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  1. TIGERSHARK!!!!!!!!!!!! This I must see!!!
  2. Saw those pics earlier, and I like it!! I think he looks a lot better with the mask!! Can't wait to see them go toe to toe!!
  3. I hope that's just a helmet to ride in!! Commander Rogers should be sans mask!!! But the suit translates well!!!
  4. Finally picked up the one graphic novel I'd been wanting for quite a while now; the Infinity Gauntlet!!! Also scored WWHulk, Red Hulk: Planet Hulk, and a cheap one!!! Got lucky because a customer was moving and had lugged all his books through several moves, and this time he said enough!!! So he sold his entire collection of books, which was substantial!!! My lil library is growing!! Really enjoying reading all these collected stories!! So any of you half price book fans?? Any good scores??
  5. Got home and found my box at my apt door!! Opened the box pretty quick cause I wanted to see if I had gotten the classic or modern Starman!! Much to my relief, classic!!! After so long, new DCUC figures!!! **sniff sniff** Think I'll slowly open them!! Don't want to waste this feeling of opening new DCUC!! LOL Anyhow, first time I ever saw Lord Naga, really striking looking figure!! I really like it!! Starman is a nice addition to my collection, as is Jemm!! Now gonna be on the lookout for some missing key figures I never got, Mr. Terrific, Sandman, etc!!
  6. I agree, they're all so colorful and unique looking, would make a great addition!! And yes, Stingray has an awesome costume!! Lived it since my first issue with him on the cover of Iron Man!!
  7. I remember when G2 came out and my beloved cars were on blister cards, hated it!! Boxes stood out so much on the shelves, especially the Deceptijets!!
  8. Oh no!!! Well guess we can expect figures of that cat whisperer who carries a guitar case, why I have yet to know!! Can't wait to get my Snooky action figure too!!
  9. This truly is awesome!! Why wait for DCUC to come back? Make your own figures to flesh out your Dc Universe!! LIL
  10. Truly amazing!! Nice how his old head still looks good today!!
  11. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for stuff!! Still need the Orion and Lightray 2 pack! Doubt I'll find it, but you never know!! Left a few for next time. Atom and Magog!! Will add them to an order where I'll need to add something to get free shipping!! Hoping ill find, Mr. Terrific, John Stewart, Sandman, and Magog at good prices.
  12. The last vestiges of DCUC in my area are a Jemm figure at my local Hastings and a single Dove figure at a Wal-Mart in Bryant. How much is that Jemm going for?? I never picked him up!! I think he would eventually have been made had the line continued!! I think they did a great job with a mixture of well known, villains,second tier, and group members!! The only wave I didn't like was the lantern and repaint wave!! I would have loved to see another great mix wave!! I still wonder what the real reason for the change?? ******************************************************************** EDIT: Never mind mako, I just ordered him from Amazon!! Along with Starman, and Kobra!! Good deals and no shipping!! I just hope I get the classic Starman and not the modern!!
  13. At the local grocery store I can get Hyperion, Red She Hulk, and Protector. But their packages got crushed up a bit!! Anyone needs them, let me know!! I can pick them up for ya, just cover cost and shipping.
  14. If we could ever get the big BAF's back, the Celestiala are sorely needed, then other large characters!! In-Betweener, Epoch, Uatu, etc!!!
  15. Yes, a High Evolutionary is much needed too!! Still remember the Evolutionary War crossover!! LOL As far as Sinister. It's like the Apok we got, close but not right!! Well perhaps not like Apok, he was way off the Apocalypse we knew back then!! But you get the idea. He had an elongated gaunt face, that doesn't look right!! At least not like Silvestri's Sinister. His suit was blue and not black. The cape was ok, but I think Hasbro can probably do a lot better!!! For sure we need more of the squad!! And I too can't believe we haven't gotten Thunderbolt figures!!! Citizen V is another stunning liking figure that I really want!!
  16. Well said mako!! The excitement is definitely missing. You're right, back in the day come Toy Fair sites would be so friggin slow because we were all excited about the new stuff!! I'd pick up Toy Fare to get closer shots as the waves came out!! I think our generation will be the last to really support toy lines.
