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  1. why do you keep going back to black people don't respect black actors if they don't act gangster?? Bill Cosby gets mad respect and if anybody doesn't give it to him they are obviously just hattin'. Bill Cosby paved the way for alot of black actors with his stream of movies like uptown saturday night, do it again, and a gang of others he did with Sidney Poititer. Not to mention every black kid i knew (rich or poor) grew up on fat albert and picture page. let me see if i can explain this one more time....it's not about "being gangsta" it's about what we like to call "keeping it real." bill cosby, morgan freeman, denzel washington, samuel l. jackson (a freakin' jedi) , and wesley snipes are not gangstas and never have been but are highly respected in the black community. they are getting roles that prestiged white actors are going up for.....they are getting these roles because they can act, not because they are a black actor. They don't have to play roles written strictly for a black person to play or mention on every movie that they are in fact black. That's what gives those actors "street cred" or respect...not tuggin' on there johnson in every mainstream movie and being the loud and obnoxious black guy. It has nothing to do with being gangsta....it's about being true to yourself and representin' us out there. it seems like you missed the entire point of hollywood shuffle....maybe you should have let it play after the credits to hear the "moral of the story" rap. @cool@
  2. BTW VH, please please pleeeeeze rent hollywood shuffle! if you're serious about understanding why will smith isn't accepted by the majority of black people....this movie will defiantely open your eyes up! it was written by robert townsend and keenen ivory wayans....FUNNY AZZ HELL! @loll@ it came out in 87'...
  3. and you know what i hate more then that....is when white people judge black people! @lol@ dude, and you wonder why i say the ol' "it's a black thing you wouldn't understand" speech because you act like you do! you make statements like you know what all black people do or don't...and it's wrong. sh!t man, you act like white peoople don't pass judgement over each other or something...like black people are the only race on this planet that do. you might not hear white people use the word "sell out" but they got the market locked down on the word "POSER" @wink@ for the record will smith never had street cred. it's not the point that he uses slang or don't...the way he acts in movies has nothing to do with the plot or character...AT ALL. most of his parts just called for an actor...not a black actor....but in every movie he has to "show his azz" and go over the top with it. most parts you see were a black guy is talking slang or hip hop, most likely that role was written for a black guy to play. i don't think ice cube and tom hanks both read for the part of dough boy in boyz n da hood @lol@ you can get mad and when i say you'll never get it but it's true bro, you won't. @rolleye@ because i've gone over this with you and you keep going back to "black people don't like'em because he's not street" which is BS! i named actors who aren't street at all that the black community accepts with open arms....so where's your point on that? then you say he acts no diffrent then alot of other black rappers in movies....but look at the movies they play in...those movies are meant for urban audiences.....those guys aren't acting, they are playing themselves. so with all the explanations have given you you keep saying the same thing same ol' thing.....i mean are you even reading my post? @smilepunch@ @lol@
  4. man that shows kids do rule the world @lol@
  5. well that's not an exactly a fair comparison....Will Smith actualy tries to be an action hero...sly doesn't try to be a comedian. i think laurence fishbourne could have played neo's part and it would have been the exact same movie. you are right though, eddie had some parts that had him "dancing a jig" beveraly hills cop.....but he also was a young kid just making a name for himself with a big part in a major movie for the first time. he did what he had to do to get his name out there....but do you see him playing parts like that now? nope, he used it as a stepping stone unlike will smith who's nothing without playing "the jive" role in every movie. will's rich, he can choose to do those roles or not. look at chris tucker...have you seen him lately? you don't think after rush hour 1 and 2 (not to mention friday) that producers have been beating on his door? it's because he now refuses to play those parts anymore. and white people don't?!?!? @lol@ i dated a girl who was in love with "will & grace" and the few times i caught it with her, they had some over the top gay stuff in it too....a whole show dedicated to gay jokes. it's funny you bring up in living color...me and my brother were actualy were talking about how 90% of those shows would not be allowed on t.v....but it just wasn't the gay stuff, it was the jokes about the handicape, about women, and every minority group out there. they were defiantely over the top on everything they did. BTW, MIB did suck! @smilepunch@
  6. This is unrelated, but has anyone seen Cornbread, Earl and Me? Larry Fishburne was about 13 years old, and gave a great performance. Glad he didn't start doing drugs like other child actors. @loll@ @lol@ what you know about that movie PMP?!?!? that's ol' school bro.... @cool@ great example about the dude from the stooges....
