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  1. Don't mean to interrrupt as Shipwreck would say "witty repartee" But I am going to chime in with my answer for the question at hand. I was able to watch both the cartoon and read the comic. I used the best concepts from the cartoon, comic book, and file card! I used all three! The one biggest idea I used from the cartoon, was keeping Storm Shadow a villain. I loved the way he was portrayed in the cartoon. He was a villain but an honorable one. He did his duty and stayed loyal our of honor. I hated when the comic had him do a 180 and become a traitor to the glorious Cobra Empire. I did however use Snake Eyes as his main combatant, not Spirit. The main idea I had that totally was in opposite of the cartoon was that I never, ever thought of Cobra Commander as a snale man, or a loyal citen of Cobra Blah! I thought and still thik to this day that, that was one of the most ##$%$#ed ideas ever in a property. Not before or since then have I seen such a popular character butchered. I really want to know who came up with the idea, I want to pound him!! Anyways, I used the best from all three "fountains" of Joe knowledge to create the ultimate Joe world.
  2. Yea but at least Liefield could draw faces pretty good. Kurth can't. I went back and read over the first story arc and I remembered how ##$%$#ed his character stances were and how ugly he made some of their faces. Look in the first issue and see how ugly he made Scarlett look in that lil pic that had Snakes, GH, Quick Kick and Gung Ho, and her in it. She looked awful, just awful. Hawk, Duke and Flint look so rough, with their sunken in eyes. And the twins look like skeletons with skins hanging on them. I don't care if they are supposed to look older, damn people that athletic will generally age much better than people who aren't . Oh and going back to the faces, what is up with his necks, all the characters have thier faces/heads sticking way out in front of their necks, like they're dodging an imaginary bullet or something?? I don't know he needs to take an anatomy class or something. As far as respecting the man because he got in the field, well did he ever break into the comic field with Marvel? DC? How about Dark Horse? No he got his break in the biz by having a friend who happened to luck out and get the GI JOE rights, plain and simple. If my friend started a comic company he would give me the chance to draw a comic. I hopefully plan to draw a comic strip for my schools paper once I transfer? Anyone can get in if you start your own company. Why don't you submit work to Devils Due? You never know, they are looking!!! If you want to respect anyone it should be Liefiled, he started out with Marvel, no less, when there were so many othere hot artists out, like Todd Mc Farlane and Jim Lee. Plus he created some very long standing chracters like Cable and Deadpool, and he took a old title and created a new one out of it, New Mutants into X-Force. So give credit to where credits due. I guess what it boils down to is this if you say Liefield sucks fine, but you can't say something to us because alot of us think Kurth sucks more than any other artist who has ever drawn GI JOE. He is the worst Joe artist ever, period. And I hope he nevers draws anything with the GI JOE name on it.
  3. I love the new artist. Kevin Sharpe is good, real good. He has a nice clean and crisp style reminiscent of the greatest Joe artist Rod Whigham. Everyone in the book is easily reconnizeable. The layout of the book is easy to look at. And the most important thing is that the characters finally don't stand around in these awkward super ##$%$#ed poses, and their faces aren't emanciated or just plain ugly. I for one thank you Mr Sharpe for that. One of the letters in the book says he is dad to see Kurth go. Ha I know I'm not. He is the worst Joe artist yet. I hope he never gets his hand on anything to do with GI JOE. Blaylock's story was pretty good. It was entertaining and fun. The final page definatley leaves me with wanting more, now! If his work continues on this level then he can consider me a fan from now on. Bring on issue 12! What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?
  4. Well I did say "your" childhood GI JOE memories! If it happens to be memories of the oriiginal Joe line, cool. But be careful or you'll date yourself and give up how old you really are!!! :lol: At first I was confused to what set you were talking about. I figured it must have been one of the 90's playsets? Boy was I wrong. Great stories guys. And keep em coming, if you have more, then post more of your beloved memories. Give us all the stories you got Chazz!! :lol: One of my memories that I've had in all of the toy lines I collected is looking at the back of the packages and the cool catalogs that came with the ships. I read those everyday. I wanted to see what was out that I wanted. And even though I knew what was out that year I still looked at them all the time. I wore out most of my catalogs. I also used to keep the packages, cause I didn't want to cut out the file cards. So I used to look at those everday too, even though I had most of the figures! :lol: I only have one of the 84 catalogs. It was starting to tear up so I had it lamenated. I also ahve several 87 catalogs. But the one I really want are the b86 catalogs, I wore every sigle one out! :cry: Mabey I'll find one some day! Anyways keep your great memories coming!!!