  17. Still miss this line!! Especially seeing how well Marvel Legends is doing!! What could have been???
  18. What are your top 5, most requested Marvel Legends figures?? I know we've done these types of posts in the past, but a lot has come out, or will be coming out. So lets see who would make your collection complete and why! Since Hyperion came out, that took one of my all time faves off the list!! Some of mine are off the wall, and others are probably fan faves too!!! 5 - Death Adder. I've always loved the look of this villain. Such a cool and unique color scheme and his outfit just looks so awesome!! 4 - Justice (New Universe) He def stands out in the looks dept. his white hair, his trench coat, his shirt, I think would translate well in action figure form!! And from what I've read, The New U is now a part of the 616 U?? Make it happen!! 3 - The Marauders. Any of the cooler ones from this awesomely brutal mutant hunting team!! Scalphunter, Blockbuster, who by the way could use that body sculpt the Wrecking Crew used, Prism, and Arclight, with the feminine hair, not the butch cut!! 2 - Captain America. I still think that the Toy Biz Cap is perfect, but I'd love an update, with the exact same look!! Light blue colors, belt without pouches, and bright red buccaneer boots!! And of course the chain mail not as pronounced!! 1 - Gladiator. I've always loved the look of this mohawked Imperial Guard Captain!! His character is awesome, and I think Hasbro would knock it out of the park!! Just please don't use those beefy body sculpts they did for the Wrecking Crew!! I would have gotten them had it not been for those outrageous bodies. Bonus Update: We need a new Sinister!! That bluefish hued one from Toy Biz was so disappointing!! The "cape" was awful!! His face looked skinny. And he outfit was freaking blue, not black as in the comics??? WTF?? Look at Marc Silvestri's drawings of Sinister and do justice to this character!!!
  19. I just picked up Archangel!! He is a sweet figure!!! Perfect actually!! Now I'm done with that wave!! Got Red She-Hulk, Protector, and of course Hyperion!!! Willing to trade off Protector. He's a cool figure, but don't know too much about him!!!
  20. I think Lois was in in the secret, no way a pair of glasses would hide the fact that he's Supes!! I enjoyed the movie, it was so much better than creeper Superman from Supes Returns!! Only thing missing was a nod to the rest of the DC Universe!! Perhaps a mention of Gotham or Keystone City?? Or even better, a la Marvel U movies, an extra scene at the end!! Don't be afraid to copy Marvel, those scenes work!! Ok, did anyone think those pods that had Zod and crew looked a lil too phallic?? LOL! I told my friend, dude those look like flying dildos!!! Ha ha!!
  21. Well I've been getting into the old Marvel Masterworks since last year!! I only buy them used, mainly at HPB (Half Price Books)!! Got a few to add to my childhood purchase of FF vol 1!!! I felt so big buying that book at one of the bookstores in the mall!! They had it behind the counter, so it was a big deal for this kid!! Anyhow, picked up the first 2 X-Men, and second FF Madterworks!! I don't care about the cover, as long as the book underneath is nice!! I've also picked up a few soft cover collections, especially this past weekends HPB 20% off sale!! Exiles vol 4, Hulk vs Marvel U, several of the Siege, and DP7 vol 1!! Love them all!! Finally grabbed vol 1 & 3 of the hardcover FF Mark Waid @ Mike Wieringo run!! Such a great price!! They had vol 2, but it's more expensive, not sure why???? But it had no cover and the book was a little off!! Anyone know why that book costs more???
  22. If you could take only one toy in your survival pack, what would it be?? I know, the last thing on your mind during the Zombiepocalypse is a toy. But what if you wanted a small remembrance of your former life, and an action figure or other toy would be it. What you would be packed alongside your katana, guns, and rations?? Would you take a beloved childhood toy? Or something modern, something that could hold up. Hopefully if you survived, you could return to your former life and possession!!
  23. If you could take only one toy in your survival pack, what would it be?? I know, the last thing on your mind during the Zombiepocalypse is a toy. But what if you wanted a small remembrance of your former life, and an action figure or other toy would e it. What you would be packed alongside your katana, guns, and rations??
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