  7. that's kinda the point i was getting at. lets face it though, those rappers are just taking acting jobs they can get, i don't think steven speilberg is knockin' on snoop's door anytime soon @lol@ i can't hate on those cats trying to make money. for the record i don't know any black guy that agrees with spike lee...every black dude i know says "spike's just hattin' " @lol@ QT is my favorite director.... oh hey, here's a fun fact for you Dano...did you know will smith was up for the leading role in matrix? @cool@ now are you gonna honestly tell me that part would have been played totaly diffrent by him? i can just picture him surrounded by all those mr.smith's and saying something like "man, i know all white folks look alike..but daaaawmn!" and you know he'd say some dumb sh!t like that! @lol@ ...oh the shame! @loll@
  8. i never said he was holding ME back @lol@ i'm not an actor so it doesn't effect me but think of all the black actors that go up for leading roles but the producers can't see them as playing anything but a jive talkin', wise crackin, smart mouth, loud and obnoxious part. Guys like freeman and morgan have helped open the eyes to hollywood to show them black actors can play any part if given a chance....and make it believable. it's guys like him that makes it tougher for black actors who gets these roles to not have to even mention the fact that they are black thru the entire movie.....that's the point i'm trying to make. yes some of them do realy well but they sale there self respect everytime to make a dollar.
  9. BUT THAT'S MY POINT!!! HE DOES PLAY THE STEREOTYPICAL BLACK GUY IN EVERY ROLE...JESUS!! @lol@ that's why he's an uncle tom, sell out, jiggaboo, or whatever....if what you are saying was true we'd be calling denzel washington, morgan freeman, and laurence fishburne "uncle tom's" because they've played softer roles before...actually more then they have played villians but we love'em! because those guys show america that they can cast a black guy to play anything other then a pimp or ganster and still be believable. you never critisize me about not knowing about "white america" because you never hear me say things like "how come white people always do this" or "why do white people always want this" when you do, then feel free to tell me i don't know what the hell i'm talking about, deal @wink@
  10. How did I take your assertions against Will Smith, and turn it into a "Black vs White" issue? You're the one who brought the whole subject of him (Will Smith) basically "holding back the Black community" up here, and don't take offense, but I found that absurd, as there are far MORE rappers (turned actors) that do worse damage, to the reputation of Black America, than just what you're accusing Smith of doing, and those examples have been cited pretty thoroughly by *deathblade...who I noticed you gave a little more respect to, on his opinions than you did mine, with all the "black vs white" thing you threw down on me. I live in the same America you do man, and what your citing is ancient history. In my 43 years on this earth, I've seen a HUGE difference in how Blacks in America are received and treated, but nothing will ever be perfect or enough or equal, as long as folks keep refelcting on the worst of the past rahter than the best of today and more tomorrow, but that's a whole other civic topic. Would you say SOUL PLANE or UNDERCOVER BROTHER represents Black America? Does DELIVERANCE represent all of Southern Hillbilly America? Does Dave Chappelles impersonations of White mens mannerisms, represent what ALL blacks think White America act like? These are meant for comedic value and not to be taken too literally, as with MOST comedy, there's a shred of truth to most of it, but it's inflated for the stereotype it represents, just like the Black stereotypes that these Black actors play on for comedy, like what Will Smith runs with. I think no less of him and actually like him, but it's funny how he's so ill received by the Black Community and considered a "sellout". I didn't bring the issue up..you did. I don't have to "get" anything, other than what I know about real life, from living it for myself and I