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  1. (LETS TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT WHAT CARD CALLS MODERATING) CARD:"I asked nicely, yet you cant seem to understand what I am saying. Knock it off, quit the insults, and quit making this damn topic your soapbox. I am now telling you to quit this. If you have somthing to say to arrow, do it on Pms. Look, I like you, you almost always contribute to the forums. But your getting a bit bent on this and before the hand of JayC comes down and bans the two of you stop what you are doing. I dont care who started what, all I care about is that it ends now." SUPREMEQUEEN: "REQUEST DENIED!!! As long as I live and breath I will never allow hateful people like that over grown maggot steal my voice. You speak of JayC as if thats supose to means something to me. If Jay sees fit to ban me then so be it. But nothing short of a life time ban will ever silance my voice. there was absolutly nothing wrong with my post! It dealt with a funny TRUE story of how I got my DCUC two pack. why the hell maggot food felt the need to step in and start the belitteling and name is a cause for his shrink to determin. Arrow will never be at peace with him self. he hates him self and want others to share in the practice of self hate.........and that my dear..........is NOT WHAT BEING A SUPREMEQUEEN IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!! Card did you realy think deleting my post would silent me? FAT FOOKING CHANCE!!! As stated before NOTHING SHORT OF A LIFE TIME BAN WILL EVER SILANCE ME! So if I were you I'd take my lop sided bias moderating like a high schooler over to you boy friend JayC and get down on you knees and begg like a dog for me to get banned for life. I had a something to contrubute to this thread and after being unjustly attacked by another forum member who was angry with him self for getting turned on by my post lashed out at me. Arrow is a child who has a tempertantrum when ever he can't control others thinking. Card lashed out at me because i refuse to take the cass level thats been assigned to me and tells me that he's seen people like me come and go over the years...............well then hot shot you already suspended me for a week because i refuse to lick JayC's boots as your so fond of doing. Card you say that I am not respectful.........well exactly what is it that i'm supose to be respecting???? So far all i've seen from this forum are grown men who act like children and do their damedest to justify their bigotry!! And its all to easy to do just that with bias MODs like your self. You develop friendships with the scum of the earth and when people like my who harm no one and only speak their mind and stand up for them self ruffel the feathers of the long time bigots along come some bias MOD like Card here to silance the just all for the sake of sparing the feeling of some sorry ass bigot! NOTHING..........SHORT.............OF....................A...................... ..LIFE..............TIME.................BAN WILL EVER SILANCE MY VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and don't even bother with a month ban, just go straight for life time ban. because if you delete this i will only be back after a month with an even bigger and longer post portesting BIAS MODERATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Tell you what. I'll compromise. Palin can be the Official White House coffe go get'er. Or maby get Obama a chees burger @loll@ .
  3. yeah but lets see you do that trick with HT's original suit Batman........that is for less than $300.00 BTW i was one of the lucky who has there Police Joker pre ordered for $150.00
  4. OK GUYS!!! HERE HE IS READY FOR PRE ORDER AT BBTS!! http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail mine is all ordered. but get a load of that crazy ass price of $200.00 if you guys thought $150 to $180 was bad..........well it does'nt look like things are gonna get any better. if you ask me many of these e-tailers are starting to get hip to the fact that these things are absolute MUST HAVE items. and they are gonna make us pay thru the nose......DAMN!
  5. I know how you feel bats, i just emailed BBTS asking for a listing already!
  6. WAIT WAIT WAIT!! sorry I got it all wrong hehehe. I thought he wrote bruce WILLIS. so in the words of the late great Gilda Radner's iconic character Rosana Rosana Danna............"NEVER MIND" @smilepunch@ yeah i have no idea who this guy is either
  7. Yes thats what i meant, i know this batman will have two sets of heads and two sets of outfits (i.e batsuit and work suit). i know its a deluxe, i don't think it will cost too much at BBTS they have joker deluxe for $164 which is not that bad. so im looking forward to more pics soon the sticky gun looks awsome. man from your lips to God's ears. I passed on that med com spec edt. Bruse Wayne, but if I can get a Business suit Bruse and the Stealth Jump Bats as a 2 fer 1 deal I'll be in Hot Toy heavon...........again!
  8. What the hell does supporting ( or condemning) gay rights have to do with access to the launch codes for a nuclear arsenal??? All of the US Presidents in the Nuclear age have done quite well by not taking a stance on gay rights and NOT blowing us all to Kingdom come because of it. In fact, I cannot think of a single world leader possessing a nuclear arsenal that has EVER specifically threatened the gay population of the world with nuclear extermination. Maybe you should take possession of your own "powerful thing"....namely a football field-sized helping of common sense. for some one whos supose to be so smart you sure did miss the entire point of the post (or was this intentional?). As stated (AGAIN FOR THE SHORT BUS MEMBERS), My reasons for not wanting dig bat as president FAAAAR exceed my stance on gay marriage. dude try and keep up will ya.
