took a Superhero not widely known outside of comic book fans and turned them into a successful movie and suddenly people who didn't know who or what Iron Man was were asking me about the character since they enjoyed the movie. The same thing can happen with a Luke Cage movie just keep it right and cast an actual african american to play him.
  3. You know the Flash doesn't look that bad when someone said bronze I thought it would look worse. I saw the pictures of the Hal Jordan on cooltoyreview and it looks awesome might be the first the DCUC figure I get.
  4. Well I'm pretty sure there's a drone coming, I think it's called a Tactical Assault Drone. I'm guessing it hasn't been revealed yet for spoiler reasons; I too I'm hoping for all models and maybe a final battle whiplash.
  5. Wow that is the best Joker figure I have seen in a while. The Batman looks pretty good but I think it would've been better to do the costume black and grey. I really don't like the design on Scarecrow but I blame the game developers on that one, damn shame too since Scarecrow is my favorite Batman villain. Overall these figures have a dark and gritty look to them that fits the Batman universe better imo.
  6. I agree with you this guy is a fighter. I love Poison and their music and have a tremendous respect for Brett hope he gets well.
  7. He has a beard so Chris Hemsworth can look older, no female Loki they already have a guy cast for the role and from the looks of the actor he kind looks like Loki. As for the outfit I like the modern outfit it looks more Nordic if they can get it right. About him being too small compared to what??? Let's wait and see him in an official movie shot standing next to other people before we judge. So far this movie is shaping up nicely, we have the warriors 3, Anthony Hopkins as Odin(epic!!!!!), Loki, Rene Russo as Frigga and an unknown pretyy girl as Sif. I only have 2 complaints Idris Elba as Heimdall but there's another topic on that already and the other is the fact they haven't cast or at least announced Balder. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0800369/
  8. Wow this was a very Hasbro thing to do on Mattel's part good thing I rely on DC Direct for my Green Lantern fix.
  9. I seem to be one of the few who actually enjoyed this movie, I though it was truly awesome: We get to see the War Machine(Don Cheadle looks more fit to wear the armor anyway). We got to see Black Widow and Nick Fury both parts rocked. I prefer 616 Fury but since they went with Ultimate who better that Sam L. Jackson to do it; When he said to Tony:"So a black man came to your house,kicked your ass and took your armor away.." I was lmao great stuff. Cap's shield, Thor's hammer, Avengers iniative this made the movie feel part of the Marvel Universe and not the stand alone crap we've gotten before. Robert Downey Jr. dominated the character playing it with excellence, I think the drinking was handled very well Favreau mentioned a long time ago that he wasn't going to delve into Demon in a Bottle and I understand it's a 2 hour movie not a 6 issue story arc things have to be referenced and not delved deeply. I still think getting drunk, wearing the armor, shooting the repulsors around people and getting an intervention by Rhodes was handled perfectly, much better than getting emo hair and dancing in a jazz club. The villains were cool Hammer was funny as hell a good contrast to the serious bad @$# that was Vanko/Whiplash. The action sequences were great especially the race car scene. The ending battle could have been longer but it was still cool. I very have few gripes with this movie so I give it an 8.5 almost 9 out of 10. People complained that it dragged on believe me no more than the Dark Knight when they arrested the joker I thought it was gonna end and then we got like 40 minutes more of movie I was ready to leave the movie theater then. We all have different opinions so it's ok I just wanted to share mine.
  10. I kind of agree with Xorr and Flounderr with this, while like Eldest son mentioned they're not forcing you to buy anything they sort of blackmail you into it. The CnC or BAF whatever you want to call it is a double edged sword on one hand like Pooda mentioned you get a big character that you wouldn't have normally gotten carded in a wave and the fact that they didn't packaged it and charge you X price for it but instead got it as a "bonus" piece with other figure is good. On the other hand if you don't get the entire wave of figures you either won't get the figure or you'll have to resort to other methods to find it. It has it Pros and Cons and NO ONE here can deny that, I seriously doubt anyone here(I could be wrong)loves each and every character of the DC universe so odds are that you have bought an unwanted character to get complete another one that you did wanted. Since I don't collect the DCUC I'll use ML as an example. BAF as many of you know was one of the selling points of MLs line, now in my case some of them worked but others didn't, I'll explain....the Sentinel(quite possibly the best BAF ever) worked for me as the wave was composed of characters I like and wanted and when I got them all I could build the Sentinel cool, huh? But then we have Galactus which is one of my favorite Marvel characters in order to build him I had to get Deathlok which I couldn't care less about, Ares wave:Ultimate War Machine, Annihilus wave:movie figs, Giant Man wave:AOA weapon X so on and so forth. So the C&C/BAF concept is a curse and a blessing. Sure you can always get the piece on ebay but most of the time it can cost you with shipping what you would've paid for the figure in the first place and trading it can be a good thing when it works but sometimes people are so untrusting no one wants to ship first. So to conlcude IMO no one here is wrong (except the ones who don't think that the C&C is a marketing tool). The C&C part is both a good thing and a bad depends who you are. I honestly think most of the time is a curse.
