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  1. I gotcha!!! Yeah, some stars are so full of themselves and their own hype!!! Like I said, Cluve Barker was awesome!! Asking us questions and really starting up the conversation!! We weren't sure how to act, we were so young and didn't know too much about the signing circuit? But he made us feel at ease!!
  2. Gotta ask Shokker, what do you mean by gentle person?? Clive Barker - one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet!! Talked to us as long as he could while at a signing!! Robert Rodriguez - used to work where he shopped Kenny Baker - con John Hollis ( Lobot) - a very humble and nice man!! Talked to me personally for at least 10-15 minutes!! Rest in peace sir, glad I got the chance to meet you. Jeremy Bulloch - funny cat and humble as well!! You'd of think he could be a jerk, but quite the opposite!! David Prowse - meh, not too friendly!! Michael Carter (Bib Fortuna) - another funny guy! Lots of baseball players like Nolan Ryan, Ryne Sandberg, Jeff Bagwell, Kelly Gruber, Chipper Jones, to name a few. Lots of Dallas Cowboys Players - their camp was in Austin when I was a kid!! Quiet Riot - got to meet them all before the lead singer passed! Fastball - nice guys, before a concert meet and greet UGK (rap) - signing, cool guys!! Michael Dorn - not personally, but got picked to ask a question from the audience!! I wanted to stand out so I asked when there would be a CHiP's reunion!!he laughed and said; hopefully never!! This was in the 90's!! There's more, but drawing a blank!!
  3. The only Figure I needed and wanted was Dove!!! I think even if the Arrows were there, I would not have gotten them!! I already have the version of Green Arrow I want!! Maybe I'd have gotten Red Arrow???
  4. I still remember the day I got my Sarge in the mail!! It was a rainy day and moms had just picked me up from school!!! She told me I had gotten something in the mail!!! I was excited and could not wait to get home!! Finally got there and thee it was! I can't remember if it was a little white box or an padded envelope? But it was the Darge in all his glory!!! Yours is great!!! If only you could find some 12inch spandex and put USA on them!!!
  5. Well I have a pretty sweet Transformers jacket that a friend gave me for Christmas a couple years back!! It's like a club/ravers jacket that glows in the dark!! I'm sure I'll get made fun of, but I really want to get a good airbrush artist to paint the Decepticon logo on the hood of my car!! My car is a Stunticon, not an Autobot!!! Then if I can, the Conra symbol on my door!! And it's not too extreme, I want to get tats of both those symbols as part of a short sleeve I want!! 0_0
  6. They def aren't Target when it comes to markdowns!! They will keep stuff forever at the "markdown" price!!
  7. Just found some fresh new stock of DCUC at Wal Mart!!! They restocked the final 20 wave!!! Of course some douche bought out every single Red and Green Arrows!!! All of them!! Good part though is that they're priced at $11 a pop!! Nice!!
  8. I'm not talking about our collections, but other items used on a daily basis!! Whether it's bed sheets, an umbrella, a jacket, or curtains! Not including the collection; what do you guys have that proudly shows your geek-dom to the world or to those that visit your place??
  9. Tiny Toons was awesome!! I loved that cartoon!!
  10. The 3&3/4 inch figures were horrible!!! Awful articulation and downright crappy likenesses!!! If Hasbro did get the license, I hope they give it a go!!! Star Wars Star Trek crossover, here we come!!!
  11. I'd go back to the Blue and Gold Strikeforce days!! But I'd split up the teams a bit more evenly!! Not have all the popular characters on one team!!
  12. In its heyday Special Missions was a great addition to the main comic!! A more in depth look at some individual Joes!!
  13. That's what I was thinking?? Could swear the voice matches the face!! But I def think they did not want to show a female pilot die like that!
  14. I think that before the Green Lantern wave, Mattel did a good job of bringing us a well rounded mix of popular characters and background ones!! This is what made me really embrace the line, the hopes that we'd see characters from all over DC!! That and the road they were going down seemed to pace the releases at a good rate!! Of course, don't really know why the line really folded?? Was it really running out of steam? Were the stores not wanting them anymore? Was it a request from DC who was doing their own modern changes!! I just wish the line was still in stores!! I think if each wave would have ended up being an exclusive for a store, it could have prevented glut of some waves? Just thinking out loud!