  9. pfft! yeah good luck with that. 7 states free, 43 more too go. like all things good it shall come to frution in the fullness of time. Unless it's more like a "cancer" that's slowly spreading throughout the body, eating away at us one organ at a time until it reaches a more VITAL one and we perish? Your anology fails to compair correctly (tho i'm not surprised). the bigoted right said the same things about many minorities like the Jewish and blacks. YET!!.......here we all are.............safe and sound. The sun still rises from the east and sets in the west. And the same will be true when the gay community of America finaly obtains full and equal civil rights. (insert VH's lame rubber stamp reply about how we are denied nothing here) @loll@
  10. Regardless....you chided me for bringing up the gay marriage issue as a way (as YOU would claim) in which for me to "obsess over gay people", and then go on to explain that is is INDEED one of the major reasons for why you HATE Sarah Palin and wish her ill and hope to shout she NEVER seeks the office of President? So although I was CORRECT in what's driving your contempt and hatred against her, you still wish to dismiss my astute observation..as a bigoted intolerance of all gay people? I've stated the gay marriage issue as your reason and you've admitted to it, but added there's "SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many other reasons". Well, be specific...what are they, that would generate this amount of vitriol out of you for one person? another fantacy post from VH. the following are a list of words I have never used to discrib Palin in my post, yet VH insist on COUNTERFITING MY POST WITH!: HATE MAJOR BIGOTED INTOLLERANCE As I've already stated quite honestly (something Palin should try), i full acknowlge ONE......LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN.......ONE of the reason I don't want Palin in Office is her stance on gay marriage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a marriage licence wont be worth a damn for ANY OF US GAY OR STRAIGHT if the Continental United States has been blown clear off the flippin planet!!! The last person on earth I want dealing with that MAD MAN over in North Korea is Sarah (gee golly I can see Russia from Alaska) Palin. And yes WJ, i don't care if Palin lives long as you have cheered. Just as long as she live out her lil hoaky pooky flaky quitter life FAR AWAY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I think Deluxe does mean it's going to cost more than the normal Hot Toys figures. I'm guessing the suit will be the same but added the backpack to fold his "wings" in addition of the "sticky bomb" gun. Batman will also have the moving eyes design like the DX Joker. I'm too poor to afford another Batman but that bomb gun is attractive................ are you guessing Batman will have PERS or just think he will?
  12. My wish is for it to come in alt mode. the alt mode is very sexy
  13. If any one needs one of the new 3 Titaniums hit me up with a PM. I'll snag on for you at cost $21.00 plus s&h.
  14. pfft! yeah good luck with that. 7 states free, 43 more too go. like all things good it shall come to frution in the fullness of time. When you'll get to 20-25 states, Then you can start hollering "Sodomites unite". oh? so what should I be hollering now? d!ck & puzzy unite!?!? its sad that all you are able to see of my people are select physical acts of sex. Or maybe you do see more...............maby you have seen people of the same sex in love & share compassion for each other. Is the thought of others being happy & in love & sharing in that love in all its ways such as marriage scare you that much?? you see...............what you choose to see. that is a 2nd deffinition for human in my book.
  15. pfft! yeah good luck with that. 7 states free, 43 more too go. like all things good it shall come to frution in the fullness of time.
  16. VH I'm really starting to think that you are TOTALY OBSESSED with gay people. did I not tell you before that in every thread you find a way to make my sexality center stage? VH I won't lie to you, one of my reasons for Palin never holding Office is indeed her stance againt equal civil rights for the gay community............BUT!!!! This issue really & truly does pale in to insignifigance when I think of the awsome TOTAL responsibilty that is being The President Of The United States! The person who hold this title (which you may already know) must be with in arms reach of an item affectionalty call "The Football". in this case are the nuclear arms codes for America............................GAY RIGHTS & ANY OTHER RIGHTS BE THE F@@K DAMNED!!! WHO IN THEIR SANE MIND WOULD WANT PALIN IN POSSESSION OF SUCH A POWERFUL THING????????????? VH there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many other reasons that top the gay marriage issue that make me never want to see lil miss topsy tail take Office.