don't criticize you for not relating to everything in my WHITE exisitence, like what it seems so easy for blacks to do in trying to make a point against me. I'm not trying to piss ya off or anything, but I am interested in knowing why these things have to be judged like they are, and you're presenting the side of the issue, that offers me a chance to explore those ideas. It's cool with me, as are YOU, but the whole "black vs white" thing kinda irked me a little as I didn't think it fair. It's weird that black people who act in the non black stereotypical manner, get labled as "Uncle Toms" by the Black community, but if an actor like Ice Cube or Will Smith, play up the gang banger bit or the Jive talkin' stuff (Smith in PG..and Cube in R rated versions) they're also HURTING the Black community in a negative way? I can't figure out what's suppose to be the perfect FACTUAL rep of the black community? the "black vs white" comment was made after you made the comment suggesting that i was talking about "black world domination" which did rub me the wrong way....it's true though man, i knew that you would respond to me saying will smith is part of the problem that black actors face today...i knew it dawg, i swear to God i did...everytime a topic like this comes up or anything that involves race you defend the negative side of it or you just plain go against everything that the majority of black people feel strongly about. i mean i know you aren't racist or anything but it puzzles the hell out of me that you feel the need to respond to every topic or post that has to do with uplifting the black community....and be against it i don't want to go into you with this any deeper my friend because you'll never understand and i don't feel like you really want to anyways...you may have been on this earth 43 years but i've been black 27 years so if a black community does exist i think i'm one up on ya' @wink@ BTW, the movies you mentioned were strictly urban targeted movies...they were made for urban people to enjoy that's the diffrence. they weren't in masinstream movies playing "the coon" for all america to get the "inside jokes" hell, i knew what "tea baggin" was long before soul plane @lol@ Blacksploitation films are apart of an urban cult classic....movies like shaft, cleopatra jones, action jackson, superfly, the mack, foxy brown,tnt, and a bunch of others...those movies you named fall into that category. Will Smith is in these mainstream movies and he has a chance to actually play a part that doesn't call for the token black guy....but yet that's just how he plays every role he's in. The rappers that are in movies i don't even consider themselves actors because every role they get they play themselves @lol@ I don't think they are a problem because you aren't seeing many movies with Harrison Ford co-staring 50 cent do ya? @cool@
  11. it's cool bro...you' down @lol@ @wink@
  12. that and elf! @lol@ and Insane Galvatran, i'd like to see that too! i'm sure it's on line somewhere....things like finding nemo beating return of the jedi just seems ridiculous!
  13. all i have to say is.....SOMEBODY PLEASE BEAT TITANIC SOON!!! @screamer@ @lol@ I wonder though in some of these movies like indiana jones and e.t...how much did the cost of movies back then effect there ranking now.. @hmmm@
  14. 1 Titanic Paramount Pictures $600,788,188 12/19/1997 2 Star Wars Twentieth Century Fox $460,998,007 05/25/1977 3 Shrek 2 DreamWorks Pictures $441,226,247 05/19/2004 4 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Universal Pictures $435,110,554 06/11/1982 5 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Twentieth Century Fox $431,088,301 05/19/1999 6 Spider-Man Columbia Tristar $403,706,375 05/03/2002 7 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King New Line Cinema $377,027,325 12/17/2003 8 Spider-Man 2 Columbia Pictures (Sony) $373,585,825 06/30/2004 9 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Twentieth Century Fox $372,222,826 05/19/2005 10 The Passion of The Christ Newmarket Film Group $370,782,930 02/25/2004 11 Jurassic Park Universal City Studios $357,067,947 06/11/1993 12 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers New Line Cinema $341,786,758 12/18/2002 13 Finding Nemo Walt Disney/Pixar $339,714,978 05/30/2003 14 Forrest Gump Paramount Pictures $329,694,499 07/06/1994 15 The Lion King Walt Disney Pictures $328,541,776 06/15/1994 16 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Warner Brothers $317,575,550 11/16/2001 17 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring New Line Cinema $314,776,170 12/19/2001 18 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox $310,676,740 05/16/2002 19 Return of the Jedi Twentieth Century Fox $309,306,177 05/25/1983 20 Independence Day Twentieth Century Fox $306,169,268 07/02/1996 21 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Walt Disney $305,413,918 07/09/2003 22 The Sixth Sense Hollywood Pictures $293,506,292 08/06/1999 23 The Empire Strikes Back Twentieth Century Fox $290,475,067 05/21/1980 24 Home Alone Twentieth Century Fox $285,761,243 11/16/1990 25 The Matrix Reloaded Warner Brothers $281,576,461 05/15/2003 26 Meet the Fockers Universal Pictures $279,261,160 12/22/2004 27 Shrek Dreamworks SKG $267,665,011 05/16/2001 28 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Warner Brothers $261,988,482 11/15/2002 29 The Incredibles Disney/Pixar $261,441,092 11/05/2004 30 Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas Universal Pictures $260,044,825 11/17/2000 31 Jaws Universal Pictures $260,000,000 06/01/1975 32 Monsters, Inc. Disney/Pixar $255,873,250 11/02/2001 33 Batman Warner Brothers $251,188,924 06/23/1989 34 Men in Black Columbia Tristar $250,690,539 07/02/1997 35 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Warner Bros. $249,541,069 06/04/2004 36 Toy Story 2 Walt Disney Pictures $245,852,179 11/24/1999 37 Bruce Almighty Universal $242,829,261 05/23/2003 38 Raiders of the Lost Ark Paramount Pictures $242,374,454 06/01/1981 39 Twister Warner Brothers $241,721,524 05/10/1996 40 My Big Fat Greek Wedding IFC Films $241,438,208 04/19/2002 41 Ghostbusters Columbia Pictures $238,632,124 06/01/1984 42 Beverly Hills Cop Paramount Pictures $234,760,478 12/01/1984 43 Cast Away Twentieth Century Fox $233,632,142 12/22/2000 44 The Exorcist Warner Brothers $232,671,011 12/26/1973 45 The Lost World: Jurassic Park Universal Pictures $229,086,679 05/23/1997 46 Signs Touchstone Pictures $227,966,634 08/02/2002 47 Rush Hour 2 New Line Cinema $226,164,286 08/03/2001 48 Mrs. Doubtfire N/A $219,195,243 11/24/1993 49 Ghost Paramount Pictures $217,631,306 07/13/1990 50 Aladdin Walt Disney Pictures $217,350,219 11/11/1992 51 Saving Private Ryan Dreamworks SKG $216,540,909 07/24/1998 52 Mission: Impossible 2 Paramount Pictures $215,409,889 05/24/2000 53 X2: X-Men United 20th Century Fox $214,949,694 05/02/2003 54 Austin Powers in Goldmember New Line Cinema $213,307,889 07/26/2002 55 Back to the Future Universal Pictures $210,609,762 07/03/1985 56 Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me New Line Cinema $206,040,086 06/11/1999 57 Terminator 2: Judgment Day N/A $204,843,345 07/03/1991 58 The Mummy Returns Universal Pictures $202,019,785 05/04/2001 59 Armageddon Touchstone Pictures $201,578,182 07/01/1998 60 Gone With the Wind MGM $198,676,459 01/01/1939 61 Pearl Harbor Touchstone Pictures $198,542,554 05/25/2001 62 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Paramount Pictures $197,171,806 05/24/1989 63 Toy Story Buena Vista Distribution Compa $191,796,233 11/22/1995 64 Men in Black II Columbia Tristar $190,418,803 07/03/2002 65 Grease Paramount Pictures $188,389,888 06/07/1978 66 Gladiator DreamWorks SKG $187,705,427 05/05/2000 67 The Day After Tomorrow 20th Century Fox $186,740,799 05/28/2004 68 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs $184,925,486 69 Dances With Wolves Orion Pictures $184,208,848 11/09/1990 70 Batman Forever Warner Brothers $184,031,112 06/16/1995 71 The Fugitive Warner Brothers $183,875,760 08/06/1993 72 Ocean's Eleven Warner Brothers $183,417,150 12/07/2001 73 What Women Want Paramount Pictures $182,811,707 12/15/2000 74 The Perfect Storm Warner Brothers $182,618,434 06/30/2000 75 Madagascar Dreamworks SKG $181,774,885 05/27/2005 76 Liar Liar Universal Pictures $181,410,615 03/21/1997 77 Jurassic Park III