  5. Hey now that is cool. Wow, it was so long ago, but reading it, it seems like yesterday. Sniff sniff. @-@ I didn't even know you could look up the old site? When the semester is over and after I've finished with my Transformer season II part 1 marathon, I'm going to use that link to look at all of the old posts. Well at least try to. Oh the reason why I'm going to wait to have the marathon and read the old posts is cause I have my TV, DVD, and other distractions disconnected until the end of the semester. What I need to do is disconnect my internet access. These boards can take up all of your time if your not careful!! Gotta go study for my midterms!!! :cry:
  6. Well I have to agre with ya Devil Bat. Like I said in my other post I can't seem to put down Beach Head!! He is a perfect update of the old figure. My only complaint is the huge gloved hands and his rikets induced legs! :lol: I am really wanting to cave in and get the Snow Serpent, but I really don't like Blowtorch. I hate his gimpy lil gun. But as far as the next wave, I know I have to get Shipwreck!!! He is awesome, and even though he isn't in his dungarees I still like him. I also like Recondo, but want his original hat and mustache back!!! What I want to know is what in the h.e. double hockey sticks is going on with wave 6 and those weird armor pieces? They start to make progress and then they pull this stunt? If they do come out like that, the only figure I know I will get is the Cobra medic. Now that is a figure I have been waiting on since I was kid!!! Very cool, I will finally have someone to repair my Cobra Troops! - If they make an updated Rattler (all new) with an all new Wild Weasel, then I will buy every single GI JOE figure from now on!!!!!! Guaranteed
  7. For you guys that grew up with the original line, was one of your best memories from collecting the figures and ships? Was it that one special birthday or christmas? Tell us your best chilhood memories!
  8. Yea, the earlier releases have made it easy not to want to colelct. But the new Shipwreck, Ripper, and to a minor extent, Rcondo. I just wish Recondo had his hat and mustache, as of now he looks like any other sorry figure, he needs his personality back. But that Shipwrck is nice, and I know I am going to cave in for him, but that BAT bites!!! No swivel arm battle grip???? What the hell Hasbro? Oh well let's see if they fi it, cause if they don't I don't know???
  9. At least they got rid of that awful, awful artist. Steve Kurth. He has no business in the drawing field, at least not on GI JOE. I don't care if he is Blaylocks friend, how dare Blaylock give such an important assignment/position to that hack of an artist! His characters awkward poses, emanciated faces on the villains, funky looking eyes, crooked mouths, and everything else about his work just sucked!!!!!! You know I hate to be so cruel, but in this day and age when a book like Thundercats can draw in Ed McGuiness, or Batman can reel in Jim Lee. Why couldn't Blaylock get someone good???? Not just his sorry friend. I so wish they would bring back the artist during the best run ever in GI JOE. He started in the mid 80's and drew some very important issues. like the creation of Cobra Island and Serpentor. He also drew the Storm Shadow death and re-birth story, remember where the Baroness kills him, or so they think. His drawings of Zartan and the dreadnoks are legendary. What was his name?.......I always draw a blank. Anyways, even though he wasn't as flashy as some of these new "hot" artists, he still is the greatest artist ever in the Joe comic. Better than anyone before or after. Everyone looked how they were supposed to. Everyone!! The characters looked alot like the cartoon. I liked that. His artwork was clean and crisp. No added unecessary lines. He was also very consistent. Flint looked like Flint everytime he drew him, as did Duke and the rest. Also everything was drawn realistically, none of this abnormal stances! His characters didn't look like they had rickets like Steve Kurth's did. He never drew Zartan to make him look like a stumpy midget??? :lol: Issue 1 ring a bell?? His vehilcles were also perfect, it was like we were looking at the toy!! I miss his work. Too bad he couldn't rejoin Hama on the new comic, that would have been too much!!!!!! The fill artist did a pretty good job. He was consistent for the most part. A couple of rough spots, but so much better than that hack Kurth. I hope to see him get good jobs. Whoever they have now, I hope he does the Joes justice!! That's all I hope!!
