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  1. These are just starting to hit stores in Canada, I've come across everything except Cyclops, mostly at Walmart or TRU... Warlock needs his left leg!!! I have the old Toybiz Colossus so this new one is going to hit ebay. It's a really cool wave imo. Old Man Logan seems to be the one left behind the most.
  2. If anyone's interested CG and Big Boa are back up for pre-order at BBTS. Personally, I don't want all of them except those two but, missing out on SDCC Jinx AND the awesome Oktober Guard convention set has me very tempted.....
  3. Hmm. Just had a thought.... Who wants to bet that the Shield Helicarrier will be re-decoed as a USS Flagg down the road?
  4. Well that's just maddening....... BTW BBTS has some of the marvel legends up for pre-order. Perhaps it's a better price than ebay? I don't want them personally.......
  5. Why? Because life isn't fair that's why. Their previous sets have never been worthwhile to me before. I've always stayed away from the club because it just didn't look justifiable and travelling to the con for the only reason of going to the con was never really justifiable..... But now, I want almost everything. The club did a phenomenal job on their exclusives this year IMO, even half of their FSS is pretty good. Shame I'll never have them unless they go back into production. I really want them.
  6. I was one of the people who watched the bootleg online. A decision I sorely regret. I wish I waited and watched it the first time in theaters, because you missed a lot watching the poor quality bootleg. For example; near the end when Thor picks up his hammer in that field and he raises it to the sky and the lighting bolt strikes it. On the bootleg it looked like the studio is trying to say 'Hey! look at this cool CGI! Remember he has lighting powers?', but watching in good quality you can see the armor building on him giving that whole scene purpose. I have heard he's not really dead as well. Way I see it; since Nick Fury was willing to get the trading cards out of his locker and then lie to the team saying he had it on him, justifying it by "They needed the push", then I can also see Fury lying about the medical team being able to save his life because well "They needed the push", or something like that. The Hulk out of no where punching Thor Cap giving the team direction and telling Hulk to smash I did NOT like how the Hulk was handled in this movie. The Hulk scenes seemed to contradict themselves. Finally someone has the courage to tell the truth of about the movie. I think a lot of people are pretending not to see the direct copying of these elements, again there are soooo many that it is way to obvious to see unless people choose not see or believe. If it was one comparison then fine but multiples. Even the ending with the missle, straight from Kingdom Come, Batman in an armor suit tries to stop a nuclear missle to eliminate the threat at the source that would destroy both heroes and villians, but mix in the Superman movie with him shooting the missle off into space to explode (Superman I and II,....the elevator hits the Phantom Zone) and then Superman Returns falling down scene with Iron Man. I have seen other blogs and/or comments who said it seemed more like a Justice League movie than an Avengers one. So while most on TNI don't see it, it is making a buzz. Another awesome scene is when Cap tells them that their is "only One God"......that was beautiful and is one of my all time favorite quotes of a movie. There's a very big difference between your opinion and the "truth". Unless you have ironclad physical evidence that while Joss Whedon was writing the movie he said "Oh I'm gonna rip off Justice League, Kingdom Come, etc. then it's just that your opinion not the truth, big difference. To be fair (and I'm just saying here) DC does 'steal' plot points and story lines from Marvel too. One seemingly copying ideas from the other is not a new thing.
  7. Holy smokes, that's impressive! I remember ML Toad being a very high price point on the secondary market not so long ago.
  8. That looked like Clutch to me......
  9. Times like this I wish I could read Japanese. What's going on with those scetches of the Constructicons in the bottom left hand corner? That is a good size BB.
  10. Not months later. But, they can be behind retail in some instances. They can be early too sometimes, it's really luck of the draw depending on the item. I bought a lot of 25th Joes from BBTS over the years. They'd get them after you'd see some local area reports see them pop up at retail but before they were 'everywhere'.
  11. I would have bet dollars to doughnuts that Soundwave would've been the next MP. Maybe he'll be the MP after that.
  12. By looks alone I've always liked the Mauler better.
  13. Not entirley true, I'm sure there was other stuff of value in the box they mentioned. Depending where they are located if they were only to get $250,000.00 for the comic (they'll get more) it could easily be enough to buy a house free and clear no mortgage. Personally, If I were in the same situation I would have used it to save my house, not because of what it's worth but because it's mine. I'm glad that the family managed to find a way to get out of trouble but I find myself wondering a couple of things though: 1) It's been down in the basement for about sixty years. Why the hell wasn't the basement cleaned out sometime in that span? From that alone I can infer that the people living there were slobs (I could be wrong) and in my experince most people who are slobs are also bad with money which leads me to: 2) How deep of a hole were/are they in? I think it was really bad. For example a bank won't foreclose on you if you miss one payment (around here anyway) you have to miss a whole mess of payments for that to happen. Foreclosure is a last resort for the bank. I know a lot of people have lost their jobs in the last while, but I also know that if I were to lose my job the bank would give me around six months of not making any mortgage payments at all so I could get back on my feet (again around here). Because the bank does not want my house, they want my money, and more often than not on foreclosures the bank loses money in the long run. Take a look at houses in your are that area on the market under 'power of sale' meaning that they've been forclosed on. Me and the wife looked at quite a few when we were house shopping a few years ago and none of them even ones that were five years old or less were in very good shape. Most people who have lost their house of late didn't lose their house simply becasue of losing their job, they lost their house because they lost their income and they were up to their eyeballs in debt, and thus the house of cards that is their finances folds in. I am concerned because I've known people who aren't good with their finances or living within their means that have come into some money and burned through it incredibly fast only to wind up worse off than when they started. I hope this won't be one of those cases.
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