Universal Pictures $181,171,875 07/18/2001 78 Mission: Impossible Paramount Pictures $180,981,886 05/22/1996 79 Planet of the Apes Twentieth Century Fox $180,011,740 07/27/2001 80 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Paramount Pictures $179,870,271 05/01/1984 81 Hitch Columbia Pictures $179,446,079 02/11/2005 82 Pretty Woman Touchstone Pictures $178,406,268 03/23/1990 83 Tootsie Columbia Pictures $177,200,000 12/01/1982 84 War of the Worlds Paramount Pictures $177,191,173 06/29/2005 85 Batman Begins Warner Bros. $177,105,550 06/15/2005 86 Top Gun Paramount Pictures $176,786,701 05/12/1986 87 There's Something About Mary Twentieth Century Fox $176,484,651 07/15/1998 88 Ice Age 20th Century Fox $176,387,405 03/15/2002 89 The Bourne Supremacy Universal Pictures $176,241,941 07/23/2004 90 Crocodile Dundee $174,803,506 09/26/1986 91 Apollo 13 Universal Pictures $173,837,933 06/30/1995 92 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York $173,585,516 11/20/1992 93 Elf New Line Cinema $173,398,518 11/07/2003 94 National Treasure Walt Disney Pictures $173,008,894 11/19/2004 95 Air Force One Columbia Tristar $172,956,409 07/25/1997 96 Rain Man MGM $172,825,435 12/16/1988 97 The Matrix Warner Brothers $171,479,930 03/31/1999 98 Beauty and the Beast Walt Disney Pictures $171,350,553 99 Tarzan Walt Disney Pictures $171,091,819 06/18/1999 100 A Beautiful Mind Universal Pictures $170,742,341 12/21/2001 101 Chicago Miramax Films $170,687,518 12/27/2002 102 Three Men and a Baby $167,780,960 103 Meet the Parents Universal Pictures $166,244,045 10/06/2000 104 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves N/A $165,493,908 06/14/1991 105 Hannibal Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer $165,092,268 02/09/2001 106 Catch Me If You Can Dreamworks $164,615,351 12/25/2002 107 Big Daddy Columbia Tristar $163,479,795 06/25/1999 108 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Twentieth Century Fox $163,041,748 06/10/2005 109 Batman Returns Warner Brothers $162,831,698 06/19/1992 110 A Bug's Life Walt Disney Pictures $162,798,565 11/20/1998 111 The Polar Express Warner Bros. $162,775,358 11/10/2004 112 The Waterboy Touchstone Pictures $161,491,646 11/06/1998 113 Die Another Day MGM $160,942,139 11/22/2002 114 Shark Tale Dreamworks SKG $160,861,908 10/01/2004 115 The Sound of Music 20th Century-Fox $158,671,368 04/01/1965 116 The Firm Paramount Pictures $158,348,367 06/30/1993 117 X-Men Twentieth Century Fox $157,299,717 07/14/2000 118 Scary Movie Dimension Films $157,019,771 07/07/2000 119 Fatal Attraction Paramount Pictures $156,645,693 09/18/1987 120 Who Framed Roger Rabbit N/A $156,452,370 06/22/1988 121 The Sting Universal Pictures $156,000,000 12/01/1973 122 What Lies Beneath Dreamworks SKG $155,464,351 07/21/2000 123 The Mummy Universal Pictures $155,385,488 05/07/1999 124 Jerry Maguire TriStar Pictures $153,952,592 12/13/1996 125 Beverly Hills Cop II N/A $153,665,036 05/20/1987 126 The Longest Yard Paramount Pictures $153,440,540 05/27/2005 127 Scooby-Doo Warner Brothers $153,294,164 06/14/2002 128 Gremlins Warner Bros $153,083,102 06/01/1984 129 Runaway Bride Paramount Pictures $152,257,509 07/30/1999 130 Rambo - First Blood Pt. 2 TriStar Pictures $150,415,432 131 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Warner Brothers $150,371,112 07/02/2003 132 As Good As It Gets TriStar Pictures $148,478,011 12/23/1997 133 Lethal Weapon 2 N/A $147,253,986 07/07/1989 134 True Lies 20th Century Fox $146,282,411 07/15/1994 135 Lilo and Stitch Walt Disney $145,794,338 06/21/2002 136 American Pie 2 Universal Pictures $145,103,595 08/10/2001 137 101 Dalmatians $144,880,014 138 The Santa Clause Buena Vista Distribution Compa $144,833,357 11/11/1994 139 I, Robot 20th Century Fox $144,801,023 07/16/2004 140 Lethal Weapon 3 N/A $144,731,527 05/15/1992 141 The Fast and the Furious Universal Pictures $144,533,925 06/22/2001 142 Doctor Dolittle N/A $144,156,605 12/19/1967 143 XXX Columbia Pictures $142,109,382 08/09/2002 144 The Jungle Book $141,843,612 145 National Lampoon's Animal House Universal Pictures $141,600,000 07/01/1978 146 Pocahontas $141,579,773 147 A Few Good Men Columbia Pictures $141,340,178 12/11/1992 148 Rush Hour New Line Cinema $141,186,864 09/18/1998 149 The Blair Witch Project Artisan Entertainment $140,539,099 07/14/1999 150 Deep Impact Paramount Pictures $140,464,664 05/08/1998
