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  1. I know this is the Marvel board, but......if you are a fan of the DC Mego figures, I think they made a deal with Mattel and bought out their remaining GL stock?? Much like Big Lots did with MOTU!! I saw today several Guy Gardners and a few John Stewarts, each just $5.99!!! Not bad a price!! Just thought I'd share with the Marvel Famous Covers and secret DC fans!!
  2. Well if you have a HPB in your area, and are a fan of the DC Mego figures, I think they made a deal with Mattel and bought out their remaining GL stock?? Much like Big Lots did with MOTU!! I saw today several Guy Gardners and a few John Stewarts, each just $5.99!!! Not bad a price!! Just thought I'd share with the DC crowd.
  3. Wow, to actually have it inside the shipper box is a pretty amazing find!!! Probably the only one in existence?? Plenty of in box Terror Dromes, but not in shipper!! The box looks pristine too!!
  4. Yup, only place I'm headed tomorrow is Half Price Books!! They open at 7:00, a very reasonable hour!! I get a free tote bag and gift card for $5, with a chance for it to be $100. I wonder if it'll be a long line??
  5. Well glad you guys are finding a few things here and there!! Mako, even if its not HPB, you got a good source for older comics at decent prices bro, stick with it. Like I said, if I hadn't of given up this idea of collecting comics to collect, but to read, then I wouldn't be finding all these great deals!! All these comics will remain bag less and boardless, they will be read and read again!! It's kind of a liberating feeling to let go of trying to maintain a perfect collection!! And the best part is paying for comics even cheaper than what they cost, even at 80's prices!! Can't wait for our next trip down sober can hit up a different HPB!!
  6. Make sure to invite us over for a nerd housewarming party!!!
  7. Well, guess we don't have comic readers in here?? At least none that shop at HPB!! LOL!! Well, took my lil sister to catch a Rockets game yesterday in Houston, but stopped by a local HPB beforehand!! For about $26 and some change I got 58 classic Marvel Comics!! I grabbed mostly Power Pack and Alpha Flights!! It was pretty cool finding so many comics from my time!! Most of the HPB's here in Austin have nothing but crappy Image comics, well at least in the discount bins!! It's the only place I look for comics to read!! It's funny how hot these comics were in the 90's, only to find the majority of them in these clearance or discount bins!! Can't wait to hit up another store in Houston or Dallas and wipe them out of their classic comics!!
  8. A great bonus to me is seeing all these cassock ads!!! Brings back memories!!!
  9. Goodbye Blockbuster Video. http://movies.yahoo.com/news/seth-rogen-james-franco-end-blockbuster-too-fitting-231208864.html This is what happens when a company cannot see the winds of change in time, or refuses to change when it does see it. I have a lot of fond memories going to the video stores as a kid with mom or later on with friends and picking out the latest movie to watch, or getting a classic! It was part of the charm of going down the aisles and seeing what you've seen and what you haven't! I even worked at one for a year. It's where I got my boss memento Customer Service sign I still have!! Oh well, just another service or company I've seen shut down over the years.. Amazing to be a part of such a cultural shift. One where we are no longer needing physical objects. We no longer need CD, DVD, or even book libraries, we can stream or download everything! Even our memories can be viewed and saved without a physical photograph. Amazing times indeed!
  10. I'm sure, but ultimately Avengers 3 will be the big one, what all phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is leading up to!!
  11. It's a set up for Avengers 3!! Ultron is the villain for 2!! The big guy should show up in Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. Going to go see it again on Thursday. Can't wait!! Tell me, does it seem to you guys that Odin and Thor's personalities were switched around in this movie? Thor was the pacifist and Odin was the aggressor. I think even before the tragedy.
  12. Just got home from seeing it with friends!!! I just gotta say, wow, loved it!! It was a great film!!! Plenty of great action, just the right amount of humor, some poignant moments, and a touch of romance!!! It had it all!! Sooooo much better than either Iron Man sequels!!!! This is what a sequel should be like!! Seeing the Cap and X-Men DOFP trailers attached, and how well this movie was made; make me that much more excited to watch them both!! Of course like usual, stay for the after credits, you're gonna geek out I think!! What'd y'all think of it?? (Mods, if there's an existing thread to Thor TDW, feel free to merge mine with it!!