  15. http://m.yahoo.com/w/ygo-frontpage/lp/story/us/2898345/coke.bp%3B_ylt=AhoV_iEXBFbJo4EpXPXRVYWx.tw4%3B_ylu=X3oDMTI2Y2s0YzY3BGNjb2RlA3lyZARjcG9zAzUEY3NlYwNtb2JpbGUtdGQEaW50bAN1cwRwa2cDaWQtMjg5ODM0NQRwb3MDNQRzbGsDaW1hZ2U-?ref_w=frontdoors&view=today&.intl=US&.lang=en&.tsrc=yahoo Those who go see it, please post what's up!! Cause I want to hear how that quote plays out!! "the needs of the many outweighs the need of the one"
  16. Damn, nice!!! We're these loose or MIB figures?? I doubt my sporadic collection could do that!!! I never was a completist!! Just got most of the stuff I really wanted!! But good for you!! Sucks Wheeljack!! It was readily available in my area. A few characters were bought up quick, like Black Vulan, but most could be found!! Featofstrength, I know what you mean!! I really don't visit this board anymore!! Forget about posting! And yeah, I don't think I'll be getting Platinum or Lead, but it would have been nice to complete those teams!! Especially Doom Patrol!! Is the quality better guys?? I don't know, have stopped collecting!!
  17. It's just when you invest so much time in a line, you want it to continue!! Especially one so expansive and fan friendly!! I mean, they gave us Super Powers version of characters for those of us who grew up with that line!! They didn't have to, but they did it as an homage to the line and it's fans!! I know my Steppenwolf and Mantis are the Super Powers version!!! For those that grew up on the Super Friends cartoon, they gave them an entire wave devoted to the cartoon!! Who could have thought that you'd see Apache Chief one day as a BAF??? I know you can still get them, one per month! But I was questioning the prices at retail!! They cost more now, have no BAF piece, and you have to pay for shipping!!! for me the line is dead! Sad, I would have continued buying them at retail!!
  18. I miss being able to walk in a store and getting exited at finding that new wave!! Grabbing either the entire wave if I could afford it, or picking the coolest one I really wanted!! I miss looking online during Toy Fair, SDCC, and NYCC to see the new figures to be released soon!! Clicking on each subsequent picture, trying to get as much info I could on the waves! Before that I miss reading up in the new waves via ToyFare!! But I also miss them being under $10!! :/ And with that Hamilton we still got a BAF piece!!! What a bargain they once were!! I just miss DCUC.....
  19. As much as I would live to see Kahn, I don't see it in Cumberbatch!! I'd rather someone else play Kahn!! However, will we see a glimpse of Kahn in this movie, for a returning role later on??
  20. Just one, eh?? I would love to see the other 2 Vipers from the 1989 year re-done!!! That was a good year for Cobra!! H.E.A.T Viper and Frag Viper!!! Both very cool and unique Cobra troops that deservedly need an update!!! I mean come on, a huge missle launcher, bright colors on the H.E.A.T Viper, and wicked cool Jai-Alai cesta type launcher on the Frag Viper!! I mean the ingenuity of Hasnro designers back then think of that, is nothing short of awesome!!! They could of just used a standard grenade launcher, no they went the extra mile!!
  21. I have, and always shall be, your friend. Yup, it kind of looks like it!! But this time Spock is on the outside!!! 0_o Someone else that dies?? Cannot wait for this movie!! I'm hoping it follows other great Trilogys and it's both darker and better than the first movie!! Plus that it includes many more homages to the series!!
  22. 13 years too damn late!! Under his tenure we got Midi-chlorians, Jar Jar Binks, whiny Anakin, Han shooting first, and other pointless changes to the OT!!! Thanks for nothing idiot!!
  23. Wait, where was Johnny 5??? I saw a robot that resembled him, but not the actual Jonny 5!!!
  24. Nothing will replace DCUC for me!!! Those were the quinticential versions of DC characters!! I mean look at that awful Aquaman, blech! The DCUC version is perfect!! Even the alternate costume one is better!! :/
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