  15. ..and that's were we disagree (as friends still) on our interests in these toys. While the characterizations of the G.I.Joe concpet in ARAH, is definitely part of the charm I found in the 3 3/4" scale of G.I.Joe, it still has a lot more to do with the scale itself, that kept me collecting for so many years. I even abandoned my collecting practices of my original love of the 12" scale to keep up, because I found the smaller size more interesting and of course more affordable for the variety of figures and vehicles. you know what VH, i think that's exactly why our opinons differ so much when it comes to sigma six....as a kid collector i was lured to the figures because of the cartoon...like i said, they could have been 24" and i would have bought them. You though, who started collecting as an adult could probably appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of the figures themselves....that is were you formed your attachment too. you weren't blowing them up with firecrackers or ruining them by playing with them in the tube because you knew exactly what you had. but you know what else, alot of people here (who probably won't admit it) started collecting because of the cartoon just like kids will now. kids realy don't care how "cool" the figures are...if you give them enough background story and character personalities they will play with it.....look at SW figures @lol@ @smilepunch@
  16. nah man, nothing new has came out in a month worth buying! i did however pickup garbage pail kids the movie last tuesdat @cool@
  17. They seem to be doing pretty damn good, to me? What's the thing ahead, they're being "held back" from....world domination? @lol@ Ice Cube is a bad Black stereotype IMO! Usually the brooding angry Black man with a constant scowl and mad at the world and "the man". He uses cliche' and jive talk just the same as Will Smith, only Smiths is corny and outdated and Cubes is current and more hip with a rougher crowd. You mentioned Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman...now THOSE are some quality actors, but you know what? They started out as actors and not rappers. This is one of the rare times times I will agree with you dude @smilepunch@ ...I thought my eyes were going to fall outta my head from rolling so much when I watched XXX state of the union with ice cube, and he just HAD to bring xhibit along for the ride huh? How about Dub C? @smilepunch@ Ice cube is the SAME character in EVERY movie: Higher learning- a tough scowly college kid friday 1-3- a tough scowly regular guy 3 kings- a tough scowly soldier anaconda- a tough scowly cameraman biker boys- a tough scowly biker gang leader XXX SOU- a tough scowly prisoner/special forces guy ?? the movie on mars where they were fighting possessed people-a tough scowly prisoner/commando Thats all I can think of at the moment, but in my opinion it is these rapper/"actors" that are holding black actors down, because they never play ANYTHING that contradicts their "rapper" persona. When one of them plays something out of their "rapper persona" like play a gay person or a homeless dude or SOMETHING OTHER than a carbon coby of their rap persona. Maybe I will take notice. Will smith has at least played a variety of roles from suspense to comedy to drama. I think it was because he was the first rapper to cross over and get mainstream media success that most black people dont like him. He was the protoype for "selling out" My award for "BIGGEST SELLOUT" goes to: Tie for 50 cent and Snoop Here is my BLACK List Snoop Dog Ice T State Property Master P Ludacris LL Cool J 50 cent Xhibit Andre 3000 Ice cube B2K Nick Cannon Beyonce Brittney Spears-not black but she still sucks Jennifer Lopez-" " Mariah Carey- " " These are all I can think of at the moment, but they ALL should stick to their day jobs, and some of them SUCK at that too @grumpy@ fair enough, you can say he "acts tough" in every movie...just like guys like bruce willis, sly stallone, and vin diesel always play the tough guy roles in there's. it's a BIG diffrence from what will smith does....as VH would like to say, he always plays the "black card" in every movie @lol@ those roles i named that ice cube played could have easily been played by a white actor the exact same way, and nobody would have notice. even will smith's character on ID4...you could read his script and you'd know it was written for a black guy....as the great robert townsend said..."we'll never play the rambos until we stop playing the sambos!" #US1#
