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  1. Top Ten! Gammorean Guard Ree Yees ESB Bounty Hunters Grand Moff Tarkin Imperial Gunner Imperial Naval Trooper Biker Scout Hoth Stormtrooper Kithaba (Barada vintage) Wee Quay
  2. Spike TV, G4TV, or Adult Swim, would probably make a good home for Beavis & Butthead!! But of course are they really gonna make fun of MTV on another channel?? Doubt it. Question, why is this even pinned??
  3. I've seen some of the new Batman line, and I'm tempted to pick up the purple Batman from who knows what alternate universe, just because its an actual character and its still a DCUC buck and would fit in with my figures. But it also brings back some of the old DCUC memories!! While Marvel is my favorite comic Universe of all time, Mattel was able to do what neither Toy Biz or Hasbro could do, a solidified brand of DC characters that look perfect next to each other!! There were a few hiccups here and there, but for the most part they choose a truly iconic and classic look for each character made!! Even when the big guns alternate looks were released, they made sure to release the classic look first!! Toy Biz jumped around eras way too much!! For example we got X-Men from the 60's, 80's, 90's, and 00's!! In my opinion, the most popular look for the X-Men is still the Jim Lee era of the blue and gold strike force teams!! They should have made a conscious effort to get to those characters first, and then they could revisit characters other looks for future waves! Also, the women of DCUC were well made and pretty!! Marvel Legends girls ran the gambit of pretty to hideous!! For every Storm we got fuglys like Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. For every good looking Rogue (X-Men classics) we got Rogue that looked like a tramp or Emma crack head Frost!! Like I said previously, my all time favorite universe is Marvel, it's the comics I read and lived as a kid, the cartoons I watched, and the toys I collected (90's Toy Biz X-Men line), but DCUC was the quintessential comic book line!!
  4. I know I've been out of the modern comic scene since '06, but the X-Men getting screwed?? That unpossible!! They were kings in my time!! What happened??
  5. Who the hell wants a GPK 2 movie??? I never wasted my money as a kid, even though I loved the cards!! I finally saw it recently, and it was abysmal!!! One of the worst movies I've ever sat through!! No kind of super thick rose colors glasses can help memories of this POS movie!!
  6. That's what I'm doing, just seeing what's in the clearance bins!!! I've found some great books there!! I've almost found entire runs at great prices!!! Just gonna stick to classic books, cheap prices, and condition doesn't matter!! I just want some new, to me, comics to read!!
  7. It's funny to see all these once hot Image comics filling the clearance section at HPB!! The 90's were a bad time for comics!! Variant covers, foil covers, style over substance!!
  8. Was it a bit too much too soon?? I think that Elektra should have been an assassin and if the movie did well, the romance would develop in the sequel!! Maybe a bit like Catwoman and Batman, where they like each other in their real lives, but are adversaries in their other lives??
  9. The Horsemen of Pestilence!!!!! Whoa, having it be a samurai warrior was pretty cool!!! Which makes me wonder what eras the remaining horsemen could come from!! I can't wait to find out!! The Horsemen of War The Horsemen of Famine Really enjoyed last night's episode!!
  10. Yeah, when that demon, who we now have a name for, came back and smashed the mirror; great jump moment!! Didn't make me jump, but thought it was so cool!! The part that kind of freaked me out, but has been my favorite scene involving a demon was when the Sandman poured sand from his eyes!!! I stopped in awe for a second!!! Creepy and awesome at the same time!! Most def, having the horseman be one of the Horsemen of the Apocslypse, brilliant!! Why no one ever thought to combine the stories is beyond me as well!!! The chemistry between Ichabod and Abby is spot on!! Speaking of Ichabod, the stuff that comes out of his mouth, brilliantly hilarious!! The very first episode, so were your people emancipated? Or last night's dealing with the onStar lady!!! Wow, best fish out of water story ever!!!
  11. Just got me a box of Frute Brute, Boo Berry, and Franken Berry!! Need some milk and then I'm digging in!!
  12. I just walked in to look for the GM Monster Ceresls and of course for old times sake strolled by the figures!! My jaw dropped when I saw the price!! I think I even said out loud, what the hell!! Ha ha!!
  13. Target must want to get out of the small figure scale, cause I can't believe anyone would pay that much for such a small toy!! Can't believe that's what Marvel Universe figures are going for now!!! 0_0
  14. I cannot believe that such an outstanding program would not warrant a thread of its own. The many merits of this program need, nay demand, a thread of its own. Ha ha, so please tell me I'm not the only one watching this show religiously?? I was hooked from the very first episode!!! Love the history, revisionist history, the religious overtones, the chemistry between the Ichabod and Abby!! It all works so well!! And of course the fish out of water element really works here, the things Crane says are hilarious!! Who else is hooked??
  15. That was f'n amazing!!! Great take on her costume!! It was perfect!!! WB needs to get these guys on board and get that Wonder Woman movie out!!!
  16. Speaking of characters that "need" to be made. I stopped by my local Half Price Books and picked up a few clearanced comics!! I found issues 2 & 3 of the Wild Dog mini-series!! And it reminded me that I never got a DCUC version of my odd ball fave DC characters!! I don't know why I liked this character so much, but I did!! Grittiest character that I read at the time!! It wasn't too bad, tame by today's standards, but enough for this youngster!! And now, I'll never have a Wild Dog on my shelf!! I know he was a huge long shot, but the way DCUC was on a roll there, it was a matter of time!! What happened I just don't know? This line could have continued!!
  17. Are Kwinn and Budo part of that wave?? I found them at Wal Mart, but left them there. Only hid Kwinn!!
  18. Yeah, I googled after I asked!! It's actually kind of weak! It isn't his original suit, which would have been Classic in my opinion!!!
  19. Funny how we all grew up around the same time, but we have different versions of the same character as our quenticential version!! I too grew up with this Iron Man! I would see him in the ads in my Joe and Transformer comic, on my icee cups, etc! But for me, the Iron Man I most resonate with us the Silver Centurion armor Iron Man!! That's the suit he was wearing when I seriously got into the Marvel U!! When he was with the W.C.A.! When Hulk was grey and smart, Spidey was in his black uniform, and Reed & Due had left the FF!! Marvel was experiencing a resurgence!! They were on TV, in the Macy's a thanksgiving parade, everywhere, and I was engrossed by it all!
  20. I would have loved to at least get a Catwoman to have everyone from the movie!!! Bah!!
  21. So it is!! Wow, he does found like him! Plus I guess on the credits all I focused on was the Daly surname and not the first name!! Agreed, def one of my favorites!! But I've not liked them all, some were big let downs and some just weren't great!! Good, but not great. I really disliked the Batman movie done by different artists!! It was annoying, and some stories looked awful!! I think Hal Jordan First Flight was ok! As far as this movie is concerened for some reason I really like Aquaman and feel he's underused, yet they made him into a real badass in this!! But!! I think they made him way too beefy!!! LOL
  22. In my best Napoleon Dynamite voice, "Lucky!" I kept a close eye on this set!! I just couldn't justify the set at full price, but I was able to snag it at a great price!! Don't remember how much!!
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