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  1. No but I still have a poster somewhere of a live action Joe team from like '87. I also remember several live action commercials, one with SUPER TROOPER. Was hoping then for a live action movie as well.
  2. Popular thought is that they will go the ULTIMATES route and kill Gwen with CARNAGE, since they already did the bridge scene. However, Doc Connors has been mentioned and established on screen, when do we get to see the LIZARD? It's like the old Hitchcock BOMB bit. For Trans 2, I'd like to see them soften up and humanize the autobots, to relate to the humans more like the Alternators, with faces and more personality. And Yes they could've done G1esque without being too blocky. There was an RID Ultra MAgnus that was an updated Flat Face truck that looked pretty awesome. TF upgraded to BALL JOINT figures and they all became pretty cool. THE CLASSICS line did exactly that....G1 with MODERN look and ARTICULATION. Bumblebee isn't a bug but it works and he looks G1 in robot mode. So maybe they can DE Alienize them a bit with it making sense within the story. HOWEVER, somebody still needs to explain why WITHIN THEIR OWN MOVIE/TOYLINE that BRAWLs name was changed to DEVASTATOR and this inconsistency was never addressed. BRAWL was from Bruticus and Bonecrusher was Devastator. AND THO, we couldn't have Frenzy look anything like a Boombox in Robot mode, we can have a 7 up machine go ballistic. Yet Ihave to say, BARRICADE was created for the movie and became a huge hit. SO why not do Marlon a MOVIE EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER as well? He's taking heat for something not of his control, again, I think he's good. I just wouldn't call him RIPCORD.
  3. Bumblebee was originally a VW BUG, but when Hasbro started doing the ALTERNATORS, VW wouldn't allow any VW vehicles. The alternators made good changes to old favorites and the movie could have gone with this type of look and it would have been fine. NOW, that being said, The MOVIE offered FAN SERVICE by Showing Bumblebee next to a Yellow VW BUG in an Homage shot. I'm fine with Some changes like PRIME becoming a Long Nose Peterbuilt, since you don't see many FlatFace Macks anymore. I'm not trying to be a total @$$. For the record I loved Daredevil, Elektra, Hulk, HE MAN, the first Punisher......I'm just happy to see Comic/Cartoon movies being made. I'm saying they failed with general audiences because the story was changed....nay...."DUMBED DOWN FOR GENERAL AUDIENCES" just because. Daredevil could have fought the HAND, He Man should have stayed on ETERNIA, and Hulk should have saved RICK in the Desert. Again, Spidey and Ninja Turtles kept a close anchor in the origins and built on from there. Now 3 sequels later they are still a success. I'm thrilled to see a GI JOE Movie, but MAKE it a GI JOE movie. Don't take the premis of GI JOE and twist it into some mutant form of an Idea of it's former self. DO SIGMA 6 for all I care, just stop changing characters and back stories. Destro is not COBRA's leader. He is an Arms Dealer who associates with his best client and then starts his own IRON GRENADIER army. Everybody go back and watch "LIGHTS, CAMERA, COBRA!" I found this interesting and Relevant. THe Director wants his GI JOE movie to be as ACCURATE as possible so he gets REAL Joe and Cobra Equipment. Speaking of....Did anybody notice that "COLD SLITHER" had a subliminal Music machine....Like the Josie and the Pussycats story. And "There's No Place like Springfield" had Shipwreck wake up with a Wife, Daughter and the perfect Life, and he couldn't remember. SOUNDS LIKE "Family Man" starring Nick Cage. Interesting how GI JOE inspired other HOLLYWOOD works.