  18. whatever betch! @lol@ you talkin' all that smack but i bet when sigma six is released it'll have you saling BOTH your cars to collect'em all! @lol@
  19. so was i @wink@...that's why i don't like (not directed to you) being treated like i'm not a real fan when i was there at the begining and end of g.i.joe...helped bring it back alive by supporting it on ebay, on line stores, and message boards when we weren't getting anything new all those years. and yea Tommyboy...my connection with G.I.JOE will ALWAYS be with the characters, not the plastic. I LOVE my 3 3/4 g.i.joes forever but this is just like getting a repaint or a new mold of my favorite characters....something new and cool i can fool around with until i get tired and go back to my original molds like i do now #US1#
  20. i don't care ...it doesn't excuse him letting hollywood (will smith) use him like that. hell, they are other rappers/actors that i feel never would have played themselves like will smith did in sharks tale..... ice t and ll cool j are just two that i think can act and play just about any role.
  21. you'll never get it VH! @lol@ you know it's funny when i made that comment to begin with about will smith i knew if anybody would turn what i said to be about "black vs white" it would be you! @lol@ you always do dawg.... dude, in the black community it's been discussed since black people were put in the first movies that you only seen them in mainstream movies as pimps, gangstas, prostitutes,slaves, and if they had a staring role it was the 'jive talkin' side kick. do me a favor VH, next time there's nothing to watch on t.v rent hollywood shuffle...it's a GREAT movie (and funny azz hell) about what i'm talking about now. as for Cube, what movie have you seen that was mainstream that he made a referance of his color and had to poke fun of white people to get a laugh? rent anaconda2, are we there yet, 3 kings, and xxx2...you'll see his wide range of acting. he managed to stay true to himself without sticking out his azz, bugging out his eyes, raising his voice, and poking out his lips @cool@
  22. @loll@ funniest part of the movie...."Playa'... @grumpy@ @loll@ man that SE looks sick!! i will be defiantely collecting them ALL! like i said before...why limit myself to buying one version of my favorite heros...that's like me refusing to buy a 3 3/4 repaint because it's not the original figure @smilepunch@ to me G.I.JOE isn't a "scale" it's the soul of the characters that i've been drawn to since i was a kid. i didn't collect g.i.joes just because they were 3 3/4 figures, hell the could have been 24"....i saw an awesome cartoon and i bought the figures because i didn't want the action and adventure to never stop.....that my friend is what g.i.joe is all about #US1#
  23. IT WAS FUNNY AZZ HELL!!!! Vaughn is the mutha funkin' man!! @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ Owen Wilson was great too but vaughn's dry sarcastic humor totally stole the show! defiantely go and check this out!
  24. I don't think it's so much that he's "stereotypical" as it is he's one-dimensional. He's the same guy in every movie which i guess would account for 98% of pretty much ANY character he's doing....which I think is pretty much just....himself! Martin Lawrence would be another in this category and definitely Eddie Murphy. i would agree a little about martin lawrence...but then again the movies he's been in hasn't given him room to realy expand. Eddie Murphy however has played in alot of movies including kid movies were he wasn't "loud" and the subject of him being black never came up.
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