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  1. It was a fun movie, with some funny moments, geeky moments, and some well done action scenes!! And you gotta admit, the whole weapons system screened MASS Device or Weather Dominator!! It was devastating and sensational at the same time, so Cobra!!! I loved it!! Best part, more realistic!! No lasers, stupid ass suits, and weak ass characters!! Oh and it was a US team!! No international this or that!!! Seeing Roadblick on top of the vehicle shooting away on the machine gun, geek moment!!
  2. I LOVED IT!!!!! Flint reminded me of when he first came on board in the comics!! Lady Jaye, was extremely gorgeous but still tough!! Roadblock was great, true not supposed to be a lead, but I can live with it!! Colton was well done!! We finally got the Cobra Commander we demanded!! What he did with Destro, nice!! Firefly was awesome, the words or back and forth with Zartan was a nice touch!! I laughed!! The whole scene of Cobra Commander coming down with his Commanders, and Cobra officially taking over, the Cobra flags unravelling, it gave me chills!!! Yes, I'm a nerd!! While it's not entirely faithful to the Joe mythos, its a hundred times better than the first one!! And there's more than enough to be called a GI JOE movie!! My issues, the Blind Master, his dialogue and way he spoke was awful!!! No introduction of some new Joes in the end!! And some of the deaths!! >_< I wanted to see them back!! Even with that said, I will watch it again, and wait in anticipation for part 3!!!
  3. The Riddler doesn't really look like Gorshin, but the Joker figure is a spitting image of Romero!! Must have!! Pip pip!!
  4. The packaging is very kitsch!! Retro too!! I think it will appeal to the general public!!
  5. Will it be in 2D as well?? I never saw it originally in theatres, would love to!! But I hate 3D!!
  6. ...to add to your Joes?? Some of the figures packed with the large Dino's, seem to have the same articulation as the 25th Anniversary line!!! I kind of like 'em myself!! They would make for a nice subset of Joes!!
  7. Well at least Jason Todd's death lasted a good 14 year plus till he got ressurected!! It seemed as one of the most permanent deaths, like Bucky Barnes!!! Oops, he too came back!!
  8. I loved the G1 boxes!! They stood out!!!
  9. Before the cartoon fubar'ed it up, Galvatron was a seperate entity!! He was just the city commander!! Like Starscream was the air commander and Shockwave military commander!!! Sucks that they didn't coexist!!! And dont know if you mean the first comic Transformer commercial, but I do believe this was the very first commercial aired!! It was the first one I saw, and it immediately captured my attention!!!
  10. I don't know, although they may have had a string of winners , I'm not sure if they'll be able to pull of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie?? I mean these are characters that regular people are not familiar with!! To be honest, even I'm not that familiar with them!! And what a strange cast of characters, a tree guy, a bug guy, an interplanetary police man, and a raccoon?? If that's not a menagerie of weird, I don't know what is? Think John Q Public will be able to get behind such a group?? Look how awful Green Lantern was!! Almost the same type of premise, an interplanetary group dedicated to protecting The galaxy!! Of course if Thanos or Galactus are the possible villains, then right there the movie has a chance!! A hero is only as good as their villain!! I think if the bonus scenes are included with all Phase 2 movies, them perhaps the general public will get accustomed to the team?? What do you guys think?? So if this film does flop, will it derail or change Phase 3 of the Marvel Universe??
  11. Ughhh, I hope not!! If we could get back to classically drawn animation, it would be awesome!! Enough with this stylized bs!! Oh and thanks Bespin Refuge!! It's such a beautiful clip!! It harkens back to the days of realistic looking cartoons!! Plus, the space battles are even better than what was ever shown in the Prequels!! Kinda sad actually!!
  12. I just hope the new animated look resembles that fan made clip that shows a space battle from the Empire's perspective!! It's a beautifully drawn clip!! I tried to find it, but can't remember the name of the person who made it!! It's friggin awesome!!
  13. A new color of lightsaber will come out!! I think the Millenium Falcon will finally be restored to pristine condition!! We've seen the broken down model, time for something new!! I just hope we do not see any Senate scenes!!
  14. I really liked the foreshadowing of Order 66, and the reasoning behind their ability to slaughter former commanders!!
  15. Bro, you ain't lying!! Finally a perfect Stormtrooper helmet!!! I think I'll break down for a few of my favorite characters or outfits from the OT!! Biker Scouts are a must!! Imperial Troops, yup!! Tie Fighter Pilots, right again!!
  16. An even better question would be, who or what property took the name?? Who or what has Motor Master for example?? Bombshell?? Etc
  17. Is it a mattycollector exclusive or mass retail!?? Huge point on whether I may collect or not!!
  18. You hit the nail on the head!! This is what got me out of the small scale!! Constant rehashes of the same character!! Get it right the first time!! As for me, I think I may get a favorite character here or there, but only maybe!! While I can afford it, I just can't fathom paying 20 bucks for a 6' figure!! colossal waste of money!! I guess my collecting days are behind me!! It was a good run!
  19. Will own all of these!! Wait, these ain't Mattycollector exclusive are they?? >_< But I live them all!! Hoping at least all the movie characters get made!!! That's the Catwoman I want made!! Rowr, what a fox she was!!
  20. Oh yeah!! Growing up, X-Men were it for me!! I liked them before they were popular with the general public, back when Storm was leading the team still!! I was an outcast, so I associated with them the most!! So when they came to the big screen, it was cool!! But the second X-Men movie, really had me geeking out!! Wolverine hunting down the soldiers was the greatest thing to a comic nerd like me!!!
  21. I did not know Hyperion was being made!!! 0_0 I may cave and pick him up?? Have wanted a figure of him since the first Toy Biz line!!! That's a long time ago!!!
  22. Yes, perfect sentiments!!! Exactly how I feel!!! Its as if I were 12 again!! All that was missing was a copy of the Avengers in my pocket!!! And yup, seeing the Autobots also just made me a kid all over!! I'm really, really, really hoping that the new GI JOE movie will do the same!! I know I will shed a tear when I see those Rattlers in the sky on the big screen!!! Anyhow, back to the topic!! I agree, I still laugh when Hulk just slams the hell out of Loki!!! Man in the theatre it was so loud I could not hear what he said as Hulk was walking away!! That's the kind of movie magic that made this movie succeed!!! Robert Downy Jr. is Tony Stark!!! He brings a wit and slyness to the character that is perfect!! Like when Pepper is whispering in his ear, his reaction, golden!!! Looking forward to the next Marvel Universe movie with upmost anticipation!! I think Kingsley as the Mandarin will be awesome!!!
  23. Obviously I was in ultra geek mode during my first viewing in the theatre!! I could not smiling!! But I find myself still geeking out at times at the movie at home!! I'm watching it now, and I love the fight between Iron Man and Thor!! I geek out when Thor jumps in the air and Cap repels him with his shield!! I also geek out when Thor gets Mjolnir back just in time to uppercut a rampaging Hulk coming toward him!! Anyhow, any Marvel movies still make you smile like a little kid after watching it so many times?? Oh and any Stan Lee appearances also make me smile still!!
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