  4. So now, explain how all those Bullwinkle changes made HULK, DAREDEVIL, ELEKTRA, The First Punisher and HE MAN, better and HUGE BLOCKBUSTER SUCCESSES. I don't care how many books are written, a bad story is a bad story.....and a bad movie. Yall are worried about the AVERAGE CONSUMER knows about the background. Well I'm sure Grandma or little Billy can tell you about Batmans parents, all they know is a guy puts on a BLACK RUBBER suit and fights badguys for 2 hours. He's cool, but when Grandson/uncle JO BOB does it....he's a freak. So if ALL knowledge they get is coming from the MOVIE, all I'm saying is make it accurate to educate them and give the fans less to complain about. Do you think Lil Billy gives a rat's butt about Uncle Ben or Harry or anyone else who didn't get an action figure? They are there to see Spidey fight badguys. However RAIMI managed to keep very close to the original story of Spidey, made necessary changes, developed characters and still made a Successful Franchise and kept most of the fans happy 2 sequels later. Or was that just because BRUCE CAMPBELL was in all 3? There's an old addage that says......"Just because you Can, Doesn't mean you should." Here's what I'm talking about....Transformers, again, I know. Bumblebee is The autobot little brother who we are to identify with and care for. He couldn't talk, his face showed little emotion, He looked cool but that's it. Nobody CARED when he got captured and tortured. Heck nobody cared when JAZZ was torn apart. Even the autobots just were like "OH WELL, when's lunch?" Because there was no HUMANIZATION to them we didn't care for them the way we were meant to. HOWEVER Because of the Fan Service....When Prime sported his AXE/Sword, When Cullen's voice rang out with "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings", When Megatron flung his Flail/mace, When Prime stood TOE to TOE with his foe and said "ONE SHALL STAND, ONE SHALL FALL." Every fanboy got some satisfaction and maybe shed a tear. That was worth it. I Liked Transformers, but here's what they could have done. I'm fine with the new modern vehicles and changes. They could've Humanized the faces a bit to help us identify and care for these ALIEN robots. Had Bumblebee been able to interact Verbally, he would have been a stronger character and not a mime. We might have cared more about Jazz and he either might NOT have been killed or at least we would have cared more that he Sacrificed himself. I liked it but was left still unquenched and wanting. I love Marlon Wayans, he's great. So my beef is not with Marlon. My Question is WHY RIPCORD and then WHY CHANGE RIPCORD. Let's bring in a character that everybody knows only to REFORMAT him entirely. Why not just create a NEW character to start with. We have had new Good characters that have stayed with the joes like, Tunnel Rat and Jinx. Both introduced in GI JOE the MOVIE and are still members today. Heavy Duty came from season 3. I'm not a HUGE Snake Eyes fan. I like him, I just am tired of every 3rd figure being Snake Eyes. I have met Ray Park, Very good guy, I pulled for him to play the part since it was first talked about. But aside from TOAD, he never gets the speaking parts, poor guy. And finally, YES GI JOE is part Sci FI, so create the universe where it can all still happen, like it did in STREET FIGHTER. I don't question why Batman always has the exact tool he needs at exactly the right time, or further, why he pulls enormous gadgets out of those tiny little pouches on his belt. Believing is Seeing as much as Seeing is Believing. Christopher Walken is COBRA COMMANDER.
  5. Precisely, they look for feedback, but you're saying we can't talk about it, don't give feedback, lay down and take what crap they put in front of us. When it was just said that unless you have the power to change it.......This is the power to do something about it. Feedback like this is input. Complaining about it before it's made is called NIPPING IT IN THE BUD. Furthermore, I may have been the loudest, but I wasn't the only one saying this stuff. @smilepunch@ I didn't start this thread. It's what drew me here to begin with. I came to jump on the wagon with those who felt the same. Not be tried by Big Brother. So what's the point of having discussion group if we can't talk about things, voice opinions, rant about likes and dislikes. That's the point of being a Fanboy, to be passionate about this stuff. Otherwise take your "DOLLS" and go home. Maybe you need to talk to all of the people outraged by MEL GIBSON"S "the Passion of the Christ" and tell them to just deal with it. It's just a movie. So there, I just defended the CREATIVENESS of Telling the story. So this is my CREATIVE vision and my Opinion. There's nothing you can do about it. Just accept what I tell you as LAW because you can't change it. See how it sounds. I thought part of being a GROWN UP was to talk out the problems. If we can't have our opinions than I guess we have nothing to talk about.
