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  1. In all seriousness, is it because he seems "too white" and has a broad appeal to middle-america? no, not at all...all his roles and jokes in his movies there's always a referance to him being black. he's always "loud" in every movie and makes an azz out of himself. take the movie "shark tale" fot instance...why did he have to give the fish a "jive handshake" ? and then back door and say "it's cool, not all white fish can do it" and that crap at the end with all the fish wearing gold chains with dollar signs on them and there hats turned backwards...WTF was all that about??? i bet your azz if denzel washington or morgan freeman was doing that role it wouldn't have went down like that. the movie was about fish, why did they have to point out a black person was doing the voice? it's because it was will smith and he always down to dances a "jig" @hmmm@ IMO he and a couple of others is what holds black actors back..... Ice Cube is one black actor who's actualy crossed over to mainstream movies and he appeals to white audiences i think....but he always "keeps it real"
  2. I pretty much agree with all those especially jennifer lopez. For a long while guys were like "oooh she's hot" ONLY cuz she was famous. No one was saying that when she was on in living color. then she got mildly famous and it was like "hey look at the girl with the big butt.." then she got rich and famous and it was like "oooh shes so hot" but she's butt ugly..........wth?? i totaly agree! i can't stand j-lo and will never see a movie with her! she's not good lookin' at all and i see girls every day with a better butt (and bigger) so that's nothing for me.... other actors are... Will Smith- he is what we call in the black community a "Jig" @lol@ 98% of his roles his character does something stereotypical of black people @rolleye@
  3. well i'm totaly diggin' it! this figure looks awesome! i love the helmet and i like how they kept him in his classic blue colors and didn't try something TOO diffrent....he looks modernized! i think this figure shows what sigma six can do...take our classic characters and upgrade them to an entire diffrent level. i will always perfer 3 3/4 JOES but this is just something diffrent that i can have a little fun with for awhile @wink@ i'm really looking forward to seeing zartan and the noks! also i'm pretty sure we'll be seeing a flint and beach head in this line....i can't wait for that! #US1#
  4. Me, BIG BRAWLER, and the man himself JAYC at the con #US1#
  5. i have a 48" in my living room, a 30",a 15", and a 25" in my game room, and a 30" in my bedroom.
  6. Chazz


    whatever dawg! you know you thought that sh!t for real! @loll@ i'll be honest, some people come off being "big and bad" here but when you see there pic you realize they are a bully here because they are a zero in the real world...sorry, i gotta keep it real @lol@ i like seeing pics of members here though it's weird calling somebody your "friend" if you never seen what they look like
  7. yeah it started off real GOOD...but after she got hurt it just dragged on and you just waited for her to die.@sad@ it's defiantely worth checking out but i expected a "rocky" type of ending. i hate leaving a movie depressed @sad@
  8. defiantely an alley viper! urban warfare all the way...
  9. That's exactly what i'm saying! the art itself could have easily gone either way....but the face pace fighting and battle scenes look strictly anime...which nobody can deny that anime ranks#1 when it comes to that. the clips i saw don't have every characters doing "big eyed" expressions when they get excited @lol@ i'm telling you guys, becareful what you guys say because some of ya'll will defiantely be eating crow @cool@
  10. To be honest, those shots don't do the show just at all! the clips i saw at the convention would even make ViperHunter wanna buy an unreleased bootleg version of the show @lol@ seriously guys, don't judge the show from these shots. I'm telling you, you guys that are keeping an open mind will not be disappointed by the show. the fighting is very fast pace (best thing about anime) and i think it'll have adult collectors and kids entertained all the same. BTW, i'm digging that CC! that mask freakin rocks!
  11. well i loved slaughter!! even as a wrestler i can recall one of my favorite matches ever was him against iron sheik..... how he was the FIRST to ever break out of the camel clutch! i put that up with the match with hulk hogan VS andre the giant were hulk slam's the giant for the first time! #US1# in the cartoon he rocked! his attitude and his roughness made him a great action hero. one of my top 10 moments from the cartoon is when sarge appears out of nowhere for the first time. i love how he jumps off the triple t and dives into all those BATS ..... the joes just sit there and stare at him like he's crazy @lol@
  12. most of mine have been named like thinking destro was black and zartan's hood was his hair. i didn't know snake eyes was suppose to be a ninja. major bludd's arm was blown off when he yelled "coooobraaaaa!!!" and raised his arm. i thought BATS were half human cobra commander was disfigured that's why he wore a mask spirit could actually beat up storm shadow @lol@ i thought gung ho's tatt was just a big blob that didn't mean anything
  13. dude that's worst then getting carded for a dvd like i did ...damn! @lol@
  14. i've seen both but my favorite is probably the '75 version. even on the '75 version of kong you had to wait forever to even see him @lol@ i just can't imagine waiting that long to see kong and them having to share screen time with soooo many elements of the story it seems like they are gonna add plus ALOT of other huge creatures. It's like peter Jackson is trying to make another LOTR with diffrent stories going on at the same time...i just don't think it's gonna work here. If you've seen BOTH, then you know that the original had lots of prehistoric creatures as well yea i've seen both and that's exactly why i perfer the '75 remake over the original. Not saying i hated the original but i perfer a kong movie to be about kong...not about the island itself. in the '75 remake you actually feel somewhat closer connection to kong because you got to see him more....that's why it's more emotional when he dies in the '75 remake then the original @sad@ i cried when i saw it as a kid for the first time don't doubt that i won't see this movie (probably on opening day). I hope it does well at the box office and rocks harder then the trailers suggest.