  17. DUDE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GETTING ALL THIS "BETTER THAN" STUFF FROM?????? What make you think ANY ONE (me included), thinks there "better than" Palin??? How does pointing out her character defects & weak resolve & SERIOUS LACK OF COMMITMENT translate in to me or any one thinking that we are better than Palin??? It's easy when you put her down your coming off as a judge acting like she is below you Hell I don't think i'm better then you and I know your wrong ok, so just for the record here you DO know that not only does that last line you wrote, BUT EVERY LAST PICE OF CRITIZUM YOU & EVERY OTHER MEMBER has ever givin me SMACKS WITH TOTAL HYPOCRACY!! You admit that you judge me & find fault with various things about me, then trun around in the very same breath (that is if we were talkin face too face) & claim that your NOT better than me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OK so let's recap here. WJ & every one who shares his views are allowed to critize & judge others who differ from their POV..........BUT!!!!!!! dare any of we "ordinary people" dane to take issue with a current affair that YOU THE GODS OF THE FORUM see as differant, well then it is me who must wear your title of "JUDGEMENTAL & YOU THINK YOUR BETTER THAN OTHERS". WJ..........you..........are..........FULL OF IT!!!!! & yes, that is my "judgement" based off my observations.
  18. DUDE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GETTING ALL THIS "BETTER THAN" STUFF FROM?????? What make you think ANY ONE (me included), thinks there "better than" Palin??? How does pointing out her character defects & weak resolve & SERIOUS LACK OF COMMITMENT translate in to me or any one thinking that we are better than Palin???
  19. BTW WJ I get in trouble if I go after ANY ONE GUILTY OR INNOCENT! That's why I don't do d!ck all day long. I show up for my shift wearing my lil cute AP uniform, fill out a lil paper work, take my meal breaks when I'm supose to, & then clock out, get on the bus that I'm ridding on right now as I write this reply, & go the (bleep) home! I learned a while ago that Target does not deserve to have good security, so I became the type of "stand in mall cop" they want & deserve. I laugh my ass off quietly to my self when I see my ETL AP pouring over the shortage indicator reports LOL. she wonders why we get ripped off so much.............& I say NOTHING! I shrug my sholders like I'm just as clueless as to how & fi the situation & go back to my post like the good lil mall cop she & others in power have created.
  20. Translation.........Queen has Palin dead to rights! Request denied WJ! Do you or do you not post threads on this board that cover world issues? I to shall have my voice & you will not stop me or trick me in to silance. I will hold Palin accountable & do my damnest to see to it she NEVER holds Office in this life time. & you know what the best part is WJ.......................Sarah Palin her self is gonna be my biggest help in keeping her out of Office. The bone headedness she comes up with is WAAAAAAAAAY better than any left spin or lie that could ever be told about her. In other words........just pass the gun to Sarah, she shoot her self keeping my hands clean of the whole ugly sorted affair.
  21. al lright now let me see if I'm understanding you right VH. You claim that Palin engaging in actions failing to remove her self from an investagation that her "beloved family"was a part of, & all the other actions that gained her this title wave of law suits, you think that all this is a GOOD THING??? & that your own GOP party having to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars in defence of her poor choices are in Alaska's BEST INTREST???? If Palin can't kee her nose clean as Gov & not abuse that Office's power what the hell make you think she will be able to handle the White House??? Oh let me guess, after winking at the camera & strutting across the stage in red high heel shoes she'll let her VP handle all that MANNLY STUFF. Palin is a COMPLETE & UTTER JOKE!! & not because of the left, right, or any thing in between. Palin has done it to her self with no help from any one. The media might soak their reporting down with sarcasium but not lies. She has quit almost every elected office she has ever held. The only thing Palin is "doing a good job of".......IS QUITTING AFTER SHE HAS DUG HER SELF IN TOO DEEP! .........yeah sarah..........you go. LMAO!
  22. I will admit that All News shows have squashed or played up a story simply for rateings or because it serves some other motive. But like I said........ALL NEWS is guilty of this. I still dont see where Olberman did anything unfair in his reporting of this story. Palin via her lawyer stated Letterman DID INDEED CONTRIBUTE to her reasons for wanting to quit. Now I think (& this is Queen talking now not Olberman), but I think Palin just want to curry favor & sympathy for any one fool enough to buy in to that load of hog wash! For what ever reason she wanted all these major news net works in her home town (even tho she & her conservative cult do nothing but cry unfair news reporting) she wanted all these reporters to video her in this so called down to "earth every mans kinda person" get up of fishing gear. Once again evil after getting its ass handed to it, tries to mimic the civil rights movement & mirror thoes who have concured them. Palin know Obama mopped the floor with her & that old man. Now she's going to do her damest to dupplicate this "Obama effect" & try to graph it on to her persona so that she will sweep America by storm & make them lover her in 2012...............NOT!!!!!! Palin can try but she will only get her ass handed to her again. After admitting a late night joke caused (even if only in part) to jump ship & abandon the Gov's Office, well I don't even see her getting too many Repub votes. For Christ sake!! its the Gov's Office not some B.S. City Supervisor job!
  23. HAY BATS!!! I was just about to PM you! this HT Bats is totaly awsome! Soon as I get home I'm gonna email BBTS & ask them when are they gonna list this for pre order. I betting that his back pack opens & deloys his glider wings. That alone is reason enough for me to buy it! OMG I can't wait to see all his accessories.
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