  6. GO back and watch HIGHLANDER, Highlander 2, Highlander the cartoon and Highlander the series, different storylines and origins. The cartoon Veers off of the SPACE Highlander story. Where the series follows the story of 1 and 3. As for terminator, All of their knowledge is based off of the MOVIE. That's the point. If all your knowledge comes from the movie wouldn't you want it to be accurate. Or would you do a remake where George Washington lived in the Whitehouse in DC (he lived in Philidelphia I believe) and Burned an Oak tree instead of cutting down a Cherry Sapling? Or Have Lincoln assassinated in a Motorcade? If a man is 6ft, good looking and has a full head of hair, do you want me to make a movie based on him as a short fat bald man? Turn his sister's character into his dog, make him raised by a single parent when he has 2? History is FACT/LAW, i'm just saying don't rewrite it, branch off of it and make further adventures. AS FAR AS Who knows about GI JOE, I think we underestimate people. I can ask my Mom, my peers, and my young nephew, and they could all tell me who DUKE, SNAKE EYES, COBRA COMMANDER, and DESTRO is. Before the '80s, joes didn't have names. Sigma 6 is a good example of making changes but staying TRU to the Source Material and Charaters. For that matter SPY TROOPS, VALOR VS VENOM and NINJA SHOWDOWN were all NEW adventures but based on the original SOURCE. My Grandma used to buy my uncles the Original "12" joes. Though they didn't have names, she could describe them as well. When I as random people, they remember the toys and Cartoons. The same argument goes for those PC oriented who worry that PEOPLE might think STALKER is a Stalker. Yet nobody worries that RIPPER might rip someones arms off or TORCH light somebody on fire. Nobody questions why somebody who fights SNAKE related Enemies has a man named SNAKE EYES on his team. People aren't as stupid at you people are making them. It's thinking like this that gives FANBOYS a bad name, makes "NERD" and "GEEK" derrogatory. I'm not closed minded, and I praise all who are open enough to look for alternatives instead of LAYING DOWN and TAKING IT. I came here to stand for the Fanboy and Defend the greatness of Someones creations from being changed into some Crap to be bastardized for the sole purpose of making money and sticking it to the fans that followed and made it the hit in the beginning. But if your gonna attack me for my noble defense, than I hope they make Snake Eyes talk, Make Destro wear a Batman mask, Make Scarlet never touch a CROSSBOW, and they all drive Gremlins.
  7. I HAVE studied film for a great many years and am becoming a Film Maker. I know more about film making than the average Joe. Now for you to call Ametuer films Crap is as much YOUR OPINION as ours is to knock the HOLLYWOOD MACHINE. But telling us to shup up, lay down and take it is also YOUR OPINION. I'm a reasonable type guy who is passionate about arts of the sort, as are many others here. It irks me when people get on a RANT site and try to Stifle others and force their personal opinion on them. I say what I feel, it is others choice to agree or disagree and vice versa. Obviously there IS a problem or we wouldn't be here griping about it. I'm just saying, fair is fair, You'll have your opinion and we'll have ours, and I'll fight to the death to defend that right, whether I agree with what you say or not. Do you think if people paid good money to go to a NASCAR or INDY race and when they got there, all the cars were go carts, that people would not be upset and gripe about it. But to tell them to DEAL with it is inexcusable. I can spew millions of similiar illustrations like this but the bottom line is we are fans for a reason, and to deny what originally made us fans is sacreligous. I'm open minded about a lot of things, but I'm tired of seeing my childhood heroes flop because of horrible film makers. Like somebody on here said, you can't talk about Daredevil to the younger generation, because the movie was horrible and it turned off a whole generation of fans because of it. Same for Hulk, Clooney's Batman, Elektra....etc. Better example. XXX with Vin Diesel rocked. XXX State of the UNION was not at all good. I don't blame Ice Cube. They tried to REINVENT the wheel after it was perfected. However, BLADE the Series (even tho it wasn't SNIPES) wasn't bad because it was TRU to the Source material before it. Yes it is ABOVE AND BEYOND....."SPACE: ABOVE and BEYOND", it's on DVD, look into it, BSG is SA&B rewritten to fit into the BS universe. It is your perogative to like it. it turned myself and others like me off because it was Soooo different and far away from the original story. AND I"M SURE within the next month we'll all be here discussing how they will ruin KNIGHTRIDER 2008. SO FAR Terminator: TSCC is tru to source materials and therefore is doing well. It's called FAN SERVICE, keep with the original source material that everybody knows and build new adventures based on that FACT HISTORY. SO, without FORCING my opinion on anybody, DOING MY HOMEWORK in FILM HISTORY and FILM MAKING, and speaking as a Creator, movie maker and as a fanboy, I still stand for the others on here who have an opionion and feel free to express it openly and without ridicule. DO NOT GO GENTLY into that goodnight. DO NOT LAY DOWN and Take it because somebody tells you that there's nothing you can do about it. Theres no reason why Hollywood can't make a good movie without reWriting entire backstories.