  13. Tell me something gents, would you ever, if they became more affordable, use those 3D printers to finish your DCUC collection?? Perhaps finally make the sought after Giganta's head to complete her?? Make a copy of Sinestro in his classic outfit, but more appropriate size? Make figures you missed out on?? Perhaps even make figures never made?? Black Mask, Mad Hatter, the Forever People, etc?? Complete your teams??
  14. Ill finally have a complete DC Universe That will stand next to my DCUC!!! To hell with Matty!!
  15. It's been a long time for me too!! Same as Devilbat, I started off at wizardworld boards too!! Then somehow I found a bunch of the guys over here, and the rest is history!! I was still heavily into Star Wars, so you could find me at rebelscum, jedidefender, and other defection sites from the scum!! I came to ww, adc, then tni for GI JOE and comic lines!! Wow, it was so long ago!! Most of us were still youngins back then!! Not no more!!! LOL
  16. Maki, that would have redeemed the movie!!! Call me a fanboy, but I too hated the twist!!! A ho hum movie was turned into something unwatchable!! I didn't care that the Mandarin wasn't Chinese, Ben Kingsley's performance pre-reveal was phenomenal!!! I was loving every bit of his screen time as his ultimate villain counterpart. So his "reveal" was awful and just a slap to the face of someone enjoying his character on screen!! Forget the fact of his comic book counterpart, I was really liking this villain!! He was up there with other great film villains!! Easily the best Iron Man villain to date!! But no, they decided to reveal he was a phony and a fake!! Ughh!!
  17. Well bout time the X-Men are back in top!!! After the abysmal X3, we got back to form with First Class!! Now back on tip with this one, I'm sure of it!! Even if Wolvetine is used a lit, as long as the story is well done!!
  18. I've not been able to catch this show due to a boot camp I joined, but not liking what I'm hearing!!! The one thing I didn't want is them making up characters out of thin air!! They have a plethora of established low tier Marvel Universe characters from which to choose from!!! Use them and continue expanding this universe we love so much!! And kill off those Jr. Agents, they annoyed me in the first episode!!!
  19. Agreed boyo!!! I can't wait to catch this film!!! Why do I think that the next phase of movies will deal with the Registration Act?? You know, I was about to type Mutant Registration Act, that's how old school into comics I am!!!
  20. That it why it will forever be a load of bull when a Mattel rep tells you the reason they went with sub-only is because characters like Poison Ivy, Jay Garrick, or Doomsday "wouldn't sell at retail". That's what REALLY bugs me. I might've bought that "wouldn't sell at retail" line if DCUC had tanked in the first or second wave, but this line was around for twenty in spite of spotty distribution and cut-throat price hikes, and that doesn't even count boxed sets or sub-lines. Fact is Matty saw a perfect opportunity to milk even more money from the consumer with their sub-scam. well said, gang! Indeed!! I mean if a character like Killer Moth with virtually no ties to modern comics or animation can be made, then those other "iffy" characters would not have done a thing to cause this line to die!!! All they had to do, was make each character have a BAF part, and either 1 or 2 BAF characters could be made per case!! That way no leftover product!! So simple!!
  21. Oh we'll that's the same for everybody!! It's not like the MOTUC at Big Lots where you just missed out on them!! These ain't out. Think of it as a break for your wallet!! Which ones did you pick up???
  22. Are you still looking for wave 1??? Target is the only place to find this line here in the Austin area!!! At least the 6" line!!
  23. I thought that I may look at these, pass them up, and maybe, just maybe, pick up one here or there!! But man, the Sandtrooper I picked up for myself is phenomenal!! I love it, best Sandtrooper in action figure form!! This proves that Star Wars figures were meant for 6" scale!! I don't know, I've been finding myself looking at future waves now!! LOL!! I really want Han and Greedo!!! They look fantastic!! Slave Leia doesn't interest me too much, but the rest are looking great!!! Who knows, Star Wars may find a place alongside my DCUC and other lines?? Anyone thought they would pass them up and ended up falling for the line?? Any on the fencers out there??
  24. Oh no..........I think the Black Series has rekindled my love for Star Wars!!!! I love the Sandtrooper I treated myself to!! It is beyond sweet!! Finally, the most perfect Stormtrooper helmet, ever on a figure!!! We'll see if I get anymore??
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