  10. Well my first Joe wasn't a Joe. In fact my first couple of purchases weren't Joes. I have always loved bad guys. So the very first figure I ever got GI JOE wise, was the Cobra Soldier, followed by the Cobra Officer, Destro, and the coolest (non ninja) saboteur ever) Firefly. I wasn't into GI JOE I just liked those figures. I mean what's not to like about those enemy figures. They were far and above so much better than those drab army men. They sucked. - Cobra the Enemy was where it was at. Anyways I finally got my first Joe and what a Joe it was Mutt and Junkyard. The coolest team in Joe history. Mutt looked mean, had an awesome Uzi, with a silencer no less, and had Junkyard. (I love animals). Oh and his uniform was the coolest what with the one big black glove. I eventually bought Recondo, Shipwreck, and Bowtorch. I was still treading lightly in the Joe world. I probably would have gotten into them, but that certain transforming robot powerhouse of a line came out, and no I'm not talking about the Go Bots, The Transformers came out and I was in heaven as a kid. I so got into them and GI JOE had to take a back seat. You know I think if the Transformers hadn't gone all futuristic in wave III I might have not gotten into GI JOE. But they did, and then I focused all my collecting efforts into GI JOE! Even though I started late, I got all of the cool old figures through stores that somehow had old backstock, In fact I rememeber walking into a Wards and somehow they had just brought out from the back a case or two of old figures. I quickly ran to my mom and asked for my money. I ended up getting Duke, Baroness, Doc, Roadblock, Scrap Iron, Ripcord, and some others. Mind you this was in 86, and all of these figures came with the old tan file cards. I was estatic and my find. Aww the memories. Hey wait a second what was the original question???? :lol: :lol: Oh yea my first Joe? Sorry if I went on a lil trip down memory lane y'all :oops: YOu know when you start thinking about your youth, you get all happy inside! Especially when you think about your toys!!! -
  11. Well I am trying very hard not to get into the new figures. Well not too hard since I really have hated most all of the releases, But last night, after getting the new Joe comic, I caved in and bought the Beach Head and Mindbender 2 pack. I have to say I haven't been able to put down Beach Head. Aside from his bum leg, he is a very goo....no scratch that an awesome update to the original. The only complaint is the Mutt sized gloves and his ricketts induced leg. But other that that he is an awesome figure. Now if only all of the Joes were updated this way. Now Mindbender is a different story. I would have liked him. His costume is pretty good, But damn if my Fenderbender can't keep his legs in the position I place them in. I think it has to do with his no arse, but I'm not sure. His legs always go back in the same position. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I think since his backside is done up all weird like, his legs have a tendency to go backwards? I don't know. I really would have liked this figure if it weren't for that. Well I don't like how his arms bend. Having his hands molded the way the way they are, makes it look ##$%$#ed when he aims, unless you have his arm full extended! I agree with the people who want the new figures released one per blister back. I also want the old pics brought back. Then mabey I might get into the new line. Also if they weren't in two packs I could avoid getting all the crappy rehashed figures. I would only get the cool new ones like the new Snow Serpent, now that is an awesome update!!!!!! I really want, but I don't want Blowtorch. That gimpy gun of his bites!!!! Oh and one last beef, I really wish they would quit using the old weapons. Man they need to focus on making new weapons. I rememeber when each figure, starting with wave three, would have a unique weapon. They did share weapons, but not that much. You know this is alot of complaining from someone who doesn't even coollect teh new line!!! :lol:
  12. I'd have to be a Cobra. I was always a Cobra as a kid, and more than likely if there was a real life Cobra organization, I'd be on the upper hierarchy. I know I would have replaced the Baroness as HBIC! :lol: I would be third in command after Destro!! That is if Destro was still a part of Cobra. If he were only with the Greandiesr, then I'd be 2nd in command. And I would have both Big Boa and Croc Master as my loyal commanders, and have Night Creeper Leader, along with his men, as my Body Guards!!!! No one could touch me!!!!
  13. clam, roy, two other names I recognize. Wow the wizardworld board is here. So does anyone know what exaclty happened? Why did it crash ad remove all of our names?
  14. Actually Kamen I was talking about the GI JOE figures. All of the female Joe figures looked Butch! :lol: The only one that didn't was Jinx, and the only reason why is because we couldn't see her face. LOL. Baroness wasn't too bad either. But other toy lines had flatering female figures. Teela, would be one of them. Cheetara, Evil Lyn, Wonder Woman and April O Neil were nice looking female figures from th 80's. But that's about it. It wasn't until the 90's when female figures started to look alot better.
  15. Yea there weren't too many female figures, but that's due to boys not wanting "girl" toys. I bought them all, well most of them, girl figures, or guys. The one thing though is that the girl figures weren't ever too pretty, they were all kind of butch. @*- :lol: But the cartoona and comic remedied that. But the good thing is that it's true, the Joe females were not your streotypical girl. They tough, smart, and never, ever stood around for a guy to save them. In a couple of episodes they were the ones doing the saving. GI JOE wasn't the only show with strong females "role models". Teela (Master of the Universe) was Captain of the royal Guard and Cheetara (Thundercats) was just as adept to kicking mutant butt as the rest of the Cats. But for the most part in other cartoons, the girls were the typical damsels in distress? But oh well I still watched all the cartoons. -
  16. Ok I was given the word that there alot of old wizardworld members in here? If so please reply! I am totally new to these boards, but you may know my friend who I used to use his name to log onto the now defunct wizardworld boards, the one and only FIREFLY. Yes you read correctly the hot head of the bunch, FIREFLY was my friend. And I would use his computer to talk to some of you guys. I'm Lady Jaye as you all can see. I am also from Austin. I am a student at the community college. And in the process of transfering soon, very soon to my four year school, hopefully. I also grew up with all of the toys of the 80's and one of my loves still is GI JOE. Which is why I went to sign up at Devils Due. I saw a familiar name and asked this same question, and got the word that alot of former wizardworld poasters are here. Anyways hope to hear from you all, if your here, and to hear form those who wern't from the old boards as well. :wink: Oh and I am on several boards now, even though I shouldn't be. - You might know me from these boards as well: rebelscum.com galactichunter.com he-man.org devilsdue.net and now here! Oh and I am known as Lady Jaye at all the other boards as well. See ya.
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