  8. OKAY FANBOYS, lemme just say first off, As an American, it is our total right to speak up with what we don't agree with. We can voice our opinions freely whether they are heard or not. That's what our soldiers are fighting and dying for every day. For those who say that we are whining and complaining too much.....I'll fight for freedom whereever there's trouble and right now it's in Hollywood's Machine. That being said, If you don't respect the SOURCE MATERIAL, what's the point of doing the movie in the first place. You end up with Dolph's HeMan, Which was NOT Dolph's fault, it was the writers taking liberties on the story. Battlestar Galactica lost me from the very beginning, because it was not true to the original. However, Dr. Who and Flash Gordon series remakes are somewhat tru to the source material and are not bad. There are a few differences but not enough to ruin it. Again, Stop changing things just to change them. For Example "LAVERN AND SHIRLEY the MOVIE". Two white women cops in Harlem are trapped in the riots caused over a Sports disagreement. They call in Backup cops LENNY AND SQUIGMAN but they can't get near their position. It's up to Helicopter ace Romano...Codename the big Ragu, to lift them out of trouble. OR....Lets give Spidey a Talking car and call it KNIGHTSPIDER, and they go to the beach to watch lifeguards all day. Does anybod know why HULK, DAREDEVIL, ELEKTRA, MOTU and many other comic movies failed. NOWHERE NEAR the Original Story. Say Hollywood decides to do a MOVIE called THUNDERCATS and they want to use Rhinoceri in Black LEATHER just to make it cooler and more hip. Then they'll add digital Chimpanzees ala JAR JAR for comic Relief. Here's a thought.......Just make a dang movie about CATS from SPACE who fight monsters. Why is it that hard. TURTLES differed slightly from the ORIGINAL Story but kept tru to the basis. F4 was NOT BAD, changed slightly but still tru to the characters story. Spidey is One of the Few that stays pretty close, kept the red and blues, tries to stay tru to the premis of Spidey and that's because RAIMI is a fanboy. XMEN differed enough to be annoying at times. I can live with variations and upgrades, just stop fixing what ain't broke. So this squeaky wheel is gonna make a lot of noise until my right to do so is taken away or I get the power to do something about it. If I've learned anything being a FANBOY, One man can make a difference, with great power comes great responsibility and ther is no spoon.
  9. Who's REX? Cobra Commander was known as FRED, thus the Crimson army of FREDS. You know I"m about to give up on this movie. I liked it better when it was called STREET FIGHTER and the american guy was played by Jean Claude Van Dam who is french......WTF?? SF had the feel of a Real GI JOE movie, although I was disappointed that we didn't see CAMMY in the thong. Grrrrrrrrroooowwwwllllll. Hey if we're gonna add Crappy characters and ruin the movie anyway....Why don't we get Stephen King to direct and lets throw in CRYSTAL BALL and SNEAK PEEK. Then every 10 minutels we can Kill the New Sneak Peek like South Park kills Kenney. For those who don't know, Crystal Ball was made by King's son and Sneak Peeks real name is the same as King's son. OOOOOOOORRRRRR, lets do the COBRA LA backstory of Cobra Commander. Maybe he was a brilliant Noblesman with a deep voice who hit on Pythona one day. After she gives him a swift kick to the groin, the drops to his knees and in a high pitched raspy voice replies......."I WAS ONCE A MAN!". OOOOOORRRRR, lets get Robert Dinero to play SERPENTOR....This I command. Speaking of....I have a Theory on why all the Vipers have Commander like Faceplates. Serpentor armed his new VIPERS for battle but wanted to remind Cobra Commander of his Insignificance in the ranks so VIPERS being the LOWEST troop rank, gave them all faceplates to mock CC. WOW, I can write a story better than PARAMOUNT. Oh, but since Hollywood has to change race and gender, the part of Cobra Commander will now be played by Beyonce Knowles and he'll take over the world with his magical lyrics of doom. However we'll send Snake Eyes (played by Shakira) to bellydance him to death. I'll give this movie a chance if they do one thing for me. I Want an appearance by the only 2 living GI JOES ....SGT. Slaughter and Rifrigerator Perry. Then I might be able to Digest this load of garbage. Why Ripcord man...Why not put in BAZOOKA and Quick Kick for Comedy Relief, I love them. Ripcord was in 1 episode I think, Irish Red haired guy in Camos. And he still got more screen time than Crankcase (who never was seen onscreen). My all star Fanboy Cast lIst would be as follows: Duke---Casper Van Dean Scarlet---Jennifer Garner Cover Girl---Ali Larter Ship Wreck---Bruce Campbell RoadBlock---Will Smith Heavy Duty---Ice Cube (roadblocks cousin, fellow rapper) Hawk---Kurt Russel Tunnel Rat---John Leguizamo (not asian but fits the part) Quick Kick---Ernie Reyes Jr. Cobra Commander---Gary Oldman Destro---Vin Diesel Baroness---Milla Jovavich or Famke Jansen (both have done good accents) Storm Shadow---Jet Li Zartan---Colin Ferrel Narration by MICHAEL BELL (the original Duke, Major Bludd, many more) Special Appearance by Sgt. Slaughter Now That's a movie!