  15. cool pics...i think i'll play along later on @cool@
  16. You know, I hadn't read your post (one I'm quoting) before I posted mine (took a while to compose), and I was beginning to think I was the only one that hated the hands. And yes, the proper words for the hands would be to hate them. And I've said it before too, JvC is great for display, but sucks as toys. maaaan, i've been saying that from the get go, i cannot stand how JVC figures cannot hold there freakin' weapons!! that is my biggest problem with them...those freakin' rubber hands make it impossible for 85% of the figures to grip there weapons enough to make a decent dio or "play" with them in general. just like you pointed out, the new SE comes with an awesome handgun but cannot hold it to save his life....literaly @lol@
  17. i've seen both but my favorite is probably the '75 version. even on the '75 version of kong you had to wait forever to even see him @lol@ i just can't imagine waiting that long to see kong and them having to share screen time with soooo many elements of the story it seems like they are gonna add plus ALOT of other huge creatures. It's like peter Jackson is trying to make another LOTR with diffrent stories going on at the same time...i just don't think it's gonna work here.
  18. Really? These don't look different in "style" to you? The VvV Flint sucks so bad! I like the wave 7 Joes out of all the new stuff, but the problem is there isn't enough of it. With the single-carded stuff that follows, Hasbro is recycling and using the big shoulder rivets again. i love the flint comic 3 pack! out of everything that's been released over the last 2 years the line that's gotten me most excited was the comic 3 packs. that's were they should be focusing there attention on expanding IMO. the first wave from the new line i'm not too excited on getting but the next wave looks pretty damn promising, especialy that major blood!
  19. That would be Nova from Joecustoms.com He's a huge Crystal Ball fan. It often joked at Joecustoms that he's got lots of balls! @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ . That was from the 04 con. This year he attatched one of those parachutes to a Crystal Ball and threw it off the building during the drop. I'm not sure if he recovered it though. i remember that! i thought that was really cool.... i've already started on my CFB dio for next year @cool@
  20. it always happens to me...i got carded when i went to see "seed of chucky" and a bunch of other movies. the worst though is when i went to WM and got carded when i tried to buy an R rated dvd...now that's bad! @lol@ i didn't have it on me so i had to ask some stranger to buy bubba ho-tep for me.....i felt like when i was a teenager at the corner store paying the homeless guy to buy beer for me @lol@
  21. @loll@ well we want talk about the pictures of you an Arrow in those "compromising" positions @smilepunch@ @lol@
  22. Had I known that I never woulda quit! @lol@ You shouldn't have man.. the perks are amazing! Last night I went to a club.. and instead of waiting in the line, I walked right up to the doorman and told him I was a moderator at Toy News International and I didn't feel like waiting in line.. he let me in right away and hooked me up in the VIP section... free drinks all night too.. plus, the ladies were all over me! i know what you mean! @lol@ but sometimes it's a curse.....take for instance i got an anonymous PM the other day with somebody threating to expose some pictures of me and some Hookers to JAYC @grumpy@ he wants me to drop a brief case off with a half of a million dollars in it...i'm still waiting on the second PM for the drop off point details
  23. and that's what you need to keep in mind bro. there's somebody out there that you'll find that you won't have these issues you had with your wife. somebody who's more understanding and actualy "gets you" all the time...and if she doesn't she'll compromise. somebody that'll love you so much that she'll be willing to work out any problems ya'll have because she doesn't won't to loose you ever. a girl who'll appreciate you and will no better then to take you for granted. until that happens my friend...there's always porno in the mean time @wink@ hit me up anytime if you wanna talk....
  24. my thoughts exactly...too many diffrent "monsters" all they needed was a big snake and kong...
  25. i'm glade he didn't die....at the begining of the film he looked like a loser dad and the mom gave him crap like he couldn't take care of the kids by himself. now he can say "look betch, i got them thru an alien invasion, could tim do that?!?!" @lol@ if the son would have died it would have been too much guilt floating around afterwards.
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