  11. Well they mentioned that after he gets the serum he's gonna get an uniform and entertain the troops, because apparently since he's the only Super Soldier the army doesn't want to send him to the front lines and risk him getting killed so they give him an uniform so he can perform for the troops and he gets tired of it and runs off to the war where he tinkers with the uniform and makes himself a new one (Worst plot idea ever if you ask me but hey I'm not the director). So he's gonna have like 2 uniforms but like Clam mentioned I'm almost certain it's gonna be Ultimate inspired like all of the Marvel movies bad ideas.
  12. Actually the package and website lists the wave 1 as Earth 2 Superman which is supposed to be the Superman that has the blue/red outfit and the grey temples who got killed by superboy prime in one of those crisis, so if we're wrong it's because DC Direct got it wrong. I could be wrong about the Superman but then again it's all very confusing specially with all the freaking crisis and alternate worlds which is one of the reasons I just stick to the Green Lantern stuff.
  13. I would love a Brightest Day Boston Brand with trench coat and white ring.
  14. Exactly! one example of this is the first couple of issues of New Avengers where we see the group fighting villains espcaping from the Raft but Spidey is the one who gets ambushed and ends up with broken arm. Then we see him joining the Avengers because he could use the money only to find out they're no longer getting paid. Writers like Brian Michael Bendis and J. Michael Stracyzinski proved that you could take the Spider-Man/Peter Parker character move him to avengers tower, joined the avengers but still be the fun character he always was, he would still make jokes, make mistakes and get in over his head. Then along comes Joephisto and decides that we can do away with years of comic book history and have Peter Parker give up his wife,marriage and the last couple of years of his life just because he can't let go of his aunt. Awful if you ask me.
  15. I agree with Yojoebro as soon as brand new day happened I dropped Spider Man's books it's like is impossible for the character to evolve. That was the worst decision in comics I have ever seen it's like sticking a middle finger to the fans. Spider Man's unmasking was one of the most defining moments in civil war and they make that go away why? Why can't Spider Man get married, get a job, see his aunt die in other words why can't Peter Parker grow up??? I was so annoyed by the decision that Spider-Man dropped from my top 3 favorite superheroes. This is the problem nowadays with fiction instead of moving forward and coming up with new ideas they're trying to go back to the old days and the way stuff used to be unsuccessfully I might add. I said fiction because it's also hapenning in the movies instead of coming up with new ideas we're getting shitty remakes of classics or video game/book adaptations and not to mention sequels but that's another topic entirely.
  16. He was being transformed into one by the Black Lantern Spectre but that lasted for like 5 seconds. Still the design was really cool. I definitely wouldn't mind a figure of him.
  17. Exactly Hooded version makes him look like a terrorist, So for me Hooded version all the way.
  18. yet, he throws cap through a super thick concrete/steel wall. that whole page clearly shows that cap is able to take 10x the abuse that bats can take. full force or not, whatever punches he threw at cap, bats couldnt take. yet people claim Batman can K.O. Captain America.
  19. Why such a fight over the Iron Man/Cap battle???? I don't get it. It's so simple. First, Can Cap take the punches Iron Man is throwing in that battle? yes. Can Cap survive the full force of an Iron Man punch straight to the head? Highly unlikely but what makes everyone think that Iron Man was using the full force of his punch. If any of you have read the Civil War storyline you know that Tony was looking for non lethal ways to take down the unregistered heroes, especially Captain America. That's why he used the brain scrambler so it wouldn't come to a fight to the death.
  20. Good point, this was very a reasonable explanation. But Batman would still beat Captain America no matter who writes it. Cap can't beat Batman, period.
  21. LMAO, "as long as he has enough time for figure out how he's gonna do it". That was awesome!!!.
  22. i agree. they seem to incite arguments, and bad blood in general. but to answer this no brainer.....Doomsday. how does the guy that killed the guy that beat the hulk not....beat the hulk? All these threads do is cause arguments between fanboys and they're getting completely out of hand I completely agree with pooda except for the winner Hulk would beat the living #$^A% out of Doomsday. Maybe a subforum about it would be a good idea but make it neutral not in a DC or Marvel forum so it would be kind of fair.
  23. While I have yet to see them in Toys'r Us I have seen them both at Wal-Mart and K-mart. My Toys 'r Us is selling them at 6.99 but they never have any I picked up Classic Iron Man last week since it was the only one they had left, I had to sort through like 5 before I found one with decent painting. The K-marts and Wal-marts seem to be plentiful but they're selling them at 9.29 and 8.42(highway robbery). I'm going to L.A. on vacation on friday maybe I'll check Target over there since there are no Targets here in Puerto Rico.
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