  10. I think what it boils down to, what we're all trying to say is "STOP RUINING OUR CHILDHOODS, HOLLYWOOD!!!!!" There's updating and adapting but then there's Fixing what aint broke. Stop turning our TVs into Fishtanks, kinda thinking. I'm one for overkill to prove a point, so bear with me. If we're gonna start changing things, lets cast Beyonce and HAWK, MR. T as Scarlet, Christopher Walken as Roadblock, and Lassie and Snake Eyes. There Hollywood, I felt like changing it for no reason. They're all gonna wear pink tutus and combat boots. AND i'm gonna call it GLOBAL GLADIATORS. Then I'm gonna make OPTIMUS PRIME a 10 speed Shwinn bicycle and Megatron a Freaking SNOWGLOBE. THEN, I'm gonna redo BAD BOYS with Paris Hilton and Britanny Spears. How do you like my movie so far. Rules have it "YA don't tug on Superman's Cape, Ya Don't Spit into the wind, Ya Don't pull the mask off of Ol Lone Ranger" and YOU DON'T CHANGE MY CHILDHOOD THAT SHAPED WHO I BECAME AS AN ADULT. You know somebody wanted to put Spiderman in Black leather somewhere. I met PETER CULLEN, OPTIMUS himself, and asked him what he thought of the movie 3 months before it came out. He said "if your a Transformer fan, you'll love it". I gave it a chance. I liked it very much but many valid points were made on this thread too about confusing all the robots because they look alike, like bugs. I'm a Fanboy and can't figure why every comic movie has been changed soooooo much. I still go in hope that someday somebody will be tru to the characters. Spidey is the closest to the original. NOW WHY do fanfilms and costumer who do really good jobs with their arts, get cease and desist notices from CORPORATE AMERICA? Lucas went after everybody who made GOOD STORMTROOPER ARMOR. Have you seen RUBIES stormtrooper costume? JUNK! Hasbro goes after guys to do Really good GI JOE films, yet they turn out this garbage, that cause us to gather like this to gripe about it. WHY???? Why did Hollywood turn down Frank Welker as Megatron....he did it for all those years. If Christopher Latta were alive I'm sure he'd have a thing or two to say about STARSCREAM and COBRA COMMANDER. Does HASBRO not remember what killed GI JOE the first time around??? Stupid things like COBRA LA (NEVER HAPPENED....Cobra cares joke). Cobra Commander was once a man (said so himself several times), not some lizard freak with 20 eyes in COBRA LA. So my point is what we've all been saying....DO HOMEWORK, KNOW WHAT IS WHAT, and don't MIX and MATCH, or Make up things. STARBUCK AND BOOMER WERE NOT WOMEN, if fact BSG is nothing more than old scripts of SPACE ABOVE AND BEYOND. Anyhoo, IF Nothing is Sacred and Corporate America can't get it right, then they shouldn't go after the little guys to can do it better. Today's America is all about how bad can we screw you over, and keep you coming back for more. I say Put ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and Jessie VENTURA in the WHITE HOUSE, Sgt. Slaugter as head of Defense and lets start knocking heads in America and Hollywood. We'd be safe from Terrorists, Terminators, Predators, and Aliens. In Music ther is what is called a remake. That's where you take the EXACT SAME WORDS and update a song to a more hip time. There is also something called MASH UPS. This is when you cant write a NEW song so you sample several old songs and use the REMIXED music to write new words to. In a Movie Related Example....HAD Dolph Lundgren's HE-MAN stayed on Eternia and he was Prince Adam occasionally, that movie might have been a Good Remake and not a Mashup. The CGI ANIMATED TMNT was a Really Good REMAKE, keeping tru to the MOVIES before it. BATMAN 3 and 4 were mashups trying to take BURTON's BATMAN and mixing with ADAM WEST's Batman. TrainWreck. We need HOLLYWOOD IDOL. Randy says YO dog, that's a pretty good itea, Paula says It has potential, nurture it and let it grow, Simon says WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING, that's the worst thing I've ever heard. That's not even Music (or in this case Filmworthy). That's my rant, that's what we're all thinking basically. Did I miss anything?
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